Drone Review – U31W Navigator Drone

Pricing and To Purchase: http://amzn.to/2vtJNu9 The UDI Navigator drone is a small quadcopter with a 720P digicam, in-built prop guards and another good …


  1. Hei great page ☺ Keep it up!

  2. Looking for a first drone and want FPV so my 3 year old can watch the live feed. How does this compare to the Hubsan 107D Plus or the Syma x22W in your opinion? Do you have a favorite for what I am looking for? Trying to keep cost low as this will just be for indoor use/learning and I am getting a Bugs B2W for Xmas. Thanks, I have watched many of your videos and appreciate your input.

  3. i live in the midle of a big forest and would like to FPV my bugs about 700 meters into the forest to explore. but i am new to FPV and dont know what will work or what to buy.
    i would like to have an all in one system. can you help me with some advice?
    thank you very much.

  4. Another solid review! I'm on the brink of buying a drone but live in Orange county CA and I'm not sure how to find out where I can and cannot fly to help me determine if it's worth it.. Can you suggest an app or website where I can know exactly the fly or no fly zones?

  5. Cool little drone but $139.99? ……. I spent $5 more and got a Bugs 6 with camera, and FPV goggles. If DROCON adjusted that price I'd definitely snatch it up

  6. Nice review; however, you need to fess up regarding the back story on the deleted video… You caught the house cat flying the tiny whoop without permission, didn't you? 😉

  7. Got here exactly at 200 views

  8. I dig that big ole clock on your fireplace.

  9. I like your videos the only thing I was is that you would look at the lens and not your preview screen cuz it's distracting

  10. 1st cool , thanks Kelly for another great review.

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