I lose a voice i’m just trying to make a copy. We’Re gon na be making a video on my drum again and i had to unplug my phone all right, guys, hey. I can watch my friend yo. I yo jeremiah. This is for you, this bowie, sorry fool! This is for you this for you, so all right guys so to turn this Music it’s covered, alright guys, oh my gosh, all right guys, um all right so to turn this on there’s like a thingy right here. Sorry stingy right here right there. Let me just all right guys, so you see that little thingy right there right there. I put it like that. You need to do it that way. This focus, you put it down like that. You see you turn it off turn. It off turn it on. You see: okay, all right, so we’ve already done this next step. Okay, let’s just picture all right, guys, um! I really don’t know if you guys can see this so to fly this bad boy. If you guys can see it, and then you press this button there guys, i really should have done a different way. Applause yo what’s wrong. With my drone dang it can. We watch a movie there’s. There might not be school tomorrow. Please now guys i don’t have to put my uh guys: i’m gon na have to charge my drone recording for a few minutes. Um i’ll go to the bathroom i’ll.

Oh i’ll concentrate whenever i get back from the bathroom all right, guys: i’m back i’m gon na use, my computer um. Let me use my computer uh i’m. Actually gon na end. The video right here, i’m gon na make um another video i’m gon na make a another video about this, but the camera all right, guys, whoa yo, guys yo. This is cool whoo, all right, guys so um. So in the back of my uh, you guys knows i’m saying some and all that but um it’s kind of tight fatness but yeah wow, it’s, actually kind of cool. Oh look at that. Okay, so i’m gon na be recording this other side. The other side of the camera right here so yeah, the other side of the camera right there i’ll be recording the other side of the camera um, because i need to see if every, if you guys, can see anything or not so we’re, ending it right now.