This is what you’ll find inside you’ll find the drone itself here. You’Ll find the remote here with an attachment for your phone. It attaches to the back of the remote you’ll, find this warranty here that you need to register your drone. You’Ll find these four guards for the blades. You’Ll also find full replacement blades here for the drone in the event that you damage – and you have to replace you’ll – also find some rechargeable batteries too, with some screws here to make some attachments let’s go ahead and put this all together and we’ll see what it Looks like as a finished product, okay, guys, everything is put together, we’ve already attached the guards at four end here on the drone, using a small single screw at each point. Here you also need to attach the landing the landing feet here on both sides on the remote itself. Here you will attach this attachment piece right here that goes for your phone. It comes with instruction manual here and a quick start guide, so let’s just quickly. Look at the drone itself: the battery goes on the back side right here. This right here will open down, so you can access the battery when you turn the drone on it will be red lights in the front green lights towards the rear. Just like so, and you can see the camera right there, that is the on and off switch there right here. You want to bend this antenna downward to get a good signal Music.

As far as the remote is concerned, pretty straightforward on the left control. This would be for elevation. This would be for descent. This would be for turning left and turning right on the right control. This would be for going forward for driving backwards for veering to the left veering to the right. This switch here is for the camera. This switch here is for taking off and landing. These right here are for stunt modes. If you want to do stunts this button here and the 3d flip for speed mode, i like to set it on three to get a really good response. So when you push this button here on top you’ll hear one beat two beep or three beeps, i usually click it for three beeps. This one here is for return home. These four switches here are for trim in case the drone veers to the left or to the right forward or back. You can make those corrections by pressing on the trim, all right, let’s go ahead and do a test flight. Okay, guys we’re here we’re going to be doing a test flight for the snaptane sp 650 drone we’re going to go ahead. We’Ve already turned the drone on we’ve turned the remote on we’re going to go ahead and sync the remote to the drone, all right. The drone and the remote is already synced. What i’m going to do is i’m going to go to my phone here, i’m going to go to wi fi and make sure that we’re connected to the snaptane, which is the drone here and make sure you download the app which is snaptanova, go ahead and go To snaptanenova’s app and open that app, it should open up sp650 drone and you can go ahead and press start and then from there it’ll pull the image up from the camera onto the drone here so i’m going to go ahead and push this button here.

This is for takeoff, and here we go we’re going to take off Music all right. So, as you can see here, left joystick, if you press forward, will elevate or climb on the drone and if you press down on the joystick will descend the drone. If you press right on the left, joystick it’ll turn the drone just like. So if you press, left it’ll turn left on the drone let’s go ahead and bring it back to us here on the left joystick here. If you press forward it’ll drive the drone forward. If you press down it’ll, reverse or drop the drum back Music and, of course right will veer to the right left over here to the left there’s a button here on the top left, i like to keep it on the highest setting, which is three you’ll, hear Three beeps and that’ll increase the uh response of the drone in case of a windy day, so yeah definitely drone drone responds very well Music, very, very fast, very, very zippy drone here, Music, the battery says it lasts about 12 minutes. I think that’s probably actually about 10 minutes. If you fly it pretty aggressively and do the tricks there’s a button here that does a 3d flip, which we’re going to try that again go ahead and do a 3d flip Music all right guys. What we’ll do here is uh it’s got a 1080p camera on there, so i’ll go ahead and let you guys see some footage with the drone up in the sky Music and what i’m going to do is i’m going to go to my phone here, i’m.

Going to go ahead and press record and we’ll go ahead and see some view from the sky here: Music, Music, me, Music, it’s, not a bad image. All right let’s go ahead and return them back to us Music. So all right, we’re gon na go ahead and land. You just press the landing button. Here i forgot to talk about the trim. If you find that the drone starts to drift left or right, you would press the trim left or right. Let’S say the drone is drifting to the left and you would press to the right and vice versa, but overall it’s, a great drone let’s go ahead and land it Music, all right, guys, that’s going to do it for today’s video that’s. My review for the snaptane sp650 drone it’s, very lightweight it’s very nimble, responds quickly and i’m new to the hobby, so i’m, not an expert in drones or anything like that. But for me being new i was able to figure out how to how to operate. The drone fairly easy uh hook up to the phone to the app and uh do the commands from the remote, and you can also do the commands from the phone um yeah very, very, very uh, affordable drone. It was 89 on amazon. Definitely would recommend it if you’re in the market for a drone all right guys. Thank you very much for watching my video be sure to like and subscribe.