I got it hardwired because if i plug it in into this thing, it gives me a much longer range. If i just use my cell phone and wi fi, the range is shorter, so i got it hooked up to here. I could control it completely from my phone, but this is just for visual. I also have cockpit goggles that i can put on and i can do it completely through instrument, not visual, so i can hit the take off button here or i can press this one but ill use this see that and we can look at the entire las Vegas strip here in a second, so i can go forward and up at the same time and itll have like that effect right there you see that or like i can turn it around, and i can have that. Like cinema effect, look have you ever seen a movie where, like at the beginning or the end, they like zoom out and take away from the scene, see how windy it is, but its stable right because its auto stabilizing, okay, you see us right. There now im gon na, come down and in its a little windy, so i got ta be careful not to damage this thing. Okay, now watch this see that now im gon na go back and im gon na go up, so you have to go down on the right and up on the left, so im going back and up at the same time to do that.

Take away you see that, how cool is that its like, like a cinema effect? Now, let me go over here and get some now lets spy on what bums are behind the shopping center? I just went dark. Why does it do that? This is not connected. Thats! Weird something just went sour. The cool thing about this is that if i lose connection for any reason, itll come back to the original point and i hit connect lets see if i can regain connection because before they invented this, like you would just lose your drone and lose a thousand dollars. But yeah worst case scenario itll just drain the battery in the same position it wont go anywhere even if its windy itll stay there, it knows to come back through the gps to the same spot that i took off from which is dangerous because over there it Might hit the the wall or something so hopefully i can reconnect here come on still not connected. What do i have to do here? Bebop, yes, bebop lets go okay, im gon na try to go like completely off and back on and its not even that far away so thats, weird its just hovering in the mid air. Can you imagine if you had to reset your computer, like if youre playing mid air, if theres passengers in there come on, come back home connect? Okay, i think i might be back. No, it still says not connected.

Why is it doing this? Okay, so my backup is to not use this controller and im going to go back to wi fi turn on wi fi im, actually gon na get rid of the controller and go into rescue mode here, yeah, cheaper drone. This thing would have been gone by now like just get to buy a new one, so its better to have an expensive one and let it know how to come back home, theres a car back up past the van having technical difficulties. I cant believe theyre sitting up there like thats, not connected to anything and its just floating, come on bebop yo whats, going on im, not even controlling this uh. Oh, you know why i did that because i took off from right underneath there, so i did the gps thing to come back home. Oh my gosh, we got ta, go get it! No! No! I have a solution. Well now you can restart the app and get it to come back yeah now its connected thats. Why? I did that because it got connection now watch this yo daddy is, is brilliant ready just like this ready watch this brilliant recovery. I think the battery died hear it and i saved the day all right im, not just going im gon na land. It perfectly thats called a mid air rescue. Otherwise we would have to go on a ladder. But what did i do? Magic? Oh man. I got nervous for a second, i was like wheres, my drone going.

I thought somebody like hacked me and they took over my thing and theyre like stealing my drone like, but i was like nobodys that smart in this neighborhood. Nobody has technology like that. You can find a heroin needle, maybe but youre, not gon na find a drone hacking like okay. Here we go again now: im gon na run it properly and were gon na go over to sahara, and this time were not gon na lose it. How much battery does it have left thats good? I got three batteries. I cant believe i like. I landed it on the roof by default and then, like this thing, actually came back. Can you believe it all right here we go. Take off time. Stop breaking my thing. Man watch out alright ready watch out all right. Should i go to sahara. Yeah ill go up high, actually theres a tower lines. I dont know. Oh, can you do a view of the strip? Oh yeah, you want to see a view of the strip come here on your look ready. I already know how this strip looks. Theres the stratosphere and watch im gon na go like a mile in the air ready ill show you the curvature of the earth. You wan na go tap on somebodys window at the wind anyway, i dont wan na lose control again thats gon na really piss me off, but look all right now, im facing that direction, see that i got the colic right here.

All right were in perfect view of the college. It looks like youre gon na hit the lamp. You know what im gon na bring it back down, because im scared of losing it youd have to call to college and ask if you can get on the roof to go.