The second album were almost done were just about there. We got like two two more weeks of waiting left and that will be that will be the rest of the album, so definitely drop a like if you guys like that, the next clip will be um. The drone testing – because i told you guys it was going to give that so stay tuned for the next clip peace, paul versus tyrone, woodley fight. Our two fight is on tonight, so im gon na place my bets for that, but i have no idea currently who will win and uh yeah, but i am currently trying to give you guys more content right now, its just its taking a little bit more time Than i expected so just just give me give me a break on that and you guys already do but uh yeah, the drone is kind of iffy. I dont know i dont know if i would really recommend it to all you guys, because i tried flying it and it just doesnt doesnt work but were gon na try in the next clip, but yeah were gon na give you that update should come to. You live at a park, im just kidding were not live, were just chilling in a park, but were gon na figure out how this thing works. You guys cant see, but i will uh ill. Try to uh yo youll be able to see the lights im gon na try to do the best i can.

I know i did this late at night, its not even late at night, its six oclock. This is how this is how everything is going to go. Apparently, theres also a dog over there, so i got ta wait but itll be easy. Okay also, i love that we just stopped the camera there. I hope no one calls the cops because its a drone but thats what you guys should be able to see. Um yeah lets see how this works. I hope it goes well shut up pirates, so stay tuned for the next. Video were actually gon na, get some shots for you, guys and youre gon na actually see how it works and during the day and yeah, so stay tuned for that peace. Well, that was a great video all it i i got it up and running, which was pretty good, but i dont have it charged so were just uh were gon na call that a fail for today i cant believe hold on. I have a tripod, ah yeah. There we go, i have a tripod for these. I dont think that could have gone any worse. I mean its not like. We broke it or anything, but apparently these are supposed to be indestructible, but theyre, not the best quality camera which i can see because they i got it from wish from wish, because i got it from wish and not everything from wish is supposed to be great. But you know i thought might as well try it right, but so far it has had no issues.

I just dont know if the quality on the camera is just the best and what you would uh use to put your money into. I know this was like 20 to 40 bucks or it was like it was 20, but it comes with a comes with a a controller. You can put your iphone on it. If i remember where it grabs here, it takes three uh triple a batteries. Put your iphone on it and its pretty decent sized iphone mines, the iphone 11. So has these two two little antennas on it now you cant see, but you can kind of like grasp what im saying here it comes with one battery um. Obviously, the aaa batteries are not included. It comes with an extra charging cable with some extra propellers and a soft little carrying case. That is pretty good for 20 bucks and if you want to learn how to uh start flying a drone, i would definitely definitely um pick this up off, of which i will include the download link of where i got it in the description below. But as for that, um ill give you guys a few more shots during the day when i come out here during the day, but for right now its uh its a its a lost cause but uh. I figured id give you guys that video that little video just to update you entertain you. I hope you guys, like the birds, you know its always weird to do this at night.

I just wan na. I wonder if anyones staring at me, thatd be cool. No thatd be weird, would it it would or would it not? I dont know i dont know yeah but other than that im gon na start making my way back um, if you guys did enjoy the video sorry its a shorter video. I dont really didnt really have much planned other than telling you guys about the random delivery guy who came to my house with a random package. Dont know why it was for no reason, and he just he asked if i was there. I said all right: my parents um, my parents answered no each time that i like that. I was there because we didnt know what it was. I didnt order anything so yeah. If you get a random package thats delivered to your house, it probably may not be a package that you ordered or someone trying to scam you so dont. Take it dont pick it up. Dont, look at it. Dont accept it dont sign anything that you dont know, because you could just get scammed same thing with anything. Just dont read up on it before you. Do it just uh its coming from experience, ive done a little bit too much uh too much. Can you stop? I cant think, like literally im, just trying to do my job. This is my job yeah totally. This is my job, but just you birds, you, god, damn it.

Okay, um yeah! If you guys enjoyed the video, please leave a like. I will um try to include some footage of the tyrone, willie and jake paul fight, even though it might be online ill, try to find a way to get it to you um. This will be like the day after or the day of maybe ill post it. The day after, but the next video will be it probably a meal, prep video, because you guys liked the other video that i said that i wanted to do: meal prep videos but thats all for the drone off of wish. This was on my tick tock that got 1200 plus views um, so i decided to make a video about it and it it works. Would i use it as my everyday and call it like my drone to use no, but would i suggest it just for someone to pick up this to have fun play around with it and just have fun like these things, arent youre not supposed to take them. Super seriously, like a lot of people, take them super seriously, and i just use them for fun. The the days that i do, birds, birds, um. The days that i do uh go hard for the quality is when i start actually putting more money into the my craft and what im doing and which is what im gon na start doing and what i was gon na. Tell you guys soon as soon you wont be having to look at this awful iphone.

Footage may not be awful to you guys, but its awful to me. I want to produce good quality content, for you guys stay tuned, keep subscribing, keep going, just were going to go all the way up to 200. Subscribers were gon na, do more. How to videos were gon na do more just like chilling videos, whatever you guys, want, leave in the description below, and i will get to it im working my hardest right now to make sure that i have the best content for you guys, but as for that, This has been matt aka, bro, flamer jeremy has descended into the abyss im just kidding, he took, he took a step back and he he let me do it because he knew he knew. I wanted this or i did not. I wanted this that i wanted to do this and he has life stuff going on now that he cant do it. This is still like our channel, but either way i hope you guys enjoy the video. Thank you so so much for 152 subscribers. Oh my god. You guys keep blowing my mind away with all the subscribers that that keep keep coming, keep coming, keep subscribing subscribling anything you want, and i will try my hardest to get the best content out for you guys as possible. Thank you guys so much for watching. Thank you guys so much for listening and being on this weird wack journey. But you know what were gon na earn the needs that we need yeah.

I just dont. I was gon na start rapping, but i couldnt think of it all right guys. You have a great great great beautiful morning afternoon, night evening time, whatever you guys want, say, hi to the birds say hi to the birds, bird say: hi really ill, probably shut off.