Drone Review – Hubsan X4 Desire Pro With GPS

Pricing & Specs: https://goo.gl/su55YK DISCOUNT CODE: RC18OFF The Hubsan X4 Want Professional is a small, low value drone with GPS, a 1080p digicam and …


  1. …Desire Pro. I think it is 5.8GH. I had a H501s and I still have its controller.

  2. Can a H901A controller be used on a X4 H216A?

  3. Hi, we are drone manufacture, hope to work with you and display own producst M9955 GPS drone on your channel. Function as video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Ue0dLXcSek&t=29s
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  4. Can you please tell me which Hobson GPS drone would be the absolute best one to get.

  5. nice review. shame there was no menthion of how to put it into headless mode or attach the prop guards, nothing in the manuel how to do this. enjoyed review tho thanks

  6. 5:10 – The joystick set in Mode 2 appears. What happens if I switch to mode 1?

  7. I think Hubsan should put a mechanical 3 axis gimbal on these drones.

  8. I bought my H216a about a month and a half ago. It stayed on the shelf for a few weeks before I had the time to get to it. I had read all the good review about it and was excited to try it out. So out I go to the Ball field… I did not have a great experience.

    First flight… I connected to Bluetooth… armed motors and the craft raise off the ground (3ft)… made a sharp right drift, right into a shed 25' away and Bluetooth disconnected as soon as it took off.

    I have never been able to get a steady Bluetooth connection (tried 3 phones and 2 tablets).

    Just using the phone, I armed the motors.. raised up about 6m and out 20m… it just hovered there.

    Then the phone disconnected and I had no control… I ran up to it about 3m away and could not get it connected. I even turned the phone off, thinking it would RTH…. Nope… just hovered …

    I had to wait til the battery died and then it just fell out of the sky. I was able to catch it luckily.

    Maybe it is a lemon… but the only 1/2 success has been with a (borrowed) high end Samsung Tablet and a WiFi Repeater. No Bluetooth… but had controls for 40m.

    Even then It took 2-3 RTH commands before it started to come back. But landed way off target… by a good 20'. (Wind might have been about 2mph.

    For me the H216a is just too unstable to rely on. … and BTW… the vendor washed their hands of me because I did not open it right away and I did not have a video of the occurrence. .. and no offering from Hubsan to repair or replace! There answer so far is basically… Its not the craft… I must have a bad phone… I dont think a Samsung edge is a bad phone.

    BTW: I never could get the map of the filed to show up. I could load it on the phone/tablet (b4 I left the house)… kept the device on … but when I got to the field the map was blank. I saw so many reviews of people saying that the device buffers the map info… but I could never get it to work.

    I like the H502e … much… much better

  9. hello.
    i don't understand why company do GPS drone who have very shit motor (brushed), we know it's not reliable !! or they do good stuff (GPS ,altitude hold with brushless motors) or do toy !! why mix good stuff (gps…), with trash things like brushed motrs??
    thank for your video. 😉

  10. just got this drone. with 3 batteries, all 3 batteries die from 100% to 25% in less than 3 minutes flight.

  11. Everything Hubsan makes is called X4

  12. According to GearBest this model does NOT have Follow Me Mode.

  13. 안정된 드론이네요 ?

  14. It was your channel that I came across first when I was learning to build my first racing drone. I just wanted to say thanks for all you do. I've gained a new found respect for the work and time it takes to what you do now that I've started a new channel of my own. I hope I'll be able to crush it on YouTube like you do someday. Keep up the good work. Thanks.

  15. well i meant the lil square one that u hold

  16. I absolutely love your videos. My wife got me an el cheapo drone for Christmas to see if I’d like the hobby. I turned to your channel to learn more about them. I can tell you this is going to be an expensive hobby for me. I want one of everything I’ve watched you do a review on so far. Thanks for the videos.

  17. Great video, keep it up guys 🙂

  18. Hi Kelly. Can I ask (for what you've prob seen for a million times), what cameras were you using for this video?
    Which GoPro were you using for the unboxing?
    Which cam was in your hands out in the field?
    And finally which cam was on the tripod for the shots of you and Brad?
    Thanks in advance! ~brian

  19. Hey what kind of camera do u use to film your YouTube video as the one in ur hand

  20. Looks like it takes pretty good footage I would love to have a decent sized drone with a camera

  21. Looked perfect until I saw that it has brushed Motors. Checking multiple reviews on Amazon it appears that they tend to burn quite fast due to the extended flight time. If the Motors were brushless it'd be great. Still haven't found a Mid grade that can replace my MJX Bugs. Still looking though, too bad Dji is crazy expensive.

  22. Looks like a very nice starter drone Hubsan has made good drones for sometime I've had the 501s and 502e both work great. Thanks for the great review tell Brad he did a fine job flying. Thanks Again

  23. Thanks for the nice review, I have hubsan H502s as my first drone, although I then got DJI spark, I still have fun flying my H502s, X4 desire looks better than H502s, cool!

  24. Great review Kelly, I started my channel with the h502e. But the x5c is still my favorite go to for fun.

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