Hd from gepp rc i've been flying this thing quite a bit recently. It is quite amazing, stay tuned and we'll check it out. So, first of all, i want to say if you haven't already subscribed to ready, set drone we've been doing a lot more fpv stuff. So if you're getting into fpv that's, definitely something that we're covering. But we also cover a lot of camera. Drones, toy drones and other fun rc stuff, so please hit subscribe and this notification bell. So this is the mark iv hd from geprc. This thing came completely built. All you had to do was activate the uh cadx system in it the dj with dji uh assistant and pair it to the dji, remote control and the goggles, and then put it into betaflight and do a little bit of configuration and it's ready to go. But really everything was pretty much built out of the box. You had to put the props on too this guy right. Here is a really nice smooth flyer, very, very good, at slow speeds, very, very good at high speeds, it has the dji receiver in it, so it works with the dji remote control and it has the cadx vista fpv system back here. It has uh two configurations: you can either get this with a 4s setup or with a 6s setup. This is the 4s version. The 4s version uses 24 50 kv motors uh and then the 6s version uses 18 50 kv motors.

These are the 2450 kv motors on it. It weighs 400 grams without the battery in it. So it is a little bit. Heavy it's got a little bit of heft to it. It'S got carbon fiber for the frame, it does show. It says no props. In the view on the description, i've seen a little bit of props from the fpv camera as i'm, flying it just just catching them along the edge. I haven't tried it actually with a gopro or insta360 on it, yet which i'm going to try soon. But i want to see if you get props in the view on that it has replaceable arms, very modular system, very easy to take the bottom plate off and replace arms. If you needed to do that, it does have extra carbon fiber in the front for protection. So it's got this extra little piece right here, as well as in the back two little extra pieces, so that if you nose dive into the ground you're not hitting your frame as much as you are, this extra little bit of protection and it uses a usbc Connector not only on the cadx unit, but also on the flight controller, which i absolutely love. The fact that it uses usbc directly on the flight controller and it's super easy to get to the port. On some of these quads, you have to remove propellers or prop guards in order to get to the port on this one it's super easy to get to now.

This one is four hundred dollars for the quad, with the caddix vista system, uh built into it, and the camera it's assembled and ready to go, but you would need to buy the dji remote control and goggles if you wanted to fly it that way. This one also has a gps unit in the back. I haven't used the gps unit yet i'm going to go, give that a test and see how it does, but it basically allows you to set it up in such a way that if you lose signal with it, you can actually have it turn around fly back To you at a predetermined height and then you can take control once you're back in range, so it's! Basically, if you get out of range or you have interference, you're not going to have a drone that is totally out of control, it's going to go into an auto flight configuration that you set up in betaflight, i just want to say for a minute geprc rocks. I really like this company i've been working with them for about six months now, of course, i think everyone who watches my channel knows that i have the gep rc rocket and the rocket light, and both of those have been fantastic, little quads to fly this guy. Oh, i also have the gep rc phantom hd, and that thing is also great for a little toothpick drone. I took it to colorado, flew it on a super windy day, and it did great.

This thing is going to do better in the wind, because it's, bigger and stronger, it still is a 4s and it's got the xt60 connector versus the xt30, because the others that i have are 4s with an xt30. But the heavier weight of the battery doesn't seem to really matter. This thing gets decent flight time and it is a ton of fun to fly and it's very, very smooth, so let's go out and check it out in the field. Got the gep rc mark iv right here, ready to go, finally got it all configured, and this is gon na, be my first flight, so i'm super excited about it. It'S right there she's a beaut got the caddix vista unit in the back gps unit. Props are on so let's, take it off and see how it does. Okay, i just want to describe the flight experience with this guy um, as i take it out over this field: Music, it's, 4s it's, not quite as punchy or powerful as a 6s, but boy it is smooth. Very, very precise, feels really agile clips really easily. Of course, the caddix vista allows me to see what's going on really well to the goggles, so i can see things like like the power lines and the fence really easily Music and just feel really in control with it definitely um, definitely not quite as punchy as A 6s but still it's, really fun to fly and really smooth Music yeah i'm.

A big fan of the smaller uh 4s quads. But this bigger one is nice as well it's, just not quite the explorer that a smaller one would be like for going back in the trees and stuff like this, although i can do it as you can see, but it's a little bit better in the breeze. A little bit better in the wind Music, i love how quickly it flips Music those power lines there. I got to watch out for tree branches, Music, lots of little stuff to run into here, but so far feeling pretty good about how this thing flies and how well i can control it in this fairly small field: honestly: Applause, Music, Music, Music, Music Applause, Music, Music, Laughter: Music, Music, Music, Music Applause, Music, oh Music, Applause, Music, Music, my Music Applause, Music, Applause, Music, Music, okay, just had a great session of flying five packs through this thing out here in the field it's a little bit cold today and so nobody's out had the Whole field to myself – and this thing is just a blast – it's a great size uh between the smaller more park, explorer size, quads i've, been flying a lot of, and then the bigger 6s that i have. This is the 4s version and it's plenty powerful. As a 4s, i definitely can feel a little bit less power than with the 6s, but still this thing kicks it. Uh the image transmission is great.

The flight characteristics are super smooth. I think i actually lost my gps unit in a crash i'm going to go out in the field and see if i can find it, but overall i got ta say i am a big fan of this thing from get rc um it's, the mark iv i'll, Put a link in the description if you want to check it out – and i hope you have comments because i'd love to hear them – my fpv skills are getting better, but that just takes practice and you can get there too.