Today I have the Farabi fpv racing drone, just called the racing drone got it from gearbest, so stay tuned and we'll check it out again, thanks to gearbest. For sending this guy, I will post a link if you want to check out the price and the specs and everything but I'm gon na start off with a few of the specifications from the book. It is a 290 gram quad with without the battery. It comes with a fly sky, radio and it's already bound to the fly sky, radio. It flies for about 10 to 14 minutes. I currently have a 3s battery in it. As a matter of fact, the battery came with. It is pretty cool. Looking and it's very tall, it came with two sets of props. It came with these triple props and it came with some double props. One weird thing about it and I've already test flown it and it was fine. But if you notice these props there's a little bit of gap between the prop and the bottom of the motor, I couldn't get them to push down any further and they feel very locked on like this. However, with the rear props, they did go all the way down these red ones and they required these other spinner caps to actually hold them down. Fortunately, it comes with both types. It comes with these spinners and it comes with these right here and it comes with a little wrench, so you can tighten them so I'm, not really sure what's up with that.

The transmitter is pretty small, it's right up here on top and you can change channels on it. Using this button it is kind of just zip tied on there, so not the greatest in case you crashed it or something it does have a tilt table camera here. In the front, as I mentioned before, most people know this, but you don't ever want to plug your battery in when you have a video transmitter without having your antenna on it will fry the transmitter, because the energy has nowhere to dissipate to comes with this nice Little antenna, I assume, it's a cloverleaf under there, but it fits on really well and, like I said it comes with two sets of props. It comes with just you know, straight across and then the the Tri blades so I'm pretty excited to get it up in the air and give it a shot, I've already flown it line of sight, and it did pretty well. So I think I'm gon na go for it and try flying it. Fpv. As I said it does come with. This fly sky radio, which is not the best, but you know honestly not too bad for a quad in this price range. The fly sky does have a little bit of customization and you know the one thing I did not try: I'm, assuming that you can plug this in and tune it in clean flight or in beta flight. I haven't tried that yet I just got this out of the box this morning, so I need to do that later, but for now, I'm, just gon na fly it and see how it does thinking.

This might be a really good beginner fpv quad for someone who wants to get into it so let's give it a shot. Okay, my goggles are recording should be anyway, so I think it's down in that way. Here we go so I don't get too close to it at first, because I'm gon na get used to it and yeah Music it's a zippy little guy that's for sure now, I'm, not sure what rate I'm flying in right now pretty sensitive. But yawn. This thing is incredibly sensitive. I mean it's, just it's his flips, like crazy let's, see if I cover it over here, all right. Sorry, not sure how close to you, I am. Can we get out of here bounce it off the ground, bounce it off the ground? Again, does bounce Music I apply it faster Music for a planet between us that it freaks me out the noise a little bit Music, all right I'm, going to try changing changing rates here, new yeah. That is definitely more aggressive rate, a matter of fact. I'Ll bet it'll flip. In this rate, let me try it. It looks like the. As I mentioned, the transmitter is zip tied on looks like the transmitter is no longer zip tied on pretty easy fix. I'Ll just need to get another zip tie and replace it. Everything else seems to be okay, there's there's, what it looks like with the transmitter just kind of hanging off. I think this is a great little beginner drone, for somebody wants to get into serious fpv it'll do 3s or 4s batteries.

The transmission is pretty decent from the transmitter as far as going to your fat sharks. It'S got a lot of extras, including a radio that comes with it and including extra props different types of props I'm. A fan I'm looking forward to spending some more time with this, and I do know that you can change the flop, switch the LEDs on and off in the back. As a matter of fact, let me let me try that real quick it's hard to tell if anything's happening, it's so bright out here. The furro be racing. Drone definitely worth checking out I'm gon na put a link to gearbest, so you can see the price and all the specs on it. If you're new to flying fpv racers might be a great choice. It'S very versatile it's got the xt60 connector, which is a pretty standard. One flies with two I'm sorry with 3s or 4s batteries, which is nice, works with your spat sharks. You can change the channel on the transmitter and I believe it should be compatible with clean flight or betta fly, which I flew it right out of the box. This was without any tuning at all in clean flight or betta flight. I am gon na go in there and see if I can mess with it a little bit, but just generally, I like this guy, a lot, definitely worth checking out if you want to get into fpv racing or if you already are and want something that's ready To fly the Furby Racing drone check it out.

We'Ll see you time.