Um above it’s got a six axis. Gyro stabilizer durable impact resistant foam, construction, headless mode, wireless system, 2.4, gig, chargeable battery and unique snap together, modular design, and this is sent to you by cobra rc toys, which uh i’ve heard of cobra. I think we’ve had a couple of them around in the in the past other toy grades, but let’s open this up and let’s check it out all right, so we’ve got cover over top of all this let’s get rid of that now. We’Ve got the actual little drone here. Let’S grab that first now. This is like standard kind of toy grade props that i’ve seen on other drones, and this one is called the eurogenius and look at that there’s. The battery totally exposed ready to rock. So i can read on this one here. This is a one cell, 300, mah 3.7, so we’ll give this thing a charge up and we’ll get him flying soon. Also has the case just for the hovercraft design looks like it has some snap closures for use on hard flat, four or low pile carpet not for use in the water, and then we have these wings and you got two of them that they give you and They’Re, both very very thin, very thin i’ll just use one of them for my demonstration, and then we have the remote. Now the remote looks pretty toy great as well. Uh some functions looks like it has a wing, hovercraft and drone and then a timer type of thing, a light and then some moving left and right through some kind of design.

This looks like it might be a light up section and we got a huge battery day in the back and it does yeah. It takes four double a’s, so we’ll have to find some double a’s and get this thing started up. Let’S charge it up. Oh yeah! Well, so i should have also mentioned down below, obviously there’s more we’ve got the plug in we’ve got some stickers for all the pieces and we’ve got a manual as well, of course, which is nice because i like having a printed manual, but it has the basic Functions of what each thing on the remote does, which is really what i want to know. The drone modes we’ve got the remote instructions, so yeah that’s. Basically, your trim settings on the right left right and up and downs, so yeah we’ll get this thing all set up and let’s. Take it right all right, here’s, the troller here’s, the little drone battery’s all charged up and let’s put her in and see how she goes. I believe you turn on the transmitter. First let’s do that. First, i don’t even know which way is forward and, to be honest, i don’t think this thing is actually fpv, but anyway, she’s plugged in on a box. Here it is outside, so it might be a little too windy for this thing. It’S actually let’s see how she goes. So it goes up down. Doesn’T have a lot of power. Definitely when she does get the power she goes whatever range.

Does she get not bad for range throttle control on it, it’s very tough, and then when it does fall, it does kind of drop back. So that’s kind of one thing, another thing that it says that you can go higher. It seems like it’s pretty tough to control, especially with the wind, of course now let’s give you a good practice on line of sight. Hopefully you can see this in the video trying to keep it towards me. It seems like it’s, a pretty good little flyer. Okay. Well, that’s test one test: two is now i wan na see if i can put it into the wing all right, so i finally got this thing set up on a wing, so let’s get this thing flying and see how she does. It might just be a joke, might work up so every time.