Okay, but first im gon na ask you guys a question? Okay, i really want that question to be true. I want to have 1 million subscribers, please. I dont have that much subscribers, please. I really want subscribers in this video. I really want one million subscribers please. I am poor because i dont have that much subscribers, please, but you might be wondering why do i have a backpack, because i have something very special in there that im really really really really wanting to show you guys – and i really really wanted this in a Long time so lets show it out, but please give me one million subscribers, please, okay, so um lets open this up and if you lose Music, um lets take all of these Music. So you might be asking. I got a drone yeah you might be asking. Why did you really want a drone? Because i guess what my first drone was only when i was young the first christmas i had, i got a drink, but then it got really old that it broke down. Then i had to wait a very long time until i finally added a drone so heres the drone look at that. So lets just take these bad boys out um yeah. Here it is its not really the best drone. I could find its. I think its called the zimmer fly drone or the seamless drone um wait. Where am i supposed to put the phone? Is it this? No, this no um, oh wait hold on.

Oh now i get it theres like a little hole there thats, where i think i could have to put this thing in. So if i put it there its like a little clipper where you could put your phone in, oh look: theres theres, a soft place right there, um so whats this, for i dont really have like instructions Music, because i i actually dont threw those away um hold On is this: oh, yes, i just figured it out its meant to go there, but i dont know if i wanted to go there, because i dont know if its going to fold – and i like it being fold like like you know like this and you could Take it out and theres like a on and off um button that i guess i like turn this um wait theres something over here that i have it says i have to pull it now. No, oh wait is that the battery i think, thats the battery um. We also have oh wait um. I think theres like this, where you put this one down. Oh wait: its glowing: okay, thats, nice, um theres. Also this on button right here that i just what was that? Oh its glowing, okay and theres these little buttons right here, um! So please can you give me one million subscribers, please uh thats going to be wrapping up for todays video. I hope you guys enjoyed im really itching on my back today, but i hope you guys enjoyed im not going to fly today because its.

I think it could be too hard to fly so um yeah Music thats. How were going to wrap it up for the video today, but also one thing to say: do you guys remember this um this place right here? I cannot remember that from the wither man video i made there once was a ship yeah um, the willowman video i made um so im in bulgaria, where i made the willard man, video, so yeah um.