Like i said yesterday, um i was gon na do trying to make a video, but i wasnt able to do it so were doing it today were reviewing guess what the drug, so the drone is a flying vehicle and youre probably wondering why cant i go any Higher well, the drone has a height limit, so thats one um con to this vehicle, but pros is that it makes a great patrol for cops who like to camp but need a flying vehicle to get around and also like to patrol around the city, sort of And sort of just find people and arrest them. The drone is a great vehicle for you. This is the third best vehicle in the game for the best best million dollar vehicle game. So i think youre gon na, like this one and i think, if youre trading, the south sierra left, this is a great vehicle for you, because you could trade the celsius for this vehicle. The celsius is a free million level 10, which means that the celsius is a really good trade for this, because i have a lot of the same things in common. They both fly and have a height limit. Although this one flies higher, this flies higher than the celsius and they both have lambo doors, but they dont have the same amount of seats. The drone does not have a hook or anything or bombs, but it makes a great patrol vehicle and you can also use it to pick up your friends in the prison hour.

You can leave it there, its not like the helicopters where you have to press hijack. You can just hop out right away and get out of the prison really fast. Like i said in my purchase, video leave your vehicle in the yard so um. I think that this um vehicle is um a great vehicle, so i would consider getting it. It has good stats its pretty fast, i think its like the second vehicle in the fastest, so i will consider getting it so i think this is a great vehicle. I think this is for third place. It really hits the breaking and it also hovers over bodies of water. You know how the celsius would shrink down like it. Just did like off that building. You know how the cell shakes down the water, because this doesnt play into it. This vehicle hovers over the water, which means that this is like roadster, which is Music. This vehicle has cool doors like this, its pretty cool, and you can hop in really fast good getaway vehicle, its great for cops who like to camp so this vehicle id say this vehicle is pretty amazing, its really good, and it has a lot of advantages to The game, so you can even take it on top of the museum over there. This vehicle can climb a casino youre gon na have to camp on the roof. So i think this vehicle is a great vehicle. I will consider getting it so i hope you guys like to todays kc karate 924 video have a nice day.