So you can probably see it, but this is the box um, so it’s the holly stone, hs series, um drone and it has an fpv and it’s an fpv drone equipped with a 120 degree angle, wide angle, um, 1080p, hd, wi, fi, camera and so yeah there’s. All the stuff on the box and hang on a sec and so stop it. Okay and so i’m, just gon na get a quick like over view of the box and then i’m going to be showing you what is in it so first. This is where the controller sets i’m going to be showing you that in this the controller in a second – and so i kind of forgot – hang on a sec, so hang on just trying to figure something out. Okay, so this is where, like the drone kind of sets and the propeller guards, don’t come on it, but they do come with the drone and yeah okay, so i’m gon na put this down now to grab the controller okay, and this is the controller and it’s Look, it might look a little complicated but it’s pretty simple um. If i remember correctly, this is like move around. This is up, and this is up and down it’s like look around like power button right here, which makes a lot of sound if you turn it on. I haven’t quite figured out what, like all these little switches, do yet but i’m trying to see.

If i can get this clear for you, guys, hang on well anyways, so this is like the star and or landing. This is the resync which i think means if your drone disconnects then, like you resync it, this is like speed up.