So all this together sixty dollars. You say this is ten dollars which co control remotes, you say, the the camera is ten dollars. Thirty dollars the camera. You say the vt or whatever you say, eight dollars and the battery. Oh, the vta. 2. 32. The vtx is thirty dollars, yeah vtx thirty dollars. The capacitor is like two dollars the capacitors. This is the capacitors capacitor two dollars the receiver for the remote. I had to build this, the receiver. You have to reboot it to build it. This is the remote control right. No, the remote control is this. Oh, the remote control is the video that’s, the video. So this is the remote control here, no yeah. This is the remote control here wow. What kind of technology is this and if it flies it flies, and if it falls, it falls now i’m gon na turn. It turn it like this it’s gon na fly like this it’s got a carbon fiber frame. It does. Does have a carbon it turns like this like this, it turns and it falls carbonate frame how much over 100 miles an hour, wow 100 miles an hour wow less than a second, how much the battery lasts, how much the battery lasts? Huh four minutes, four minutes! That’S not enough four minutes i will put like a you know what you need uh, because uh it it consume, it consume much power. You have to see what consume much power is.

The motors is a long time. You know how much power this thing draws: yeah that’s, the battery it’s, the battery wow it’s, not heavy to fly with that that wow wow wow be careful. You fly here, we’re breaking the glass wow that’s technology that’s. What i’m saying it is like? 500 grams yeah we’ll break it everything break it. These are very powerful, yeah, 100 miles an hour that’s why the battery gets drained very fast. How much this battery 20 bucks the battery wow? You are very inventor. I don’t know why you are here. You need to be working in some factories to produce for us some technologies. You know this is a call to have, but it’s not safe. You may hurt somebody on his head. You may crash a window you may crash in the car, so you need a pyramid for this. You need a permit to be able to use the video. Oh you need to put the goggles on for the video. You need a ham license. Yeah, you need a spy, you you, you have this lipo save these batteries wow. This is the batteries. This is your your replacement. You have four batteries wow and each battery is 20. 20. 20. 20 is 80. wow. Oh yeah people they buy a car. You are buying a drone.