Today we are going to check out one of the drones i have got for christmas. I have just took it out as a box. Here are some drinks. I got for christmas that one and this one now we’re gon na, be checking out this one okay. So when we take the controller out, has these little foam things? This is the controller. This is a swift stream. Your goggles are included. They are all the way in there. It comes with a screwdriver, we have the headset. This looks like something that, like that will like you, play vr games in it. This looks like something that you would play vr games in. Let me just nice, oh wait. Oh look at this thing. Bye. If i put yeah, it feels good and everything you can see on the outside y’all are. This is glorious heck down for the goggles, so the goggles are really meant for like this is like the screen to see the um camera for the drone. The goggles are just like for another perspective, so let’s say i put the camera on the drone or something uh you could put the goggles on and you would see through the drone. So basically, it looks like you’re on the drone. Instead of looking for like a screen, it looks like you’re just riding the drone or something or you’re just flying Music. They look pretty cool. Awesome next thing is this i’m? Pretty sure this is like the camera.

We got the camera, i think that’s. What this is that is, i think, that’s the camera. We got some extra blades charger and stuff is in there and now, last but not least, the drone itself it’s kind of hard to hold the camera and um. At the same time, yeah these things are strong. Yeah, there is no way there’s no way of me taking one of those off well, some scissors, you don’t know how bad i’m trying right now, just how bad i am trying. I don’t think this thing is working. It came with this and i don’t think it’s gon na work we’re taking the straps off the drone. So how about so? So i guess that’s all for today, Applause yo! I got it off guys. I got it all, did it, we got them all. Look at this thing: jesus holy holy jesus holy jesus yeah. We got charger here, let’s save a little latch up from that and yeah, so that’s all for the drone review guys, i hope y’all enjoyed the video if y’all want to see more reviews like this. If you all want to see more reviews like this, please make this video here at least two views uh also, i will be doing ooblets again, probably tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. When the game fully comes out, there will be a bunch of videos on it, but yeah.