I had some going on today. I wanted to bring it to you its been a long time since ive done one of these, but im out here at our drone field in detroit uh got a little bit of practice going on. So i have a certain goal for today. I want to share with you guys kind of what my thought process is, what my goal is and what i try to do on a given practice day. Now, if you look at this track, it might look a little bit familiar to you, guys that are going to i o uh that are watching. I o theyre, seeing that world cup racing what we did at our most recent detroit drone race is. We took some elements from the world cup track and we brought them out here in detroit and set up for our race day last saturday. So theres two main sections here that we pulled directly out of velocidrone directly out of the world cup, so that people who are going to i o, unfortunately im not one of them. Uh could have a chance to fly some of the elements that theyll be seeing on world cup and hopefully help them be as prepared as possible when they get down there to io. So for me, what does that mean today? So we did our racing and i actually felt really good racing on that day. One particular element that was really tough was the initial dive gate, which is the same as the initial dive gate on the world cup, its a tough maneuver and i tried different ways to fly it.

I tried doing knife knife edge. I tried doing a hockey stop. I tried doing a right toilet bowl maneuver. In the end, i really felt like the right toilet bowl was the way to go um, but that was really interesting and overall ill say that i flew really well for french the whole day very little crashing really fast times qualifying the two spot which, in detroit, These days is really really good, its really tough to be up there in that top three spot um, but i did not perform when it came to the bracket racing. I crashed out in both my races, uh and that kept me from from placing as well as i want so overall, very happy with how i did, except for those two races just need to get my confidence up. When i go head to head racing. Uh fly like i know i can fly like. I know i used to and hopefully get better results next time, but what am i out here doing today so on that race day? My best time that i saw was a 19.2 um. I had a 19.4 19.6 about those 19s um, our top qualifier jake hammer had some 18s. In fact, i think he had a 1798 out here in the truck, so i know its to go faster. So what i did is, after the race day, i went back and watched all my dvrs, and i said what was i doing well when i was going fast.

What was i not doing? Well what i wasnt find those items optimize. Those items come out here on practice day and try to put out faster lap times now. Whenever i come out here to practice my first goal: number one is always dont crash, get as many packs in as possible. Number two optimize those lines. So what im going to do is im going to get warmed up here, im going to focus on those elements and im going to try to beat that 19 2 and get some times into the eighteens all right. So what is it gon na take, or what do i think its gon na take for me to get into the 18s on this particular track? One thing i always noticed when i was getting my best results is: it was the way i was taking that second dive. If i was keeping that nice and tight around the outside flag, nice and smooth through the through the drop and keeping it accelerated out of there, i was getting my best lap times uh. The other thing is, i really had to focus on the corkscrew hairpin maneuver. As long as i can keep that tight, i get my best lap times. Those are really the two elements that im going to focus on most other key items are make sure i keep the throttle up in the wide open sections. This just like world cup has some wide open sections im not used to doing make sure im comfortable with a little bit higher throttle, keep my speed going and yeah.

That should be enough. Im just gon na go out here, get some packs and get warmed up analyze where im at and see what i can do to get my 18s so Music, all right guys. So a good thing out here is that within a couple packs im in the 20s uh, which were really good laps, the last uh run – i just did, i think, a 20.1 a 20.8 and a 21 flat uh. If i had done that on race day, that would have qualified me like third or second on the race day, so i think yeah, maybe third um so thats already pretty quick and i know i can get faster one key spot. I forgot to mention earlier that, as soon as i was flying, i remember it is, as i come through the dive. I go through that uh, the one gate right there and as soon as i turn left. If i turn too hard, i have to do a turn back and correct, and right and im wasting a lot of time there so trying to take that gate at more of an angle. To keep that line straight. Less correction should hopefully help me uh get some more speed to get down to those 18, so thats what were shooting for there, but overall, still its its a bit more windy. Today, it was on a race day which is making that dive a lot harder so that die still conditions, be the trouble uh that im having here.

Sometimes it feels good, sometimes it doesnt uh, when the wind kicks up it really doesnt feel good, but im gon na go out here just keep flying. Try to keep that as smooth as i can. As i work on the rest of the course and uh see. If i can start getting some 19s again so 20.1, so far is my fastest, but i got 20s on rate or 19s on race day ill get down to 19s now and then well shoot for those 18s. So do Music Applause, so Music Applause, Music, all right guys, a few more batteries in into the 19s uh 19 7 on that one, but man these 19s are tough out here today i mean they were tough on race day. Even that top three consecutive would have been my fastest three consecutive that i had all day on race day, so im flying pretty well, but not quite where i need to be so again. I am noticing that, after the dive, keeping it speed through that gate and taking that term, i dont have to do too many corrections is helping a lot. Um just got ta watch out for the wind and try to keep that corkscrew tight and lets shoot for those 18 still. Music. All right were getting close, guys. 19. 3, 19 4, both in the same uh three consecutive, so getting those 19s getting pretty consistent. One thing thats actually catched me a little bit off guard ive noticed is i didnt call out the start of the video where i thought i was really need to focus and get that speed, but it turns out over here this last section before the hurdle is Super critical to get my top times, i need to actually shed speed going to that gate.

Try to keep that turn tighter, and that saves a ton of time. If i pull that off so a little bit unexpected kind of interesting, when you get out here, you can run battery after battery after battery, you really get a much better idea, understanding what parts of the track allow you to go faster and what parts you really Have to focus on to go faster and faster, et cetera, so really find that interesting, just keeping focus on what im doing going to keep practicing shooting those for the 18s only got point three more to go. We know we can do it. Lets go, get it done. Music, yeah, baby, 18, 7 pulled off that 18. uh. It was trying to get a little bit hard, but then just that run it felt, like i put all the little pieces together. It didnt feel like overall, is a much faster run than the other ones, but yet i could tell each and every point, which is a little bit better towards gon na get in that 18.. So now we got 187 lets just see how low we can go again fastest lap weve seen on this was a 17998 uh by jake hammer. If i spend more time on here, can i get that low? I dont know i might even try upping my throttle. Cap from 80 to 90, who knows lets go, give it a shot whoa all right, so no more 18s, a lot more 19s, 19 flat, 19, 2, 19, 1, 19, 5, 19, 6.

, but not those 18., so theyre really tough to come by. So i decided im going to bump my throttle cap up to 90 currently running the min chan, 2100 kv motors on 6s, so im going to bump it up to 90, see how it does. It is tough on this course that three laps with a 1400 pretty much kills. The battery, so were gon na see how it does at 90, 80 percent, but uh yeah. Hopefully we can go a little faster, maybe not im going to start a little bit slower. 90 and then bump it and go as fast as i cannot sure if ill go faster or not, but lets try it out do Music wow. So it is amazing, the power that exists in those min chan motors those mck motors uh. If you up to 90, you can feel that difference and uh yeah. I got another 18 right off the bat first pack uh, where i was pushing it there, uh whats crazy too, is i think it was a 19 flat. 18. 9. 19 5. That would have been enough for a tq at the race this past weekend, so its amazing. How? If you get comfortable on this track – and you really push it and you go up a little bit faster on the quad. How can even get a little bit more so lets see if i can get a little bit more used to 90 keep pushing out here and see? I can drop that lower Music Applause – Music, oh Music, whoa, oh man, that was fun man, its a lot of fun running ninety percent.

If you can control it on the track, uh man, i just feel so fast managed to pull an 18 4 there uh. I think it was like 18, 8. 18. 4. 19. 2. Something like that. I should go check it out. Time say: 19. 2, 18, 4. 18. 8, with my three. They felt really really good. The battery was really struggling at the end with that. Eighteen, eight, but it still felt great so i think were gon na do from there is, were gon na pack up our stuff head home and uh. Take a look at these on the computer and try to compare them and see what really makes a fast time. If i look at, you know lap a and lap b, if both felt pretty fast was a little bit faster. Where was that difference? Where do we make it? I think i have an idea out here in the track, but lets go see what the computer shows and side by side shows all right guys great day flying today, uh were back home. I have all the footage loaded into the computer. I took a handful of different laps that i want to compare and kind of go through and find out. What is it about those laps that really differentiates one lap time from another and were gon na start with sort of my on the slower end lap times and work? My way, up to my fast of the day, now full disclosure – i actually stuck around a little bit longer than i said in the video.

I went home a little bit later and i actually ended up getting an 18.2. As my fastest lap had a had a bunch of real good runs. I was real happy with the way i was flying. I didnt want to. I didnt want to leave that early. So 182 is the fastest were going to take. A look at 18. 4 was the fastest that we saw earlier in the video uh, but lets go uh dive in and take a look at these uh clips and see if we can figure out whats, faster, whats slower and where we can save those times on our laps all right. So diving right in first im, taking a look at what was recorded as a 20.7 versus a 19.5. So if i bring that up here there, we go so lets, go ahead and just take a look at these different lats im going to start playing were right at the start. Gate here and uh lets go through and see what happens all right, so that so far is really interesting. Again, this is a pretty big difference. 20.7 19.5, and these two are looking exactly the same at 1.3 seconds going through the dive. These two are exactly the same were going through exactly the same time, and yet we know theres going to be a big difference in the overall net time. All right. Well, we can see actually a pretty big gap already appeared, so lets just go back and re watch uh.

Whatever just happened, something happened in that dive on the slower side, so again were even going into the dive wow and just a slight correction. If you notice that again on the left is the 20.7, i had a slight correction going in that dive, which made it a little bit less smooth and then all of a sudden theres a huge gap opening up on the other lap wow. And then, if you notice too, it kind of builds, so one little correction leads to a second correction leads to a third correction and if we just take a look at this gate here so going through the bottom of the double about four seconds up to 0.6. So thats a 0.6 difference already in these two laps, just by that one little bobble in the dive gate, so man its amazing, the kind of a difference that makes out the start all right. So you know what lets go back and see. So after that, how far are we off to this gate here before going into that triple so 7.1 seconds? Wow 8.2 so were up to a 1.1 second difference. Just based on that kind of that first bobble first move uh man its i you know i did not realize. I know when i was flying. You know i might notice like a little bobble here and there. I never really think too much of it in that dive because it seemed like inconsequential, but as you can see, that adds up to a whole lot coming through here.

You know both looked kind of good, both look kind of good going through the dive um, but you can just see theres a gap that opened up on the one side versus the other and nine and a half 19 and a half and about 21. So that was a big difference there to me. What really stood out was that dive and that slight bobble, and that just made a massive difference. I mean, if youre, going into a qualifying day. You know over a second difference per lap, three seconds, thats a massive difference between those two so again, just that one thing so next up lets take a look at the 19 5 versus 18 7 and see what happens here again, starting from the same spot. Those two looking pretty much exactly the same, oh but again so on the left. The left must be the faster lap im opening up some sort of a difference on that dive. Um now the one that were looking at here, the one on the right, i think thats the same – that we just watched yeah the one on the right is the the 195 that we just watched and yet somehow this one its already a pretty big difference here. Going through that, first get after the dive, 2.9, 3.1, so a 0.2 second difference already just off that die just keeping it smooth and again lets look at the top of that. So about 5.7. Six, and also up to a point.

Three second difference so coming through here. Six point: seven, seven point one: just it seems like just a little bit faster. The whole way through up to a point, four difference: a little bit tighter in that uh, those three gates a little bit tighter through that dive. Definitely much tighter that 18 7 – that was actually a really really really clean run. So if i remember correctly, this 18 7 um was the lap. I ran on the 80 before going up to 90 that just that was a really good run. I mean this is a really nice turn, so lets kind of see what happens here. So if i go through it about 17 seconds by the time i wrap around and go up over 17 9. So i want one second to do that move and how i do here. 17. 9. 18. 7. So this is actually faster, thats kind of surprising. I actually thought this would be better. Seventeen, seventeen, nine wow interesting. So when i was watching this live, it looked like a tighter move on the left, but it was actually a tighter move on the right, so kind of interesting there that you know even these these some spots, theres theres certain spots that you know might even look A little bit faster that might be faster in some of your slower times, but overall, just moving a little bit smoother a little bit faster that whole way through that 18.

7. Nothing big, really stood out to me the whole way it just seemed like point one. Second, here point one: second, there point one second, there just the whole way through and that i thought that was actually a really really cool run, but wow yeah lets see if at this dive, what will we so? What theyre about 11.9 12.5 so point were up to 0.6 and we finished it. I think a 0.8 difference so just pushing it through here, a little bit more yeah theres, a slight bobble in that turn around man. The little things really do make a big difference. That was that was really fascinating to me. So now were going to kick it up. A gear lets take a look at the 18 7 versus the 18 4.. This is the 18 7 we just looked at and against the 18 4 and lets see if we can find out where the difference is that 0.3 seconds now the thing is interesting is the 18.7. I was flying at a 80 throttle cap, the 18.4. I was up to a 90 percent throttle cap, so it should now be a faster quad and were going to see with that faster quad. If that really makes a difference, if thats kind of what that additional 0.3 is uh but lets go, have a look so thats already interesting, so again, im up to a 90 throttle cap, which you can see here, 80 on one side, 90 on the other, and So, even though its the faster quad, clearly man, even the 80 quad, is at a later point in the battery, so its a lower voltage, although it says low voltage, not so much but its earlier in the battery on the 90, even though youre seeing that 90, When i go through that dive, those two are side by side, so that additional 10, so far, hasnt really made a difference.

Thats really fascinating to me, coming through looks about the same looks about the same. We are in stereo vision, right now. Okay, so now we have a difference, so i think this is where were seeing that slightly faster quad make up that time. Um right so were i mean a half 0.05 to 0.1 seconds difference now. I think all came down to the additional power in this turnaround, because again we came through these gates at the same exact time, this is just full throttle full throttle back its a little bit ahead on the one side, you know what that triple, actually looked better On the 80 lets, go back and watch them slow through so yeah, so somewhere we actually caught up again. These two are side by side, stereo vision here beautiful. Oh, you know what look at that. I think im actually ahead on the 80 quad at this point. Going around smooth after the dive look at that side by side. So really, i feel like the 80 quad is probably flying a little bit better right now, but you can see that gap open again. You get into this wide open section. That 90 really comes in handy 90, 90, 90 back nice turn, 90 percent yeah wow. So overall i i feel like that was actually a better flight on eighteen, seven, just with a little bit slower quad than eighty percent throttle cap versus ninety. But again you see how close they are.

You know you think that that additional 10 percent will make a big difference on power. I remember flying. I even talked about it like wow. I can feel that difference its so much faster, so much more powerful. Having a lot of fun but then watching those laps, its a real small thing and the wide open sections yeah its going faster, but overall i actually felt like i feel a little bit better on the 80. So last one here this is the 18 4 versus the 18. 2. 18 2 is the absolute fastest one. I did both of these are at 90, so lets go ahead and watch these again. Go to that start. Coming up. All right so were a little bit ahead on the left um. I think thats, actually, the slower one a little bit ahead on the left. A little bit head on the left, so thats got to be faster. Yeah. Look at that so 5.5 to 569. So yeah were about 0.2 ahead already, just in this section here so im lets see. If i can figure out what happened. Yeah, you know, whats interesting is the one on the left is the 18.2 the fastest one it is behind um. The key thing to note, though, is that the voltage the time on the battery this is my second lap that i get the 18 force. My first lap that i get the 18 too so that ad the additional voltage on the battery, i think, is going to make it for a little bit faster quad that must be whats happening side by side yeah.

It is in front so were playing a little bit of catch up here on my faster lap lets see if its in the triple oh wow. What just happened? Look at that wow. So where did that? Where did they get back interesting yeah? They actually looked a little bit better again on the left so going through the dive gate. Its a big difference right now, 11.5, its coming to the dive 11.9, were like a 0.4 second difference now lets see what happens: wow, okay, still ahead, wow okay lets go back and watch this again. I did not see something correctly. Okay, so lets go back to the beginning and start this one over now that we know that the 18 4 is the first lap and the 18 2 is the second lap wow i dont know: 18 2 was the first lap. Okay, so lets watch this over again on. The left is the 18 2. When does it get ahead? Coming back? Okay, its a big difference there, Music wow, look at this okay, so the left is ahead here so on three yeah, its ahead going through the dive. Yeah its its a head off that dive, this all came down to the dive at the very start, just a little bit smoother its got that 0.2 seconds already, that was the total difference were ahead were ahead, looks like were flying base of the same just a Little bit ahead, the whole way that point too, is all from the dive huh.

You know i got ta. Tell you this. This really kind of catches me by surprise. When i was out there flying there were all these different aspects that i was really trying to focus on. I clearly did focus on those and they were really important and im sure that i was doing them really well and maybe thats. Why theyre so similar as im going through and watching this footage? But what i did not expect was that it would all come down to the smoothness of the dive if you notice it wasnt the entry into the dive. That was always pretty much the same. We were able to get into the dive at roughly the same time across the board, but how smooth we were going through that first dive is really what led to the difference in the overall lap times, and i just wasnt expecting that i mean, if you notice, When i said this, what i want to focus on no way did i say how smooth i am entering that dive or going through that dive, but turns out thats, where i really need to focus to get the fastest lap times possible. So i found this really interesting. I know that when i fly similar courses im going to pay extra close attention to that dive, um and those certain aspects and keep that in mind when im trying to get my fastest lap times possible that maybe what i think i need to focus on isnt.

Actually, what i need to focus on, so i really you know i found this helpful. Hopefully you guys find this helpful too, because i certainly learned something today: uh. Hopefully you did too. Hopefully you found this helpful. Hopefully you can use. You know what we did here. Comparing side by side to help you guys in your flying and your practice and helping you guys get better and uh. Hopefully i get get a chance to get out there rachelle guys someday soon, but uh yeah with that im gon na leave you there. Hopefully that was helpful.