You can go to the links below and go to the multi gp youtube page and check out both tracks that are going to be competed on four champs. If you have your invitation and you have accepted, you will be traveling to what i consider to be the biggest drone race of the year period. Erl now has three multi gp champions on the cast for this year. Now guess what guys our favorite track designer neil in m grower is actually the track designer for nationals. I just found this out a couple of days ago and ive been so anxious to get a look at what the track is and just seeing it. Just a few minutes ago, im blown away its just amazing to see the evolution um seeing tracks that are flown on other television shows even dont. Really compare and whats interesting guys is that five of the 12 pilots on drl this season have flown neils tracks. Theyve come all the way to houston from places all over. The country fly his tracks, so ive been extremely lucky just to happen to be in the same city as one of the best attack designers in the world and its really cool to see him. Finally, get the nod and the opportunity to design the track of the year so lets go talk to neil the michelangelo of multi gb kates himself and see what he has to say so its gon na be something that i ask like.

Why did you design this yeah exactly okay, so like Laughter? So how did it come about that? You got the opportunity to well ive, been offering my services to multi gp for quite some time uh you might have been ignoring it. Yeah yeah at i o. I submitted a track for world cup. That was not accepted, and i was um disheartened by that and shared that with the team who creates the tracks that i wanted to be a part of it. Then adio, the the team whos in charge of the tracks were like well. Okay, if you really want to be a part of it like lets, talk about nationals as a pilot who is also a track designer who could i recommend who i thought could do a really good job to like design the nats track, and i said well, i Recommend myself like, i really think that, like that, i could do that very well and thats and thats totally true, because neil has like you know like to design a good track. You have to have a skill and thats the skill you develop and neil developed this skill. Like last four years. It was almost exclusively neil designing tracks for us at least once a week like four years once a week like how many times is that its like 200 tracks, yeah well like at least minimum minimum plus his tracks and velocity velocitron so, and that the way neil Designed the track, like i dont believe in like voting, because its really hard to appreciate the track every little moment when you, even when its like a couple of times in the simulator, its really hard so nils track.

You appreciate when you start flying it, you realize how much like stuff he puts how much thoughts he put in this track and its just yeah its just the skill you develop well, like a lot of the guys, have come down to train with you guys, yeah And one of the number one reasons they say is the track is dying. Yeah yeah well its like teared in my eye. No but like yeah like that, like like thats minimum 200 tracks designed when you last, like you know like yeah, i i i would estimate this like like three times more than this minimum yeah sure and and in no time i dont think weve ever repeated a Track yeah weve, never yeah, we never repeated it and like yeah. Here we fly like sometimes four times a week, sometimes one time a week like an average, maybe two times a week, yeah and yeah thats a lot of fragrance design, my nails, small ones, big ones, crazy ones like this tower without towers here with the with all This concrete stuff, like with the trees like all kind of tracks, like freaking every week, um yeah, and also we we put some input for nils tracks. You know what we like, what we dont, we call it like professional track. Bitching yeah and its neil takes all this bitching and uh. You know sometimes he he ignores it. Sometimes he doesnt, but he takes it so yeah totally well, and i think that youve helped over the time.

Youve helped me develop some principles that you kind of dont, even think about, but like there are certain rules that that i try to follow that youve helped me come up with yeah. I think its good. I think neil is just like the best track designer in the world im. Sorry, like all the tracks per year. This is like the number one track and its only once a year yeah and its going to be a big one. This would be the biggest champs track that has ever been made now this year were actually having two tracks for nationals, neil designed track one but track two was designed by jim knee down snodgrass, and i reached out for him to comment, and he told me essentially Our goals were to make something that would make an impression and be memorable while being hopefully relatively easy to learn for such a big track. We wanted to use elements never seen in a multi gp event. I also didnt want any gotcha elements that pilots are scared to make it through unscathed, each laps. I pushed for the single lap qualifying for sport so that those pilots can celebrate a good lap without worrying that they have to do it twice in a row. Now. Jim does a lot of things to do with tracks and race decisions at multigp, especially this year, so its pretty common for him to have a hand in tracks from either a design or review standpoint.

Now he operates the quad rivals group and that spans all the way from north carolina down through south carolina and even atlanta, one of the biggest racing chapters, if you can even call it a chapter at that size. Congratulations to him for getting the nod for the big track design this year as well. If you have velocity drone, you can go on there too, go to nemesis mode, select the multi, gp nationals 2021 track and then go rank yourself against me and every other pilot in the world. Even if youre not going to nationals, you can fly the track and see how you would fare after 10 tries i put out 166 second time and man. This track is tough and long. It took me about seven tries before i actually had the track down um. So if you give yourself 10 tries see how fast you can get. So what do you think the comments guys? Are you going to be traveling to nationals? If so, let me know, even if not if you fly the track on velocidrone, get yourself ranked in nemesis mode put yourself on the leaderboards. Let me know what your time is. Did you beat my time? I cant wait to see the top racers in the world. All travel to florida in just a couple of weeks to compete. Will we have a repeat championship? Will vannover heads up or soarin take one of the wins? Could it be a former champion like knight fury or will it be one of these new fast guys like leviathan hyper popsicle? All these guys are putting down tremendous times.

Neucos been up in the mix for the last few years, so like its anyones guess, whos gon na win this this track is so large, its gon na be two laps only. That is a change, and this is a big thing. Now some people, the other day in the multigp facebook group, were saying: is it unfair that a pilot is who is going to compete is designing the track, and i could see both sides of that argument. But let me just say this: having attended many of those 500 events in the past several years, neil just doesnt always win whether hes the track designer or not uh, if theres somebody faster, they learn it that edge of knowing the track better disappears after the first Five packs, or so so, in order to level the playing field, they are publishing the track, so everybody can learn it two weeks ahead of time. So when you show up on the day of competition, your goal is to fly the track that you know as fast as possible. Now some drone racers are saying that part of what they like about competition is showing them trying to learn the track on day. One – and i could see pros and cons of that – i think that really gives the people with a better memory and advantage not necessarily the better racers. I think, having a track this size, this complex, you kind of, do – have to learn it ahead of time or else youre just going to penalize people that dont have a memory.

I know im, not a top racer, but on some of the more complex tracks. Itll. Take me the entire day just to learn the track and maybe ill get two or three packs where i actually know the track. At the very end, this way everybody can put their full skill towards flying, so its really cool, seeing some of the elements over the years that weve kind of experimented with integrated into this new track, and one of the things that i really like to see on A big stage is a track that has a great flow. You know when theres a lot of disjointed back and forth. You know you want to see the really top pilots come up with an amazing line that just looks like one single line through an entire magnificent gigantic course and thats. What were gon na see in just a couple of weeks, so i cant wait to see the broadcast of this thing going down live. I cant wait to see who comes out on top and um its really exciting, to have a track designed by what i consider to be the best track designer in the world. That part is really exciting. Props to all of the folks over at multi, gp, really collaborating with the community on these. I think everybodys gon na really enjoy it thats for sure.