. This particular drone here has eight propeller blades two on each arm. This is the lens that i just took off of it um just i don’t touch it and you know mess up the lens in the process, but here we have each blade. The other day i had a hard landing so it’s going to be time to change. Some out, but this uh set, looks pretty good on this arm now this arm here you see, one is chipped on the end, so that’s definitely gon na need to be replaced and uh. If they get damaged. The drone tends to uh sound a lot louder than usual, so that’s another indicator that you will need to change up the blades if the drone happens to be louder when you’re flying it. This one here is a little chip now i’m, not going to change all the blades out, which some people may you know, feel that you need to change all of them out, but with the price of the drone um, i try to get my money worth so I’M, not going to change all the blades out. Now i bought the combo pack and it did. It did come with um, additional blades or propellers to change out, but i don’t want to use them all at one time because you never know you may bump into something else or you know clip a tree or anything like that. So we have uh here we have a few sets, and now there are indicators on which arm the blades go on so that’s, something you have to pay attention to and we’re going to grab a pack and start replacing the ones that are damaged so i’m.

Only going to replace the ones that are damaged now inside on the pack, it tells you when you change the blades out. You also have to change it out with new screws, so you can’t well, you should not use your old screws, so those who will discard of but for now we’ll go ahead and crack open a pack of these blades and put them on now. This here is a tool that came uh also with the pack to unscrew the uh, the propellers off the drone. If you don’t have this, you may want to order it, so you don’t script anything out and then these are tiny screws and if you strip them out, then you will have a hard time getting them off. Now you see the packs just want to make sure you guys get a good look at them. How they come is actually two per pack and there’s a set of screws in each pack also, i’m, not sure if you cannotice the blue line, and then one has yellow lines, pretty much label which arm it goes on here. You see it, so they are horizontal. This is the uh no scan code. You want to scan it and order some new ones, so let’s go ahead and empty out the pack. These are small. These are some super tiny screws, so definitely be careful. I want to do it one at a time. Some people may come in and just snatch them all off and then go back, but i’m gon na do one at a time.

So that way i can keep up with everything and don’t lose anything, and just like that, we’ll put it back on. Like i said, i only replace the ones that are damaged so, if it’s still in good shape i’m gon na leave it on now. When, with these blades, you can order i’ve seen they had some carbon fiber ones. So i want to use my my original set. First and then i’m going to uh might order the carbon fiber it’s supposed to have a quieter sound right in the drone, so we’ll check on that one day and see how that works. This one is a little damaged right there on the edge. Now it did leave an extra screw in each pack. So, even though you only have two blades that give you three screws, because i guess they just in case you happen to drop one. So, therefore, you will have some spare screws which it does not hurt to save. You know the old screws, just in case so now we’re going to check out the other uh propellers. As you see, we got the b pad. We just did the a pack and i’m going to do the b b pack now these right here, i’m gon na, say for the most part, that set was good. This set here. One of these sets needed the whole set. We replaced let’s, see what’s this one yeah, so that one is chip. I’Ve had this drone a few months now, um great drone.

Of course, when it’s your first time flying a drone, you’re gon na you may clip a tree or whatnot a couple. Few hard landings. Nothing major, but just you know where the propellers have bumped into things so that’s. Why? So? This is my first time ever changing these out on this drone, but i do try to be super careful with flying. You know close to objects, so you don’t, you know, damage the drone check out the uh. The screwdriver is magnetized that helps with holding the screws in place. If you’re new to the channel go ahead and hit that subscribe button, you know follow this. Drawing use this to film a lot of uh of my videos check out the camera. Moving just want to show you guys that it does have 4k camera and a test run is sliding around on this uh table top here. But you see they do work now.