What we’re gon na do? I just wanted to throw out a teaser um coming up we’re going to in the winter months. Obviously, our flight time is uh is not what it is in the summer time, so uh. What we do is um. We go over our equipment, you know, prepare it for the summer months, make sure everything works, uh order, new products that we need to to do the job out in the field and that’s what we’re going to be doing we’re going to go over some of the Products that we’ve got as they relate to drones and flying drones. Some even might not be drone related, but we’re gon na review many ways. So i think, it’s important to know what works and what doesn’t and um i don’t get paid for uh by any company to say what i say and and that’s just an honest assessment of uh. You know how we feel about these products and um. So, coming up we’ll be putting out a few short review: videos uh. We have uh products such as uh these burton these are burton uh uh pro tec, gloves uh that you can use while you’re flying the drone. They have the the grippers and the whole thing where you can use a tablet. That kind of thing so we’ll probably do a review on those uh we’ve got things such as master air, screw stealth props for the mavic air 2. uh.

This is my second set. I’Ll explain and show you what happened to the first set um, which didn’t go so well. It was completely my fault by the way, so i ordered up a new set of orange uh master air screw blades for the mavic air 2. We’Ll talk about those and we’ll do a review on a couple other uh items that we have here. This is a block charger. I see this advertised a lot on amazon under a lot of different names. I think a lot of companies are buying the same charger and putting their name on it: um it’s, a power block, multi port battery charger for the mavic air 2. and it supposedly charges the batteries faster than the oem charger from dji. So we’ll put this to the test and talk about it. A little bit we’re going to talk about some landing gear that i purchased for the mavic mini. I have the mini one and two, and this uh pontoon style, ma landing gear uh. We gave it a run and i’ll do a review on that as well. Um we’re going to talk about things such as even review here uh also. This is the studio of the chiefs c4 podcast. So i also do a little podcast um called the chiefs c4 podcast pretty much pop culture, anything uh. You know we talk about law enforcement that was retired recently from uh cops cars and current events, uh that’s.

What we talk about most on that podcast and um, so we’ll do some reviews on car related stuff there, but we might even do it on this channel. This is um some tycon uh. What people like to call faraday bags uh signal blockers for your key fobs for your vehicles, it’s an anti theft prevention measure for uh? For you know your car not getting stolen, so we’re gon na put that to the test to see if they actually work so we’ll probably be doing a quick review on that soon, and one of the latest things that we’re going to do review on is this Um drone backpack from caselogic i scooped up one of these on amazon and just preliminarily. I haven’t got everything loaded into it yet, but i will when we do the we do. The review um i’m taking a trip soon down south to some warmer weather plan on taking the the mavic air 2 with me to do some work and um i’m liking. What i see so far from this case logic bag. So we’re going to do a review on on this bag as well, so we’re looking forward to getting some good use out of that. So stay tuned with us here during the winter months at uh, great lakes, drone service uh. Occasionally, you might see us put out uh a short video um of something interesting that we were able to uh photograph or video from the air get a little different perspective on i like to go back to my roots, where i was born and raised in the Upper peninsula of michigan there’s a lot of great landscapes up there uh growing up up there.

I never got to see from the air, and now i do and so i’m kind of uh putting some of those videos out um check our our youtube channel um. For for all those videos, there’s several on there that uh that you could check out if you would give us a like on those videos and subscribe to our channel we’re trying to build our brand a little bit and um.