This is going to make your creative projects just so much better. What am i talking about were talking about the phantom 4 pro Music today were doing a review on the phantom 4 pro a must have. This is a awesome drone. Even beginner pilots, like myself, youre, going to want this drone and were going to talk about some pros and cons today on this channel. If youre new to the channel give us a subscribe, hit the like button, but lets get right to it. Why would someone want the phantom 4 pro user friendly? It flies itself practically. I needed the 4k footage and the 60 frames per second. That was a must have for me personally so thats why i chose the level of the phantom 4 pro versus. Maybe some competitors, like maybe the mavic but phantom 4 pro once again, is a must have for any beginner videographer any beginner videographer filmmaker any creator that wants to take it to the next level. These are some phenomenal shots, but guys these are phenomenal shots. These are priceless youre going to want to have this product today now yesterday, if not some of the pros to the phantom 4 pro is actually in my opinion, i love the luxury of how compact this product really is. It is not as compact as maybe the mavic per se, but i actually like that you can carry it in a little briefcase. You get this high quality, some of the pros for me how easy it is to fly the beginners.

It flies itself guys. So you dont have to worry about that. The 4k footage that is amazing. I love the distance that you can travel from yourself, thats another pro and guys to 60 frames per second thats one person thats close to my heart, because that makes or breaks your footage now. For me, i think that the pros outweigh the cons, but we have to balance them so lets talk about them. Some of the cons obviously are going to be the price. This is one of the pricier drones before you get to the really high next level. Another con might be how non compact it is when traveling, so some of the travelers might say its not compact, but hey. I fitted it in my luggage and its actually packaging inside my luggage, whatever not the cheapest drone to get into. I think another con for me is the batteries you have to have multiple batteries to get a good worthwhile. So lets say if you camp – and you go three miles in on this trail. Well, if you only have one battery or two batteries, you only have 20 to 30, maybe 40, to 60 minutes to shoot with this drone, so you will need additional batteries. I crashed the drone the first time i flew it, and one of the cons might be that you have to buy some additional wings or propellers, but hey they came with additional ones when i bought them.

So one last me: what year and a half two years so thats pretty cool another con might be that you have to use your phone in addition to the drone, because personally, my phone is always dead. If youre like me, you might want to consider charging your phone the night before you need to use the drone so thats just an additional item that might be not the most convenient all in all guys. The phantom 4 pro is a must have its changed. My film life its given me those shots that i couldnt get but to dream about. So this is a dream come true. This is a must have product. This is one of my favorite personal products. The phantom 4 pro hit the link below grab it. If not, let me know what drone you have otherwise subscribe to the channel peace of love im out yall have a great day thanks for watching facebook. Give us a like comment, make sure you guys follow my page, danny keith fan, page and also dana keith film.