I have the su 57 and the su 35 im gon na fly both of these rc planes today. Now the difference between the two are: this one is more for your family. If you bought something for your child and youre going out flying with this one, and you wanted your child to have a plane, so this one is all foam its all like you, cant damage, your head or body parts or anything it doesnt have any elevators on It its got two brushed motors in the rear that push and when you want to go right, one motor works and when you want to go left the other motor works. So when you want to go straight, both motors work and theres no elevators to get you going up and down. However, you can bend the foam in any way you want does come with. Two batteries comes with a remote, and i think the flight time is about 2 10 minutes, and the range with the remote is about 300 meters. And finally, it has led lights all along the bottom, because i think they want you to fly this in the evening. With your kids, you can fly it if you dont, have any kids get it for yourself and fly it because im going to find out if its any good here, its a little bit breezy but well find out. So the other one i have is the su 35. Now this one here looks pretty cool, it does have elevators in the back and ailerons and you can control them and its got lights in the rear that can change color based on you know what you want.

It to look like you know like exhaust coming out like fire like afterburners whatever, and you can get a version with led lights along the bottom. This one comes with two batteries and a remote, and it does fly for 15 minutes and it does have a super long range, so you can fly them around so im going to take both of these out in this video, so im doing a review on both At exactly the same time and well see how it goes could be totally. Hilarious could be a total disaster, because there is some wind but well try it out. So lets start with the little baby one first, so this would be the remote you see. It has two joysticks on it, one goes left and right and the other is to give you throttle forward and back, and this would be the little battery that goes inside. You get two of them. I believe i received two with mine, so theres our battery, and it just goes right on top and im gon na put it in right now were gon na get going. I doubt if you can see the lights led lights on out here when this is connected, but uh oh there there, because you know, led lights happening here. Im gon na hold it this way. So maybe you can see it a little bit better. This is in the daylight yeah. I could see something in the image there: thats pretty cool, so lets power on the remote push the button in and move the joystick up and down, whoa.

Okay. So now you know it works there. We go see. It flies right up all right. We have a plane down here now. For some reason i took the cover off to put the battery in, and i stuck it down on my jeep and i dont know where it is. I am senile in the morning when i dont have my coffee ill, find it soon, but anyways well fly without it. Doesnt really need it all right. Here we go there. She goes look at that shes up. Okay, that does not fly as well as i was hoping im gon na have to throw it try, hand toss well its up there, Music and im, bringing it back im, bringing it back. You see it going now. There is a wind out here and its blowing. This way, so it just takes this so im gon na shoot it into the wind. This way. Well, try that here we go. I dont think its going to go anywhere into the wind, but itll probably get blown back in my head. Here we go. Oh thats, sideways upside down: hey you can do little tricks. Okay, the objective is to get this in the air and stay in the air quit crashing. Try it one more time here we go. This is the last flight, so shes up, i got ta, go the way up. I could control it, steer it bring it back to me. I got it coming around Applause.

There we go so the instructions say if it doesnt stay in the air. Very long. You have to bend the elevators up, theyre very, very thin, so im betting them upwards, okay, ill show you can bend them here like this spin them right up, so you got to get them both at about the same angle or else its going to turn to One direction to the other, so maybe when it was in packaging, these got flattened, i dont know. Let me just keep bending them up a little bit here. We go. Elevators have been bent any difference. Well, yikes almost hit me in the head. So apparently, this plane is out to kill me. Therefore im going to stop flying it and go fly the su 35. The su 35 comes with a much nicer controller. It does have 6g and 3d, so in other words, you can do tricks on the plane by pressing the buttons i dont know what they all do, but im going to find out here does have stability mode so that helps out in the wind, which is gon Na be pretty good, it should stay in the air for a long time comes with a much larger battery, so lets go fly it a little compartment in the base to put the battery in ill just slide it in there and what i like about the su 35 theres actually an on off switch here, so its on there we go.

I can control everything very nice, so yeah should work well lets go! Try it right here you can hand toss that one as well, but ill. Try it on the ground see how she goes props on the back. Stability mode is on, as far as i can tell lets. Take it up. Okay, so it doesnt like the gravel of the ground. The wheels are getting caught in it. So im just going to toss it here we go there, we go and ill bring it back. Oh dont want to go up. Ah all right, a bit of a win lets hand toss it. Here we go going into the wind. I have full throttle odd, shes going pretty far and the prop fell off. Oh, i feel some wind lets see how she goes in the wind whoa that goes up. Can you see the lights in the back? I think i can change them here. Lets see. Did that change them, and i think you can turn them off too, not sure there we go now ive been trying to fly this in stability mode and i think its overcompensating so im going to turn it off all right. Here we go. Oh, that looks so cool with the motors in the back all right im. Having no luck out here. Flying these there is wind, i think, theyre designed to fly in no wind, because the wind just seems to take them in all sorts of directions.

So i cant keep them in the air very long im having no luck Music. So, with all my failures, i handed the plane over to joe whos wearing the blue t shirt and what hes doing right here is strapping a five cent coin to the nose, because he believes its two tail heavy. All right here goes joe hand. Tossing wheels are off, we got a nickel attached to the nose Music and there we go hes got it Music, so Music. There we go right on well. That was a success. What im going to show you next is the unboxing, then come back to me and ill. Give you my final thoughts. This is your su 57 and it comes pretty much ready to go out of the box. However, if you want tail fins, you will have to install them yourself. If you want landing gear, you will have to install that yourself. If you want the blinky lights, they supply everything. You have to install that as well. The included remote takes three double a batteries, not included. You have to supply those. The battery included with the plane does come with a usb charger and for spare parts you get spare props an extra battery and instruction manual now switching over to the su 35. This is the box. It comes in its almost fully assembled when you receive it, you will have to install the tail fins as well as the landing gear.

The includer remote takes four double a batteries which are not included. You have to provide those. You will notice a lot of buttons on this remote because it does do a lot of cool things with the plane. The plane has stability as well as full control of the elevators and ailerons additional items may include extra batteries. You do get the usb charger to charge up the batteries and, of course, you get a spare prop. Okay, youre back to me my final thoughts. My final thoughts are the following: these are planes rc planes that are designed to be fun planes. I think theyre designed to smash crash or whatever, because they dont break. I have to put the links below just in case. You want to go check out the price and see how much they are and see if theres, a sale on or a discount code, or anything like that see the winds coming up. They just dont like the wind, all right guys. I hope you enjoyed this video. It was not a total waste of time for me, but i got out to try these out and uh yeah. If you enjoyed it, please give it a thumbs up and ill catch.