Congratulations on purchasing drone pilot canada. We’Ve made the app as intuitive as possible, but hey it. Can’T hurt to point you in the right direction for your first flight. So when you first launch the app you’ll be requested to acknowledge a disclaimer there’s, nothing scary here, pretty standard stuff, really just making sure you know that you, as the pilot are ultimately responsible for the safety and legality of your flight. Now, if you choose not to say okay to the disclaimer, no aerodrome or airspace zones will be displayed on the map which will suck, but the disclaimer is available under the hamburger menu on the additional resources screen. Should you decide to acknowledge it later by the way that additional resources screen also shows you the current version of the app and has a contact us button and other handy things so keep that place in mind and while you’re poking around the menus, i suggest you Also turn on backups you’ll get all excited about flying later on and forget to do this so let’s. Do it now hamburger menu again where all the administrative functions live. Then data management then enable backups carefully read the notices here and assuming you’re okay, with your flight data being stored in the cloud go ahead and enable backups it’s super critical to write down the eight character recovery code, you’ll be given put it in a safe place. If you lose your phone or get a new one, this is the only way you’ll be able to recover your drone pilot canada data and you don’t want to lose that.

Okay, now let’s record that first flight you’ll notice, the map screen is showing your current location makes sense and of course, you can zoom in or out the usual way, and you can also switch between the road map, view and satellite view. If you’re, within a colored zone in red or yellow you’ll, want to tap the map at your location to determine what those zones mean and to see if it’s, okay to fly here, assuming all is well hit. New flight tap the data area beside pilot then tap, add new and enter the pilot’s name and information when you’re done tap the back button to return and select your pilot from the list yeah. I know there’s only one now, but you could have others later back on the new flight screen tap the area beside aircraft then again tap, add new and enter your aircraft information. When your aircraft model is shown on the list, we will automatically provide you with a link to the instruction manual for the drone and you can download it to your device or or just leave it on the web. If, if you prefer having your drone’s instruction manual with you at all times, is a transport canada requirement when you’re done tap back to return and select your aircraft back on the new flight screen again tap the set default to remember your crew and aircraft selections for Subsequent flights later, you can edit or add to your crew and aircraft data via the crew and aircraft functions on the hamburger menu, and you can even download your pilot certificate and drone registration documents to your device.

But we’ll do that later. Tapping on weather will show you the current weather data, including the kp index, which is an indication of geomagnetic storms. The weather information is automatically added to your flight log next review, the preflight checklist and other procedures via the checklist procedures. Button tap start flight to initiate the flight timer. Now you can go ahead and fly your drone after landing tap end flight to stop the timer enter a flight, title and flight notes. If you wish, then tap save flight record and you’re done now. You’Ve probably seen lots of other functions and buttons, as you went through this demo and we’ll get into those in other videos, but for now great job.