We released an update to drone pilot canada a few days ago. So what better time to answer some questions about the app drop me, an email with your question at dawndroneson gmail.com and you may see it answered in a future video lets get into it and dont forget to play the home edition of dawn drones on all. You do is pause the video after each question yell out. Your answer then continue watching to see if our answers match. Okay, are you ready for question number one here we go hi don. I bought your app and its great. Is there a way to easily reorder the checklists and procedures? Ah now this is a good question and the answer is yes, although, admittedly a little bit fiddly drone pilot canada comes with 12 standard checklists and procedures and by the way, im just going to call them checklists from now on since checklists and procedures both act. The same way in the app theyre displayed in a particular order that made sense to me and that order cant be changed. Sorry, its hard coded. You can, however, hide ones that you dont use frequently, and you can tailor the content of these checklists to suit your needs, but heres the trick. You can also create your own checklist and theyre displayed after the standard checklist in alphabetical order. So what you can do is set up your own set of checklists number them like 01 preflight checklist and so forth.

Hide all the standard ones and youll have your own checklists in whatever order you wish now. Youll probably want to use the pc based team portal environment. To do this, it would be a lot easier there and by the way, i have a full tutorial video on managing checklists and procedures, including creating your own and theres. A link in the description below question number two: i want to have paper checklists for my flight review whats the best way to do that from drone pilot canada. Sure i can understand why you would want paper copies for a flight review, its so much easier to show someone else, a printout rather than having them peer at your phone and theres two easy ways to export your checklist for printing. First, on the data management menu, there is a well you guessed. It export checklists function which attaches all your checklists one file at a time to an email. By the way it exports only visible ones. So, if youve hidden any, they wont be exported. The exported checklists. Look like this simple text files that you can then format. However, you like and print them off the second way is again using the team portal. Here you can view the checklist. You want to print off, cut and paste them into something like ms word and go from there pretty easy all right, heres question number three: i recently purchased a dji rc pro controller, but i cant figure out how to install drone pilot canada on it or is It that the rc pro isnt a real tablet, so we cant install the app on it.

I receive questions like this from time to time regarding the various iterations of dji tablet: controllers, the crystal sky, the smart controller and the new rc pro controller. Neither my development partner, nor i own one of these cool gadgets, but they are basically android devices and people have successfully installed drone pilot canada on them totally legitimately. By the way the catch is that usually the proper google play store services. Arent pre installed on these devices and without that youre stuck, you cant, do it now. The good news is that a kind and clever user recorded a video showing how to do it and many people have been totally successful. I dont support it because, like i said i dont own any of these devices, so i cant help you debug it or walk you through it youre totally on your own, but apparently the process in that video works. Just great. The link to the video is in the description below onward to question four and ive trimmed this one down a bit from a longer email im preparing for my flight review and i find the whole flight logs and maintenance logs an area of concern. While the dji fly app has a record of all my flights, it also shows all my flight paths, which may include things i dont really want to share. Should i simply resort to a notebook for the transport canada mandatory flight logs, likewise maintenance logs? Are there better options? Well, yes, you can certainly keep flight logs and maintenance logs in a simple notebook.

I know some people who do exactly that, its not a problem. I do sell and a microsoft excel drone pilot log book as well by the way, if a simple soft copy format appeals to you or you can just use drone pilot canada. Drone pilot canada was purpose built to make it easy to meet all of transport. Canadas procedural requirements, including flight and maintenance logs all in one place on your phone or tablet regarding dji flight logs. They do meet the tc requirements assuming youre flying on your own, but i agree with your privacy concerns lots of people myself included, try to avoid providing the government with any more information than they are legally entitled to no matter how squeaky clean your flights. Are. You dont need them to be scrutinizing your data. Well, there we have it. Four drone pilot canada questions answered, send your questions to me at dawndroneson gmail.com, and you may see them answered in a future video and be sure to become a member of the drone pilot association of canada or deepak. Deepak is an advocacy group aiming to simplify the drone rules and keep droning a happy, fun and safe experience, particularly for recreational and like commercial pilots.