I announced the launch of the drone pilot association of canada or deepak for short on april 2nd, and over 800 people signed up over the course of april, which is fantastic as a quick reminder. Deepak is an advocacy group addressing transport canada with the concerns of recreational and light commercial drone pilots. Our primary objective is to apply our influence in order to improve the drone regulatory environment, including the rules, exams, certifications, airspace restrictions, procedures and fee structures. Deepak is run entirely by volunteers, and membership is absolutely free. Why have we formed a new organization? Well, looking around, there are groups for large ill, say drone corporations, particularly those planning on doing cargo delivery or other beyond visual line of sight operations, but theres. Nobody else representing the vast majority of us folks, just flying drones for fun, whether that be for taking videos or just zooming around in fpv mode, and also what ill call mom and pop shops one or two people using drones. Commercially for activities like real estate, shots home inspection, maybe construction, monitoring things things like that. These commercial operations can range from a side hustle to their primary source of income and, by the way, were not going to turn away someone who wants to join deepak. Who is part of a large droning company or is part of a ground school or whatever, just be aware that our focus and priority will be to represent recreational drone pilots and those flying drones in a light commercial role? So whats happened since the april 2nd announcement.

Well, my first priority was to form the steering committee, while i plan to lead deepak, at least to start. I wanted to ensure we had a strong, effective team to bring different experiences and perspectives to the table, to maintain effectiveness. That team needed to be small and agile five members. In addition to myself, my objective was to cover a variety of well ill call them dimensions. If you will geographical, cultural, recreational versus commercial, manned aircraft, experience and gender also experience working with transport, canada was considered an asset, its not easy or, frankly, even possible to cover all those dimensions in just five people, and i did not succeed, but our plan is to Review and refresh steering committee membership annually so feel free to put up your hand if you want to help out that said, im really impressed with the team ive selected to kick this off. There were no wall flowers at our first meeting. Let me tell you, so let me briefly introduce the steering committee moving from east to west well start with nick seamel located in fall, river nova, scotia nick is a recreational drone pilot with his advanced certification flying a mavic, 2 zoom and mavic mini hes, a retired Airline pilot with deep experience in the flight safety arena for various airline pilot associations next is mike hill aka aerosnapper hailing from kingston ontario mike, is also a recreational drone pilot flying a mavic 3 and holding his advanced pilot certification.

Mike was a very active radio, controlled modeler in the uk and has more than 10 years of experience flying drones here in canada, hes retired from the british military and holds a private pilot license for manned aircraft. Also in ontario is stephen anderson located in st thomas steve flies a small fleet of mavic 2s commercially, both for his own business aeronoptics and for western university in london. Steve has his advanced arpas pilot certification as well, and is a professional photographer and videographer. Next in line is steve. Bannister steve runs a classic light commercial drone operation near gimli, manitoba called interlake drone services. He has his advanced drone license and flies a variety of drones, including the mavic 2 enterprise duel. His latest project has been a set of beef loss missions to monitor ice flows on the red river. Looking for ice jams, steve is a former air force pilot with deep aviation experience. Last but certainly not least, we have a third steve, steve bogner, located in medicine at alberta. Steve has his advanced license and flies a dji air 2 and mini 2 recreationally intriguingly his day. Job is as a project manager at the foremost uas test range, where large drone companies in transport, canada, work together to test bvlos, flight safety and all sorts of other advanced drone capabilities. And finally, for those who dont know me, im don joyce and will be leading the steering committee im based in ottawa ontario have my advanced certification and fly a mavic 2 pro and mini 2 recreationally.

My day, job is as an engineer in the telecom industry and have no formal, manned aviation experience that said, ive published hundreds of videos aimed at helping canadians both understand the drone regulations and how to fly safely im. Also, the co creator of the drone pilot canada app. So with that, please welcome the deepak steering committee. Steve bogner did a terrific job chairing our first meeting on april 28th. The team met virtually, of course, did a short round table of introductions and got right down to business. We discussed how deepak would operate and agreed to review a draft set of operational guidelines at our next meeting in mid may. We also gathered each steering committee members perspectives on the top three or four priority issues to tackle these ranged from public awareness of drone safety and regulations to changing the exam knowledge requirements to more suitable multi level pilot certificates. Once we agree on our key focus areas. Well determine action plans for each one, whether that be in the form of white papers or lobbying for representation at transport, canada decision meetings, for example, tc just announced seemingly out of the blue, the establishment of a remote id working group with representation from, and i quote, Industry, transport, canada, nav, canada and other government departments. End quote is someone representing recreational or light commercial pilots in this working group? It doesnt sound like it, and yet it is exactly the kind of thing we should be involved with.

Judging by the experience of our friends south of the border with remote id, so there we have it. The drone pilot association of canada now has a steering committee and were off and running if you havent already done so, please consider joining dpac theres a link in the description below this video membership is free. All you do is sign up with your name, email address and a few things like your shoe size, basically to ensure were dealing with legitimate members. Oh and dont be surprised when youre redirected to a pocket watch purveyor website to save money were simply piggybacking. On my familys shopify store, this provides an easy way for us to manage membership and automated membership package distribution, its all legit and just another way we can keep dpac membership 100 free. Your membership is crucial to ensure we have a strong mandate and unified voice that transport, canada will recognize and respect if you wish to provide direct input to deepak or offer assistance feel free to send an email to dronepilotassociationofcanadagmail.com.