Knowing how much flight time you have left is critical to all drone operations. A quick 10 second test with this guy could literally save you thousands of dollars from a drone that didn’t make it back that’s why i always carry an anemometer whenever i go flying so this one in particular, is one of the cheapest ones you can buy on Amazon and it’s, really all you need – is a drone pilot. Let’S go over what comes with the meter. So in the box you get the digital anemometer, a soft carrying case two aaa’s, a screwdriver for the battery cover a carrying, strap and a set of instructions. That’S. It and just a quick note at i review drones. I try to bring you the best and most relevant reviews each and every week, while we’re going. Let me know down in the comments which drones and accessories you’d like to see reviewed, starting with the wind gauge. The bt 100 is accurate to plus or minus five percent and has a range of two to ninety kilometers per hour. So basically, as long as you’re, not using this thing in a hurricane you’re going to be able to test for wind speed for temperature, the bt 100 has a range of minus 10 degrees celsius to 45 degrees celsius and is accurate to within 2 degrees. The meter also includes a windshield indicator which lets you know if there’s a risk of frostbite on exposed skin.

The bt, 100 anemometer also comes equipped with a 1.5 inch lcd screen with a backlight. But if you prefer your measurements in freedom units, the bt 100 is able to switch between miles per hour feet per minute, knots meters per second or kilometers per hour. By pressing the unit button. Temperature measurement is also able to be switched between celsius and fahrenheit. You can also set the meter to hold a wind speed, maximum minimum or 15 second average value. This function only works with the wind speed and not temperature Music to test the accuracy of the bt. 100 i’ll be using my fluke 87v, with a thermocouple attachment for a heat source i’ll be running a gpu benchmarking test on my pc and measuring the air temperature coming from the exhaust after the temperature has stabilized let’s, get this 1080 ti up to temp and compare Our results, so, as you can see, our two meters are in agreement for temperature, so i think it’s safe to assume that for any practical use in our case flying a drone, the bt 100 can be trusted to take accurate measurements of temperature. Let’S move on to wind speed now so to accurately measure wind speed. We would need another anemometer that’s been factory calibrated to compare results with, and since i don’t have that we’ll have to test the meter for its repeatability instead. So ideally, you’d want any measuring device to have both a highly accurate and highly repeatable system.

Having a bad accuracy or repeatability would make any metering tool useless. First i’ll set my fan: speed on my pc to a constant rate, so i’ll take four readings that are five minutes apart and compare the results Music so because all four measurements were in complete agreement with each other. We can assume that this meter has high repeatability. So i’ve been using this anemometer for a little while now and it’s one of the most used tools in my kit. It fits nicely in my dji mini 2 case, so i don’t really have to think about packing it with me before i go out. I also like that this meter uses regular aaa’s instead of those tiny little cell type batteries that you never have at home. So really, the only negative that i could find with this meter is that there’s, this little air inlet flap on the back. That seems really cheap and it’s, probably going to fall out here, i’m – probably going to lose this. Also to note this meter doesn’t have any type of ip resistance rating, so don’t bring it outside. If it’s pouring don’t go, scuba diving with it don’t go swimming with the dolphins, so i should also mention that the meter that i reviewed is a bt 100, not the bt 100 app for the bt 100wm. You can get the bluetooth version, which is the app and that will automatically send updates to your phone, and the wm also includes a humidity sensor.

So, overall, this meter is a very good instrument. It’S lightweight it’s, easy to use. I don’t mind taking the 10 seconds before every flight to check what the temperature is. What the wind speed is. If that could save me from losing my mini too, then it’s definitely worth it anyways thanks so much for watching and if you found any value in this at all, be sure to hit that like and subscribe button down below, uh it’s a brand new channel i’m.