This is the week of april 25th 2022, and we have four stories for you this week. The first one is, the white house is seeking to get more power against drones if thats even possible, uh well talk about dji, inspire 3 theres been some sightings and then also well talk about fliro thats, releasing a new camera thats kind of exciting. For those of you that do ir stuff and then lastly well talk about a place to find local drone restrictions which we created so lets get to it. Music and the first story this week is well somewhat surprising somewhat. Not i guess the presidential administration is calling on congress to expand authority for both federal and local government to take actions against drones. This action plan calls for expanding federal and local agencies that can track and monitor drones flying in the airspace. Now, if you think about it for a second, this is remote. Id right should be on paper im, not sure why we need to have additional uh restrictions or additional regulation at that level. The plan would involve creating a ground system that detects drone that can be used for federal and local government, and there was a quote. It says this was designed to adopt legislation to close critical gaps in existing laws in policies that currently impede government and law enforcement. From protecting the american people in our vital security interest again, this is exactly what remote id is supposed to do, so we can keep track of drones from the ground as they are flying in the air space, especially those that are flying in tfrs and in areas Where they shouldnt be flying, the plan also involves allowing counter uas operations for certain types of authorities which well at the moment, its very restricted as to who can take a drone down.

This may not be the case if this actually goes through so well put a link down in the description to the ap news website, uh for the article i find this well, i find this. You can probably tell how i find this, but this is uh. This is probably not the greatest news for the industry. I think we have enough restrictions as it is. We dont need anything else added for no specific reason when weve been creating or weve been when the industry has been creating a solution with remote id so anyways. The next thing this week is dji a couple. More leaks, weve seen some videos. It looks like of the inspire 3 looks like from a distance. It may be using the zenmuse x9 thats, some of the the leaks that have been reported. It looks like its supposed to be released in september and well see if it gets released before the 16th, which is the deadline for manufacturers to have remote id in their drones. Well put a link down to drone excel. Our friend haya has a lot of great information about all these dji drones, leaks, theres, also information about the mini 3, which is supposedly going to be delayed. It looks like it was supposed to be released a little bit earlier now. It looks like the next deadline. Is may 10th so well see and well let you know when we have more information on that next story comes directly from auvsi exponential flir released a new camera while they were there.

This camera has a 640×512 bosom lwir sensor, as well as a 64 megapixel eo camera its rated ip54, its pretty lightweight 56 grams, extremely lightweight, actually and uh. It has 60hz video output that can be done via two different uh platforms and then hopefully this is a sign that well be seeing more drones with new flare cameras on them in the future. So stay posted and well. Let you know on this and the last story. This week we talked about it last week a little bit, but we created an amazing source for local drone regulation. A lot of you have been submitting new information to add to the wiki were really excited about it. So weve been adding. This weve been adding new places to fly, so if you havent seen it just yet make sure you head down and click on the link below this is a place where you can find local drone restrictions. This is something that has been an issue for a long time in this industry impossible to find if you can fly or cant fly there. The faa is one thing, but then you have local restrictions that may pop up. So we are combining all of this into one location, its a wiki, which means that you can actually go in there and make changes yourself, which is really cool. You can submit them to us and well review them and well put them in the system. You also have a place where you can put your favorite places to fly, which is pretty awesome.

A lot of you have submitted stuff as well. Weve been adding photos were being adding videos, you can actually see if the airspace is safe to fly by using before you fly and aloft straight from the website, and we want to say thank you to our friends at aloft for this, because theyve been helping with Making sure that all of this is integrated on an actual web page instead of having to go to an app, so you can see all of this ahead of time. This should be helping you a lot when you do planning when you go fly to a new location, you can also up and down vote several locations. If you go to the phoenix page where you are trying to make this, the perfect example of what that that website is going to look like in the future, so head down, drones and youll see all that information right there and then also what we have In there is new facebook group, so we created 51 facebook group for each of the states and in there youll be able to find information about local flights that are happening. Meetups find local regulation as well, which is linked to the wiki and then, and then we have a couple surprises coming up with these facebook groups pretty soon so so. Make sure that you go down in the description, well put a link to your favorite group and make sure that you join for your specific state if you want to get more information and the last thing.

Finally, this week we are excited to announce that we have released 10 000 free registration stickers so out there theres 10 000 drones that have pilot institute free registration stickers. We started this a while back because we wanted to combat uh these registration schemes that are uh. Well, that are basically taking money from people for registering the drone 60, sometimes 70, 80, to register your drone, its only five dollars. So we wanted to bring attention to people that your registration is. Only five dollars can only be done on the faa websites and we provide you with free stickers in the meantime, so you can go down to free and get your own stickers. We said that we were going to get you 10 000 and then stop. Well, guess what were going to continue doing this? Its been extremely successful people love them. People love the stickers and we love sending them to you. So with that being said head over down there, if you havent done so just yet and then send us an email and well send you stickers all right thats. All i have for you this week. Actually, im gon na do a plug for airplane news updates uh. We have uh some cool stories this week that i think you would be interested in as a drone pilot. Uh theres been some stuff with the faa taking action against pilots, and i think this is something that should be well something that you should know about.