This is the week of november 15, 2021, and this week i got four topics. The first one is our friends at sky browser, releasing releasing new features and were gon na have bobby on the show talking about exactly whats going on drl. The drone racing league is releasing a new drone racing game, its actually quite fun, ive been playing with it. A little bit this afternoon and im going to invite you to do the same thing: amazon, prime air, not so much good news on that side. Theyre talking about what happened with the the french r d team, that was disbanded recently and then well talk about the implication and kind of a bit of a history with amazon prime air in the last couple months. Not such good news and lastly well talk about a black friday sale because well its right around the corner, so lets get to it. Music and the first story this week come from our friends at sky, brows and sky brows. If you dont know them, they are a mapping software that will create 3d solutions in a very short amount of time. Weve talked about them before youve actually seen bobby their ceo on some of our videos being funny behind the scene a couple weeks ago and uh, and actually today, to talk about the latest release that they had is bobby uyang. The ceo of sky brow so bobby. Welcome to the show, thanks for having me so bobby, tell us a little bit more about this latest release and kind of what it means to the public safety agency users that are using sky bras at the moment.

So it boils down to our mission statement of simplifying emergency response. We happen to do it really easily with our software, but really the goal is to make the lives of public safety a lot easier and initially what we started off with was our two minute: 3d. Modeling you press one button and the drone flies itself hell record video and make a 3d model in about two minutes or so just a two minute flight. So it started off as that. But then we realized hey theres, still, a lot of paperwork being done in the office i mean behind the desk. An officer could be spending three to five hours, every single day, doing paperwork and when youre spending all that time doing paperwork that also means decreased or increased response times. So what i mean by that is youre spending all that time in the paperwork, doing paperwork and whenever theres a call. Well, you have people in the office instead of on the streets, not working. So this new feature that we released its a one button: press paperwork. So when youre done, making a 3d model lets say a fatality accident. Well now all you have to do is just write. Some annotations on the 3d model click generate and in our 3d model viewer in about 10 seconds or so youll get a pdf document of a factual diagram and its identical to the one that you get with a total station, all accurate down to one centimeter on The x y and the z axis wow, thats, amazing, and so this paperwork typically it involves and well put examples, so you guys can see exactly whats going on, but this paperwork typically involves what kind of information.

So it gives you a top down. Uh birds eye view with north heading up as well of the 3d model, so its almost like a 2d map of the entire scene and also shows you all the annotations in it. So if you have shell casings in it or any guns or blood splatters, you annotate that and itll also show up on the top down view and then, if you scroll down theres, also the measurements tab. So you just set a reference point somewhere in the center of the 3d model, and afterwards all you have to do is just scroll down and youll be able to see all the measurements in relation to your reference point. So its a standardized paperwork, reporting process and uh best part is its free in the state of california. So through ots. If you talk to your grant administrator and ask for sky browse reconstruction, software youll be able to get sky brass free charge through ots wow thats. Amazing, so hopefully our public safety agencies that work in california and anywhere else in the country, quite frankly, uh give you guys a call and and see what this is all about. You came up with the idea of this software. We talked about this before after something happened to you with your motorcycle, and you realize that they took a ton of time to process the scene. Can you tell us about what the software has changed for public safety agencies and maybe also how it can be used outside of public safety agencies yeah? Well, it started off.

Well, we launched our product january of 2020 and it sucked it was uh. It didnt work. Most the time when it worked, it worked okay, but it didnt work most of the time. So we spent a lot of time just taking feedback from public safety and making a lot better to where it is today, where we dont get too many complaints about the software. I mean it is just one button: press theres, not much, you can do to mess it up and then afterwards we just start listening more and more to public safety and were building industry, specific features for public safety. So a feature for search and rescue a feature for tactical, a feature for better accent: reconstruction, this new feature that were talking about right now and then future of course. Well, we we do plan on building out other features for different industries, for instance like construction, just because currently we have a few construction clients that ended up purchasing sky browse we dont market towards construction at all. We dont do any presentations for construction companies. I guess they just found us and they realized. This is a really good solution for 3d modeling wow thats awesome anything that you guys are working on next that you can share. Oh android. Yes, the elephant in the room everybodys asking about android because were ios only – and i want to preface this by saying, um its a lot easier to code for ios than it is for android at least three years ago, when i coded up our android app im.

Pretty sure if you, i dont, think its public anymore, but i was looking at my android dashboard for the google play store, analytics and uh. I had one star reviews across the board, like 21 star reviews and right now on ios. If you look at sky browse, it has 4.9 stars out of like 90 reviews or something like that so um. I want to preface this by saying theres a lot of permutations for android um theres, like a billion different android versions with like so many android devices. So, like the combinatorial is like some in the millions of different versions we have to test out, whereas for ios its just theres, like 10 ios devices in the world, so its a lot easier to code for ios and test it out on an ipad and an Iphone something like that, we did finally hire an android developer and he is working very hard on building out our android app and will support smart controllers, both auto and dji, and also all android devices, so the newer ones wow thats awesome. I was actually going to ask about the smart controller im sure a lot of people would be happy to hear this, because we we thats, actually a question that we got when you and i did the podcast on the pixel drone show some people were asking about That so thats exciting well bobby thanks a lot for your time. Uh. How can people get a hold of you or see the product information? Yeah shoot me.

An email bobby at make sure theres an e after the sky, otherwise theyll go to someone elses inbox, but best way to do. That is just shoot me an email. Otherwise, if you want to reach our team, you can also go to our contact form on our website and learn more about sky eyebrows outstanding, well bobby thanks for your time and then well see you very soon all right. The second topic this week is the drl. The drone racing link is releasing a new arcade type drone racing mobile game. This is a mobile game. We havent really seen much uh many drone or drone related games. Actually, i dont think ive seen any uh on the the popular platform apple and android devices. This game is free, its developed by scales, which is the leading mobile game platform developers on well online at this stage and its going to be its available already, you can play with it its actually pretty intuitive. I would say you can use your finger to move around and collect some points as youre racing the drone now i have to say this is not like flying a real drone. Okay, this is more of a waste time at the bus station type of game, rather than something where youre going to improve your skills, but its fun, and especially you know, if youre into drones and you wan na you wan na, do something else. Then uh do some of the stupid games on your phone uh thats uh thats a good option right here now, starting in december.

You also have the ability to compete in tournaments and actually win some exclusive prizes. Im not sure what the prizes are but well find out more im sure about this with the drl, so go. Take a look at it well put a link down in the description. The next thing is talking about amazon, prime air and um. This is a report that came from bloomberg and it looks like this is something that happened back in september of 2020. That may have been a predictive event of what happened in the uk uh in august now in the uk in august, amazon prime fired 100 employees from their drone delivery operation. This was in august and then it looks like about a year before in september of 2020. This was finally reported. Amazon moved a bunch of people about a dozen people on the team that were on the r d side of things uh in uh in france, and they moved them away from drone delivery completely to non drone positions. Now this is kind of interesting. Some of you know that ive been fairly critical about drone deliveries in general. Not i dont know if i would say critical, skeptics skeptical about drone deliveries in general in the us, especially for packages and for last mile type of packages. I dont know if its sustainable in my head, its just a lot of added noise and not really something that im really all that interested in, but but its an interesting concept.

I do believe that drone deliveries are pretty awesome for medical purposes. Where you we, we will have the ability to send. We already do send samples from hospital to hospital and some information that is um well timely, using drones rather than using something on the ground. So, im sure there will be more more information about this in the future about amazon, prime air, but this doesnt look so good at the moment. All right last topic this week. This is a good one. Our black friday sale is actually starting today. This is the only time of year that we do this steep of a discount people ask for it. Can a year long. Can i get the black friday discount? This is the only time of year where we actually discount the courses uh to the level that we do so. This includes our part 107 made easy. So if you havent signed up yet, if youre looking for a little bit of an incentive to do it, this is a good time. Obviously all of our courses have lifetime access, so even if you buy them today, you can stock up and then use them later. This is a great time, great time of year to actually get access to information, accurate information, current information and pretty much at this stage at the best possible price of any courses online for the amount of stuff that you get so get to it. Pilot well put some link down in here and thats.