Its about remote id theres been an update from the faa and uh. We wont tell you more about it. Well, talk about two different drones: the first one is called a drawnut, which is a donut shape, type of drone, its really interesting and another really interesting drone, which is the single actuator monocopter. So well talk about what that means, and, lastly, well give you a quick pilot institute update so lets get to it. Music, all right before we get to the first story, as you can tell, we are in our new studio. Uh were still not 100 operating, but we have a new background which is going to be improved over the next couple weeks. Uh, but were excited, were finally moved. It took us a little bit over three weeks uh. If some of you noticed weve been a little bit more quieter on the number of videos that weve posted thats the reason but now were excited because well we get a brand new place. Well, give you a tour eventually, but lets talk about the first story. This week, which is remote id now, interestingly, we havent talked about remote id in a while, and i know this is a hot topic people liked well, i dont know if they like to hear about remote id, but they want to hear about whats going on. When is remote id going to go in place? What are the new technology and um behind the scene? Theres been quite a bit of stuff happening, and one of them is theres been a little bit of a battle between astm, which is the the standard organization and others in the industry and the faa.

Regarding one specific point, which is the accuracy of the gps, that is going to be uh broadcasting or sending the information about the drone location – and this is specifically for standard remote id – were not talking here – about the module thats going to be added to your drone – Were simply talking about the standard remote id which is going to be the drone that you buy, that comes with remote id okay, whats happened is in the last couple days. The fa has released a a memo document im, actually not even sure the title of this document, but theyre, saying that the requirement for accuracy for vertical accuracy for standard remote id is going to remain at 15 feet. And this has been a point of contention because manufacturers astm says that its one unnecessary and two is going to be overly expensive to implement in aircraft. And if you remember, weve talked about remote id in the past and the fact that possibly remote id is going to be implemented retroactively in older aircraft. By simply having a software update, which is what some manufacturers, including dji, have been hinting at. That theyre trying to do, which means that you wouldnt, have to get a module. You could simply just retroactively. Have your drone change with a firmware update? This looks like it may not be possible now because of this 15 foot accuracy. It means that it would require additional equipment on board of the aircraft to create this type of accuracy, specifically gnss, which is the the type of gps technology that is more accurate.

This is not really great news, quite frankly, uh remember as of september 2022, which is quickly approaching. We were almost at the at the end of 2021 now, which is quickly approaching. The manufacturers are gon na, have to have their uh drones comply with remote id, which means they need to submit their paperwork eventually to the faa, to get all that stuff done. So this is a bit of a this is a bit of a kickback. Quite frankly, this is something thats going to put us a little bit behind. I think us being the industry in general because i dont think were going to have that technology ready as we were expecting it to be so im sure there will be more as this progresses, but this is kind of a fairly new thing. Im going to put a link down in here, so you can see the document by yourself its about a five page document that was published by the fa. It was published in the the federal register, which is the location where the nprm was located, which is the the location where the final ruling was also located. So if you want to read it, if you like, reading uh government, speak im, gon na say its its. Not the most captivating document, but its basically just saying 15 feet is what its going to be. You guys got to deal with it all right. The next story this week is the drawnut and the drawnut is a new type of drone, which has a 4k camera thats, not new.

It has lidar, but it has no external propellers and its circular, just like a donut and the way that it works. It actually has two different propellers on the inside that are helping it move around, and you can see from the video thats playing in the background that its kind of very agile and it looks like its uh, its flying pretty fast it. It can bump into your thing, so it looks like its a little bit safer than the drones that we were accustomed to in general. Hence the name drawnut by the way shaped like a donut, its a drawnut, the drone in itself, weights, 425 grams, so uh somewhere in between a mavic mini and uh in a mavic 2 pro or hotel evo2, and the price is a little bit expensive. Its at 9800 – i dont know if its, if its available for sale at the moment, but uh thats, i think the price that theyre hoping to get out of this. So let me know in the comment what you think about this kind of design. This is really interesting. All right next story, a single actuator monocopter. We just talked about the drawnut flies with two propellers. This one actually flies with only one propeller and no its, not an airplane, its actually. Well, you can see from the picture here its kind of confusing, quite frankly, its a wing with a propeller at one end and then the battery at the other end, and it feels like its flying uh.

Well, its got really interesting flying characteristics. I think it would be cool to actually see a video of this in flight, but uh. Let me know what you think of this kind of design. This looks like its somebodys thesis. Maybe and probably you know, the design thats ever going to be used in real life, but i think its its interesting to see the innovation out there and the last thing this week is we have a black friday sale going on today, very strong for the rest Of the weekend as well, our entire catalog is available at a very steep discount. This is the only time of year that we discount the catalog. The way that we do this includes our part 107 made easy for 119 dollars, which is typically 149, and also we have our drone business combo, which is typically 200. This time is 149, so you can actually get one additional course that you usually dont get by. Just spending the same amount that you typically do so this is a great deal. As always, you can find everything on and all of our courses come with lifetime access, so you can stock up and then just use the courses whenever you want to with. That said, i hope you guys had a great thanksgiving.