2021.. This week we got three topics, and one of them is kind of a big one which were going to start with, and this is hotel that is about to release two possibly three new drones in the very near future. So well be talking about this with haya from drone xl. The next story is kind of an interesting one. A kind of a head scratcher weve talked about dji, for so many uh almost over a year now, uh that the the government cannot buy dji use dji. Well looks like the secret service has been buying dji drones, so they have a little bit of a secret on their own side and then well talk about a black box for drones. This is from a company called fixar and then lastly, well talk about a pilot institute, update weve hit some pretty cool numbers, so well talk about that lets get started Music and the first story this week is actually really exciting. If you like new drones, because it looks like we have new drones on the horizon and no, they are not dji. I know we talk a lot about dji on this channel, but this time were talking about hotel and it looks like hotel is getting ready to release two, possibly three new drones and uh, who better to be on the show to talk about new drones than haya. From drone excel so hi welcome to the show hey good morning greg.

How are you im doing great im? I love new drones, whether uh, whether we buy them or not. I just love seeing new drones, so so this is exciting. This is hotel uh. It looks like they have an event lined up and looks like they have at least two drones, but you found possibly three so tell us more whats, all the the good news, yeah its uh, its pretty exciting. I mean this started basically in the middle of this month, uh when we saw the first leaked photos from artel uh over the summer. I had spoken with the the new interim ceo, which is basically the old ceo gary deluca. He came back on board after randall warner, suddenly left hotel robotics, and he already told me that there was going to be a auto mini drone on the horizon. Uh asked me not to talk about it, so i didnt uh, but yeah once these photos started leaking. Of course, we had to uh to cover that news. Uh, however, its not just the autel mini drone, which is officially gon na, be called the autel nano theres. Also going to be a autel light, drone which is higher priced and and comes with slightly better specs, basically competing with the dji dji r2 and the r2s, so thats really exciting. Initially, of course, we only saw the leaked photos and rumors. There was one video actually shot by hotel employees, where the guy basically puts his hands in front of the camera.

As soon as we get a glimpse of these new drones, saying that we we cannot publish that kind of information, yet so you kind of know its coming, theyre theyre teasing it and theyre leaking it. However, um this week, and actually today, we saw an official announcement saying that the new auto drones, two of them, are going to be released at 10 a.m, shenzhen time in in china on september 28th. So really, i think that should be september. 27. 10 p.m. Here on the east coast – and i think thats when were going to see the the first real announcement and presentation of these new products, wow thats, exciting, so two drones at least and uh lets talk about them individually. The the first one is the nano. So the nano is supposed to be the mini very small, competing with not only dji, but weve had two other competitors, quite frankly with the mini in the mini category. So this will be interesting to see whats new, that they might bring on any hint as to what may be new yeah. So today we also got some new photos and they showed the front of the camera and basically gave us some of the specs. So the nano, as far as we know now, comes with a half inch sensor, which is really exciting shoots. 4K video has a aperture of 2.8 and three way obstacle avoidance and still weighs less than 250 grams, supposedly theres also going to be a second version of the nano without obstacle avoidance, so maybe slightly lighter uh were not quite sure how much obstacle avoidance is going To make a difference, i mean if its three ways then, as far as i know its going to be at least five sensors, so i would imagine that adds some way to the drone thats for the nano.

Then the light is going to come in multiple versions. As well theres, one over 1.28 inch sensor with a 1.9 aperture, slightly smaller and a smaller sensor than the the dji r2s. However, this one is going to come in a second version, apparently with a one inch sensor. So it seems that that auto is really gon na uh yeah start up the competition with dji here on both these uh. These drones thats thats huge, actually releasing two drones at the same time. Uh do we have an idea of well theyre theyre getting announced. It looks like on that event in about a week any idea of production and when we might see actually those drones in the store, yeah thats, a very good question. I mean in the past weve seen that hotel would announce uh, drones and other products to come to the market on certain dates, uh only to then be delayed. Now, of course, theres been things like coronavirus, so who knows how theyve been impacted in the past? Hopefully, this time around, that will not be the case. Hopefully we will not have to wait much longer. If you compare to dji dji announces new products and basically starts selling and shipping immediately. It will be amazing for artel to be able to pull that off as well im. Not quite sure i mean uh fingers crossed, i guess, but we dont have an official shipping date or availability date other than just uh september 28th in china.

For the official announcement wonder if the lighter version of the mini is going to be something that can be category one approved where they remove the sensors and maybe put prop guards on it or some technology, so is there any rumors on that uh, not as far As we know, but it makes you wonder, because the adding those sensors must add some weight to it, so i can imagine either the uh autel nano with the 4k and the half inch sensor. Any obstacle avoidance is still sub 250. That will be ideal and then the other one without the obstacle void, is maybe even lighter and lets say uh available for the for the japanese market. Similarly, to what we see with dji, with the mini that they still have two versions or which will be the worst case scenario, if the one without obstacle void is sub 250, but the one with obstacle voids would actually cross over and lets say, be 300 grams. That really would be a shame because they will put it outside of the the super lightweight drone class yeah. I i understand that and so thats the two that weve seen in uh in the poster from uh hotel for the new event coming up theres. Also, information about the evo three right yeah there are uh lets say at this point: these are still rumors uh, an autel evo, three uh, hopefully to make it to the market uh later this year, i think october november might actually coincide exactly with the launch of The dji mavic 3 – this one is going to come in at least four versions, apparently with different uh different cameras.

So one is going to have a one inch sensor. There are rumors about one having micro, four thirds, which then, of course brings up the question whether those lenses are going to be interchangeable. That will be amazing, not quite sure this. At this point in time there will be one with the dual camera setup that has eight uh 8k video recording capabilities that will be very similar. It seems as what were expecting to see with the dji mavic 3 pro, and then there will be one thats called the super sense edition and were not quite sure if that might be even with a larger sensor or theres. Other uh sensing technology on board were not were not entirely sure what that means. At this point in time, uh all the evo threes are expected to come with 360 degree or six. What is it? Uh, all around obstacle avoidance, basically, which we dont see on the lower price model, so the evo 3 would really compete head on with with the mavic 3, it seems wow, it looks like weve got a busy fall coming up with new drones and a lot of Testing and everything so kind of excited this is cool. This is competition. This is what weve been asking for for a long time, getting competition to dji and and getting quite frankly, better products, hopefully for all of us uh, which is uh, which is the the joy of having competition anything else.

We missed uh. No, i dont think so. I mean this is really it but uh, like you, said its gon na its gon na be a very interesting fall this year and uh. If we see new products both from hotel and from dgi, then i think a lot of people are gon na. Be super happy weve been waiting a long time, if you think about when the original mavic 2 pro was launched in uh august 2018 uh in the consumer tech industry thats like decades ago by now, so i think were all ready for some new uh some new Products, so this is very exciting indeed yep. Well, i agree hiya as always. Thank you for your time. Thanks for all the insights well put links down, make sure you go to droneexcel.co to get your information im. Sure youll be posting more. Actually, i didnt even see the article that we just talked about because you just put it two hours ago: youre youre, very busy guys so hiya thanks a lot and well see you next week, hopefully youre very welcome and well see you next week. Thank you. The second story, this week is a bit of a head, scratcher and um. This is a secret service that was caught apparently buying dji drones. Now we know weve been talking about this for a long time, theres a governmental ban on purchasing s. U a s for the federal government and there was a procurement record that showed up.

That shows that the secret service is buying mavic, 2 pros and phantom force from a florida drone supplier, both of the fbi and the secret service. The fbi seem to have been involved as well declined to make any comments on this story, but this is very interesting because we went from dji being completely banned to quite recently, the pentagon leaking a report that said that dji was actually safe to be purchased again And safe to use and then somebody else came back and said: no, no thats, not the case. This was an unofficial document that should not be followed and then now we have this. So who knows? Who knows what is going on, but i thought this was kind of an interesting story. Next story is a company called fixar that is creating a black box and this black box. If youre familiar with the concept of black box, this is a device that records everything that an aircraft does, so that in case of a crash, then that data can be salvaged and found so that an investigation can be conducted. So we know that some drones collect the data right, but the drone has to be in pretty good shape if you want to be able to re, read that data and then and make sense of what happened. Now this black box looks like its designed with a bunch of sensors and it collects the data from the uas in itself, including autopilot functions.

Any control inputs that went in there and the company says that theyre installing these black boxes on their computer on their drones. Sorry because they want to increase air safety, which makes sense okay. I think this is a great idea. Quite frankly, this will help us figure out when a drone crashes gives us more information, even if the drone is completely destroyed. Theoretically, the black box should be well somewhat surviving. Okay. The last thing this week is a pilot institute update. We just passed the 30 000 mark for part 107 students that weve helped get their exams so 30 000 part 107 students. We have a new team member ethan ethan is going to be our producer. Youll see new content coming from us with slightly different camera angles and everything ethan is an amazingly creative person and were excited to have him on board and excited to see what hes going to come up for our courses and for our youtube channel. So, look for some changes over there weve issued 33 000 trust certificates to date. This is since the end of june, so were pretty excited about this. A lot of people are taking the trust learning how to fly safely. If you havent, taken your trust and youre flying as a recreational flyer, make sure you hit trust.pilotinstitute.com get your certificate, its required by the faa. We are authorized by the fa to do this and uh and then youll be all legal to fly and we just hit 110 000 students in our system.

So um really excited about these numbers thats. All i have for this week as always leave your comments and tell us what you think about these new drones from hotel. Are you interested in buying them? Is this something thats on your radar? Is this something youve been waiting for hows this going to wait in your decision to buy either new mavic or, if theres, a new evo coming out, which are you gon na pick? So what are your criteria? Let us know in the comments thats it im gon na shut up and then ill see you guys.