2022.. We got three stories this week and the first one is kind of a big one were going to be talking to haya from drone excel. There is a an app thats going to allow you to fly your dji drones using secure data mode, and i know this is something that people have been asking for a while. The second story this week is what im going to call the dont be that guy segment yet again, one more time. This is the bengals edition im sure youve seen the video, but well talk a little bit more about this and then lastly, well talk about a drone that folds itself while it flies. This is really cool technology, just a research project at the moment, but lets get to it. Music, all right and the first story this week comes from our friends at dronexcel, and we have hayah today to talk about this story. Well, first, hi welcome to the show. Thanks for having me greg, how are you today doing great its always great to have you on the show? I know i talk to you every week on the pixel, but i always appreciate having you on on pilot institute as well. Um there is uh, you covered the story on drone excel about the software in the netherlands that allows people to fly their drones without the fear of having any data going back to china. So, can you tell us a little bit more about how this works and then were going to talk about what impact this could have in the united states yeah for sure, so, basically around the time that we first got concerns about data security with regards to dji Drones and specifically, data potentially being leaked to china, which is something as far as i know, thats never really been proved, but anyway, the concerns that were being expressed here in the united states.

That also happens in europe, and this company air hub in the netherlands is basically a service provider. They have an app that caters towards enterprise users of drones and they now rolled out an app that basically uses a vpn system to make sure that all the data is monitored and its the privacy of all the data is guaranteed. So so, basically, nothing uh. Nothing of the data from dji drones can basically leave this app and the servers run by air hub so for the for the customers using this new uh, this new app, they really shouldnt, have any concerns about uh potential data leaks to china, which of course, is Quite a big deal so so this is not an app that replaces the go4 or the um the fly app from dji, its basically something that runs in the background that filters where the data is going from your phone, essentially right. No, i dont think so. I think you actually fly the uh the drones using this app. So basically you get the same features that you normally would have in your dji app uh available here and um that way, theyre able to guarantee that no data is being leaked at all interesting. Okay, so thats thats very cool. So what do you think the implications of this kind of technology will have in the us? Obviously, theres been a battle you and i have covered this over and over again on this show or on the pixel drone show what what do you think is going to change.

I think its huge, because um right now, the solution being pushed in the united states is for companies to use, and not just companies, but also uh government organizations to use drones. Uh that are the so called blue suvs, drones and theres theres. Only a handful of them and the concerns with those drones is that, even though they might guarantee data security uh, these drones are a lot more expensive and dont always have the same capabilities as the as a dji drone. So for companies that have already invested in dji drones and and basically have already a number of drones available a solution like this, where you have an app that basically guarantees the safety of your information might be a much more economical and a much smarter solution to Go with rather than to switch out their drone fleets and by potentially less capable but surely more expensive, blue sus stones yep. Obviously this doesnt cancel the blacklisting of dji and then whatever is happening in florida as well. Now do you think there could be still some people saying, especially the u.s government, saying well this isnt going to china, but its going to the netherlands. You cant trust these guys over there and uh. You know. Is that still a concern, maybe having the servers be in the united states, the vpn uh? I think that might be a concern um. I believe right now that uh customers in the united states could already start using this app as well.

But if lets say, the concern is that data needs to stay within the united states uh. I dont know if thats an uh if thats an option that error hub currently makes available. Uh were trying to get air hub on the pixel. Drone show to talk about this in in much greater detail, so well be sure to ask all these kind of questions but um. What i think is very appealing is that, rather than switching out the hardware and flying different drones, this might actually be a much simpler. Less expensive solution that you can apply to all existing drones to still safeguard your your information, so in that sense i think this is uh, potentially a very interesting development yep. I agree absolutely well hiya, as always. Thank you for those of you. If you want to read the article, well put a link down here, uh head over to droneexcel.co, if you want to get the latest news, i know we get all pretty much all of our information from there uh every single week when you do this, this news Update so hiya, thanks for being on the show and well see you next time sounds good. Thank you greg all right. The second story this week is the bengals game flight over im, sure youve, seen the video and, if you havent, please dont click dont. Look at it. This person doesnt need to get any more views quite frankly, but last week during the bengals game and the raiders game, someone decided to fly their drone not only over the stadium but over the stadium and inside of the stadium as well.

The operator that went on to post the video on their social media looks like they were basically flying a drone about 20 or 30 feet over the field during some parts of the video flying over the crowd. Obviously theres a tfr going on. This is a major game can get in, there can fly over. People can fly over the players just a whole lot of a series of things that you should not be doing. Please please, please dont be that guy. Obviously, this person is getting investigated by the fa at the moment. Im sure well hear more. I hope we hear more about what comes out of this, just not something thats, acceptable and uh, and a perfect example of what not to do so leave us. The comment down here, if youve seen it and tell us what you think next story this week is a drone that flies and folds the wings while its flying this is actually really cool. This is a research project, its designed to navigate in areas where theres a lot of obstacles and in probably areas where otherwise, the drone would just come and crash, and it uses propeller thrust and reverse thrust. In order for the aircraft to fold. The two arms two at a time so two in the front and two in the back in order to uh, get a smaller form factor and then fit into a smaller hull, for example, or in tighter places.

The folded arms can actually also be used in order to pick up objects such as packages, so this is a cool design again like i said this is more of a a research project rather than anything else, but its cool to see people thinking kind of outside The box, but this is all we have this week for you well see you guys next week.