The first one is were going to talk about the navajo nation thats, using drones too well to do good things were going to talk about a funny story that happened last week, which was a dog that got rescued by using a drone and yeah a sausage and Thats going to be fun well talk about a osprey that takes down an evo too. This happened to one of our students, send the pictures and well thats, thats, quite incredible, and then lastly, dji released a new update for the mavic 3. So well talk about what the drone is getting this time and why this is an important update, so lets get to it. Music, all right. The first story this week were talking about the navajo nation using drones for medical delivery, and this is kind of a big deal because well weve seen a lot of deliveries, and i truly believe that drone deliveries that deliver medical supplies is kind of an amazing use Of drone delivery, delivering tube socks is one thing, but delivering medical deliver. Medical supplies is something else, especially when its done with the navajo nation, so theyre calling this program mission go and theyll be helping essentially delivering supplies to people in need. This includes insulin kits. This includes meals, anti venom and any kind of emergency communication devices. At the moment, there is no words on what kind of aircraft theyre going to be using, but it looks like from the demo theyre using a matrix 300 from dji and theyre kind of using a helicopter style drone as well to go along with.

It were not sure what that actually is. So, if you want more information well put a link down here, but i think this is a great use, like i said, of drones, to while do good in the community. The next thing this week is a kind of a funny one. This happened several of you actually send this link to me and a dog was rescued by using nothing else, but a sausage attached to the end of a drone and the drone. This happened in the uk. The drone was, the rescuers were going there to try to get this dog rescued, and the dog was just staying away from the rescuers. So, eventually that dunga data ended up being stuck in a mud flat and that would have been eventually submerged by a tide that was coming. So someone else had the idea of basically attaching a sausage at the end of a string and uh and having the drone put that right in front of the the face of the duck so that the dog would go forward. Eventually, it worked. The the dog was called milly to jack russell and they were able to reunite him with the owner. You can see the video playing in the background. I think this is another great drones for good. I know. Last week we talked about some well idiots that were doing things with drones. They werent supposed to so its uh this week were trying to do something different.

All right. Next story, this week is directly from one of our students uh. They sent us these pictures to me earlier in the week, and this happened with an osprey as they were flying their evo ii hotel evo 2, and he told me that he was getting pictures of a cell tower when he realized that there was an osprey nest. Right here with a mom and a dad and they were protecting their babies and eventually he backed off pretty quickly but noticed that one of the parents stayed with the kids. And then the other parents started circling the drone and then eventually, as he was trying to get further away the drone kind of the osprey kind of attacked the drone. He was happy to say that there was no damage to the bird, but his bird on the other side get pretty damaged. You can see the pictures right here uh he was like. I said he was very grateful that uh that nothing happened to the bird that was actually a lot of the message that he sent me. So thank you for sending the pictures in and uh and, as you can see, try to stay away from these predatory birds. They will definitely mess up your drone and uh. He said that theres, nothing from this one can essentially be recovered at this stage. Okay. The last thing this week i want to talk about is the mavic 3 update, and this is kind of the update that everybodys been waiting for when dji released the mavic 3 at the around black friday last year.

They said that there were some things that werent working, that werent available some some features, and they said that this would happen. They would release these features in january, and here we are with this new update, they had done a intermediate update with some things added, and then this looks like its kind of that big update that people have been waiting for. This brings quite a few things. Im not going to mention all of them, because some of them were pretty minor but quick shots. That was a big one panorama burst, shooting also it brings a digital zoom in video mode. This is interesting that it wasnt there in the first place, if you own air 2s or mini 2 youre familiar with being able to zoom a little bit using digital zoom. Well now you can actually do this. This is a bit different than using the uh, the binocular mode. I call it on here where you can use the the zoom lens. This is actually just using the primary lens and zooming all the way to 2x. You cant go much further than that, but with that you can actually do minor zooming, and you can also change some of the settings and keep recording in log which you can do if youre in the discovery mode. Another thing that ive been asking for which im glad is being added right here, which is the color display, assist in d log. The d log on this drone is extremely flat.

Im going to compare it to the inspire 2d log if youve ever flown the inspire 2, that thing is extremely flat, so its very difficult to fly and make sure that your footage is exposed correctly. So they added its not a lot. You cant really load up a lot, but it looks like its converting everything back to rec 709, so you can have a better idea of what your footage is going to look like so its just a toggle on and off. You can get that in the settings. If you turn d log on right, underneath it, there is a little toggle here that tells you, i think its called color display assist. They also are supporting rth altitude, where you can change set your rth altitude for whats called advanced rth if youre not familiar with all these terms, and if you dont have the drone just yet, we actually just finished, recording our mavic 3 deep dive its with the Editor at the moment, and then well be publishing it very soon we were. We were waiting for this update, quite frankly, to record. I didnt want to shoot this this course several times so its its right around the corner, well be letting you know, probably next week or the week after, when this thing is done, but this is exciting. At the same time, dji also released a an update for the rc pro. So if you bought the the cine version or if you bought the the base version, i dont know what its called just the mavic 3 and you bought the rc pro separately.

Then it is now actually compatible with the air 2s, so that update came in a couple days ago. Weve updated it. I havent had a chance to try it with the air 2s, but i did try the new update with the mavic 3 and uh yeah. Everything seems to be right in there weve been playing with chasing ethan on the on the one wheel and uh. This thing actually does really well at chasing people and and keeping the object uh in the middle of the frame. So all right, thats, all we have for you this week, as always like subscribe, leave a comment because believe it or not.