This is the week of may 17 2021 and the first thing this week is. We are celebrating two years of news update. I know we had the 100th episode not too long ago, but this is two full years non. Stop of providing news to you guys we started with not much, and now we cover a ton of topics. Every week we get a ton of views for all of you, so i’m really excited about being able to provide this and here’s to another couple years, starting this week, we’ve got the mavic 3. there’s been some more rumors, some more information coming out so we’re going To talk to haya in a second from drone, xl and he’s, going to tell us what’s the latest and greatest about the drone, the faa has released a website that shows the mean of compliance and declaration of compliance. If you don’t know what that means, let’s take a look, because this is kind of an important step into flying over people and remote id, so we’ll get to that. We have sony that released something or has a patent for noise. Canceling drones – and i know all these words put together in one sentence: don’t really make sense, so we’ll take a look at what that looks like we have a bridge inspection that failed pretty badly and uh, and now the entire interstate is blocked for that section and We’Ll talk about what happened and uh and how they’re going to fix it and then the last thing is jason and i are going to be on the road next week.

So we’ll talk about our travel plans and hopefully meet some of you guys, while we’re on the road so let’s get to it Music and the first story this week is uh. The mavic, 3 and there’s been quite a bit of information on the mavic 3. So i wanted to bring on higher castelo from drone excel and you’re familiar with haya you’ve seen them on the show before, and you see him also when we do the pixel podcast. If you listen to us, but i have found a whole bunch of information about the mavic 3 and it looks like we may have a drone eventually this year, which is pretty awesome so uh welcome to the show, thanks for joining us yeah good morning, greg uh Pleasure being here as well, uh, again um, the mavic 3 is of course, the most anticipated drone from dji. I think a lot of people have their hopes up and are very curious to see what this drone is going to be about. It better be good because the latest drone from dji the dji air 2s is also a very capable drone, with a one inch sensor already so for for the mavic 3 to come in. It needs to outperform that one. It will be benchmarked, of course, against the mavic 2 pro, as well as the phantom 4 pro version 2., so the bar is already set kind of high and we’ve we’ve been hoping on waiting for this new drone, the mavic 3 to appear, and now finally, it Seems that we might be actually getting it in either late august or early september, based on the latest rumors, but before we go there, i kind of want to take you back to the the first article we had, which was uh.

What was it march 20th? I think when we had that first sketch of the mavic 3 – and maybe we can share that in the video as well uh. This is a sketch from somebody within dji in china who was so friendly to share it with us and, as you can see, we’ve kind of marked the different uh features that we that we expect on the drone uh. First of all, in the front we had a um. We think there were gon na be uh upward facing obstacle avoidance sensors. However, now looking at the latest photos we’re not quite sure, if they’re going to be located there, but as you can see, there’s like this, this opening, which, if it’s not to do with obstacle avoidance, then it will very likely be some kind of air intake. If you will, and if you move further back in this image, you see there’s two scoops on the side as well for air intake um, a new design feature for the the the flagship mavic drone would be that the battery will be loaded from the back uh. Somewhat comparable to what we know from the phantom 4, but even also from the the mini 2 and the original mini so that’s going to be different from the mavic 2 pro, where the battery clicks in from from the top side, sensors for obstacle avoidance, we think, Are going to be at the back of the drone and if you look lower in the image you see there’s an another air scoop in front of the rear legs and then the camera.

We know that this is not going to be the ultimate design of the camera, but we, of course do expect the camera to be quite an upgrade from existing drones, and we can perhaps talk about that a little more if you want later yeah absolutely and – and This is, there was something else there was another drawing. I think that came up a little bit later of just uh. It looks like the the top part of the drone uh and the battery design, showing a little bit more about the battery design. So can can you talk about that one drawing yeah uh that takes us to the end of march uh, as you can see, it’s, basically from a pattern drawing, and it shows you kind of how the battery slides and clicks in from the back. It seems to have a similar connection if you look at the image there’s a little lip that that seems very familiar to the connection that we’ve seen at the mini and the mini 2. uh. You see the same double air, scoops it’s, not a very detailed picture. I think it’s more, just like an instructional graphic, if you like as to how this would work. Um we’ve seen that before in pattern drawings, where the the drawings aren’t always as accurate to the actual production model, typically it’s, just to explain a concept or an idea. That’S been patented, and i think that might be the case here as well, but we’re pretty confident that uh the battery will be sliding in from the back of the drone and kind of clicking in place it and the um the camera in itself.

Let’S talk about this because you know you – and i have talked about this before in in some of the shows that we’ve been on together and we talked about the fact that dji just came up with this one inch sensor on the air, 2s and and kind Of bringing the game upward and you know what’s next, what is what is the next level of drones that we’re going to have uh what kind of sensor so did you have more information on this? Recently, we don’t have any specific or rumored information on what kind of camera specs and features we can expect. However, if you kind of go back in time, we’ve seen those images of that prototype of the phantom with interchangeable lenses. The the official story from dji was always that this was a one off model, specifically for a certain customer. We don’t know if that’s, true or not. It might also have been a uh, an internal project, to see if uh um interchangeable lenses, if that would be feasible on a drone of the size of a phantom. However, that idea never went away really like people have always been talking about it. Of course, we know interchangeable lenses from the inspire series as well and as you get more professional, with photography and videography to have prime lenses and to be able to interchange them is is an important request from from people, so the expectation has always been there.

Basically, since seeing this original prototype that maybe the mavic 3 would have interchangeable lenses as well, now we still don’t know if that’s going to be the case uh, i could imagine that a an alternative would be a very fast zoom lens, maybe with a limited zoom Range but a very fast zoom lens that might get you the ease of use and a small portable drone, but still get you that more professional yeah video quality, if you will um but again, if you, if so so, going back to the fact that we don’t Have any official information on this? If you look on the other hand, though, at where the previous dgi drones are in in terms of quality, when it comes to video and photography, take, for instance, the phantom 4 pro version 2 that had very crisp 4k video capabilities and i think a lot of People were disappointed with the launch of the mavic 2 pro, because that video quality wasn’t, quite as crisp and as nice, as from the original phantom and now with the launch of the dji air 2s, with i think, it’s 150 megabytes per second. I mean that video quality is is quite high and i think rifles, if not uh the video quality from the method 2 pro so within its own product. Category dji has already raised the bar significantly, so the mavic 3 has to be better than the mavic 2. Pro obviously has to be better than the phantom 4 pro version 2, but it also has to beat the air 2s.

I would imagine the air 2s comes in at slightly over a thousand bucks, so it leaves space open within the lineup for a mavic, 3 let’s say close to 2 000, but with significantly better video and photo capabilities and and that’s kind of what i’m expecting dji To do yeah yeah, i don’t, i don’t, see how they can. They can sell this drone without having a major upgrade to the camera uh compared to the air 2s right now, and the zoom would be awesome. Quite frankly, i’ve been playing a lot with the air 2s recently and it’s kind of becoming my go to drone if it’s, if i’m, not flying the inspire 2. uh, just because it’s just because it is just awesome it’s, so it it flies well and the camera. The quality is just pretty cool, so that’s uh, that’s, interesting now uh there. The one thing that i found interesting is that the early drawings that you get did not really have any information on the propellers and, as we look into uh some of the i was looking at some of the further articles that you had and one of them Had a patent with the propellers at the bottom, in the uh of the motor in in the front and um is this: do we know that this is because it looks like the drawing in itself was not the mavic 3? It looked more like actually an air, 2 or uh kind of design, so where did that information come from and how does that translate into what we think we’re going to get in the three yeah? These are also coming from pattern drawings.

The the problem with patents is that um dji and i think it’s now probably in the thousands they register and patent a lot of ideas, a lot of concepts and things that they might use or may not ever end up using so a lot of those drawings. They show concepts and ideas and they’re meant to protect those concepts and ideas. We we’ve seen the same thing if you remember with the propellers that you kind of push and turn and then they they stick. That became an issue at some point um to mount propellers upside down. I mean we know this already from other drones as well. I mean, of course you can make it work and there might be some benefits to it. I think this patent is more dji, just protecting an idea and then claiming a certain concept. I’M, not entirely sure if we’re going to see this for the mavic, 3, i’m, not sure if there’s a real benefit. I mean, of course, with the original mavic pro and even with the phantom. If you fly at a certain speed and you move the camera in a certain direction, sometimes you would actually see the propellers in view, and i think dji is going to try to to make sure that that will never happen. Of course, because it messes up your video footage, i’m, not sure if upside down mounted propellers would help you to resolve that issue or whether it’s better to to mount them the normal way we haven’t really seen dji do this with any of the other mavic drones.

So, i’m, not quite sure if this is something we should expect for the mavic 3. On top of that, i wouldn’t have a personal preference either way i mean if, if the thing flies like, we expect mavic to fly and if you have video footage in any direction without seeing the props in view that will be all i care about. To be honest, yeah, i agree it doesn’t really matter what design they decide to use so um now we’ve seen a lot of of drawings. Uh, put you know in in the march area and now, as we’re getting closer into the summer, uh we’re getting actually some actual footage. It looks like so there was one image that you shared, which looks like was maybe from a production line. Can you can you tell us more about that? One yeah that um it might either be a pre production or actually from uh from the production. We’Ve been told that this was actually the body work from a production model uh. It does seem that way. I mean, if you look at it from the side, you can see where the arms would be mounted and you can see this is the typical dji mavic design, where one kind of swings in and the other rotates underneath. So it definitely has the hallmark features of a dji design, um it’s it’s hard to say right i mean, if you go back to the dji r2s we’ve, seen images of that drone with the the four obstacle avoidance sensors.

I think already two years ago, when we saw the original one and only recently that drone was actually uh brought to market so it’s not always easy to to know exactly when uh certain photos were taken and whether we’re looking at a pre production or a prototype Or an actual actual production model we’ve been told that this is actually from the production line and if it turns out that this drone will be launched in august or early september, as we’ve been told, then yeah. That would make sense other than that it’s hard to get a lot of information. Out of this one image, i mean you see the two uh, the double air intakes on the lower right hand, corner in the image there’s a hole in the center, which most likely will be for a screw uh there’s. Another air intake on the side you’re not going to get a ton of information from this one picture more recently, however, the latest article we saw a photo that is a photo of the top shelf or a top shell. Sorry, a body shell of the dji. What we think mavic 3 – and here you see the same air intake at the front. We don’t see the typical round obstacle avoidance sensors on the top, but at the same time this part of the drone does not cover the entire top of the drone. So it might well be that the upward facing obstacle – voiding sensors, are mounted more towards the rear, and that part is not shown here, so that would explain why we were not seeing them um.

One thing that is curious, though, in this for in this photo, where you see that that body shell on somebody’s hand, is that the body shell seems to be relatively small for a drone uh, with the features that we expect from a mavic 3.. So there’s been this discussion online. Okay, are we actually looking at a body shell from a dji, mavic 3 drone, assuming that it’s going to have obstacle avoidance sensors in all directions, it’s going to have a bigger camera? It needs more processing power. We still want more than 30 minutes flight time, so having all these components in there and a battery that can power the entire unmanned aircraft, you would think that things would grow in size and i think that’s, where the suspicion comes from that this seems to be. Perhaps too small to to house all that hardware. However, you could argue um the other direction, saying well, if we’ve seen anything with dji’s, that they’re able to shrink drones and make the bodywork more compact, more aerodynamic and make drones smaller, lighter and more capable and, of course, when it comes to aerodynamics and then flying Objects then the less weight and the less mass you have to fly uh yeah that benefits in all kinds of ways, especially with with fly time and battery size so i’m, not convinced that this is not the body shell of a mavic 3. I think it is. I think what it may uh point to is that maybe the mavic 3 is actually going to be a drone that’s, not that much bigger from the original mavic 2 pro, but at the same time brings us much improved video and video or sorry, video, recording and Photography uh features so it’s gon na be really interesting.

Um. The top shell picture is the one image that we showed in that article there’s another image that shows more of the the body frame with all the different holes and openings i’m, not able to to get too much information out of that image. It seems to match up with with the rest of what we’ve seen of the mavic 3., the fact that these images are now being leaked and also the fact that we know that uh dji resellers and dealers have already received their their last call to place orders For the mavic 2 pro and zoom uh is a strong indication that this drone, i think, is heading to the market relatively shortly and, as i mentioned earlier, what we’ve heard is late august early september that we can expect the dji mavic 3., oh wow yeah. So on that picture, it could also be somebody’s hand is really really big could be that’s a good point. Well, i mean you know where you and i you you know the the dji is not afraid of releasing more than one drone in the same year. So, who knows if we had a mavic 3, a mini 3 on the way as well and and getting images from that as well, so that’s not out of the question either. I know i was going to say one thing that that always kind of surprised me from dji – and i think this is where they’re different from the more traditional companies is, that one they’re not afraid to compete, but they’re also not afraid to cannibalize on their own Product line and compete with their own products, i mean, if you see at the, if you look at the original mavic mini and then a year later, they introduced the mini 2, which basically makes the original mini obsolete.

They do the same with the mavic air 2 and then the air 2s dji is not afraid to push new products to the market. I know of stories where they might have waited to see what the competition was doing before introducing their product. I mean we’ve seen that with the the gopro karma and then the original mavic pro coming out, but yeah dji is very competitive and they compete also within their own product lineup. I would not be surprised at all if the new mavic 3 ends up being an affordable but very, very capable drone and also much smaller and more compact than what we’ve been expecting, yep extremely exciting so end of summer. Hopefully we get something else and another drone to buy another drone to play with so well. Haya uh appreciate your time as always and uh i i thank you for bringing all this information. We’Ll definitely bring you back on when we have more photos and and more information and uh. In the meantime, if you want to hear more from haya, you can go on i’ll put a bunch of link in the description, so you can see all the articles we’ll put the photos, so you can see them and and again thanks for your time. Yeah. Thank you very much, greg and i’m sure i’ll see you soon again on another show, all right sounds good. The second topic this week is a pretty big one. If you remember, when the fa released a new regulation in april of this year, there’s this requirement for means of compliance and declaration of compliance, and this applies to remote id – and this applies to operation over people.

We’Ve made videos about this, and you can see the link up here where we talk about flying over people and all the things that need to happen. And if you remember from that video, if you haven’t, if you’ve watched it or if you’re familiar with the concept, the faa wants you to have a category one, two, three or four before you can fly over people well for these drones to be approved as category Drones they need to the manufacturer, needs to submit what’s called a means of compliance, and the fa is going to then issue a declaration of compliance. The means of compliance is just a fancy word for saying: how are you going to comply with the regulation and then the declaration of compliance is basically the fa saying well yeah. We declare that this drone from this manufacturer meets these requirements. So up until now, there was really no place for us to find that information. The website is now available. I’Ll put a link down in the description and and it’s empty right now, there’s, actually a document but it’s just a summary of the regulation. But as we see drone manufacturers get approved for flying over people for category drones and for remote id, the the concept is the same for remote id. Then we’re going to start to see these uh. These uh means of compliance and declaration of compliance show up on that faa website. So let’s just assume fast forward and dji comes up with a mavic 3 and the mavic 3 gets approved to fly over people as a category 2 drone.

Then it would show up on this website where you can verify that your drone with that specific serial number meets the requirements and that can be flown over people as a category 2 drum so, like. I said it’s kind of a big deal because well this was kind of the next step that we’re waiting in order to get these drones approved as category drones. Does that mean that we have a category drawn around the corner? Probably not based on conversations we’ve had on the pixel drone show with brandon shulman from dji. It looks like it’s going to be a little while because we don’t have the standards yet in place, so that manufacturers can do the means of compliance, so um it’s it’s. Well, it’s, paperwork and eventually we’ll, probably eventually we will get there. Not probably, we will get there something cool coming from sony and i had to kind of wrap my head around this one, but they have a patent for a set of drones that can be used for noise cancelling purposes now. This is not to cancel the noise of drones. This is to cancel the noise coming from the outside into let’s, say you have a group of people sitting in the middle, and this is kind of what the patent picture looks like you have a group of people sitting in the middle and they’re surrounded by drones, That help to cancel the noise. Now i have a hard time wrapping my head.

I understand how noise cancelling works is, actually you, you repeat the same noise and then eventually, they cancel each other out that’s how noise cancelling headphones work, but with drones, i’m, not really sure how you would achieve that with different speeds, maybe with different types of sound. So an interesting concept to say the least: uh not sure, if we’re ever going to see this technology in real life. But i can’t imagine myself being surrounded by a bunch of drones and actually being in in silence, because the drones cancel the noise. So it’ll be interesting to see what would they do out of this? The next story comes out of arkansas and tennessee, and this is a bridge over the mississippi river and um and and the bridge over the mississippi on. I 40 is now closed because well because there’s a giant crack in one of the beams and say what does this have to do with drones? Well, the interesting thing is that this bridge was actually inspected back in 2019 via drones and and it missed the crack and it’s interesting because, as you can see in the the picture, that’s playing in the background right now, this was the crack when the video was Shot in 2019. now, since the inspector actually has been fired by the arkansas uh department of transportation and um, now the tennessee department of transportation is going to go on i 55, to perform inspections on other bridges to make sure that everything is good.

Now you can see the crack now the way that it is now using these pictures here and uh, and this is more than a crack, obviously it’s a complete separation of the the the two pieces of the beam. Now, what used to be one beam is not two beams and uh they’re, obviously going to work on this and fix it, but interesting to see that the drone actually had seen that the footage had recorded that the crack was there, but the inspector actually missed it. So just an interesting use of drone, sadly not effective at this stage, but hopefully this is something that they can pick up in the future. The last thing this week is jason and i are hitting the road on monday we’re going to be in texas on monday, tuesday and wednesday north of austin we’re. Going to this thing called the texas public safety response, robot summit and we’ll be out there and we’ll be talking to a bunch of different companies. Hotel is going to be there. Skydio dji parrot drone sense, you name, it is going to be out there presenting things and then we’ll be out there as well presenting pilot institute. So this is a safety public safety focused event. We are going to be on monday night in north austin and we’re going to meet with a bunch of our students. So if you’re, a student, if you’re in the austin area or in texas and you want to come and join us, feel free to do so join into our facebook group and you’ll, see the event.

You’Ll see all the information where we’re going to meet and uh and i hope to see you there, so we can chat in person finally and uh and and do what we do best, which is talk about drones and flight drones. So i hope to see you there, and this is it for this week uh. As always, we have the airplane news, update that’s, going on this week, we’re talking about a thousand dollar landing fee that we talked about last week and we have an update that’s in massachusetts. We talk about a mid air collision and you probably have seen this in the news between a key lime, air aircraft and a cirrus, and they collided up in the air and actually everybody survived, which is just absolutely amazing, very, very lucky, for both pilots. We’Ll talk about airbus and air france that are facing manslaughter charges after an accident in 2009, we’ll talk about an aircraft that lost an emergency exit door on takeoff, not something that you want to see on your flight and then we’ll talk a brand new aircraft from Se, aeronautics so that’s it that’s. All i have like subscribe. Do all you do, leave a comment. Uh road remarks. You guys made fun of my word remark comment. Last week i had a boss that always said that at the end of a meeting he said anybody has comments concerned rude remarks, so i love talking with you guys so leave the comments down in here.