This is the week of august 30th. 2021.. This week, weve got a lot of topics actually theres a lot going on, and the first thing were going to talk about is uh a new event from dji thats right around the corner, thats kind of cryptic and well talk to haya from drone excel about this, And kind of see what kind of information he has well also talk with haya about some pictures from the mavic 3 that were leaked if it is, the mavic 3 were still not sure at this stage, but this is our our best guest. The next thing. Well, talk about is hurricane ida that is currently hitting the southern portion of the country in the southeast and doing a lot of damage, and there is some information from the faa. If you want to help with your drone and then also, we will talk about some upcoming industry events theres a lot going on in the next couple weeks and then a lot of things that we are involved with and then. Lastly, a pilot institute update actually several updates, pretty major updates from pirate institute. So im really excited about this, so lets get to it. Music, all right and the first story this week comes from our friends at dronexcel and we have haya with us as always, hiya welcome to the show greg. Thank you for having me again so a lot of stuff going on in the news this week, especially from dji, and the first thing is, i think it was yesterday or the day before we received an email saying, theres, a new event coming up its called high Five high as in high low and then five as its number five theres, been a lot of rumors online.

That ive been reading. Uh some people say its the new phantom five and some people say it might be an osmo coming around the corner. What are your thoughts on that yeah? I mean uh dji tweeted out this message and it shows basically a blue background kind of like a sky background, with a floating cube, uh semi, translucent uh with a number five spinning inside and it says dji high five september. Eighth, nine am eastern standard time now. The whole idea, of course, with the sky in the background and something up in the air might suggest that this is a new drone and a number five might indicate that it would be the phantom five. However, as much as we would all like to see a new phantom 5, i think people hoping for that drone to appear are going to be disappointed. I think its going to be something else, its its a cryptic image, theres, not really much that you can make out of looking at the announcements. If you go through the product line, it wouldnt make sense for the new mavic 3, because thats not a number five. There will be a number three uh the phantom would fit, but i dont think its going to be a phantom, so you can basically work your way down the line. I think the the biggest clue that weve seen is in a fcc filing that was made public for a om5 uh. So were not sure if thats going to be the product that will be launched on september 8th.

But i mean at least we know that a new version of the the home for uh, the home five now is going to be in the works and will be launched at some point in the near future. So uh as much again as much as i would like to see a phantom 5 from dji, i doubt thats going to be the case with this one yeah. I agree, and i think it would have been leaked all over the place anyway, if it was the phantom uh we um and om4, by the way for those of you who are watching not familiar with that product line. Uh osmo mobile, which is a portable uh device that stabilizes the uh, a cell phone that you can put on here so uh, hopefully im sure, like you, said, im sure thats what uh it is now there were some other things, not small on the rumor side. Rather than the confirm from dji uh from the mavic 3. uh, what did you find out? I know theres a lot of pictures on drone excel and well put a link down to the uh to the article right here. If you want to click on that, as we talk about it yeah, it might be interesting to show some of these uh. These graphics, uh drone modelismo a guy in brazil. Actually a pretty uh, pretty well known, youtuber down. There was able to get photos of the mavic 3 uh, however, in in being able to publish them, they had to be changed, so he couldnt show the actual photo, so they made kind of digital sketches from them, but theyre pretty high detail and and definitely clear Enough to to make out what this new fan, mavic 3 might look like.

Um ill run you through the specs real, quick um, as we have seen with the dji air 2s. You have those obstacle avoidance, sensors kind of point us at the corners of the drone were apparently gon na see that with the mavic 3 as well. Uh in these sketches youll see that there are no sensors for obstacle avoidance on the side of the drone. Purely at the front and the back, so if you use wider angle lenses, basically for these sensors, you might be able to still provide 360 degree obstacle avoidance with fewer sensors. Reducing cost, reducing weight, and especially weight of course is a is a big thing for for drones. Um. That seems to make a lot of sense. I mean it would be. It would make sense for dji to use that technology um the mavic 2 pro and zoom have 360 degree obstacle avoidance, so we would definitely expect to to see the same uh capability in the mavic 3, and i think this will be a very smart way to Achieve that um, if we move on to the camera itself, drone modelismo tells that were going to see a dual camera set up its still going to be hasselblad branded. We dont know if its just going to be color science or whether this time theres actually more hasselblad technology built into the camera. A dual camera setup is something we spoke about in the past as well, because you see it on a lot of smartphones so to to see that compact design make its way to drones.

I think makes a lot of sense. You and i have spoken about interchangeable lenses or even fast, zoom lenses. I think in general. A fast zoom lens would be probably too heavy and too expensive, perhaps to build into a drone. Interchangeable lenses is, of course great, but then you would have to come back down with the drone switch lenses out and then send it back up in the air. If you want to change your your field of view having a dual camera setup. Similarly, to what we see in smartphones, i think would probably be the way to go, but were not. Quite sure here is that drone modelism is saying: were gon na see a seven times, zoom optical zoom uh. I would imagine for the top camera or uh yeah. The top camera, then the lower one, will be 5.7 k, video recording capabilities, uh 24, mil field of view and a aperture of f 2.8. Now this is uh interesting because on the previous mavic 2 pro weve seen a variable aperture, so to see a fixed one of the successor i dont think will make a lot of sense. Maybe we just know that the widest opening is going to be 2.8 uh. I would expect it to be a variable one. I would hope its going to be faster than 2.8 so that we got better low light performance. I think that will be amazing, but if you you know, if you think about it, when uh, when that person saw the drone im sure they saw a prototype of some sorts and we know there are markings on the lens that tell you the lower number, it Doesnt always tell you that theres a full range, so it could be that there is actually a range, but not something that was visible from the outside of the drone in itself.

So im hoping i dont, think i dont think any professionals is going to settle for something that doesnt have a variable aperture. I know i wouldnt if its a pro level its got to have variable aperture. I it wouldnt make any sense for this drone not to have a variable aperture um, like you said, i mean most people care about how wide the aperture will go, because that determines your low light performance and the the how small it can go is always less Of a concern, i think, for most people um, this guy also pointed out that theres going to be a 16 mil adapter that you kind of click on to the lens uh weve, seen that with some cameras as well, i know theres a fuji camera where you Can screw on the lens to get a wider angle? I dont know if that would make a lot of sense. I mean if you look at apples, iphones theyre able to cover uh quite a wide zoom range just by using different lenses and theres, nothing that needs to be snapped on to have something that you have to snap onto your drone. Camera, i think, is, is not ideal. I would hope that they figure out a way to make it all built in. I think that the dual camera setup makes a lot of sense, and i would not be surprised to see something like that on a mavic 3.. Any indications on on flight time yeah, i was just going to go there i mean we know the evo 2 uh drone from auto has a what 40 minutes fly time, a very heavy battery that even impacts the way the drone flies.

I think dji is going to try and match, if not outperform the evo2 in this regards, hopefully with better flying capabilities. Drone modelism says its going to be at least a 40 minute flight time, which i think will be amazing. I mean we know from first responders at flight time is, is one of the key features they look for in a drone? Personally, i love it when youre able to fly that much because you can position your drone and take different shots and not have to worry so much about the battery life and then still be able to just fly and then focus on actually getting the shot or The video um the battery will be mounted from the back the same way. Basically as weve seen with the mavic, the mini 2 and the mavic mini. I think that will make a lot of sense as well and, furthermore, what else did he say: progress, uh, recording capability for the video recording, a gimbal with a locking feature, and that may mean that we dont get that plastic cover anymore. I think the locking feature makes sense. Yeah, yeah theyve done it with the um, the ronin, the ronin s. It has a little click to to lock the gimbal. So why not? It would make a lot of sense. I, like the cover to protect the lens in itself, not so much the gimbal, but man. These covers are a pain in the butt to put on and remove so if we can get away from that, that would be awesome.

I think so too, and ive seen plenty of photos and videos of people flying dji drones, leaving the cover on not knowing that thats, something that needs to be removed. So if we can do without a cover and still have that lens protected, that would be great. Um, furthermore, he says that the mavic 3 will get the same remote controller weve seen from the air 2s, where you mount the phone on top rather than below. I think thats great, i mean its its a bit more bulky than the older remotes, but its a lot cleaner and um yeah. It gives you much better range with with ocusync 3.0 yeah. You know whats interesting about this, the uh, so that controller came originally. If im not mistaken, with the air 2 before the air 2s, it went from the air to it, went to the mini 2 and then went to the air 2s. Well, the interesting part is that the air 2s and the mini 2 both have a different mode on the front of it than the original air, 2, and so dji had to manufacture two different sets of labels, at least that they put on on the front, and Then its been reported by our students that uh the new generation of air 2 have the same controller as the air 2s. So im sure there is something with dji trying to just produce one controller and trying to get. You know all of the drones.

Using the same controller, which would make sense quite frankly having a different controller for each drone is just is just uh kind of too much from production standpoint. So it would make sense that all of the new drones that we see have the same shape. You know form factor and and the same controller. So i think that makes a lot of sense. Uh i mean. The only downside i can see is when you, when you buy a man, a mini 2 for travel purposes, or you want something super small and lightweight that you can travel internationally with and throw it in your backpack. Maybe a smaller controller then would make sense. But i think, from djis point of view, from a production point of view, to have one controller that that flies all dji drones, i think, makes a ton of sense and weve kind of seen that already with the original dji smart controller, where you can kind of Flip through different options and fly different drones, so you have one controller that manages a fleet um. I think going forward were going to see more of that. Drone modelismo also says that were going to see a new dji smart controller, which would also make a lot of sense, because the original is as nice as it is. The internal components are, are pretty old and make it much slower than it could be. So i think an upgrade there would make sense as well.

Yeah weve talked about this before the fact that the smart controller is overdue anyway. So, and you know when hotel is making this beautiful, uh large, smart controller. I wonder if dji i mean the the size of the smart controller from dji is about the size of the actual screen on the hotel, smart controller thats, how big it is, maybe something in between. Quite frankly, i know the price on the hotel. One is pretty steep at 1200 bucks uh, but quite frankly i i mean i love my smart controller. I have so many uh dji devices that i can take one controller control, all the drones that i want and its uh its fairly simple to switch between. All of them, its a bit painful, sometimes to rebind but um, otherwise, uh yeah thats. It yeah, and i think also what people appreciate is the much uh higher brightness of a smart controller versus what you get on an ipad or a smartphone. So that would be another big benefit, yeah and and the overheating. Quite frankly, we have a lot of students that say: hey my iphone overheats uh when i get in the especially right now in the summer and that smart controller never overheats. So you always have that visibility, because the phone dims eventually and you cant see anything the smart controller doesnt do that, so i think its a its a smart design, anything else we missed. I mean that was a ton of really good information release dates.

Is there a release date? Maybe well theres theres been discussion on on when we can expect the the mavic 3. Originally it was all uh set for later this summer so september into the fall so september october. Then there were rumors that were pushing the launch of the mavic 3 into the next calendar year, so 2022. uh, the latest weve heard – is still it might be october, and we know from dji that theyre going to be launching at least one more product after the Launch that is scheduled for september, 8th uh. I i very much hope that were going to see a mavic 3. I mean when you think about it. The mavic 2 pro and zoom were launched in late august of 2018 so and in the drone industry thats like a lifetime ago, so for a mavic 3 to come out, uh yeah its about time. So i would set my hopes on the tour still at this point round time for the holidays for black friday. For all of that, so you know thats a thats, a good, its a hot time to release an item well hiya, as always thanks a lot for all the information for those of you that want more information, well put a link down to hayas website and the Article, if you know thats, where youll find uh, i have people sending me emails once in a while and say: hey have you seen this rumor, i said: is it on drone excel if its not android excel? I dont believe it so uh.

I uh thats thats. My my one location and you – and i talk enough that i know where your information comes from and i know its uh its secure, so yeah thanks a lot well see you hopefully next week and uh and have a great week thanks for having me and uh. Yes, until next week, all right – the second thing this week is hurricane ida and, unfortunately creating a little bit of a havoc in the southeast part of the country uh. If any of our students are in there uh. We really think about you and and hope that everybody is okay, if you need any help, make sure that you reach out to us and and well do everything that we can but um. In the meantime, the faa has posted on their facebook page that uh uas pilots that want to help have a way to do so as long as they are part 107 certified or that theyre operating under a coa certificate of authorization. Theres a process called the sgi process and and its a special government interest sgi and the faa basically says that if you want your help, you can submit a waiver through the sgi office and theres a link and well put the link down in the description that You can follow so be careful. You still have to coordinate with people that are in the area. There still may be a tfr temporary flight restriction in some areas, especially under over larger cities, so make sure that you still follow the process and work with the faa on this.

But this is kind of a shift, and this is a very welcome shift. I think, from the faa a couple years ago, we had a big hurricane kind of the same situation around the same same time of year, but the faa basically said no drones can fly and uh and and let us do our job and and the people that Are helping already just let them do what theyre doing so? This is a different approach, and i think this is kind of an interesting one and a really welcome one again from the fa. Okay next thing this week, pretty important theres a lot of upcoming events and the first one is drone safety awareness week that is going to be from september 13 to september 19., weve been working on a lot of awesome content for drone safety awareness week, its a Chance for us, and for you quite frankly, and for everyone to spread the word about drones and spread the word about how safe we can fly drones. And we all know that theres a bit of a culture in the drone industry of not always necessarily flying safely or simply people not being aware of the rules, which, personally, i think, is the majority of people that are doing things that are either dangerous or things That uh are frowned upon. I think a lot of people just dont understand the role, so this is a chance for us and for you to put out content and help people go to your neighbor, talk to them about drones and if maybe somebody just get a new drone in the neighborhood.

Just go help them get educated now well be working with the fa on these events. Um well be working on hosting an event every single day of the week from monday, through thursday, on the week of the 13th and um its going to be called drones after dark. This is going to be at 9 00 pm eastern and its designed to be later during the day, so that more people can actually watch it and the fa is going to have a bunch of speakers and were hosting this on our youtube channel. So if youre already subscribed youll be getting these notifications, these are going to be live. Events that the fa puts on. I will be talking on one of the panels and then they will have other people talking about well about a lot of different things related to drones, so thats monday, tuesday and wednesday of that week, and then on the thursday of that week, theyre going to be Hosting a live race with multi gp – and this is super exciting. This is a an fpv race, thats going to be done, live from multigp and youll be able to see people flying their drones kind of like uh. Just a little race live on youtube and this is all going to be hosted on our youtube channel. So uh extremely excited about this, i cant wait to see what comes out of this race. This is, i think, is going to be a very cool event.

We also are going to be putting an event on ourselves with drone responders that we partner with for public safety, so our public safety folks join us to talk about how to use drones in the public safety world. We will have charles werner from drone responders answering questions with myself and we have a bunch of topics lined up thats, going to be on friday as well and were working with our friends at influential drones. Dave were going to be putting out a freebie and were still developing it and were still working on it. But we will have a freebie available to people that they can use and – and i can say much more at this stage, but this is kind of an exciting thing, so more on that coming up very soon. The next thing, the next event thats coming up, is coming up next week and we will be at uav expo that is going to be in vegas well be meeting with our friends from the industry. Having great discussions well be also reporting on what we see at the expo so next week. Well, have a slightly different format: well, be more than likely uh, showing you footage from the expo after we come back and uh and hopefully give you well. As always, the latest and the freshest news, this is the really the only place online where you can find news. Thats, not two weeks old and the next topic this week is uh pilot institute update because well.

Well, we have a lot going on, as you can tell first off, we are now iacet accredited youre going to say what in the world is iacet its. The international accreditor for continuing education and training weve been working on this for a long time, and now we are finally accredited to provide continuing education credits for two of our courses. Our award winning part 107, its not award winning weve, never received an award. It should, but our part 107 course, and also our private pilot course are now accredited for continuing education, so make sure you reach out to us. If you are in an industry that requires continuing education, we can help you weve gone through the process. The second big news is that we are now an fa industry, member and, if you dont know what an fa industry, member its actually a pretty big deal, we are now working with the faa to push safety safety on the airplane side of things and also safety. On the drone side of things were actually one of two industry members on the uas side of things and im really proud of that. We will be working with the fa to provide more and more content to help well help educate you and everybody else around. This is a title that we hold very proudly and uh and something that weve been working on for a while and uh were really excited about this. So we are not only part of the fast team as a fast team, rep myself and uh, and as a drone pro but also industry.

Members now and the last piece of big update from pirate institute is we just issued our 30th 000 trust certificate and uh. This has been going on since i think june now, and so in that short amount of time, weve issued 30 000 trust certificate, which means that 30 000 more people are flying drones out there, knowing what actually the rules are so again. This is something were very proud of, and i think thats it thats all. I have for you this week next week. Well, have more news from the show, and hopefully even more updates, from pirate institute and, in the meantime, like subscribe, uh. Look out for that event.