This week’s been like crazy, with news uh and just like all over the place. So we’ll start with the the first one out of san francisco aura aerospace, announced recently their power cell initiative uh their new battery. Okay, so they’re. The storage system that they have in place is optimized to increase the recharge rate. So they you know because, like if a capacitor and stuff like that, you can recharge it fast, but it discharges quickly yeah. What they’ve done is they’ve optimized it so that you can charge it fast, but it will stay charged for a long time. So, for like fpv, drones and stuff, like that, having a 10 minute charge, time for your battery would be pretty impressive right. It would also be pretty impressive to see the fpv drone that that huge ass battery would fit onto well also if they, if they you know, the the thing is, is that they’re they’re saying that they’re ready to go to market with these batteries, and so i Would imagine that if they have the ability to make aftermarket batteries for say, dji, etc, if you had a dji battery that would charge in a quarter of the time yeah i mean that’s cool, that’s, cool yeah, especially if you’re like in your car and you’re driving And you just you, know, filmed and you need to. You know, charge it up before you get to the next spot. Yeah yeah, pretty cool stuff.

Is that lithium? No, the the thing about the battery that they’re kind of a little bit hush fresh on on exactly all of the the inner workings of it. But the biggest thing for them was being able to uh keep the capacity of the battery but be able to charge it faster and it’s. A hybrid configuration, okay yeah. I think they’ve done all they can pretty much with lithium and the current technology i’m waiting for like graphene and all that kind of cool stuff. Oh yeah, yeah there’s, some technology headed our way, it’s just going to be awesome. Excellent speaking of awesome, nerc recently decided to release a video that uh had everybody’s head on on a platter uh. He showed off how you can get really good drone footage with just one gimbal. A few months back, i put together a video about using this actually i’ve kind of become a series now of using single axis gimbals to stabilize the horizon of fpv drone shots. I think the most important thing that people want to see when they’re kind of consuming fpv is that high intensity, high action sort of thing, but when you’re combining it with the dutch angles that you get when you fly a drone, you know in a banked turn. Inevitably, you lose the horizon and that’s good and bad. Some people want to see that some people don’t want to see that if you think about like flying a mavic or a dji spark as it’s maneuvering through the the horizon, always perfectly stabilized ooh, the mouth is cold because it’s cold out here the horizon is always Perfectly stabilized on that roll axis and so i’ve thought about figuring out.

Is there a way to build a one axis gimbal or buy one that you could use to film videos? One place where having a stabilized horizon would have been really useful was recently with our mark rover shoot we used horizon stabilizing to do a scenery, shot of the detroit lions ford field, and we had the shot where we kind of went up next to the f And forward and rolled off to the side and dove down to the field level. But what happens when you roll when you’re trying to stabilize for the horizon is it has to crop way in? So you see this like big punch in and then that crop goes away. What this gimbal would solve is that when that roll happens, it’s going to keep the horizon level and it’s going to keep that entire field of view of the dramatic you know perspective that you’re trying to show and drop down to the field be sure to subscribe. To nerc fpv guys yeah make sure you subscribe there’s a link in the description to that full video and, if you’re interested in the little one axis gimbal that he had there’s a link in his video to that i’m. More interested in the talking drone. He had there at the end. That thing was really cool man, yeah, that’s sorcery, oh okay, yeah, yeah, yeah, no link to the sorcery all right. So, on a sorcery side of things, scitec, an israeli company, has come up with a new drone um that is designed to work when you don’t have gps.

The militaries across the world know that during conflicts and stuff, gps is probably one of the first things that’s going to get attacked and so having the ability for a drone to be able to operate without that dependency, if it’s necessary was important. So this particular company has come up with a new uh nav site which uses the camera that’s on board. The drone and the software inside of the drone knows the surroundings of where it’s supposed to be flying. It knows the the uh terrain, i guess well, no, the the the the specific uh marks you know for uh, so this is essentially like a a driverless car technology sort of thing yeah. So if you, if you can imagine this thing, is on on a mission and it’s heading toward the target and gps goes out, most drones at that point would just stop or land or fly back, but in this case this particular drone would switch to the camera And it would start looking at its surroundings and it would pinpoint its location using the the objects around it and continue on its path to the target. I think it’s really cool and i would love to see um the that particular type of technology come into our market, where, if you knew that you were going to be flying in a specific area like agriculture, for instance, they’re always filming the same fields. If, if they could have it where the gps wasn’t necessary and just use landmarks, that would be great yeah, i don’t it’s that’s hurting my head trying to think about how that works.

It’S all just sorcery, you’re right, all right, uh, so recently yeah. This is a good one. I forgot about this uh recently. Some some people were filming in uh burn month and a drone owner happened to be flying his drone uh when they he was, i guess, filming some kids playing soccer or football, as you might say, in england, in the park, and they missed the shot. The shot goes over the the net and some very kind people decided: okay, i’ll, just kick the ball to you. Let’S see that again. Why is that so funny i don’t know. I thought he was gon na. Kick it and hit the drone, but that was even better yeah, no yeah, sometimes with a drone. You do get some great footage that doesn’t involve you losing your stuff right, all right, uh and on the on a note for great video footage. Uh recently there was some footage that was caught in st petersburg florida, uh 170 manatees uh were caught filming or were caught on film with dolphins in the area. Do manatees and dolphins, like each other, they’re, pretty cool with each other. I mean they. Dolphins don’t eat meat, neither do uh, manatees right, yeah, it’s, it’s kind of neat to see them. You know together, but you know the dolphins are are very uh, i guess inquisitive and playful creatures, so i imagine they were having a blast. I think the dolphins are probably a thousand times smarter and they’re.

Like oh geez, we got ta go we’re gon na swim. Through these manatees try not to try not to make eye contact. I don’t want to talk to any of them. Well, yeah, until the until the earth ends, and then they say so long and thanks for all the fish, that is a movie reference from a movie from what year it’s the hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy, which is okay, we don’t have time all right now, jeff. I have to commend you uh for being on and actually doing the news, because you’re in texas, what part of texas are you in we’re, just uh, north of houston, okay, so a little town called tom, it’s uh it’s the snowpocalypse down there right now. Is it not yeah monday, starting sunday evening, uh monday and tuesday, we lost power and we had uh just an absolutely epic ice storm come through and lay down about four or five inches of ice over everything, uh with snow and everything mixed in. But then the power went out and in our particular area we lost uh water as well, and so when the temperatures dropped down to like 11 degrees, it was just brutal here and you guys have absolutely. You have rolling blackouts so it’s fortuitous that we’re able to even to do the news right. Yeah, yeah they’ve told us that we’re supposed to have some rolling blackouts. I haven’t seen any jeff you’re in texas, i’m in tennessee.

Have you seen the same thing that that i’ve seen uh and that is everybody busting out their four wheelers and just going nuts? Are you kidding me? I was woken up monday morning with people with quad runners and those little atv jeeps yeah, just driving all over the place. You know skidding through the neighborhoods and stuff like that. Then, of course, we’ve got the the the motor heads down at the end of the street, with the the rock climber and they’ve got that out and they’re racing that thing up and down the street with no muffler so yeah that was, it was crazy. How can you even talk about this without hitting the music man? Oh you mean my louisiana music that can also double for texas, four wheeling redneck music. Hey we ain’t got no heat, we got no electricity, we’ve got no food, got no toilet paper, but four wheelers gassed up hell. Let’S go Music ma’am. Well, so also in the news uh, some video footage came out of austin uh of people that had lined up in at one of the local hebs, and the line just went on forever. Uh, trying to get in into places to be able to get food are places closed. Where you are too or is it? Is it like this? Well, they were closed up until today. Today they were open for about five hours and in fact i actually went to an heb today and had to wait in a line outside to be led into the store and then once we got into the store it was, it was pushy.

Chevy time are there: are there price gouging going on there? Are they no okay prices? The prices are all the same: it’s just the product. You know the when the freezers weren’t working all of the food that was in the freezer spoiled so any of the consumables, uh or frozen foods were, were a loss and they just haven’t gotten them stocked so uh. What people are going after is everything else on the shelves, so it’s it’s it’s, pretty crazy. Okay, for those who don’t know myself included what’s an heb is that a grocery store, yeah it’s uh heb is is one of the oh. I thought you meant it: atv come on y’all we’re gon na get out the snow with our atvs what’s that you got one of them dangerous, three wheelers from the 80s out of hell with it bring it come on. We got health insurance what’s a little head drama Music. What are you doing air farts? What are you doing is that your is that your hoedown dance all right, jeff, please continue the nice thing about cold weather. Is it kept the beer cold, all right so uh? Recently, a girl 11 fell through ice in the freezing water. When she tried to uh do some sort of a tick tock thing that was really popular people walk on thin ice. This is some sort of trend. Oh god, and so the police department had their drone up. They they videoed uh.

You know they used the drone to help locator and they use the drone to help the people. You know get her back out and it’s just it was a stupid thing that happened. She fell into the water and was stuck in there for 40 minutes in freezing cold water and wasn’t able to move uh what’s silly is that this one particular spot that she decided to do this in just a month earlier, some kid, a 12 year old kid Had gotten killed trying to do the same thing, so i just not thinking or learning from this stuff. Now your life, your life, isn’t worth views and likes yeah all right. So in 2017 the grenfell tower in west london was involved in an absolutely devastating fire, and it was all because of what they call cladding, which is uh, i guess the energy and the heating stuff that they have in the buildings to to keep them uh. You know warm insulated there’s 1700 towers in the uk that have this cladding from the 1960s and 70s, and all of them have to be inspected. All of them have to have this stuff removed to make them safe, and for them to be able to do these inspections. The inspectors are now using drones to bring in and do the inspections with the drones to speed up the job. They can get these the inspections done in half the time without having to set up scaffolding and everything else on the side of the buildings, and hopefully this initiative with the drones will help them make these buildings safer in the future and save lives.

Excellent. Another good use for drones, yes, another good use, yeah and i see everybody’s super chats we’re going to get to those here right after the news. Thank you very much. Oh yeah and nasa landed uh, uh uh uh a drone on mars. I’M. Sorry, what that’s the land of the drone? Okay? So today, really the uh? Yes! So today nasa launched uh or landed their drone or their rover on mars, and this particular rover. Uh perseverance is unique in the sense that it has a drone with it. They worked for a considerably long time, trying to uh work out the methodology for this drone to be able to fly in a mars atmosphere. They simulated the mars atmosphere to the best of their ability here on earth, and it was success. It successfully landed today, um and we’re, waiting patiently for them to uh break out the drone and for the first time fly just anything. This is so cool man we’re living in the future. Man yeah, i always say that, but holy crap. He got four golf clubs attached his feet. Does it does that thing yeah, it did look like. Does that thing have a obstacle? Does that have martian avoidance on it? You know the design, for this is the counter rotating blades, so it doesn’t have to have a tail rotor or anything like that. It can balance itself using the counter rotation of the blades. It also is more efficient, so it’ll be able to do more more flights.

Um now, as for how it’s set up for it to like recharge or how many flights they can get out of it et cetera that’s to be you know, that’s left up to be said. I i’m interested to see how this thing functions. Wow. That is just amazing, amazing, yeah, the first, the first rovers that we put up on mars. They they went for you, know hundreds of miles over the years and and went way beyond what nasa ever thought they were going to get out of them. Now that they’ve got a drone that can fly even farther i’m, really excited to see what they can see. Yeah yeah that’s cool we’ll have to keep an eye on that all right, so a drone deliveries are becoming more and more of a thing that people are. Are interested in trying to do, and you know 30 of the businesses are trying to use this as a same day. Package delivery, um, and they want to have this like scaled up by 2040 uh to supposedly bring down costs um, but the the simple fact that they have to depend on uh, the existing aircraft and the stuff that they’re developing leads them to be a little more. A little bit more concerned: do you need a beer? Are you? Are you, okay, a little bit marcus said hold on it’s good beer yeah. So please continue with this. So they’re delivering beer with drones. If you want, you can get your beer and you tube socks at the same time, Music.

Well, so the concern is is that, if this, if this particular trend continues that the demand for electric aircraft is going to be uh growing considerably by leaps and bounds, so uh, if you’re an investor – and you want to look for ways to make money investing into The the electronics required for electric aircraft could be beneficial, okay, all right and you will never live to see, uh the benefits of what you’ve invested in because uh as i’ve said before, uh widespread drone delivery, uh won’t happen until we get better tech, uh battery technology. We get the air space sorted out and uh people stop suing each other whenever luanne’s getting spot on by that amazon drone. I just know it sure sure i got my skull in 25 minutes, but i know on the way out after they drop off that skull. They’Re, like looking at luanne and the four piece in the backyard she’s been working hard on her body, she’s, so proud, i’m. Getting the vapors i’m getting the vapors over here. So back in 1984, trump opened the trump plaza hotel and casino in atlantic city and in 2014 it was closed um and the building has been there ever since recently it was set for demolition uh, which had been pushed back and pushed back and pushed back because Of covet at this time, when they do it to demolish the building and get pushed back because somebody decided they were going to fly drone there.

Ah man come on, you know in uh. I think it was 1991 or 89 or something shortly after it was built. Me and a buddy went over there and uh went up to the roof and we threw fireworks off of it. This was you know, pre 911, so they didn’t lock all the doors to the the roofs but um yeah. We went up there and we were throwing that would that have been a felony or misdemeanor back then. Ah, i don’t know i think it would have been. It would have been a misdemeanor like disturbing the peace or something like that back then back then now now would be domestic terrorism, i’m sure, but uh i’d like to introduce you to guantanamo bay right. Yes, yes, learn from my mistakes: kids, all right, so united airlines, wednesday identified that they are going to start buying up small electric air taxis to help customers in urban areas get to the airport um. They want to start a dressed drone taxi service, specifically to get the customers for their airlines to the the various airports quickly efficiently and without issue. Neat um yeah, so archer is an aircraft that they are looking at um. It can fly up to 60 miles. Uh has a max speed of 150 miles per hour um, and so it will be interesting to see you know with all the different companies that they’re looking at and what they’re investing in um, which ones they go with, because you know they they didn’t get e.

Hang so there you go all right and last in the news we had a drone enthusiast who captured uh video footage of the world’s largest nude female. Okay, all right let’s check that out, so the world’s largest female, you say well, i’m, pretty sure long, artwork, pretty short, now i’ve, not it’s, been a long time since i’ve been in school. But uh looks like that: dude’s packing a large club by the way, this uh – hmm. That reminds me of another question. I got ta ask danielle! No, no dude get the hell out of here. No so yeah um, jeff i’ll, send you some brochures so um. You can tell uh, you know man from woman uh. That is who maintains that i mean shouldn’t shouldn’t. You get a lawnmower and blur that out uh good, but your dad is still number one yeah. I don’t think i’ll ever beat you hey chris what’s with your leg: oh my god, that’s, not your leg, so uh, yeah, that’s, good, okay, so yeah there there was a female version of the sculpture, but those things are have been there for hundreds of years. Hundreds of thousands of years there, 1.5 million tons of rock and soil and stone and clay uh were used to create those things they have. They have been there and i don’t think they need much upkeep well, you know because they can’t do it because it’s uh it’s it’s it’s a task it’s very difficult.

I hear that it’s it’s very hard to to mow over there anyway. Jeff. Thank you so much for for being on and giving us all the news. Yes, i thought that was going to turn into a segment of. Would you ride it we’re talking about riding lawn mowers, riding lawn mowers? Oh boy welcome to tnl after dark all right, jeff uh, how many beers you got there uh two and i’m gon na need more.