You thats you thanks thanks for sitting in and, of course, having the english accent will give the news so much more gravitas. Well, i dont know about that. Jeff jeff has all the gravitas in the in the drone news sphere. Certainly, jeff has gravitt ass. You have gravitas all right. What do we got? Okay? Well, first up. What would you say if i asked you about flying cows? Well, this story actually refers to something covered previously by jeff seals, uh the awesome jeff seals on tnl news. This week, drones were used to provide cell service to areas hit hard by hurricane ida. Atts flying cow, which actually stands for cell on wings, is a new technology aimed at providing wireless coverage during natural disasters and also big events. The drone basically becomes a cell site to beam wireless lte coverage across an area of wait for it 40 square miles, wow its incredible the drone. The drone is weather resistant and can withstand extreme conditions. The thermal imaging can also give ground units support in things like search and rescue and obviously help find peoples in buildings. The the tethered drone could hover at about 300 feet with the data being transferred via the cable down to the ground station and then out via a router. So this is something which is really impressive, and i know its something that jeff has followed closely, since i think it was about 12 months ago that he showed their first trial versions, but this is actually one in the wild, as it were doing the job.

That is really cool uh and on a side note, i would much rather be um a victim of a natural disaster than a natural disaster. Doesnt it sound a little bit more polite. Yes, i say can be nicer. Yes, youve got a natural disaster heading your way, id be like. Oh really, ah, no big deal yeah you you can. You can imagine 9. 1. 1. Calls in this sort of old english thing. Hello, terribly! Sorry to bother you operator, i i seem to have had a tree falling on my house after after what has been a week that would have disappointed some drone fans, including the host of this show. Ken herron will be a little bit disappointed to see that dji released the om5 phone gimbal this week, not the phantom 5. Sorry ken yeah yeah, a lightweight device with a built in selfie. Stick, oh great one of those right great thats great. You know didnt didnt selfie sticks go out with fanny packs. I thought we got over them. Werent we over there, its its a manual selfie, stick as well its not as if its some cool thing that, like oh, you have to pull the thing up anyway. Oh its not a button, and it just goes no its. Not oh you. You pull the thing out. Oh thatll be uh thatll, be on the six yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah, exactly yeah theyre, holding back the motor for the stop making gimbals dji go back to what you know exactly and, and speaking of which focus obviously now thats.

Out of the way, focus is now back on the rumored release of the dji mavic 3. theres, a brazilian content creator, uh drone modelismo whos, an awesome guy and and hi hi. If youre watching uh hes released a video showing renderings um, which he claims are actually from photos of the drone, so essentially hes got hold of some photos of the mavic 3 and created some artistic renderings of them, because theyre not allowed to release the actual uh Photographs now, although this is the specs, are of course, still only rumored. If its true, it would appear that the mavic 3 is actually coming along the line nicely if theres. Actually, if there started to be out there in the leak world as it were – and this will obviously be the first consumer drone release um, which actually uses a multi lens camera similar to a smartphone which im not sure how i feel about but well have to You know dj, i tend to get it right, so well, look whatever! It is see what happens whatever. It is its going to be light years ahead of the previous version, and your previous version is just going to be worthless, youre, not even going to want it. Youll be embarrassed if you fly that old thing out in public, because everybodys going to see you, oh he doesnt have the latest and greatest what? What kind of a pilot can he be because i mean thats thats, the mentality of a lot of people like oh well, im gon na buy this new thing, thats, better and more expensive.

Its gon na make me a better pilot. No its! Not practice. Will you no thats, not true thats, not its always the more expensive the equipment, the better youre going to be at im? Sorry, i misspoke youre right youre right its, not practice its. Not i mean its not not like you, take a great pilot and give him a phantom two and he hes just gon na make crap with it. Hes got ta have the most expensive thing: youre right, im! Sorry, my bad back to you in the news. So as as far as release, obviously with things like chip again going on on at the moment and the chip shortage um, i dont think its going to be any time soon. Whether or not we see a mini three first, maybe or something who knows. I think the release schedule is completely out of whack, which is the whole reason why we ended up seeing a dji mini se, so that they could bring in a little bit more revenue which brings us on to our next story, because it appears that other drone Manufacturers are kind of listening to dji and obviously watching them so more on drone releases and hubsan have followed up on their xenomini pro release, which was average, has to be said with the announcement of an se version now the model insignia as im saying, was first Seen on the dji mini se and just shows how much the others are following their lead.

Uh many have been disappointed with the the main pro release, citing camera issues and withheld uh launch specifications. So essentially, the spec promised wasnt on the drone at launch uh its its interesting to see them announce an se product its with reduced specification, especially when it seems that they havent really caught up with the orders for the main drone. Yet so its its an interesting one and its going to be a very interesting few weeks to see how it plays out and and theyre claiming what 45 minutes of flight time yeah. Let me ask you this yeah: how much flight time do we really need like what i i need at least an hour and 25 26 minutes really: okay, yeah, because then you run out of sd card space. Exactly right, i mean well, but that only works. If you start recording the minute you take off and you dont stop recording until you come and land and then you sort through that hour and 26 minutes of footage later and by the way you for the one good shot that you got. You should do that really most of the time just leave it recording. If you can, because you never know whats going to happen unless youre on a job – and you know what youre wanting to film like you true but uh yeah, i mean it would do theres going to be theres going to come a time where graphene battery technology, Some some kind of magic crystal technology that we dont even know about that will come along and itll, be like two hour flight time.

Okay at that point were like oh good. Well, all right, you know im just waiting for the drone that just runs off the moisture in the air or something like hydrogen fuel cell, that it just sucks in water out of the air and creates its own fuel. Yeah yeah and one day well well be able to fly anywhere with 5g and no connectivity issues. You know these are. This is still the wild west. It is still the wild west yep anyway, all right. Well up. Next, we have another release: the v copter from zero zero uh has been an interesting concept. This is the obviously by the name. This is the the two arm two motor um drone concept, which has suffered from project drift and hold ups with many speculating. It might even end up being pulled completely. However, it seems that zero zero are at least launching the product in china. Today the drone only uses two motors and, as the name suggests, is uh. It is just down to two arms, as you can see in this promotional video now the dramatic spec claims again here, including a 50 minute flight time, which would be quite impressive, with just the two motors um itll have to be taken with hopeful skepticism. I think until we see the drone in the hands of some reliable and trusted reviewers, but its interesting to see it get a essentially what is a local release? Is it gimmicky i mean? Do we? It looks its shocking to look at just because were used to poor props on stuff and yeah.

I i think i i struggle with it slightly because of the way they dealt with the whole release where they took a lot of pre orders, and then you know, didnt really give people information, so people ended up having to get lots of refunds and it was It was very, very messy, so i i i when i see that when i see the drone i kind of think of that campaign and how and how they put things together. But you know if, if it works, of course it would be fantastic. I just i just struggled to see how you know if theres a bit of wind and that type of thing, then even your sort of air, 2, ss and and your mini start to have a little bit of stability issue. Im not sure whether that whole pendulum effect, the motors up here and all the body down here i get worried because, just because theres more things that can go wrong, they showed it exactly right briefly in there, with all the mechanisms and the the cogs you know, One of those gets a whole motor tilting mechanism in there and stuff that that terrifies me yeah. Just because – and i say this all the time with technology just because you can doesnt mean you should exactly but uh its still kind of cool and people will buy it. I guess but uh man, oh man, can you imagine crashing that thing because then youre gon na youre gon na need a motor, then youre gon na need the mechanism.

Then the arm, you know itll, be a lot more expensive to crash and they will crash it. But anyway, i digress yeah, you do indeed yeah the usv um acronym is not one sorry im actually trolling the host there apologies. The usb acronym is not one were used to as much as uav, but this footage of the us, navys unmanned, surface vessel or usb might make you actually remember it in the long term. The drone ship forms part of what is called. Are you waiting for? This is, this is an incredible program. Name ghost fleet overlord. Is that not cool? Okay, theyve got a millennial naming these things now yeah, because it sounds like a video game right, yeah ghost protocol its a ghost protocol man this this particular footage – shows the vessel firing an sm 6 missile using an experimental launcher. The program is intended to explore the capabilities of drone warships and how they operate in the real world scenario. So this is a real world test to see if all of their calculations are correct and its its pretty scary. To think that you know the future of war is going to be drone on drone on drone. On drone, oh yeah, i mean um unmanned stuff, you know its its uh less expensive to the you know, theres the train, uh thanks train. I scheduled the train. That goes half a block from my house to not happen during the show but uh they didnt get the memo this time, but thats all right, but uh, yeah man, hey the more autonomy, the better that the you know, the cheaper the cost on humanity, certainly but Uh i mean eventually were gon na run out of stuff arent.

We or will there be when boston, robotics, uh perfects their uh t1000, eventually or i guess it would be the the t200 first. You know theyve got to go through a few iterations before they get up yeah the liquidy guys a few steps right to the 1000 right, but i saw i see those bossa robotic, uh things dancing around im. Like oh hell, i might see a terminator in my lifetime. Okay, all right! I love technology, love it thats. Why were all here isnt it exactly yeah? Okay up next, we have another stunning example of man, interacting with marine life, captured in a way that only a drone can do the unique footage shot over the bay of puerto madrid along argentinas coast shows a southern right whale, which is actually the the species are Getting up close and personal with the photographer maxi jones now, interestingly, in an interview with teller jonas, actually tells the the paper that there is a provincial law prohibiting contact with this type of marine life, such as the whales, but it doesnt mention anything about the whales. Coming to see you of course, right right, hey, i was just standing there. I didnt go to the whale the whale came to me it. It actually goes across on its side here, which is pretty cool, and it it does. You know when i, when i first saw this story of a a whale playing with someone in the water.

I thought yeah hes trying to eat him or something hes trying to know hes trying to check out if he can kill. He wants somebody to take that paddle and scratch his belly thats, what he wants: yeah yeah, but actually, but actually the mannerisms and the way its swimming. It does kind of look like its having a little play with him. It went on his side, which is quite exposing a lot of it, sort of underbelly, etc and yeah. Its really cool amazing drone footage, though this guy is a professional photographer and he has got some other cool stuff in his time, but he does place this right at the top of of the things that hes captured, thats so cool to see this um ive never Seen a whale in person, i guess jake, you have right, oh yeah, quite a few. What what is it like? What kind of whales have you seen up there in alaska ive, seen orcas or more commonly known as killer whales, yeah uh ive, seen humpback whales? Very close to humpback whales and those things are gigantic when you get close to them. Seeing um, i was kayaking uh in june this year and a bunch of little porpoises, which are, i say, little theyre theyre still six feet big. You know long all came up right next to the kayak and were all just kind of popping along ah thats cool minky whales, which are another filter feeder whale.

They look like miniature blue whales and youve. Seen a lot of whales, ive seen a lot of whales. Yeah wow youve probably seen it its always cool to see them every single time. Its, like you know its just its amazing to see a creature that big uh and just how they interact with the environment and the stuff they do its really do. They ever get near uh, caffeine, glaciers, or do they know better? I guess they can hear all that cracking underwater, oh yeah yeah. They i mean they. They keep a pretty good distance away, partly because theyre theyre usually just chasing their food uh. You know theyre the krill or whatever theyre eating the herring um or in the case of killer whales or the salmon, and so generally theres not a lot around there. The only thing the orcas will do is go into like the debris field of glaciers, where the icebergs are all sitting out there and theyll team up and hit a iceberg with a wave, so itll wash seals off or knock the seal off the iceberg. So they can get it poor, intelligent and theyre, actually quite terrifying as a predator, because theyre incredibly intelligent. They work really well together, but thankfully were not on their menu, so yeah it would suck to be a seal. Weve got the polar bears and everythings theyre. Just what does seals do? I mean theyre, just theyre lunch thats what they are seals anyway, all right, sorry, sean, we uh, hey! We got off on a tangent.

There go ahead sidetracked on wales. I thought we were talking about my ex there for a minute. Oh, i thought you were gon na when he, when he kept talking about whales and the size of the whale, i thought the ken hair and comedy would kick in. So i thought i had to step up so. Okay, next story. Could this be the tech which actually extends the tennis career of our very own kelly green into his twilight years? Anyone for badminton researchers at the university of sakuba in japan have developed a way of allowing the visually impaired to take part in the sport of badminton. Using a tello drone, which of course, could be coded in so many ways to do so much and placing it within a cage. The players then use a specially created racket which includes sensors, allowing the drone to be sent back across the court to the opponent. The spark rackets have no strings as you would, as you would hope, because that would end badly and instead use sensors, which detects the telo flying inside the hoop. And then those sensors then tell the drone to go back across, which is which is pretty clever. Whilst researching the issue, they found that many visually impaired players of the sport found the game to be too fast paced. So, therefore, this slower version and audio focused it gameplay. To me, this is the kind of thing that actually researchers do and uh, obviously its doing something great, because its helping visually impaired people enjoy sport that theyve played for years, but you often find other things will will get sort of spurred out of it.

If that makes it okay good, because i was just going to say how many people uh hard of seeing uh or not want to play badminton, i mean its right in the name bad, i mean i cant remember the last time i played badminton but sure this Is this has to be somebodys, um research project for college or something because i dont see it yeah its its its a university research project, so um yeah and and as i say, i i think with these things: theres always what happens next, so that that that Guy then goes on to you know, be an elon, musk or something or or you know takes takes, takes those innovations and they actually find something completely irrelevant to badminton or sport whatsoever. I dont know they find that yeah using a new innovation for an elevator using that technology. But let me let me say this ive had friends who were blind and uh. I had one friend that was born blind, so this badminton thing would be for people who remember seeing because, yes, if youre born blind, you have no reference of of memory of what a ball does when you hit. You know what i mean like its. It would be easier for someone who remembers seeing to do something like that. Yes, its unfortunate that kelly green isnt in the chat right now, because sean did say at the beginning, its for people like kelly green who in their twilight years, can still play badminton yeah right.

They might struggle right ill. Have some video hes? Actually, i think hes in bowling green for a championship, so he might uh win the state championship and ill have some video of of him uh and his uh. He he hangs his racket on his walker hes in the uh. You know hes in the over 50. league, so i tease cause. I love back to you in the newsroom okay. Now, when youre looking at anything, you can really claim its a worlds. First, you get these weird things, dont you where its like. This is a worlds. First, but sometimes you have to assess whether or not its a world first, because no ones been crazy enough to try it frankly and and a youtuber and paramotor expert greg, anthony harris has performed the first air to air delivery of fast food, its actually from a Popular uk um chain called gregs, so there you go, they went and got their little uh uh sausage roll. Now this seems like something crazy to try, but the exercise was actually developed by greg as part of his efforts to help paramotor users and drone pilots, of which he is both to understand the potential dangers of sharing the airspace and help each other to make a Make it a safer process? Yes, the the whole video yeah, the whole video is a cautionary tale and and and a demonstration of what not to do but yeah. We did it so uh.

The guy flying the drone is not your cousin skippy, its a world class. Fpv drone pilot, yes and um. You have please dont do this, but it was cool to see that it could be done, but uh dont dont do dont. Do that dont. Do that and the rest of the video is very informative. Also dont go out and just fly around paramotor people who are paramotoring or parasailing around. No, you just dont. Do that? No, no, no yeah! No! I would. I would recommend wholeheartedly watching the whole video, because literally that is the clicky bit to get people to go. Watch it, which is great because lots of drone people like oh im, going to go watch that and then he does actually demonstrate. He actually gets the sails and flies fpv drones into them at full speed to show the damage it could cause, and it really came about because he is a professional fpv pilot and as a paramotor expert, and he was getting some great footage one day flying these Fpv drones around them and he thought to himself actually if these things did connect that you know theres, there could be a lot of trouble here, so that was actually the whole reason behind that yeah hi, the highest part of the cool video theres, some high speed Camera footage of what happens when a drone hits a power motor um carbon fiber, blade its not pretty and its very expensive and dangerous.

So dont do it, but yeah all right lets endeavor to uh uh, get through the rest of the news quickly, because our very special guest josh bixler is no doubt standing by uh and waiting for us to uh. Stop that yep yeah, yes, im being told by imaginary the imaginary producers telling me we have only three more stories left. Okay lets, do it? Okay, so ehang are at it again. This again is a story which uh jeff covers often with beyond visual line of sight trials to allow their passenger aircraft to defeat traffic issues around airports. Now, essentially, what will happen? Is people will be able to take? The e handcraft, from i dont know lets, say youre flying from jfk youll, be able to fly from sort of down downtown manhattan at a particular port area heliport and fly across to the airport to catch your flight rather than clogging up the area with vehicle traffic. Now the trial was made possible by special commission of the estonian transport administration and it demonstrated how manned and unmanned can actually share the airspace using um use space utm, pretty cool that is pretty cool, but uh. Im gon na wait until a few people uh ride. This thing before i get on it i mean it looks like they put a lot i mean it is ehang is of all the um these things. This is probably the one that i would ride, but uh you know as well as anybody else in in the aviation world.

Um people usually have to uh get hurt or end or die with regular aircraft before they change or update anything. So im gon na wait until version 2.0, at least exactly, and you have to worry about getting out of those with the props below right, yeah theres, nothing in the emergency situation. Youve got to jump out quickly, yeah theres not going to be my legs theres, going to be an inflatable slide that pops out yeah. Oh you, you would have someone like kevlar bottoms, upside down, right, yeah, yeah, all right! Okay up next and oklahoma, police recently deployed a drone to successfully locate a suspect, which is a first for the department um that officers had got into subject had built out of a uh of a vehicle. They believed that he might be armed. They advised that the suspect had went down into a drainage ditch, so it was a steep embankment that both uh it was rocky. So it was difficult, ingress and egress out. There was little cover concealment for officers to go down there and try to apprehend the suspect. So whenever they contacted me, they asked me if i could deploy the drone, and i did, and in doing so, arjun has different attachments that you can utilize for certain situations. Applause one has a loudspeaker to give commands to a suspect. Another one has a spotlight and the other one provides a strobe function with that too, its got a built in thermal imaging system, so i was able to attach my spotlight to it and i was able to hover down almost at an eye level and spot the Suspect inside the canal and in doing so uh officers and i were able to give him commands and he was able to surrender peacefully without us having to take any type of force.

Wow is: is there a a a a dumb ass uniform? Is that worldwide? Do they wear wife, beater shirts in the uk criminal idiots? Not really not, really, no, its more sort of track suits here no track suits. Well, you have to be comfortable when youre being cuffed yeah. Yes, yeah! Well, sean. Thank you so much im going to let you go to bed betty bye now. Thank you very much. Well soon, jeff. We love you all right man, thanks for stopping by now get out. We should probably mention isnt it a great place. It is a great place. Tell us about your place, jason, so remote pilot 101, no one has uh prepared more part. 107 pilots than us and youll be pleased uh. Those of you who are current customers now youre going to be experiencing version three and a brand new learning management system in about two weeks, so the best just keeps on getting better use, promo code here in 18, which, by the way ken yeah i cant, Brag on you enough, when we search promo codes, you know me im all about our marketing and everything else. Heron 18 is the most used promo code, your people, listen to you, ken yay. Thank you people. I appreciate that and youve been very busy updating the lessons too, because theres theres, not a every video, has gotten a facelift, theres 76 videos. In there every single one has gotten a facelift.

The course has gone from um nine hours to almost 12 hours now, theres. Just so much new content were always trying to innovate, push new content now with all um the recurrent test, changing so much were like wow. We just launched our new course. We need to fix it now, so were were back to that. I was just reviewing some of the stuff our writers sent over earlier for some of the content and theres some more great stuff coming out here soon as well and uh. You take actual questions that uh test takers. Give you uh and kind of incorporate those in the in the quizzes too right so theyre actual questions. We have a ton, a ton of data on that, no doubt so yeah and i always share you know this. Can we, i call them the boot camps at the end, where i share this is a question youre gon na see on your knowledge test lets not memorize. It lets understand the why behind it, but just preparing for the knowledge? Yes, you know this, though ken i want you to be safe in the real world. My mission isnt just to pass a test. I want you safe when youre out there flying fpv whatever it is, so you can be a light and be a mentor to everybody else. Thats out there wondering about what this new drone space is, even though its not that new, but to many it is so new.