How are you both were doing all right, whats new with you, buddy, hey? Well, weve got plenty of drone use to get into this evening, including uh, some leaks on the the new artel drones, which i think is very exciting, hold on hold on theres something wrong, theres, something whats wrong. Are you? Okay? You got. You got uh something stuck in your throat. You dont sound. Like yourself. Oh hey, hang on hang on, i think im in in uh uh, us mode hang on! Oh! Is that better? Oh, yes, its much better! Okay! Yeah! I see! Oh hang on hang on. I pushed it too far. The posh end. Oh, hey! Hey! How are you? Oh there you go there you go there. We go there. We go all right im back. What do you got? Buddy, okay. Well, first up when were going to talk about the new hotel drones, um ottel are finally, it seems by these leaked pictures actually getting into the sub 250 gram drone market, yay, yeah and yeah, which is absolutely fantastic. Now we only have a few leaked pictures so far: theres kind of the parrot in athens, skydio, looking controller type contraption but were told theyre 4k. You can see obstacle avoidance on the back. There were told that its three side obstacle avoidance, which will be very exciting in such a small drone. Hopefully it will be compatible with their smart controller. But again we dont have that information yet uh, but also there is another theres one other photo in that little bachelorette and if youve got that as well dont have it um im im slipping into the american accent, Music, but theres actually also a second lower end Consumer model to match the size and probable specifications of the air 2s, so we could be looking at a fairly quick release of two consumer level: consumer grades uh hotel drones, which is pretty exciting.

That is exactly four different colors four different colors and flavors orange vanilla. Licorice and cherry yummy now that would be. That would be something if they were scratching sniff and they actually smelled like kids dont eat your drones just fly them exactly. Okay and up next drones have been used in the uk to help bring back to life a grade two listed building which has been abandoned and also suffered from fire damage. Now the multi million dollar refurbishment will be basically helped along by the use of drones, to map the damage and understand the work needed. You see here in the uk grade two listed buildings, theyre actually protected, so theres only certain things you can do to them. So youve got to be very careful when you refurbish you cant just say: oh, we dont want that wall and we, you know we can change this et cetera. You have to do it very carefully. The drones used include the dji matrice and the one that you can see there in the pictures, which is the elios 2 from flyability, which is the same drone scene tested last year inside chernobyls reactors and thats a around a 70 000 50 to 70 000 drone. But it can actually write itself its in that cage, so it can bump into things it doesnt. It wont fall out et cetera, absolutely incredible piece of um mapping technology expensive but of course its going to give you that head start when theyre, when theyre trying to refurbish the building.

Can you get two of them and have like a little derby action like a little like one on one yeah? I think we need to suggest that to their marketing department thats a great idea, i think so too. Okay up next cincinnati police have made their very first drone arrest, and i dont mean the drone helped officers to arrest someone. I mean the suspect actually appears to give himself up to the directly to the drone cincinnati police sergeant. Eric franz says it all happened in the 200 block of peat street in over the rhine. They knew he was in the building theyd seen him earlier, so they spent about two or three hours in the building. Looking for him and couldnt find him, police were looking for sashay walton, a man with multiple felony warrants for his arrest. When the sergeant flew a drone. Six stories up. Somebody on the ground was talking to him on the cell phone and said, look behind you and he turned around and saw the drone giving us that really nice look that he gave us. The jig was up. Just got up lit a cigarette up gave us the one second sign, one last cigarette before being taken to the hamilton county jail sergeant. Franz says technology has taken off from when he first started with the department. 30 years ago we used to have to climb into attics we used to have to climb on top roofs. Now we dont have to do that anymore.

Weve got the technology where we dont have to put anybody in harms way. He says the drones are being used for traffic and swat incidents, as well as being used to monitor large crowds at area festivals. He wants the focus to be clear: police arent using these to violate privacy rights or look in peoples. Windows were not looking for people, jaywalking were not looking for people doing running red lights. This is were using this technology to find violent criminals and apprehend them. Okay, im just been handed this from my producer that doesnt exist uh. The suspects parents were also arrested for naming him sashay what what the hell, who names uh. First of all, sashay dumb name to a dude. You see him in the class john here uh frank here: sashay kids think about what you name your children before you do it: parents, yeah, okay, arlington police, have used thermal imaging technology from their drone to also find another man hiding on top of a roof. This time, a storage building, can you see about getting a perimeter for us uh? We might need a canine and some units at the storage unit. Oh, we can lock it down. Okay, 9 13 to drone just confirming uh. Why do they always go to the roofs? Why do they think theyre so clever ill, just hide here on the roof and and be really still come here now over here to my side of my voice? Come here right now: wow jeez! Oh, my god come here come on before drones did criminals just hide on roofs and get away with it every time is that why theyre doing that, my default hiding space is roof.

Wow wow, thank goodness for drones, hey sean yeah absolutely, and that was an important story, because in fact it showed how quickly drones can react at the moment as well, because there was actually an incident at a gas station uh where he allegedly attacked his girlfriend. And then ran off into this storage business to hide when witnesses uh of obviously became involved, um so yeah it it this this wasnt a long search, so they were able to get the drone up quickly switch the thermal on and track him dead straight down. So really good use for drones. Fantastic, excellent, yes, apprehend those dumb asses. Indeed up next french authorities are looking at changing legislation to allow police to use drones for surveillance. Basically, what theyre looking to do is attempt to combat reckless motorcycle rallies, which can prove deadly, which are extremely popular in the country. Apparently, their privacy laws have previously prevented police from using drones. In this way, the changes are being proposed by two parliamentarians looking to get what they see as a significant safety issue under control. Now it is expected to be a little bit of a privacy, hot potato, focused battle with authorities being clear. They do not want uh unsuspecting and innocent members of the public being under converts, covert, covert covert surveillance. It should be an interesting one because again, as the officer was explaining in the last video um, they he again was saying were not looking to look through peoples.

Windows were not looking to catch jay walkers. These are uh for specific uh roles and i think were gon na see that with surveillance drones more and more right by the way the trains coming. Can you hear it? Can you hear the train yeah? I tell them. I said no trains on thursday nights, just no trains at all, after sunset, no trains, they like the super chat train. Oh oh yeah. Super chat. Train of course takes precedent back to you in the newsroom up next and interesting. Hold on hold on hold on hold on uh seans reaction. Time has to be forgiven because its like what is it 2 a.m over there now yeah yeah its its yeah its after 1am. Certainly, thank you very much for filling in anything for jeff anything for jeff sills, anything for jeffersons awesome. Yes, so up next theres an interesting story um showing some of the concerns about how drones interact with wildlife. Oh right, yes, wildlife researchers have gone all in on drones. They used to need airplanes to get aerial data, and now they can do it cheaply and easily with an off the shelf gadget. But drone use for research may have a downside. Wild animals could be getting seriously stressed out by all the drones, even if they arent showing it. A study from the university of minnesota describes. Researchers, terrifying, some black bears for the sake of science, not that they really meant to.

They flew a small quadcopter over four wild bears that had been equipped with heart rate monitors and gps trackers. The drones never got closer than about 46 yards from the bears, so not exactly getting in their faces. The bears panicked anyway, despite the fact that the copter didnt get very close and the bears didnt act, frightened the heart rate monitors recorded huge jumps in each bears pulse every time. The copter came near thats interesting because an earlier study showed wild birds. Didnt react to a drone until it was around 10 or 15 feet away, even flamingos, which are known to be skittish without heart rate data to go by those researchers concluded birds just dont, mind drones, very much. The bear studies lead author says he would have thought the same thing if the bears hadnt been wearing monitors. The study definitely gives some food for thought, but its not likely to stem the tide of research drones. Even if they stress out the animals, scientists are likely to conclude that the benefits still outweigh the risks. Yeah. Okay, to that to the people who say were screwing the bears, i say, shut the hell up. You know what else scares the wildlife uh, how about highways through their habitat? How about bullets – or maybe i dont, know chainsaws when they clear cut their home. You know they got used to the cars and the highways and the chainsaws and the idiots on the motorcycles and the hikers, and you know just they theyre fine theyre, fine.

The bears are going to be. Okay, dont worry about the bears its okay. The drill is good, the drone everything else, but the drones are ruining it. I digress. Yes, the brussels airport company are using drones to fly within the boundaries of their airport to basically test if the loud and large drones can actually help decrease the risk of bird strike. Now the flights along the runway sides are intended to keep noise destruction up so birds do not return to the soon to be in use. Runway earlier trials showed that the tactic can actually be successful, especially uh flushing out birds from the grassy margins. Beside the runways, the current models have also been fitted with speakers that can blast what are described as screeches from birds of prey to any, to enhance the fear response. Theyre gon na need that, and i have a perfect video to share with you. This was sent by uh, jim black and uh. This is the scariest drone bird footage ive ever seen, uh but uh, and you would never fly like this. Just watch this just watch this its amazing Music. Would you fly here? Would you keep going towards this? No! No keep watching. Oh, it gets better because you dont know the ones that you pass over then theyre gon na come up and then theyre all gon na come up and then before you know it its a horror show and he made it without a bird hitting him.

So what does he do? He turns towards the back. Does he go up? You should go up. You should count your blessings at this point and just go straight up and save your drone, because birds are still flying close to your drone, but no, what does he do? He goes. Oh, my god. What are you doing? Thats, a great video thats got to be a million views. Hes got ta, have a billion views on that. Oh, he has seven views. Seven yeah, heres part of the reason ill just throw this in the news. This is very important if youre trying to be any kind of success at youtube, uh kelly, youre, a youtuber as well. What is youtube death ive said it before what is youtube certain death for your channel. I have no idea sean. What is it marking it for kids boom? That is what im talking about. I get videos from people all the time if you market for kids, that doesnt mean that yeah kids can watch it along with adults. This is from, i think, copa right and you have to set this on your channel and, if you set it for youtube for kids, that means all of your content is just kid content. That means no comments. No likes displayed, no recommendations, it is youtube death. So if you said that only kids are seeing it on the youtube kids channel, yes and and people mistake that all the time they think oh yeah kids can watch this and they said it for kid: friendly content.

No, no! No! No! No! No change it! Now! Youre welcome now back to the news, interesting yeah wow. Next up, we have a video of a commercial drone which performs ultrasonic thickness inspections, introducing the sky gauge the unmanned system, designed for both visual and wall thickness inspection, nice using the sky gauge workers stay on the ground. While the drone performs inspections in hazardous locations, thats cool man, stability is fundamental for collecting thickness data, because the inspection requires precise contact with the surface in predetermined locations. The sky gauge is uniquely suited for this. By reinventing how drones fly? Look at that it features a stable frame by tilting the rotors to control the aircraft flying near structures creates strong air turbulence. The tilting rotors instantaneously, correct for turbulence wind and gusts to maintain precise contact. If a single data point is not enough, the sky gauge is able to perform a continuous linear scan. Thats neat, the sky gauge. Look at this cover at any angle, with the rotor design. This is ideal for inspecting slope or curved surfaces, but most of all the sky gauge is a multi purpose. Tool for inspectors attach a wire brush for cleaning inspection surfaces. Oh angle, beam probe for weld or phased array for corrosion. The sky gauge is a revolutionary drone for any inspection, improve worker safety, reduce downtime and minimize costs, put on a hardware what the sky gauge can do for you and your inspection teams thats really cool.

I dont know why, but i want one. I think it was the guys voice thats what it was thats, what it was and because i can 3d print my own attachments. Music. Ladies sorry, Laughter, sorry was that too much thats too much hey. I didnt say anything its in your mind if you thought it thats on you now back to the news. Exactly okay, scott skydio have been demonstrating the effectiveness of their enterprise drone with a demonstration using the drone to support fire services. Oh, this is cool in this suburban chemical processing plant, an incident that threatens the safety of workers, the environment and local population is just ignited as witnesses and network sensors start to notify 911 of the fire. Dispatchers immediately send firefighters and trucks to the scene, our units, all units. We have a fire at 1300, as firefighters arrive, the incident commander prepares to do a 360 degree scout around the fire, but theres a problem. The heat and wind prevent him from moving to the back side of the burning plant as his crew prepares to tackle the fire. He directs the lieutenant to deploy a new tool on the truck the skydio x2. An autonomous drone unencumbered by a tether or a complex controller. Skydio x2 can be deployed in just under 2 minutes. The vehicle can be placed in a fully autonomous orbit of the scene. Automatically navigating around obstacles, it sees, in its 360 degree navigation cameras with no input from the pilot.

This immediate birds eye perspective allows the incident commander to make sure his trucks and firefighters are in the best position to fight the blaze. Thats really cool, but watching a consumer level skydio with 12 cameras. Follow me on my ebike at minefield was nerf wrapping. I just sent it out and just oh, i just hope, ill watch the footage later. You know just listen for it crash it because it flies like like nobody would control it. Theres, like like a person, would never you know its its just its like yeah. I mean its its its amazing technology, amazing, and that looks pretty cool, but youd have to use carbon fiber props on, otherwise it would melt from the heat right. Excellent sean are you is that it is that all the news that is the news are you? Are you sleepy, i mean it could be sleepy? Are you gon na? Are you gon na watch? Somebody sleepy? Are you gon na watch the rest of the show? Are you gon na go to sleep? Oh no, im im. I always watch tv im, not amazed. Hes gon na be on here doing the news, because yeah, oh by the way, ken whats, that behind you what theres a spider a lot of people in the chat, are talking about something behind you. Oh, oh, oh, oh yeah, you must be talking about my water bottle. Thats it yeah. I could just see the corner of it: yeah.

Okay, all right, yeah, thats, just thats, just my water bottle back there, no big deal all right. Thank you, sean! No! Thank you. Get well soon, jeff all right, thanks for stopping by now get out. We should probably mention isnt it a great place. It is a great place. Tell us about your place, jason, so remote pilot 101, no one has prepared more part 107 pilots than us and youll be pleased uh. Those of you who are current customers now uh youre, going to be experiencing version three uh and a brand new learning management system. In about two weeks, so the best just keeps on getting better use code promo code hair18, which, by the way ken yeah i cant brag on you enough. When we search promo codes. You know me im all about our marketing and everything else. Heron 18 is the most used promo code, your people, listen to you, ken yay. Thank you people. I appreciate that and youve been very busy updating the lessons too, because theres theres, not a every video, has gotten a facelift. Theres 76 videos in there every single one has gotten a facelift. The course has gone from um nine hours to almost 12 hours now, theres. Just so much new content were always trying to innovate. Push new content now with all um the recurrent test. Changing so much were like wow, we just launched our new course. We need to fix it now, so were were back to that.

I was just reviewing some of the stuff our writers sent over earlier for some of the content and theres some more great stuff coming out here soon as well and uh. You take actual questions that uh test takers. Give you uh and kind of incorporate those in the in the quizzes too right so theyre actually questions. We have a ton, a ton of data on that, no doubt so yeah and i always share you know this. Can we, i call them the boot camps at the end, where i share this is a question youre going to see on your knowledge test lets not memorize. It lets understand the why behind it uh, but just to prepare for the knowledge test. You know this, though. Ken i want you to be safe in the real world. My mission isnt just to pass a test. I want you safe when youre out there flying fpv whatever it is, so you can be uh a light and be a mentor to everybody else. Thats out there wondering about what this new drone space is, even though its not that new, but to many it is so new.