Everything youd ever want to know about the drone industry and drone news with jess hills, whats happening buddy. There was a lot of news. A lot of news ive been spending uh most of the week digging through and finding uh, some really good stuff for you guys so to get started with this. The senator john hoeven and richard blumenthal have recently introduced a proposed amendment to the massive u.s infrastructure bill. This is the 1 trillion infrastructure bill, which includes 500 million dollars to upgrade and improve the nations, aging transportation and infrastructure. Part of that is funding that can significantly benefit the drone industry as well as uh. You know the getting drones to emerge as a leading tool for infrastructure inspection, but the senators have introduced an amendment that is necessary to ensure that the funding is not spent on chinese made drones. Oh so this amendment specifically says that it will not allow the purchase of any drone from an entity subsidiary or affiliate of an entity that is subject to the influence controlled by the government of the peoples republic of china or the chinese communist party. So not going to be buying any dgi drones or anything else thats made in china thats part of the uh amendments that are in the infrastructure bill. Okay, Laughter, uh its time to buy some skydive stock. I guess yeah. For the past two years, theyve constantly been going after the chinese drones in one way or another, and this is yet another example of them getting something slipped in there to make sure that they try to put the kibosh on buying chinese drones and by the way, Um that means autel as well.

I know some of you may think that autel is american. It is not sorry they have their. They have their tech support over here, but nothing else yeah. So anyway, all right. So next we have a rather exciting way of using a drone to advertise for the uaes emirates airline, and this is an amazing way. Yeah. This is not green screen nope, this is real, and how do you? How do you pick the person to do this? If you havent seen this lets not say anything lets just yeah, let it happen check this out yeah. This is amazing: Music whoa, that is the burj khalifa whoa nfw man, no wow no freaking way. Would i do that and how did that i got so many questions? How does she get up there? Whats holding her to the pole? Is she attached? Is there a dude? Is there a safety? Is it? Is there a harness im, gon na, say, im gon na, say elevator magnets, um and uh darlene? Those are my darlenes holding her leg because you know you go so theyre, elevated and then theres some stairs. Maybe then theres ladders then theres just ladders right. I think she has magnets in her shoes and then and the magnets. The top is metal thats. Probably the now now were gon na now were gon na stop with the guessing and ill give you guys the real answer. Oh you know, his name is nicole smith.

Ludwig she is a uk based arlene professional skydiving, instructor shes, not actually an airline employee, so she is experienced at climbing buildings and jumping off okay, good um, and so they they actually had another person up there with her that had climbed up and helped secure her. She was belted down from the back so that you couldnt see it, but there was a hidden harness that was holding her in place and they had specifically waited up there for an extremely long time to get that perfect golden hour light yeah. So she had to begin the ascent before sunrise, which means that she was climbing that thing for an hour and 15 minutes in the dark. Oh my god i mean that is so awesome, so you know you know. What would be awesome is. Is you get up there and youre doing the cards and it turns out you misspelled something right, yeah or she dropped one of the cards. One of the cards just goes. We can fix it in post. They had to have some extra cool, i mean. Did she had a did? She have a parachute on? No, no, she didnt have a parachute. She was simply in a harness that that would basically lock her to the top of the building. I have flown emirates. One time um, i dont, i dont know it was weird it was. It was like in conjunction with jetblue, i was coming back from uh shoot in italy and it was 2019 and it was amazing, the the airline, the service, all the men and the women.

Everyone was beautiful in that plane. I was the worst looking dude on that plane, which you know will go with that, but but every single person that worked for that airline was just gorgeous and really well uh. You know super service and then get this the bathrooms. The countertops are made of marble theyre, like on the plane plastic on the planet, marble countertops in the bathrooms. It was amazing, the emirates aircraft are are some of the highest quality versions planes and they i mean you have to remember. The clientele that fly on them are are some of the richest people in the world. So i was a coach too. I was in coach and it felt it felt like first class on another plane. I mean it was. It was pretty amazing the by the way, the the burj khalifa is 2722 feet tall jeez. That yeah i mean you get that perspective when that drone pulls away. Um yeah, that was, that was pretty awesome. That was really awesome. I love that an interesting uh story. This comes out of new yorks long island uh. A drone pilot was flying uh, his drone out over the waters, and he caught a boat that was essentially moving around rather erratically, and so, as he zoomed in he sat there and watched the fishing crew fight a 487 pound thresher shark whoa. This fight went on for almost an hour. What was the fight over? Did they uh? Was the shark dating someones girlfriend? No, they were trying to look at it.

You can see it. You can see it there in the side. This. This shark is not small in by any way and um. What is it a thrasher shark thresher? This is a thresher shark. Tim regan is the pilot hes a 107 certified drone pilot uh. He also is the field editor on uh for on the water magazine um, and he had been spending the summer chasing southern sharks, blue fish, tuna et cetera, and this drone footage was absolutely fantastic of this crew uh, as they essentially wrestled for a considerable amount of Time, uh and once they got it out of the water and up on the beach uh, the weight was right at about four four hundred and eighty seven pounds just under five pounds. Are they gon na eat it? Are they gon na eat the shark? You know what i have no idea at this point, its just because, because 500 pound shark, that they fought for hours to get okay, but its a lot easier just to get out of the piggly wiggly and get you some fish. You know they have fish there. I just i dont get it. I never understood fishing. Sorry fisher people is that whatever you call yourself, i dont get it. I dont get fishing, i dont get it. I dont get yeah fishing golf. I dont get it sorry. I just lost some subscribers. No im not mad, i just dont, get it its just not for me, but uh anyway.

Hey all day saturday, im going fishing, i got a new pole. Its really bitching fishing is my mission im the fish and musician, and on that note, uh were going to let ken have another moment in the sun. Oh yes, because amazon cut back their uk drone uh program because of obvious chaos and mismanagement, because that particular program had some close affiliation with yet another drone program. Dhl is now a man abandoning their parcel copter delivery, drone project as well. So so yesterday ken told me that dhl wouldnt be delivering drones anymore, and i was like wait a minute. You mean they wont bring me my drones. They yeah they dont, have delivery drones um. I i mean i really hate it when i have to say this, but um Laughter ive actually never seen that aircraft before that is a very cool looking aircraft. It is yeah this this this aircraft, i mean the project. Parsel copter was one of the first. It was uh, its maiden flight was back in december 2013. wow. So this is not something that is one of those is you know new by by any means for them they transported a small parcel. One kilometer across the rhine. River is part of their first. I guess attempt to do this and the drone that they use is an exceptional drone um. It has a payload of about four kilograms, a flight distance of kilometers uh, i mean it it.

It was a. It was a pretty impressive drone yeah but ultimately uh its all about money and nobodys going to deliver a 10 bag of tube socks with a 20 000 drone theyre just not going to do it and it rains sometimes so theres that and if you land on Somebodys lawn somebodys toddlers gon na lose a hand, so theres that liability, money and just for the road for the toddler hands for the road told yourself all right. Okay, couldnt! Let me have my moment all right go ahead, i cough through it. I apologize yeah, no thats, all right, you go ahead. Yeah you do you its the news. Dont worry about us, you do you yeah all right, so the dixie fire is a fire. Thats been going on since july 13th, and this fire has uh is probably the second largest recorded wildfire in california, its burned close to 490 000 acres, its only 21 contained right now and theyre still fighting it, but whats interesting about this is that while theyre doing This fight, a judge, uh, has ordered an investigation into a drone that was associated with this particular blaze on the actual day of ignition. So the story goes is that as the fire started, it started at one of the uh electrical towers and the one of the technicians that happened to be in the area for pg e had gone out. The fire was a very, very small fire.

He was able to start working on trying to put it out. Uh. There was a fire uh team that was nearby. They started heading toward him uh, but the the fire was was growing far faster than he could put it out by the time they got there and the ground crew arrived. It had gotten too big for them to manage, and so they started bringing the aircraft in and the california fire tankers came in and successfully painted the box with retardant around the fire, limiting its spread and right as they were, getting to the point where they were Going to be able to put the nail in a coffin, a drone was reported in the area which then forced them to land all of the aircraft yeah, which then forced them to lose control of the fire. This pisses me off because because it has gone crazy, yeah and and uh, you know whoever whoevers drone. That was said. Oh im, not gon na im, not bothering anybody but you they dont know where you are theyre so hard to see. So if somebody sees it in the air, then then they dont know where it is, and these planes have to fly low to to dump all the retardant and all these things, its just people dont, think it pisses me off well, in this particular case, this judge Is investigating this because he wants to know who is flying the drone, because they now hold a direct responsibility for this fire.

Getting is out of control as it has, and this thing has destroyed thousands of home and displaced hundreds of people. So what do they do? If they find the person, i mean prison forever. At this point i mean they can be fined, they could be held account held responsible for all the damage and all the the the cost i mean there. There are so many different things that could throw that person. Imagine basically theyre going to treat it as if theyre an arsonist, yeah thats. Oh i i hope they catch him. That definitely uh also just makes you think about something where, as you said, you think you dont think theres any consequence to it, but realizing in a situation like that that um, you should just stay out of the way. Let let the let the firefighters do their job, yeah, theres, no amount of likes or thumbs up, or you know, or or subscribers or just cool video thats worth all that anyway, all right, no yeah, i dont go down a rabbit hole but go ahead. Yeah weve warned people for years about doing this, that the the fire departments have warned people for years about doing this. This is what happens when you dont, follow the instructions, its people that think drones are just toys. Now, how can a toy hurt a big old plane all right im done? We cant, i cant ill itll be a five hour job. This thats that thats the story that will just keep on going so drl has uh come up with something new and fantastic.

They have created a new 5g wireless drone uh. This is one of the high speed racing zones called the magenta drone, and this is going to be used at the mlb uh. What is that? What are they called? The the field of dreams, game thats, coming up? Yeah uh, and so this is going to be their showcase yeah and the way they developed it. Its really cool check this out. The analog video thats come through is not very clear and not very clean. With t mobile 5g wireless technology, we get a crystal clear image and it shows the world in a completely different way. What were building is our first 5g racing drone and for the first time ever were going to be able to stream immersive hd content to our fans in real time on americas fastest, most reliable 5g network thats our former 5g. What it means for defense is that well be able to see hd video quality in this stream. The same as the pilots can see the performance requirements that we have in this drone are so extremely high that we can only do it with the support of the t, mobile engineering team and really with the advancement of 5g tech and what it can bring to The drone so were really excited about the fact that we can utilize the 5g technology to do exactly what we want to do with this project. Music were getting great video. The streaming looks amazing, a lot of detail.

A lot of color looks really smooth. So really happy for how the things are going now is here right, you see you guys, yeah, oh yeah, its beautiful wow, wow beautiful. This is just the beginning and i cant wait to see this 5g drone take flight in 2021 and beyond. Yeah thats really really cool. Is it safe to say that uh analog is dead? Well so so i im gon na interject here because, as i understand it about that, because i did do i actually i saw – i saw your post about that ken you posted on instagram with a picture of it. I dont think the pilots are flying with that. 5G signal, i think, theyre still flying with the enhanced analog, because latency is too much um and and whats weird thats, just for the fans for the fans yeah its its for its its its its a hd quote: unquote real time signal, but its its still uh. Still using analog, i believe they are and i believe, theyre using its its super enhanced analog. I mean from what ive taught ive talked to nick and ive talked to uh, nerc and ive talked to gab and ive talked to a lot of those guys about this. They have scientists on their team, i mean they have imagine doc murdoch right. Who is an expert in analog signals and antennas and stuff? They have like 10 of him on their team, just figuring out how to get that clean, analog signal, but its still an analog signal because of the latency.

I think they they havent gone digital yet, and i believe that this is going to be great for the broadcasts and the fans, but its not yeah, oh for the fans yeah right, because there there is a big difference in lag if youre a race pilot between Analog and and yeah i mean you know, i think your average fpv pilot well. It depends on what youre doing right, if youre diving towards the ground and theres a little bit of latency, you might actually hit it before you pull out. You know so uh late latency is quite important, but i do like this. That is pretty awesome. The whole idea of the 5g. I like that, you know um, i i ive been hearing for a long time, so, where i just was up in new york, we have crap for internet theres, theres no internet up there um, and so this whole thing with 5g and being able to get these Signals you know anywhere wirelessly is huge. I just signed up for starlink. Are you guys familiar with that? Its elon musks satellite internet thing um its theres a waiting list for it, but anyway, oh well, then i guess you just answered your own question. Didnt you! No! I im not on a waiting list. I didnt get it yeah im, not important enough its its well. You just have to go sign up for it. Its not like you know and pay a hundred bucks too, as a deposit.

Oh, the whole thing is what this is telling us is that high speed and truly high speed, two way being upload and download internet is finally going to be here. You know its finally going to be something we can do because right now, unless you have a good upload speed, youve experienced this with live streaming, so many places have a decent download, but not enough upload speed, but i think with 5g itll, all change and youll Be able to stream from anywhere yeah im looking forward to that me turn all that its going to be cool. I heard about the future. I hope i live long enough to get my jet pack, oh yeah yeah. Well, i got the the sound of the future. There it goes back to you in the newsroom jeff and, and can you know the name of that effect, what, as it goes by the doppler effect, the doppler, because it pushes the waves and then pulls them back out? Thank you, mr science. Now, back to the news, all right, so djis agricultural drones, which are the aggress, t30 and t10, were released in china late last year, but recently now theyve become available for purchase in more than 100 different countries internationally. The dji aggress t30 is an agricultural drone that transforms take a look. The aircraft has a maximum capacity of 30 liters. A newly designed plunger pump produces a maximum flow of eight liters per minute. Eight sets of solenoid valves enable variable frequency control and 16 nozzles provide an unprecedented spray range of nine meters.

A new smart gauge indicates the estimated time until refill boosting operational efficiency. Also, the aircraft can cover 40 acres in just one hour now. Lets watch as the aggress t30 transforms into orchard configuration. The angle of the arms is optimized for fruit, bearing trees in this controlled spray direction. Pesticides can travel down along the branches providing an even distribution. What were you saying kelly its from the dj? Oh, like thats, like a superhero thing, form of orchard configuration, yeah, thats kind of precise. It also uh, perks, coffee and predicts earthquakes, yeah. That looks like a pretty badass thing: there jeff and im im guessing that it can lift a toddler or two right yeah. This one is uh. It has a capacity of 40 kilograms uh with a 30 liter spray tank um and the theres 16 nozzles on it. That it sprays a range of nine meters, thats too many nozzles thats too many take one one or two of them uh thats too many nozzles. Just just imagine my tomatoes, though i mean the tomatoes, would be so delicious. If you had one of those five yeah yeah its an exceptionally popular drone right now, theres 50 000 units already sold across the world so far. I do not have the price points check this battery out. Look at this monster battery. Look at that! Oh man, wow holy cow, can you can you? Can you imagine right? There are still people alive older, like that that remember that some farms, the amish, still use uh horses to pull and do their field stuff.

Imagine i would love to see just an amish person going by a field where one of these robots yeah right that drone or that battery is a newly designed, intelligent battery that they have and it can fully charge the battery in 10 minutes. What oh so, wait? The the battery they put in it charges an internal battery charger, the smart charging hub that that comes with the drone to charge the battery can charge that battery and you can strap it on your back and put it on a motorcycle thats. The coolest part thats, really cool, hey im going to go out and water. My fields wait a minute forgot. My drone yeah yeah thats, the future. I love it so cool all right. So next, in the news we have flyability, which is a switzerland based company uh. They focus on indoor drones for inspections, et cetera. They have recently launched the elios 2 rad, which is a drone thats equipped with radiation sensors so that they can go in and fly and inspect nuclear stations. Um. Traditionally, nuclear stations have relied on people to go in there, um and drones had you know, have been used limitedly, but because of the the the interactivity of the the radiation impact on the the radios, etc, that drones werent able to go into certain areas they have. Since strengthened this drone to be able to fly in very uh, i guess dangerous areas. It has a geiger muller detector on it that can detect radiation as it flies through uh the the facility and, of course it has the the cage on it to protect it.

From bouncing against things, as it goes through me, so truly amazing drone. I cant wait to see some footage of it in use, yeah man, so so uh right before kovid. This is just a coincidental thing. Um i had gone to meet a guy in houston about flying a elios one and they they had one in houston and i got to play with it but not fly it like. You know hold it and look at it and all that stuff and then right after that everything shut down and we didnt do it. So i was gon na make a video about it, but its a pretty. I i believe, i believe, the actual you know the mechanics of that thing: theyre very, very expensive pieces of equipment. I mean theyre, very high precision, it looks like kind of a mess. You mean its not just a bunch of drinking straws, put together with duct tape that theres a yahtzee set, one of them theyre tinker toys or one of those toys that jeff has for his kids, that that ball that expands when you yeah you got it right. There dont you actually, this is this was the thing that ken sent me yeah man put a little put a little drone in, send it in a cave put a geiger counter on it all right there. You go all right. So next to the news i im gon na preface this next story. There are great criminals in this world that oh yeah ever caught.

There are great criminals in this world that youve never heard of because they got away with the perfect crime, and then there are what we call felons, and these are the idiots that got caught. This particular felon in tulsa county thought. It would be a great idea to shoot at a police drone yeah the judge sentences, a man to five years in prison after he pleaded guilty to shooting a drone owned by the tulsa county. Sheriffs office deputies were using that drone in june. Looking for a bunch of stolen classic cars near sand springs home when steven kitchens shot at it, kitchens also pled guilty to having a gun as a felon. So a couple questions: do you think that he would have gotten five years had he shot down a drone that didnt belong to the police and do you think he would have gotten five years had he not had the previous gun charge? You know i i the way i look at it this much this, this guy kind of double tapped himself, real quick by being not only a felon with a gun whos not supposed to have one but then yeah to then use it uh. Obviously, shooting at drones is a federal crime right, no im glad that he im glad that hes serving time, but if he had just shot down uh kelly, youre mavic too, would you thank you sean i shot down my drone recently. Did you guys see that video? No oh well, youll have to play it.

I mean, of course i watch every every uh video on your channel, all the time at least twice but its its on seans channel. So he went out to his dads place and actually he tried to. I flew an fpv over a cliff and he shot it with shot at it with a shotgun until he hit it. How many, how many years in prison did he get? He missed a bunch of times. Finally, i flew straight at him. This is the best part. He hits it and the thing tumbles down and basically just broke the battery and one uh motor and its still, okay, okay uh. I guess my thing ken is im surprised. He only got five years, yeah yeah me too honestly, for for i mean if it had been an ordinary person. I could see five years as being like, like you said it was my mavic two five years would be something but to shoot down a cops, um, uh drone or just any were the cars on his property too. Had he been stealing the cars? Probably no, they were just. They were just searching for stolen vehicles in the area, right right and hes, like yeah yeah, and by the way i think another takeaway we can do take from this is that uh kelly uh has too much uh disposable income hes. Just throwing drones in the air for people to shoot Laughter heard about disposable income, its more like disposable drones, yeah yeah.

I did blow one up myself im right there with you all right all right. So next to the news. Joby is an electrical aerial. Ride. Sharing drone that has been making some waves, its its been developed uh here in the united states, a lot of flights uh in the new york area, but whats interesting about this drone is that recently the company has become listed on the new york stock exchange. So theyre now you know open to being able to to receive funds and start building. You know stocks. This is a a fairly robust system, the the machine itself. Uh, has you know, uh the the series of rotors across the wing um and its like an aerial taxi, uh im, looking forward to seeing what happens with this because theres not too many of these companies that have gotten on the nyse yet and this this ought To be interesting to see how it blows up cool because apparently they cant deliver with drones, but we might be able to carry people hes, gon na start up Laughter, all right, all right so last in the news – and this one is great because uh as we Learned last week continue on to this week. Sports and drones do not go together, but theyre really doing target practice. It is an all irish midfielder Laughter. Why would they do that? Why would they do that? I mean oh, why why wouldnt they i mean come on.

If you were that good at kicking – and it were just up there and i guess theres a question, can you kick up? Can you use a ball to to take a drone out of the air? Is that illegal um? What country were they in? You know? I? I think they probably all got together and they said hey lets see if we can knock the drone out. But you know this drone is super expensive, a tool. I dont know what kind of drone exactly it was. But you know these uh soccer football players, europeans! No! No! No! This is rugby. Oh rugby! Okay, all right! This is rugby. Okay, but the oh, oh! Well! That explains a lot. That explains a lot because you know rugby players, not the. I mean the ones that i know not the sharpest uh theyve been hitting the head a few times yeah, so you know theyre, like hey, lets see if we can hit that drone thinking, not thinking, i hope they got charged for whatever damage lets. Watch that again lets watch those dumb asses again and, of course, a couple of changes in the midfield as well. I would think dan bigger will be happy with this. Is this and another question, is this even real carry it up? Could it be fake? Well, because the way it fails, it is an old irish midfielder. They were in the middle of the game and this was a warm up kick and they were losing the series im thinking that the man probably just kicked the ball out of out of spite.

Okay, oh maybe that was the visiting team, so it was the it was the irish rugby team, so yeah, okay, all right well and thats thats the news. Thank you so much. Thank you very much jeff. We appreciate it and uh. We look forward to next weeks news thanks for working on building it up. Yep all right man, well see you later, thanks for stopping by now get out, we should probably mention remotepilot101.com isnt it a great place. It is a great place. Tell us about your place! Jason so remote pilot 101, no one has prepared more part 107 pilots than us and youll be pleased uh. Those of you who are current customers now uh youre, going to be experiencing version three uh and a brand new learning management system in about two weeks. So the best just keeps on getting better remotepilot101.com use code promo code hair18, which, by the way ken yeah i cant brag on you enough. When we search promo codes. You know me im all about our marketing and everything else. Heron 18 is the most used. Promo code, your people listen to you, ken yay. Thank you people. I appreciate that and youve been very busy updating the lessons too, because theres theres, not a every video, has gotten a facelift. Theres 76 videos. In there every single one has gotten a facelift. The course has gone from nine hours to almost 12 hours now, theres, just so much new content were always trying to uh innovate, push new content now with all um the recurrent test.

Changing so much were like wow. We just launched our new course. We need to fix it now, so were were back to that. I was just reviewing some of the stuff our writers sent over earlier for some of the content and theres some more great stuff coming out here soon as well and uh. You take actual questions that uh test takers, give you uh and kind of incorporate those in the in the quizzes too right so theyre actual questions. We have a ton, a ton of data on that, no doubt so yeah and i always share you know this. Can we, i call them the boot camps at the end, where i share this is a question youre going to see on your knowledge test lets not memorize. It lets understand the why behind it uh, but just to prepare for the knowledge test. You know this, though. Ken i want you to be safe in the real world. My mission isnt just to pass a test. I want you safe when youre out there flying fpv whatever it is, so you can be a light and be a mentor to everybody else. Thats out there wondering about what this new drone space is, even though its not that new, but to many it is so new.