Well, this week news was all over the place im i literally just everywhere. I was getting news from all sorts of different things, so well start off with. Obviously the one thing that everybodys been talking about, which is the new dji m30 yeah, which is their new dji drone. This is uh their new enterprise style drone. This is not your. You know cheapy drone. This is starts at 99999 rides up to 13 000 uh with the thermal camera, but it has some interesting specs. It has a flying time of 41 minutes uh maximum speed of 23 meters per second uh. It comes with a 48 megapixel cmos sensor, zoom camera – that has a 200 time: digital zoom, 12 megapixel wide angle, camera 8k photograph capability, uh, a laser rangefinder with 1200 meters, uh distance, um ip55 ingress position. So this things going to be, you know: uh weather resistant. Oh, i need all that temperatures from negative 4 to 122 degrees, fahrenheit, um, ocusync, 3 enterprise edition comes with the mobile station and it predicts earthquakes. It perks, coffee itll, give you a back rub all that stuff. This thing is pretty awesome, compact and portable. It looks it looks smaller than it is, but its about the size of the trees pack and deploy in seconds, but it has um like um, two pole and two push props, which is an interesting setup. Force wins four, oh, that was that was the trade off for making it foldable.

You know oh right, because and and obviously you know, weve seen dji make more and more foldable drones. You know aka were not seeing any more phantoms, etc. So this is the direction that the company is going. Is these compact uh drones that will fold up and use a smaller footprint whenever youre traveling with them, but look at the control? The controller is like its like. So big its like, you know its like here. Im gon na im gon na. Let me fly my drone. Oh yeah, its huge yeah. This is this is this is not a a toy. This is not your residential drone. This is, this is an enterprise level, business, firefighters, police departments, uh major corporations. You know well see these things doing inspections, etc right. So this is a beast so head on down to walmart picking up one for the kids, actually im, looking forward to news stories where well see these things in action: thats, thats, thats. What my my uh yeah! I hope so too. It does look pretty impressive, all right so uh again, we have some more footage coming out of ukraine. Uh drone footage that uh has been captured. This one captures the scale of destruction in one of the cities um showing damaged buildings uh. This includes a kindergarten and infrastructure in the small city in the sumi region of ukraine, um. So again, the devastation there is pretty intense. You know these. These cities are are getting just blasted to the kingdom.

Come maripoles, are, you know almost flat its really terrible, but um it seems like the tide is turning um. The the russians are having their asses handed their russian asses handed to them by the resolve of the ukrainian people, because theyre not just fighting the army. Theyre fighting the everybody is in the army, the whole population yeah, the the ukrainians, ukrainians, have had uh quite a bit of success and the russians. I think, thought that they were going to have a far easier time than they did and theyre learning. A very bitter lesson to that yeah. I i love these videos where they show a farmer towing, a russian tank behind them, like you know, and and theyre all like the dude, the do with the land mine, yeah thats, my favorite cigarette in the mail. We dont need this yeah yeah yeah, thats brave yeah, well in the united states of them blowing up a ship. What were they doing? Yeah yeah they had a. There was a russian supply ship in the in the in the harbor. They got blown up um. The united states obviously is working on trying to support as part of a new 800 million dollar package and the military is going to be sending to them. Something really neat, which is a kamikaze drone called the switchblade. Okay, tell us about a jeff. Its a single use. Drone small enough to fit into a small backpack cruise is about a hundred kilometers uh, carries cameras, guidance system and explosives and is essentially designed to dive bomb the target and then explode.

So it is a suicide drone um and it can. You know it flies a mission. You can pre program it to fly a mission to a specific target or an operator can, you know, can control it its a loitering munition, so it can hang around in an area waiting for a better target to show up and then attack it so its its Going to be a you know, a nice augment to the turkish drones that theyre using now yeah um and itll, be interesting to see how the ukrainians use them. How successful they are, because i dont know if the switchblades actually used in combat yet well when it is, it will certainly be uh and im just going down the limb here. Could it possibly be a maybe a multiplier of the force? Could it be a force multiplier? It might be okay because thats what they need. They i mean theyve got force, but they have to multiply that force and they need to do it with this thing. Yeah all right, all right. So next, in the news uh one of the harshest environments on the planet, uh is uh being uh. I guess tested the university of hawaii in manoa. They spent 18 days in antarctica as part of a drone pilot program. Uh researching whales and one of the researchers uh is flying a dji inspired 2 drone. He is an acoustician with the california ocean alliance, theres kirsten flynn, whos a research biologist and leah mcpherson, who is the one that actually flew the drone and they collected data on 34 groups of whales and measured the whales that collected biopsy samples, and this is data That they use uh to track and be able to keep track of the the health of the whales in the area.

Thats, cool, um yeah. Will you say, acoustician again: acoustician yeah acoustic yeah. Do you know what that is? Yes, okay, its a person that that studies, the acoustics or or sound through water boom pop quiz. You passed all right. Thank you very much. You bet all right uh. So next we have uh for those in the audience as well as on our member panel. We had some tornadoes that rolled through texas, uh recently and left a lot of damage um. So we have some drone footage that is from uh texas town of round rock um, the the tornadoes tore through here on monday um and caused a lot of damage. We have uh, you know multiple states that have been impacted by this storm, not just texas, um and just some amazing footage that is coming out of of the areas that have been impacted by this tecla texas, oklahoma, louisiana, tennessee, alabama, mississippi all yeah uh experienced this Particular storm that was a a really bad front. In fact, um were having our zoom meeting our route, 66 zoom meeting and ben ben kept going and i was like and then he talked to us again and then go hey. What are you doing man? I just waiting to see if my car lifts off the ground because youre youre in the stars with the background and my wifes like what are you doing and i said ive got priorities. Ive got to do this meeting yeah because youre a little in the background outside in a bicycle, with a dog in a basket, but you were youre in um uh north of dallas.

Is that right, uh fort worth yeah fort worth, okay, so uh? How close did these systems get to you and i mean im sure they rolled over you just didnt experience what these people these poor people were experiencing yeah. There were some high winds and a bit of storm damage about a mile from my house, but i was pretty lucky in fort worth. Yeah jacksboro 60 miles. Northwest to you is the one that got uh hit pretty bad. They had a lot of damage up there. Wow yeah and, of course my favorite footage thats been making the internet is the truck this. The chevy truck that spins around in the toriel and then flips over on its wheels and drives off like yeah in texas, baby yeah. Well, wouldnt, you wait. I wouldnt sit there and wait to get hit again id be like okay, im right side up and see if this works yeah all right. So, on march 18th uh, some of you guys, may have experienced if you lived in the plane view area a delay in your walmart deliveries, because the plainfield walmart fulfillment center caught fire – and this is drone video footage of the aftermath of that particular fire. Was anybody? Hurt or killed, i do not have any information about anybody, hurt or injured from this uh fire investigators are still working to try to determine the cause of this particular fire uh. Obviously, because of just the amount of stuff thats thats in there, theres, probably you know millions of things that could happen.

Oh, oh thank you. Thank you very much uh my producer that doesnt exist just handed me. This note um. Apparently my tube socks were lost. Theyre gone and uh. If we just have a moment, my feet are gon na be cold yeah i mean yeah. Okay, fate, yeah well, theyre gon na have a moment for tube socks, thats right. Okay, all right! Sorry that happened. That was bad, but the the drone footage is cool hope nobody was hurt, otherwise, its not funny yeah, all right, all right, so uh well go to the lighter side of the news. Now this one is uh. I guess one of my favorite ones, because this man was attempting to smuggle drugs. My drone into a detention center using a drone carrying a package wrapped in black electrical tape, dangling from fishing line and nobodys ever tried this before hes. The first genius to think of this, but he but he got caught a genius. A watauga man was arrested after flying a drone over the washington county detention center deputies noticed the drone flying over one of the jails, recreation yards investigators say they were able to retrieve the drone. Okay hold on a package of illegal hold on thats thats, a brushed drone, thats use the right equipment for the job knucklehead narcotics attached to it sheriff sexton says. While this is the first time theyve caught someone, they have stopped other attempts in the past. Weve done our best to try to put enough screen over the wreck yards to make it really hard for people to do something like this, but at the end of the day they will always try to beat any security system we put in 31 year old dustin Garland was arrested and charged with one count of introduction of contraband into a penal facility and one count of flying a drone over a government infrastructure.

More charges are pending, the investigation is continuing as they question inmates inside the jail. Oh wait hold on im. Getting a note from my producer that doesnt exist hold on uh apparently um his uh, it wasnt successful, so he was not able to deliver his tattoo removal cream winner winner that guy winner. Well, if youre going to fly a drone in a stealth like manner, would you have it bright, yellow right? Well, you got to get it back right or brush or brush it or a brush thats. The thing i mean did he go on wish and get himself one of these, like you know, cheap plastic. Well, he went to walmart, see were laughing at this because we are all drone nerds and we know that brushed motors dont have the powers, brushless voters, but this guy this you know this guy. He didnt know that. Does he look like he knows that yeah he doesnt look like he knows his alphabet yeah that right, that was that was that was that was laughable, yes, indeed, criminal. The next story i have been – i have been chomping at the bit all week to share this with you guys, because this right here is the reason why i do what i do. I love this type of news, so a group of students at the university of maryland took essentially ancient technology and put it to modern application and they took leonardos da vincis flying machine and made it fly so they they 3d printed da vincis propeller design to see.

If it would actually work yes and it does – and it does 500 years ago that was sketched thats awesome and its proven that leonardo da vinci 500 years later was brilliant. I wonder i wonder what da vinci would have done if you could slap some goggles on him if he could go back in time and just and sit and just put all right, dont freak out and then uh. What what would somebody from that era? Even do itd be witchcraft right, i mean to be magic, total magic, oh yeah, yeah, think of the technology that well have 500 years from now right how how we would think thats magic, we cant even think of it. We cant even no, we cant even no 25 years ago. I never would have thought youd have this? Is it true yeah, so austin preet is the student at the university of maryland that created that thing and that man is a freaking genius, yeah thats, great thats, awesome all right. Next, we have uh. This is some drone footage uh from a fire at an apartment. Building in walker, uh dont have an awful lot of details as to how or why or where that started uh, but the footage is just intense. This was a pretty major fire that burned through this place. Yeah yeah its its it always looks more spectacular from the air yeah. The drone perspective is is something that is you know you just you cant appreciate something like this.

Unless you see it from a drone wow – and it looks like the apartments next door, the group survived, but this just went through the whole thing that one building yeah yeah – that was an intense fire, so many lives, uprooted, thats sad. It is very sad, great phone, great drone footage, though very sad, but great drone footage. What are you drinking man? Does it matter at this point? It doesnt, i guess no anyway, uh. Thank you so much jeff appreciate it. Oh youre most welcome. I hope you guys enjoyed the news now were going to enjoy the news as it continues through the our route. 66 trip its not going to stop just because were out on the road were still going to get. Reports from you were still going to do a show we dont know where were going to be for two of the thursdays, but uh itll be interesting. The news will be different but ill. Make sure i give you guys some good stuff to uh be able to tune into and watch awesome. Thank you jeff. Thanks for stopping by now get out. We should probably mention remotepilot101.com isnt that a great place. It is a great place. Tell us about your place. Jason so remote pilot 101, no one has uh prepared more part 107 pilots than us and youll be pleased uh. Those of you who are current customers now uh youre, going to be experiencing version three and a brand new learning management system in about two weeks.

So the best just keeps on getting better remotepilot101.com use, co, promo code, heron 18, which, by the way ken yeah i cant brag on you enough. When we search promo codes. You know me im all about our marketing and everything else. Heron 18 is the most used. Promo code, your people listen to you, ken yay. Thank you people. I appreciate that and youve been very busy updating the lessons too, because theres theres, not a every video, has gotten a facelift. Theres 76 videos. In there every single one has gotten a facelift. The course has gone from um nine hours to almost 12 hours now, theres, just so much new content were always trying to innovate. Push new content now with all um the recurrent test, changing so much were like wow. We just launched our new course. We need to fix it now, so were were back to that. I was just reviewing some of the stuff our writers sent over earlier for some of the content and theres some more great stuff coming out here soon as well and uh. You take actual questions that uh test takers, give you uh and kind of incorporate those in the in the quizzes too right so theyre actual questions. We have a ton, a ton of data on that, no doubt so yeah and i always share you know this. Can we have, i call them the boot camps at the end, where i share this is a question youre going to see on your knowledge test lets not memorize.

It lets understand the why behind it uh, but just to prepare them for the knowledge test? You know this, though ken i want you to be safe in the real world. My mission isnt just to pass a test. I want you safe when youre out there flying fpv whatever it is, so you can be a light and be a mentor to everybody else. Thats out there wondering about what this new drone space is, even though its not that new, but to many it is so new.