Buddy news has been all over the place. I mean literally all over the place. We have, i guess, just a little bit of everything for everybody, so well start it off with laporte county sheriffs office, taking a look at the new technology for drones and robots that theyre putting in place two years ago, jacob and another port county detective austin howell Started flying drones for the sheriffs office, Music, going through training to get faa certified just because you can answer the right questions on a test, doesnt mean when youre out there flying in the real world youre going to know like what youre doing we typically once a Month well, train we like to do mock scenarios and thats more realistic of what were going to use. Drone technology comes with a price tag, but jacob and austin tell me the investment is worth it. If we have the ability to send in a drone and that essentially could save an officers, life theres, no question, the dispatch center can just hit a button and send a drone directly out to a scene and get eyes on that scene prior to any first responders. Getting there jacob and austin tell me that the drones are a tool, not something to be used for the wrong intentions for us, its always been to help people. If we, if were looking for someone or if we can use it to document, a scene were going to use it, for that purpose were not out recording properties and were not out spying on anyone or anything else.

The drone is such a useful tool for us and being able to use the drone, and the community that i grew up in is very rewarding, and i dont want people to be afraid of the drone and just know that its here to help yeah yeah anytime. They can send any kind of technology out instead of a real human person, police officer, oh yeah, thats, a good thing and drones have saved the lives of police officers. Yeah weve uh weve had many stories on on the news of drones that were used in in hostage situations, etc. Where the drone went in and was able to resolve it. My personal favorite was the guy that uh surrendered to the drone that was great down on the roof, yeah that all right so digging around the internet. I dug around. I found something new for you. Uh beta fpv has the pabo 360 drone, and this is including the insta360 technology. This is an fpv out of the box drone with 360 degree camera um it weighs 55 grams. Uh is a six volt 20 set or six volt 27 volt compatible uh lipo fpv battery drone um. The video resolutions on it are 570 by or 5760 by 2880 down to 3008 by 10 or 1504 um, with a maximum of 100 frames per second at the lowest rating um, so its an amazing little general course. It automatically has the 360 camera built into it. Uh and its a pre packaged drone, so you dont have to do any soldering, or you know stuff like that.

Just straight out of the box, put it up in the air and fly it. That is cool man. I mean ive got ive got this one here. This is the uh the x night, and you had to put the camera in here and then you, when you land it lands on the lens. So you have to land it on yeah. You have to land on a blanket or something soft, but uh. The frame is called the the x night, and so my buddy chris, who uh and im gon na, say helped me built it, but he built it uh, so yeah cause im lazy, but look what he did in the front here. Let me make my screen back. Ive shown this to you before uh jason, youre too young, to know what show this is but im sure other people in there will know what show this is. Do you know what jail thats from Music? No, anyone, no bueller dealer no chat. No! Anybody super mario uh, well its called the x knight, so i call it the x knight rider – and that is the the front of the the night rider car, the kit, the kit 1000 or whatever he was yeah yeah yeah. All right im surprised that battery still works thats been never heard that song in my life, ken thank you for opening up my eyes and broadening my horizons. Oh theres, this thing, jason called nick at night.

You got ta check it out. I have seen the wonder years i have seen the one and the brady bunch Laughter all right. So next, in the news, the drone racing league decided that they needed to one up it this year for the ultimate holiday gift for drone nerds, and you too can have this limited edition. Crib inspired, drl flagship race for quadcopter. Stop it yeah what it is that thats, a mock up, thats, not a real thing. This is what the beds going to look like, and this event is available to you for 25, 000. Okay, for that it better fly my ass around the room. When i get in it, wow like the bathroom and back yeah yeah, i got to go to the bathroom there off. We go wow think how many girlfriends you would get ken if that was if that was your bedroom. Oh, i already get the ladies just by flashing. My part 107 id my my card. You can hear the train. I know you can hear it um, but uh yeah, i mean you know, say, say im at a a sports bar. You know and uh. You know: uh theres, some good. Looking, ladies up at the bar and theyre already been talked to by by some dudes. You know theyre all they all look like you right, so i just roll up and ive had a t shirt made of my uh certification. My part 107 certification id im like hey, ladies, so even with the fat down here, you know it.

They theyre not looking here theyre looking at the car theyre like oh youre, a drone pilot, oh swoon, swoon boom. Now i take him home and take him to the bed for 25 000. You get that bed and the blades spin. So do they hold on? Do they yeah? Do they really all right all right? Next, in the news uh for those of you that would like to have a drone and not have to spend a lot of money, there is a 24. Do it yourself, kit, available by circuit, scribe, drone builder kit? This is a 25 kit, comes with all the pieces that you need, you build it, and you know you draw out the circuits on the drone arms you and, and you can basically configure it uh straight out of the box uh, it uses the free cs, pilot App uh that works on android and ios at our ios phones, um and thats, how you can use it as a joystick. It has a three minute flight time with a 150 foot, wi fi connection, you know what i thats actually might be a good thing for kids to learn how to put together and and uh, and all that yeah theyre interested in building them and and theyre and Theyre, cheap, like schools, schools could uh buy a bunch of im gon na say that i was just gon na wed. Do a lot with like high schools around here and stuff ken uh.

What was that called again jeff id love to write it down? Drone circuit describe drone okay, yeah huh wow, all right, that is kind of nice like yes, the flight time. Three minutes is stinky and everything else, but i mean to teach the kids like these skills. Now i mean, i think, every 16 year old kid should earn their part one with seven. They graduate in high school with an faa certificate, then theyre learning how to do some circuitry and everything im all about this stuff. Yeah absolutely – and you know, budgetary concerns are a big deal for all schools, so if, if they have a drone program and they cant get access to you know the expensive stuff then get some of these project drones, yeah yeah, oh yeah! No, i mean you go to a class and and buy a bunch of these kits and have the kids build them in the class as part of a project. That would be a great thing, um and, of course, at the end of it they get something that they can fly around the neighborhood. Take to you know, birthday party or whatever, and just i mean itd – be a great gift for just about anything yeah and for the price you know. Even if you build it and crash it just buy another one, its 20 bucks right all right. So next to the news we have yet another uh instance of a pilot reporting that they passed by a drone.

Boeing 737 was flying into a stance, stansted airport um, and it was flying from menorca. It was a jet 2 flight and the pilot reported at 2700 feet that he passed by a drone uh. The plane, of course, was safely able to land the control tower reported uh or asked all of the other aircraft in the area to report. If they saw anything and they didnt, that seems highly unlikely, uh jason you want to chime in on this. Listen you have to remember before we started teaching part 107 in drones. I had almost 20 years in manned aviation flying little airplanes like that big airplanes, all sorts of stuff you, especially if youre 2700 feet theyre landing, theyre doing 200 220 miles per hour. At this point, you cant you cant, make anything out and, and ken sent me the article earlier it says we were within six feet of the drone. Nor can you measure distance. So precisely when youre traveling, that fast everything is, it could have been a white bird like you just would it have? Would it have passed them going pretty fast? They did theyd just get a glimpse right, because its not tracking them at all ken. It could have been a glimpse it could be. The sun reflects off my wing in a funny way and something catches. Your eye, like everythings happening theres. Some interesting points too ill pull up the article here, uh again uh the closest near miss uh in uk history.

Six feet like this is uh its just. The way this article is written was a little frustrating to me, um as well, and the jet was able to land safely they make it seem like this was a life or death kind of thing, and we cant even confirm it was a drone at the very Very end: do they finally say that we were unable to determine the nature of the unknown object, despite the pilot called it a drone? Yet the headline runs, as you know, drone almost kills. You know turn people well theyre, basically theyre, trying to sensationalize it for purpose of journalism. What what did people say if this happened pre drone age, what it would have been, it would have been either a bird or a bird strike or a ufo could have been a ufo until until someone has a video of like jet man out of la kind Of stuff, i want to see it on video im im. Sorry thats, just my opinion. Yeah with the stuff thats happened with gatwick that yeah the uk environment is overly sensitive to the whole drone thing i mean they, they lost millions of dollars, shutting down that airport. For as long as they did for for something that they even then could not find actual evidence of so i mean it its this knee jerk reaction and then on the pilots part i mean i can understand. He wants to report a near miss with something, but you know call it an unidentified object.

Heres the thing just right: heres the thing that people that people may not realize that you know everybody watching this stream. Right now knows the capabilities of of todays drones and so thats. Why were like its? Not a drone, of course, its a bird or whatever you know, but the general public. They just hear drone. They think. First, they think predator drone, okay. Well, they can fly they. They liken that to like military stuff to commercial stuff, and they dont know that uh, like your phantom 4 or whatever cant, fly it two thousand whatever feet so yeah i mean what, for i, i would love to see somebody try to fly a a phantom at 2700 feet and and be able to have any remote control over it yeah exactly, but there is going to be one knucklehead watching this and ill get an email. Well, there was a guy in dubai that flew uh phantom four three eight thousand feet: theres, always one theres, always one guy, the guy in russia that went up yeah yeah, just save it, just save it, save it all right, whats. Next, in the news jeff. No, no, no, no! No! No! This story. What is it? No, what ken? What please tell you have a bible there sure i always have a bible handy. You have a bible there. Of course, all right yeah, i swear to god. You ill put your put your hand on the bible.

It is all right, my other hand up in the air. Oh, oh that okay, another hand up in the air. Oh, oh, okay! I only have two hands. Oh yeah, i swear. I swear on the next story to the next door. I will not play the bird song. I will not play the dotty song. I will not play any of those songs in any way. Shape or form for the next story swear on it. You always okay. I swear good. Thank you all right. What you got feel better now so uh. The next story is about a drone that has been uh designed by researchers, and it has a pair of bird like legs that will allow it to grab a hold of branches as help like a peregrine falcon. Oh dear okay, the legs and feet were inspired by peregrine falcons, just like birds. It has uh two legs that can move independently, also just like birds. This robot has a rigid like structure and foot structure thats acting like the bones. It has motors which act like the muscles and it transmits forces through tendons. So once the robot hits the perch the accelerometer in the foot lets the robot know that its made impact and that it should initiate its balancing process as the robot absorbs its kinetic energy. It then grasps the surface that the toes and claws wrap around to engage with surface features and then the robot can use its balancing algorithm to balance itself over the top of the perch and remain stable, okay, theres, no practical purpose for this, but its cool.

Well, i mean this is this: is a college project thats what this is and it looks cool? Did we already have another drone that danced or something or wrote a skateboard or something stop putting legs on things, yeah stop putting legs on things but um. That was that was uh. That was very bird like jeff. Yes, it is a very bird like because youre using the peregrine falcon as a as a guide yeah. Now i will tell you this that uh uh, unfortunately for you jeff. This is not a bible. This is the collective works of edgar, allan, poe and so uh that kind of negates the whole agreement that we had and so uh dont. You know about the bird where everybody knows that the battles, the weather weather bad boat, the faster weather with the bad, bad bad, the bears are weather weather, the better weather dont. You know about the bird where everybody knows that the print is the weather weather bed. The beds are well or whatever yeah daddy jeff, you doing all right bud what you got. What are you drinking jeff? What are you doing? Buddy trust me. What im drinking i dont have enough of all right. Okay, next in the news, uh sony air peak, we talked about this drone in the past, uh s1 uh and everybody made a big deal about it. Its going to be this amazing new drone, it was going to be insanely expensive, but the good news is is that it is now available for order.

Oh good, you can go and order the airpeak s1 drone its available for purchase, and how much is it uh? Let me see the 9 000 range. Oh, is that all yeah and for nine thousand dollars it will come with two pairs of propellers, a remote controller, two batteries, a battery charger, a third party gimbal made specifically for the air peak s1 uh. Oh no thats sold separately, so you know what, though its cheaper than a matrice isnt it true i mean it really is and and the tesla comes with it doesnt it yeah. I see that i dont know if that was a tesla or not, but yeah wow, Music, yeah, thats cool im, glad that somebody else is is giving dji a run for their money, hopefully its a good thing. Now i did reach out to air peak and i said let me review that and uh. You know what i got back from him. I got nothing yeah. I got nothing at least like you know, a vacation, auto responder or something to you yeah, something like that. Sorry were out of the office or something right. Sorry, youre, not the big enough youtuber frozen, give you one you suck! Well, if you have, if you have nine thousand dollars, burning a hole in your pocket and you want a drone that is completely new and unique. The air peak s1 now is available for purchase now. Wouldnt you as a practical, clear thinking, person wait for version 2.

0 of this wouldnt. You wouldnt you unless you want to be on the cutting edge, wait. Okay, let me know in the chat: if you were early adopters, though you know they love, you know. Some people sit on apple.com waiting for the new iphone to come out like every single time like you have to always be ready. Yes, it is the superior phone device, ken its a general good idea to wait, especially with firmware updates, wait, wait for the beta testers, as i call them funny funny story about that. I was, and you were probably the same way ken i was um. I didnt. I wasnt an early adopter on the hero 10.. I waited, i dont know how long has it been out for i just got it two weeks ago. So, maybe a month its been out, it came with like a little sticky note in it. That literally said, do not you know, do not use this until you update it. It was like stuck over it taped on it like straight from the factory. Oh alerting me dont do anything with this until you update it, so somebody one of those early adopters found some sort of firmware issue and they just add this little extra little sticker to tell everybody to update. So you are onto something there, quick aside about that. As i have the 10 here did, you know – and i dont and maybe its just me, but when you pull the battery out, i have i have a battery charger.

I dont charge it in the camera. I have a separate charger over there that charges a couple better yeah right um. When you pull the battery out, if its out for a certain amount of time, then you have then, when you put the battery its got to reset the clock and everything its got to save every time. Yeah – and here i am ive – got cameras all up on the airplane im at thousand feet, im ready to make an m0a video and it i hit start update date and time, yeah im trying to manhandle an airplane and update the date and time i just do January one right doesnt matter, yeah 1988, whatever i just wanted to get. Let me fill that video. This is start recording, ill figure. It out right, yeah same thing here i dont hang on my butt. So all right now that we vented back to the news yeah were going back to the news. Okay im over here, guys right right, right right, you look so good! You grew your beard out for us all right so recently in uh the ge on a lot of the java islands in indonesia, the samiro volcano erupted, and we have some video of some of the aftermath of this that happened over the weekend. So far, 22 people have been killed and 27 remain missing. Thousands have been depl displaced by this eruption wow. I was right: thats, uh, thats, pretty terrible yeah that that was a.

It was a very violent eruption. Some of the videos that uh are out there that actually show the eruption are, are just its mind blowing when you watch it. You just really imagine devastating, but you know i hate to i mean i dont know the situation of the country or everything, but would you build at the base of any volcano? Would you i mean, would you i dont know if you had a choice? Maybe you dont have a choice, its a pretty landscape. It is its pretty man that volcano this sure is pretty lets put a house here. I dont know i just think yeah but uh that some people like waterfront some people, like you, know volcano front yeah. Some people love living in tornado alley. Hey lets live in tornado alley. I hate to laugh, but you know you see these people all the time and their trailer parks are all just you know, theyre splinters or reporters up in their face. Theyre like im. Sorry that happened to you uh. What are you gon na do? Were gon na rebuild, come on didnt god just tell you to move all right anyway, oh whats, that oh im being told that i have another eruption video. Only this one is a good eruption. Okay, all right im being told by my producer that doesnt exist that were gon na roll that lets roll, that good eruption. Oh yeah, for those under 50 that is uh eddie van halen playing eruption.

How many copyright infringements youve done this one video alone? Are you trying to set a new record – oh 11? 11., but thats? You know what you know how you get around, that you play the live version: youre welcome, youtubers, thats, how you do it yep back to you? Okay, all right! So next, in the news, we have a new technology that uses lidar uh that will incorporate a quadcopter that is uh one of these drone in the box, video or drove the box, drones, weatherproof, docking, etc. But this drone is designed to go out and clean uh solar panels clean it of of dirt and debris, and so you can imagine these huge solar fuel. Our solar panel fields itd probably be very difficult to go out and clean all of those solar panels, so they have automated it using a drone. It doesnt look as it sprained. Well, solar panel cleaning, fluid of course. Of course, this does. This looks like a mock up. It doesnt look like its actually doing it. Have they done this? Is this a thing yet? Is it happening or is they just looking for? Well, the drone manufacturer is aerobotics its an israeli firm uh. The company is solar drone. That is the one thats uh that theyre collaborating with um, and so i dont think its available. Yet i think its something thats still in development. Im. Sorry, jason, of course, its its solar panel cleaning, fluid dont, use the fence cleaning fluid on this or the window cleaner.

You need that specific solar panel, the other part else, meg, had put it in the chat. I was watching the chat he mentioned. You know ken. It is a drone in a box, it is, i get flashbacks youre done yeah. I think we shared that last week. Actually yeah yeah, you missed it with my my boy band beard, theres, so many drones involved. I remember that yeah. I think i was live for that one i cant remember you were you were yeah. I was on for that one yep, that was our boy band special yeah thats right news were gon na get an exclusive look at a new killer, drone thats small enough to fit into a backpack. Oh, my goodness. It doesnt fire a missile. It is the missile. This is about the size of a toy drone. I bought my 12 year old a few years ago. The switchblade can be carried into battle in a backpack and launched miles away from a threat. Once a target is identified, the switchblade can find it and kill it in minutes watching aerovironment the drones manufacturer showed us how an operator, starting our turn, can put a switchblade through the window of a truck onboard cameras capture the moment before impact. How far away was the switchblade when it took that picture about three meters from the target at about six thousand dollars? Each the switchblade costs a fraction of the hundred and fifty thousand dollar hellfire missiles fired from larger military drones, a new kind of weapon, presenting a new kind of risk both abroad and at home.

I dont know, but that uh that kind of technology looks like. I want to stop you here, real quick im thinking about something here, ken yep, nine thousand dollars for a sony drone or six thousand dollars for a drone that i can use to piss off my neighbors or or or it looked like a couple pair of tube Socks would fit in there. You know take out the bomb socks take out the bomb you can put a third pair in there youre good to go. It could be like a t, shirt cannon at concerts, ken your cat, its a good six thousand dollar investment right. There im telling you oh yeah, wow well, is that gon na be available on amazon soon or what jeff for it to be available on amazon, uh, thats gon na be available. Im checking yes, thats going to be available on kablamazon. Thank you im here all week. Try the veal, try, the veal good night Applause go amazon, all right all right! So next, in the news, artisans uh in woodstock, new hampshire uh each year builds 20 million pound ice attractions called ice castles, and this year they decided that they were going to show off the ice castles using a drone. Oh, that is cool its hard to tell scale, though, is there? How big are these things? Is there well theyre harvesting and hand placing up to 10 000 icicles per day to build these things, and they are big enough for you to walk through.

They have crawl spaces and slides and tunnels. Um the color, the led co led lights in them, will change colors um. It is set up sort of like a winter wonderland and um its there. They have a an instagram page um and its called the mystic forest light, walk okay, so hold on hold on my producers. Talking me in my ear again, im being told next year has been canceled because the crew that builds these ice castles have discovered women. Oh thats, a shame, thats a shame wow. How many more stories do i have how many, how many we got a couple more. We got a good job, keep going, you can do it. Buddy, im, im working the class isnt gone yet all right come on. Man lets get to. We got to get vic moss on hes waiting, very yeah important guys, keep talking all right go ahead. Yeah home depot has decided that they need to do an fpv fly through. Well sure. Why not? I mean they released this recently and its the home depots. Santa eye view is what they call it santa eye view. I love the really well organized ones. This looks like its one of those like everybody in the store is involved in it, but the pilot is very good as well. Imagine the really good the planning that goes that goes into this and well just fly by that old ladys head and shell, ignore it.

You know, and and the sound design on this is very important as well to really sell it. You know Music theres been so many of these, but im still. This is one of the better ones, though oh yeah, i love the one at the mercedes stadium is awesome, but this is pretty well done, because very rarely are there. People involved, oh you have. This is a everybody in that store is involved in this. Oh, i know theyre all involved, but theyre all orchestrated and told to walk to this spot. Yeah. Look at this guy hold that reef hold the wreath right there yeah. This is a its well orchestrated, yeah yeah people watching is going. Oh, i could do that ill. Go down to lowes and do it um. This is no, please dont do that yeah! This is a massive massive effort and it probably takes this isnt, just some guy who showed up in the parking lot saying: hey complete my drone through story today. If you want no and what were not hearing is people on the radio people on a bullhorn yelling ear comes. You know that kind of thing exactly and uh try to get a try to get a young kid to ignore a drone that was well done. Yeah good job little kid, because that was a risk right there. You know we got. Oh, we got a. We got a five year old, all right. Five year old, youre gon na ruin, our entire production just ignore the drone.

What you mean the brightly colored flying thing, okay, ill, give it a shot well, and the other thing is that this is one of the first times that weve seen a major retailer. Do something like this. I mean weve had uh the the ones that were drawn done by groups that would get uh, say a bowling alley or someplace to agree to let them to fly through, but this is home depot. This is a major national retailer who knows that this type of an advertising gimmick right is something that will attract attention, and you know what – and i just wanted to jump through the liability, hoops and legality hoops and everything else right, because they had to run that Up they had to run that up the corporate ladder and so that yeah to me just says that home depot is way cooler than lowes well. At the same time, matt bagwell just put in the chat hes, never seen so many people working at home depot at one time. That is true. That is so true. Yeah, try to find an orange vest when youre looking for some uh ten penny nails or whatever right exactly all right, jim all right. So next ken this story is made for you, it was it was. It was sculpted for you. This came from one of our viewers who i have on facebook, and he shared this with me and said that ken needed to see this because ken has such a high uh anticipation for delivery drones.

Oh so in russia, yeah organics delivery. Drones are ground, based delivery. Drones you can tell that theyre doing a great job in the snow. Oh, okay, all right lets see these little things. Oh dear, oh, oh, oh, it appears that theyre stuck oh theyre trying to get through the snow. They they cant move. Nobody thought to put little chains on them, uh or or possibly clear the path – maybe i i dont know uh, but yeah heres heres about a dozen of them that will never reach there. Oh thats awesome your package just says out for delivery all day. Youre, just refreshing, youre refreshing that browser all day. Oh nothing, i i wish i ill redo this video and and give them little little voices. You know like oh get out of my room, that is so its so cute its cute and yeah. They look like little mini. They need some drone eyes thats what they need. They definitely need that and they need somebody to give them a nudge. You know just get out there. Can you imagine uh back at uh back at uh, back at headquarters, Music, the little drones are stuck in snow. What do we do? Hey i dont know lets send out more of them. Yes, we already have like five or six of them stuck lets. Send out more with that big group of stuck little drones, itd be fun. Okay, now all of our little drone cars are stuck what we do: vodka Music Laughter, that was a good russian impersonation.

Thank you! Well, yeah russian accent im good at that all right. So last last, in the news and this one ive saved for last, because this is insane its unbelievable, it is incredible. I had to watch this about five different times sunset. Sweden is a youtube channel who posted this video of a drone, and this is the la palma. Video weve talked about la palma. I dont know how many times, but this drone touches the lava and survives, and this is what a mini two, i believe well have to look at it, its a mini one or mini two, its back, but it looks like its a mini too yeah, but look At the whole mountain is in fuego its its erupting up at top theres theres magma. Why would you i guess, if youre going to risk a drone, if youre going to risk losing a drone, you want to lose like a 400 one, but look i wouldnt get this close, but how do you get the footage back? You know well heres well hold on yeah, the camera stopped working uh or he what he lost signal. Oh and it tried to land on the lava, and it tried to look at this. Oh, my god, can you imagine, look at this its in the lava, its freaking insane. You know how hot that is this wasnt on purpose, this parks on purpose? No, this is not on purpose. No, the drone is trying to find a place to land.

He thought the drone was on yeah yeah, he thought it was gone and when he got signal back, that was what blew his mind and look. He got it back. Look at this and the props im surprised. The props are the first thing to go. Look at that no way that is insane that the props – and that is a two i think, wow yeah sunset. Sweden – is a youtube channel. He deserves all the credit in the world for giving us probably one of the greatest la palma videos. Yet that is absolutely that might be one of the best of 2021 ive seen a lot like yeah. He only has about a thousand subscribers. He deserves uh a lot more theres, a link in the description to the full video. I did edit it down a little bit but uh yeah thank him for uh for sharing or allowing us to yeah. That drone has a name. The drone is called little falcon so well, it was pops out. It was all it. It was all falcon, melted up. Wasnt it yeah. I hope he saves that drone and and holds on to it forever, because you can send that in to uh dji karen refresh, but i wouldnt just keep it scared just mount that thing. I will buy him a new drone and he sends that to me ill put it in the museum. Yeah yeah, its cool in the jeffersonian yeah dont dont, be crazy.

Yeah awesome all right, jeff! Well, thanks for that wonderful news report, as always. Thank you, sir. Okay. Thanks for stopping by now get out this video lovingly sponsored by remotepilot101.com. If you are serious about making money with your drone, whether it be photography or fpv. Well then, youre going to need from the faa a 14 cfr, part 107 certification and the best place to study for that certification is remotepilot101.com. Jason shepard is a pilot and author of eight best selling aviation flight training books and yes, taking tests suck especially government tests, but jason breaks it down into 10 easy lessons into little digestible pieces that even someone like me can learn from and if i can do It you can do it by golly. Each lesson is streamlined, theres, no fluff, everything you need to know for the test and nothing more plus its regularly updated. So if something new comes out, a new regulation or the faa just has a mood swing. Jason, let you know about it, get the knowledge become a part. 107 certified drone operator theres, never been a better time to get certified so get the smarts. You need to pass that test at remotepilot101.com use heron 18 to get 30 off that knocks the price down to 104 bucks. Look at that boom magic time.