Newsosphere lets see whats happening with jeff sills whats, going on buddy. Well its been uh. I guess a busy week, both uh from the news standpoint. Ive got good news and ive got bad news, so well start with uh stuff that everybodys familiar with so uh. There were 30 tornadoes that rip through six states, arkansas illinois kentucky mississippi, missouri and tennessee doing damage across 227 miles. We have footage from several of those different uh locations that were hardest hit um. This is mayfield mayfield area, yeah yeah. This is actually where i bank at believe it or not – that big building right there thats, where i bank yeah. This is the footage from me and senator westerfield, who we will talk to here in a little bit um. This is in case youre curious from a mavic 3. um, and there is now a tfr over this entire area. Um, temporary flight restriction yeah anything about that jason like how long thats gon na last or anything um i dont know i can look that up um. I last count i had it went through the 16th uh, which is today, but i i im more than sure theyve extended it by now so yeah yeah. Let me go ahead and uh actually uh whitney sent me the uh notice, the the no tam ive got it pulled up here. Im yeah me being a uh, a manned pilot and all ive got the stuff its uh.

It goes until uh, the 19th at uh, 12 uh p.m, central standard time, oh yeah, okay, its 2500 feet and below. Okay. All right, thank you, jeff all right yeah, and we have more so we had. We had footage from mayfield as well as some footage from dawson springs. Kentucky um that also was hard, was pretty hard hit. Yeah this this is from uh senator westerfield as well. He was in dawson springs, filming this on the day and uh. Well, have him on here in just a little bit to talk about all of this, and i think we also have some footage from bowling green as well yeah. What do you have any stats on bowling green? I mean uh thats, the problem, the the the stats, everything that i found there theyre combining the stats from all different all the six states, um, so its kind of hard to get individual stuff for the different individual communities. I know that power outages in the area are affecting uh 77 000 people in one state and another 25 to 50 000 and some of the other states um it its. This is just going to be a massive impact to the region, its going to take them. Quite a while to to recover from this, you can see the storm track from space. Have you seen those images i wish i had thought to pull it up, but uh you can see yeah. I have not seen the images from space.

I would love to see that well have to love to capture that for uh next week and um, the amazon warehouse was yeah. It was expected what was interesting. The new york times put out a before and after showing uh what the amazon warehouse looked like before and then what it looked like after it was. It was impressive. There were seven individuals that were lost at this facility. There was also a candle factory that got hit that had quite a few injuries as well, that that was in mayfield thats, a huge building, yeah metal buildings in general arent built to withstand these kind of storms, but yeah theres uh. What it looked like before. Yes, sir, and then after wow, you know, ive seen a lot of images of that candle factory and i and and its the thing that just i dont know what it blows my mind about. It is that it didnt blow out like in a tornado. You always think everythings like blowing away and stuff it just kind of collapsed on itself, and all those people were in there, its just just tragic yeah, well, on a brighter knowledge or a brighter news. The faa has decided that they wanted to get out uh. The message for all of those people that are going to be getting drones for christmas, uh thats, a great segue thats, a great video thats, a wonderful segue, hey lets just change gears there, a little bit uh.

This is from the fa. There are going to be a lot of new and i call them pilots theyre going to be drone owners, but you know until you take the trust until you take your test and get some knowledge youre not going to be a pilot youre going to be just A drone owner, but uh yeah heres the little and theyre always doing these like powerpoint cartoony campaigns, Music. Where can we see this? Is this just on their website? Their website yeah im hearing an echo somebody have a website by the way uh somebody needs headphones. Im. Hearing an echo uh, so this is okay, so these are the basics: thats good, just the basics, yeah yeah and its good information for new flyers. This is going to be on the faas uas page, and it will you know and – and you know, encourage people to take the trust test. Um and you know, follow the rules about keeping your drone in sight flying below 400 feet, respecting privacy et cetera yeah. You could you could tell what kind of budget the faa had sketching. I got an idea, powerpoint yeah. They used the best computer they could find in all of oklahoma and to to build that animation. It was very nice, oh yeah. Well, whatever the windows 95 machine can handle well youre, there im surprised, youre, not still using nt or whatever it is windows 7, whatever its called, i dont know dos my uncle is in in the air force and uh he.

He always mentioned that there was death by powerpoint every place, just powerpoint yeah all right. So next, in the news this is out of san francisco. The antioch police uh had an issue where uh they had a lockdown with a man with a gun and during the uh during the issue, the man decided he was gon na. Take a crack at the drone. Oh dear responded, just after one this afternoon to the home near james, donland, boulevard and hummingbird drive that man barricaded himself inside the house and according to authorities, fired several shots inside the home, as well as at a police drone. Now the antioch police swat team has responded here along with brentwood police and pittsburgh police and the contra costa county sheriffs office. Police are asking people in this immediate area to stay inside. For the time being, and close and lock, their windows and doors were obviously following. The latest developments here as soon as we learn more on this situation, well pass it along to you, wow its good to have uh good to have that drone up there from the police. Drones are jones are just so handy man. They are yeah im getting an echo and i cant stand it. What whos got the echo? Who is it? I dont im, not sure all right. I dont think its me because im shutting my microphone off and im, not talking so dont, do that. I want you to talk.

Man come on. I dont wan na get yelled at ken. I i have a very im im like a dew colored covered lily, im very, very uh. You know we cant melt the snowflake youre right, thats right back to you. I dont want to get my feelings hurt here, all right, so next virginia tech, great undergraduates, have come up with a. I guess a really incredible new project born straight out of sci fi movies theyre, using a 3d printing system, thats capable of autonomously autonomously, creating a drone that as soon as the drones fabrication process is finished on the printer, the drone can fly away. What come on now to really make this a compelling product? Not only are we trying to 3d print the drone as weve done in the past, but make a fully created product in one single envelope, so not only so were creating the chassis for the drone. Putting the electronics in or enclosing it and then were releasing it into the world, so additive manufacturing on its own is the future of manufacturing thats. Where were going now, 3d printing is revolutionizing the parts we can build and reducing the complexity and cost, but we want to look at what the future of additive is beyond, where it is now, and the future of that is is robotic arm 3d, printing, ah robotic Arm 3d, printing yeah and this things going to do the the frame the drone, the wiring.

I mean everything its just going to completely assemble everything for the drone. Where you can just take it off the table and fly it itll print motors it will. It will mount the motors – oh, oh, okay, okay, so the arm builds everything. The arm builds everything it prints it and then installs the motors and stuff yeah that thats interesting, yeah, im im. Think thats going to be great because you know smaller drone businesses that want to get started. They can go and customize how the machine makes the drones to make different models, and so it opens up a new way of of drone manufacturers, especially the fbv drone manufacturers. To be able to get out and manufacture drones on maps yeah, but when the arm realizes it can build itself another arm and then, while its at it, why not build a leg and another leg and maybe a head? I mean you know, skynet is born it. It becomes self aware and were all screwed and then robots like you know what im tired of building all these drones im gon na go, find sarah connor jeff come on. I will say, though it is, it is really remarkable. The things they built with those 3d printers – that is, i mean because in the future, were not going to be buying parts for stuff anymore, were just going to be buying like blueprints and were going to print it off. On our little 3d printer yeah itll be thingiverse and amazon all the time, yeah all right.

So the faa announced that drone operators – you know they have permission to fly their drones, farther than line of sight at night and its bad enough that theyre flying around in class g airspace during uh the broad daylights um. So theyve worked a deal with nasa to develop an app that is going to be a drone detection system for class g airspace um. The nasa engineer intends to release a commercial version of this that can be loaded onto a tablet, but it would assist them in being able to start tracing down and monitoring or detecting drones that fly into class g airspace uh and make that area safer, especially near Okay, so so its going to be literal, drone police is that what did he freeze isnt, that what the new ads b stuff is for just a drone, i mean this isnt going to benefit us right. This is right. Jeff. Is that what im hearing yeah this is going to be an app that can be downloaded onto a tablet? It doesnt say whose tablet it just says that its going to be a commercial version that can be downloaded or downloaded onto a tablet to help detection of drones in class g airspace. Okay, okay, okay, let me uh im. Let me turn it into ken stradamus, real, quick, um. Okay, this will never happen. Okay, all right youre welcome, see, say enough to worry about it. If i say it its true, you can take that to the bank with your dreams.

I dont know you know it. Wasnt, you know those who dont know im a manned pilot if you ive been on the channel before so in case some of you seen me, i see uh i i years ago i would have said that adsb for general aviation aircraft was never going to work, But its coming and before you know it theres gon na these, these drones are gon na start, showing up on on apps, like flightaware im gon na be able to see where every wherever theyre, at its its coming kind of i dont mind. If manned pilots can see where my drone is, i dont mind if the police can see where my drone is its karen next door, im worried about yeah, youre spying on me again um, then she just gets on some app remote id adsb. Whatever you want to call it e, i e i o out of hell with you just fly safely anyway, back to the i digress and scene. Thank you all right, all right. So back in 2017, in las vegas there was a horrible mass shooting and 21 year old blake resnick was affected by it enough that he went and created a company called brink, which would help law enforcement agencies through the use of non violent robots. So in the process, their company developed a quadcopter which is now helping police defuse potentially dangerous hostage situations by uh tasing them. They say what tasing them and he recently got into hot water when he pitched the idea of using his drones to tase migrants Laughter.

Okay, all right, okay, yeah, and he wanted to. He wanted to make his drones available to be used at the border to tase migrants. So there you go. I dont know how well its going to work out for him, but he has a 25 million dollar contract that is being used to help develop and improve these non violent robots that his company makes so be interested to see how it happens, but tasing drones there. You go thats just next one. Let me know just out of curiosity. Let me know in the chat whos been tased. Has anybody watching ever been tased? I have you been tased, yes, ive been taking. Have you by who? What happened? Uh, i we. We were uh. Basically, at a demonstration and domestic domestic disaster, you went after the cops domestic dispute. You were drunk, you didnt mean it. It took a couple cops to get you down youre one of those bigger guys. So you need two pair of handcuffs and theyre trying to do that and then you broke free and then they had to bring you down jeff. It sounds like hes speaking from experience, maybe of his own is that am i getting ahead of the story? Yeah. My story was far more boring than that one, so ill go with it. Okay, oh so you were at a demonstration where they said yeah. It was a police demonstration and they asked for a volunteer to get tased, and so i was young and stupid and figured okay.

What the heck all right ill do it. I think they still make the any the police get tased just so they can see what its like uh, everybody that carries. A taser has been tased, i think thats the rule or maybe its, not a its a gentlemans agreement like you just shoot the departments and uh the mps. The military police also do yeah. So i have a detective friend of mine who um got tased on the air at a radio station right in front of me. It had those prongs right and one of them went right into his nipple. Oh yeah, do you think they tased you as a demonstration? Do you think theyre tasing you with the same intensity that theyre going to tase a perp with i i i dont really know i mean i this was you know 20 plus years ago i mean it was back when tasers were sort of in their infancy. Um. Most people had the little handheld tasers with the little knobs on them. That would come up and touch you and the contact. One of those myself, i thought was great just right. You know theres contact, tasers and then theyre the ones that have the prongs that you know in case of perps running or something and then you can. You can zits them again. It does an automatic amount and then, if he still youre like thats, why they stand there like. Okay, you better cooperate and then youll zoot you again with it.

Anyway. I could talk about tasers thats, a real word, its yeah thats, a real go ahead. Next, in the nose swiss drones, a company that develops and manufactures long range, unmanned helicopter systems recently incorporated their drones to be used on ships to watch for pirates um. They have basically a helicopter style drone and you know the the large uh cargo ships that would pass by areas that were that were notorious for pirates. You know they wouldnt really see the pirates until the pirates were the visual range of the ships, so theyve developed. This uav system that can be launched from the ship and it can fly an autonomous route and extreme, extend the pattern or the perimeter of what theyre visually able to see approaching the ships so that they have uh a better chance of either avoiding the pirates or To be more prepared for them, okay – and i know you wanted me to play some pirate music yard. I i jus im, not gon na talk like a pirate, its tempting as it is nope not gon na. Do it nope? No, you can play the music all you want im, not gon na. Do it im not gon na youre, not gon na play. Youre, not gon na talk like a pirate. Are you actually ken herron im gon na make you walk the plank all right next story? Next story: all right next story: uh, so not only did we have the the tornadoes, but in sicily they had an amazing gas explosion.

That happened in a central area and we have this drone footage thats the aftermath of the sicilian gas uh explosion. Oh my god. Three people were killed, six others were reported missing, two people were found alive under the rubble um and the rescue workers were still continuing at the time of the posting of this video to search through the rubble for more survivors, but that is a large gas explosion. In a very tight area – wow but yeah i mean those houses are those those buildings are probably extremely old, um and so yeah. You noticed how the walls were like leaned over in sort of a nice little uh lay down pattern from the edge of the blast. Yeah, they dominoed for sure thats, sad, thats, very sad, okay. So next we have uh one that i thought was very very funny: uh, oxfordshire, countryside, the uk police use parrot drones and recently, one of their parent drones to the tune of seven thousand dollars, was being operated at night above a quarry to support search operations and The pilot had completed all his pre flight checks, he checked the weather and, as he positioned the drone over the quarry, it disappeared. Um it flew off, it fell into the it flew off uh. The pilot tried to activate the return to home function, but the drone did not return to home uh. It was found later in a childrens playground, the next day miles away from where they were.

Did it land in the childrens playground or did a child find it somewhere landed in the childrens playground? It was undamaged three miles away ah, and that was it that was an offi yeah. There was a parrot parrot, another uh, its the, i guess, the commercial grade – and this was the uk. The uk civil aviation authority is uh going to do an investigation on this to try to figure out why what was the uh? The model number i shouldnt buy. What was that Laughter? Oh man, oh thats, im glad it landed and they were able to get it back, but uh that it shouldnt do that seven thousand dollars. You would think it would come home right, but was it? Was it a quarry full of copper? Ah, no okay yeah, they were just you know they were doing a search and a search and rescue issue. Uh situation. Okay, i bought a seven thousand dollar designer dog once and it wound up in a childrens playground as well yeah all right. So the next and final story of the evening is ken just for you, because i know how excited you are about drone deliveries and how you are very confident about the ability for drones to come to your home and deliver for you. So this company is going to deliver your drone to your house inside okay, you might have heard them buzz or seen them overhead, but imagine these robots on a special medical mission.

We are building telehealth drone that will have the ability to go inside peoples homes. You heard right inside the home something that no one has been able to accomplish before thats, very, very challenging from technology point of view, because once you go inside peoples homes, you lose connection with the gps university of cincinnati engineers are designing and testing special sensors. That would allow the drones to maneuver through a front door into a patients living room carrying a tablet or smartphone and access a special medical kit attached to the drone. So they could measure and transmit health information well be able to get a read on their heart rate. Well, be able to know what is their oxygen levels in their body its going to let older people stay at home for for longer time, more independently landing. A drone safely in your living room, these researchers hope it will be all science and not fiction, oh my god. Okay, so whats, your heart rate, going to be when a drone is flying around your living room. Okay, all right so im trying to im trying to ask myself one question: how many of these people who are in the process of developing this drone have seen any of the drone crash videos of people trying to fly a drone indoors? Well, i mean even if they have lidar or whatever the hell on it, nobodys its just not gon na hap, its, not gon na happen, and these people are getting investors i need.

I need to come up with some bs thing. I need to get in on investors where, where are all these ignorant investors, i need some in my corner holy crap. Do i even need to ken stradamus again that wont ever happen? Do i even need to say it i mean if you think that youre going to develop a drone, thats going to be viably, fine and delivering and measuring peoples heart rates inside of peoples homes? Then you are a king of okay yeah. I did hear about a bakery, though, once that created a drone that would deliver uh to peoples homes, but it sounded to me like it was a pie in the sky kind of thing. I mean i mean yeah Laughter, fine, this guy um, so uh jeff. Do you agree with me uh chat. Do you agree with me? Is that something that youd like to see? Would you like to accompany to to send a ekg on a drone to your grandmother? No, your thoughts, jeff im, trying to figure out, i mean what happens if it gets to the house and theres nobody to open the front door or i mean just anything anything. Are you saying grandmas already checked out at this point? What if yeah yeah right, i mean grandma, sees a a robot that wants to touch her uh at the door, shes gon na drop over what, if a toddler answers the door? What if the props get stuck in a long haired dogs hair, i mean just anything: how do they know when the drone is at the door? Does it like bump into the door to knock or do it? Oh well, its got a little robot finger that comes out and hits your your doorbell ding dong, thats, thats thats.

How it does, of course, is hitting your doorbell or your ding dong, no, its hitting both oh yeah, its its its going to hit your doorbell and now thats. Of course, thats going to be another 20 000 to invest. You can give that money right to me and ill, give it to the the people we have to have that robot finger come out, i mean just think you could proctology at home. You can ring the doorbell, then do the proctology stuff theres, all kinds of the future is going to be super fun anyway, all right, um. I know this. This senator is sitting there watching this going. Oh god, what did i agree to um yeah? Wait. You know. I apologize senator. I apologize, i know, cover the cures. Kids ears, um weve got a lot more uh super chats coming in for kentucky, and i thank you very much well well get to those but right now. I just want to thank you jeff for the clear and concise news. As always. Thank you very, very much. Thanks for stopping by now get out. We should probably mention isnt it a great place. It is a great place. Tell us about your place, jason. So remote pilot 101, no one has uh prepared more part 107 pilots than us and youll be pleased. Those of you who are current customers now uh youre, going to be experiencing version three uh and a brand new learning management system in about two weeks.

So the best just keeps on getting better remote 101 use co, promo code haron 18, which, by the way ken yeah i cant brag on you enough. When we search promo codes. You know me im all about our marketing and everything else. Heron 18 is the most used promo code, your people, listen to you, ken yay. Thank you people. I appreciate that and youve been very busy updating the lessons too, because theres theres, not a every video, has gotten a facelift. Theres 76 videos in there every single one has gotten a facelift. The course has gone from um nine hours to almost 12 hours now, theres. Just so much new content were always trying to innovate. Push new content now with all um the recurrent test. Changing so much were like wow, we just launched our new course. We need to fix it now, so were were back to that. I was just reviewing some of the stuff our writers sent over earlier for some of the content and theres some more great stuff coming out here soon as well and uh. You take actual questions that uh test takers. Give you uh and kind of incorporate those in the in the quizzes too right so theyre actual faa questions. We have a ton, a ton of data on that. No doubt so yeah and i always share you know this. Can we have? I call them the boot camps at the end where i share.

This is a question youre going to see on your knowledge test lets not memorize. It lets understand the why behind it uh, but just preparing for the knowledge test. You know this, though ken i want you to be safe in the real world. My mission isnt just to pass a test. I want you safe when youre out there flying fpv whatever it is, so you can be uh a light and be a mentor to everybody else. Thats out there wondering about what this new drone space is, even though its not that new, but to many it is so new.