Um so well. Give you guys some fun news this week: okay, uh. First, we start off with an australian man who was having a great time with his drone and then had this reaction. Oh yes, Music, yeah, so thats fun, oh yeah, yeah, oh thats, not fun! Oh! Wait! What happened? Oh just, go in after it thats all i got it. I got it and then just throw it. Thats, fine, thats, fine! Well, just throw it in there yeah you, you get all nervous and worried about losing your drone and then you toss it into the boat its just, but you, but you know what that is that thats, because he needs the body for care refresh. Oh right, so he knows its dead because its gone in the salt water so now hes just throwing it just so hes got the body to send back. Is it is it dead? I mean, could you dry that out or would it ruin it? Would you would you ever trust it again or would you just say no youre right, youre, right, yeah, youre right, i wouldnt trust it now if it was fresh water, would you trust it? Maybe it was fully submerged so probably not probably not yeah cool all right. All right, so, a year ago, we shared with you guys a video of the russians trying to demonstrate a new mail system that they were going to use with drones and that drone spun off and slammed into the side of the building.

Five seconds after it was launched so this year, theyre back at it again. Oh this is the new russian postal service testing mail deliveries by uav in the far north yamal region. The regular services are due to start in 2024, and that is a very serious drone. Yeah yeah and uh is that battery powered or gas. No, that that definitely looks to be a drone that is not gon na be value. Powered thats, thats gon na have an engine its more like a helicopter. You know so, but its definitely going to have extended range and accepted extended, lift capabilities uh, but the yamal region is, you know, very, very uh, sparse, so and and youre talking huge distances to be able to deliver that stuff. That could be a very useful tool to them now that theyre, you know showing that at least that one works and doesnt fly into the side of a building right, so yeah all right. So next in the news, australia is getting ready for 2022, with their new years eve celebrations this year, going to be with drones like beacons in the night sky. Its hoped a swarm attracts a flock of revelers. We send out hope this was the effort above edinburgh scotlands hogmanay 2020, its been some time since we shared anything with the rest of the world, but this new years doc lance breaks new ground. The impressive light show to feature above victoria harbour before the traditional fireworks showcase cracks open 2022.

every time, theres something going on. We try to go into the cbd, adam getty, nine news. Thank you adam. By the way. How long will it be? How many years do we have to endure these these puns from these people? I know this year the is going to be up in the air and they think theyre so clever. They think theyre, the first person i know it is spacing as well. It was like so this year, theres going to be a drone show in the harbour, but watch any any is particularly here in the united states, any small town news its like uh. You know they always start. You know the sheriffs departments, new new uh drone is flying high. You know i was like like just just do the news knucklehead? Ah, they want to be special yeah yeah, all right. So speaking of special disney is building a facility uh or a new. A fantasy springs facility in tokyo. Recently we got this drone footage of of the development of this facility and its sort of a time lapse of the buildings being built in the area. So right now its an fpv park yep, it is going to be a huge park still in fpv park, a better fpv park now yep yep, yep, uh, huh, yep and then even better fpv park. Oh yeah, now the fantasy springs, expects to open in 2023 and its going to have some extremely elaborate buildings and very extensive theming um.

And if im not mistaken, i think they had some information as to which its doing frozen tangled peter pan are are some of the the highlights its also going to have a deluxe uh hotel there, as well, so pretty cool. That is pretty cool yeah thats going to be. I like, i, like the the time, lapse, videos they do with drones. It really does give you an interesting perspective of how things develop. You know what would be a really great time. Lapse is if you set up a a wire that encircled your whole construction site and then just had one of these creeping cameras go around it for the months that youre building. Could you not give people ideas? Ive got ive, got four contracts of going back to construction sites at the moment to take drone shots as the weeks and months go by. Can you not give people really cheap ideas of how to do it? Please, oh right! Sorry about that me. Thank you! Practical ideas i flamethrower or recently did a video uh showing off their flamethrower and what better way to do it is with an fpv drone. You know this is very similar to the one that nert did. I think ner used the same kind of technology. Yeah im not sure but yeah the throw flame, uh flamethrowers. If you go to their website, they theyve got some pretty extensively cool flamethrowers, so you can just go there and rent a flamethrower.

You can go there and buy one okay. This country is getting better and better every single day i can. I can, as a private citizen, i can buy a fire engine and then go get one of these and create my own fire to put out with my own fire engine. Heck yeah man, heck yeah Applause. Could you love it sean? Could you rent a flamethrower in the uk, no, no and in actual fact its illegal to even bring in um elon musks little pretend flamethrower we couldnt even buy those. I know you cant even have knives over a certain length right, yeah, no, no thats, right yeah, because obviously we dont have guns. So therefore, the next thing you go down the auditor, then they had to ban knives as well, because that then became the the weapon of choice. I have a couple questions for you and our british uh guest tonight. Awesome. Yes, its gon na be fun when you guys get down to the point of banning forks and spoons. Let me know: well, they cant they. They just use sporks over there right its sports sports. Only in the uk, its cultural differences, yeah thats. All it is all right, so next in the news this one is, i ive got no explanation for this one. This is called the dronut x1 drone ass. Let me just say: rotors are safely inside the body. Let me just say: i love this already, just because of the pun, name dronut.

Whoever came up with that. There was a meeting where theyre all gathering around okay. We got this. We got this thing uh. What do you want to call it dronut and theyre like cheering? I bet yeah larry, great idea, so do you think they come up with the name before the drone or the drone before the name? I think they probably did yeah. So the drone, the drone nut, features two counter rotating rotors that are stacked one above the other inside the drone um. It has a 1080 by 1080p 30 frames per second video uh capability for video streaming it records in 4k footage. It has four led spotlights to provide illumination um on one 40 minute charge of its removable lithium battery its good flight time for 12 minutes, and this wonderful drone is available to you and more likely a business for nine thousand eight hundred dollars im. Sorry, how much that would be nine thousand eight hundred, oh man, so you could get three mavic threes, four, four and a half! You can get two and a half cines youre, paying nine thousand eight hundred dollars for a drone that has uh a video streaming capability. Equivalent to a phantom three with a flight time that is a quarter of every other yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah blah blah blah, but its called the drone nut for 9 800. I guess you can call it anything. You want yeah yeah, all right so going on with goofy.

Next we have the drone deck mailbox. This was designed to securely accept deliveries by drone, okay and uh. I may have changed the music, because this is completely and utterly ridiculous. Tell us more about this thing that will never exist all right, so drone deck is an indianapolis based company. Is it uh making a smart mailbox securely anchored to the ground, yeah and theyve done this, and this is a thing now yeah, no design is uh supposed to be able to act as a mailbox, but also, if you have deliveries yeah, it would sense the drone And then the drone would be able to deposit the oh boy, the deliveries into the box. Oh that sounds fun. Look at all the that you have to do just to get a package Music, its got a hook, its got a sliding thing: what could go wrong? Music: hey! Oh, why? Why do they just? Why do they do this? Is this youre even telling people where the drone is going to deliver, so you just got to sit there with a with a hook in your car and just hook the thing out: the sky thats it the wire hanging down? Yes, i dont even know somebody will spoof theyll spoof the signal theyll get somebody elses mail, whatever it is, and then, but here heres a bit. Oh its got. Flashy lights, flashy lights, get away from me. Theres, a package dont steal me: ive got flashy lights and then whats.

This, oh, is this a wheeled vehicle. Is this just just put it in the truck to begin with, so so this is. This is a 150 000 to deliver your pop socks, yeah one box, one box. That will never happen. Okay, it seems to be a bit complicated. I mean. Let me just i hate to be the poo poo. You know but, but you know just a little dose of reality here and then you just drop it in the truck. I just put it in the bleep and bleep truck okay, all right and im done and back to you in the newsroom all right. So the israelis, my favorite, at coming up with new and exciting ways to use drones and military stuff, have come up with this new rook system, which is a multi payload 6×6 unmanned ground vehicle thats, fully autonomous, but also has a deployable multicopter drone that works with It oh cool now, so this is their next little. I guess major piece of on field components to to put out with the military um and it dispatches the the drone as sort of a remote weapon system or uh. You know acts as a visual observer, so you can deploy a drone from a drone. I mean that thats, what those little six wheeled thingies are theyre drones. Yeah i mean the boston robotics had the one that was uh sort of like uh an ox, so it had the four legs that it would follow.

The troops around it was autonomous. This one uses is a wheeled vehicle that will essentially follow the troops, carry equipment. Stuff like that for them, but also allow them to deploy this drone, thats, really cool yeah israeli israelis come up with some really cool stuff, so i gave him credit thats neat, yeah wow. So could that one be a force multiplier? It could be a force, a multiplier soldier, good job. I want just that that little weird thing i dont care about the drone. I want that i mean take the guns, take the guns off of it right its got different attachments. Does it have like just a seat attack? Can you put a seat up there, so i can ride around? Oh there we go there, we go. Oh there, we go all right, very good, okay yeah! That was cool all right. So next to the news on november 21st, uh some some ladies on the santa cruz beach decided to start making piles of sand and different arrangements. Other people saw that they were doing this and they joined them, and this turned into a huge project that apparently just kept happening over a long period of time. A gentleman happened to be coming by saw this beautiful sand. Art took the drone up and filmed it and its an amazing little bit of spontaneous art ive seen here on a santa cruz beach ive seen their work in kansas in the cornfields, the crop circles ive seen that i mean now theyre doing it with sand.

Thats great gee, you know you know theres some people once all the people that made it are gone. Some tourist is like filming it for the first time. You know the aliens. Ah, you know, because it looks too complex for any one person to do, but that is neat. I think, its cool, that this was a sort of a spontaneous thing that was started by one person but then completed by many. I thought that was really cool. Yeah man thats neat, and you could really only appreciate it from the drone shot, yeah very cool, very cool, all right. So next we have the qatar drone show. This is them getting ready for the 2022 uh world cup and they have a drone show that they recently showed off getting excited for the next. Hey look: sean its a soccer ball sean! Look at that soccer ball sean! I dont care what you call it im! Just kidding i kid because i love: are you mad youre, not mad, that is cool any other deets there jeff is that it yeah its just uh. Basically, a drone show getting ready for the 2022 world cup – oh my goodness, and they had lasers too lasers and cluster drones. My goodness neat really cool all right last in the news yeah. If any of the members of this audience live in p ridge arkansas. You now have the ability to receive deliveries from walmart and drone maker zipline, oh with a 50 mile radius.

Oh cool one of those welcome inside the belly of flight operations, im in a platform built directly behind a walmart store as part of its new partnership with autonomous drone company zipline. As of today, folks, here in northwest arkansas can have their orders delivered by some of the most advanced flying technology in the world. Liam oconnor is ziplines chief operating officer. We have done over 220 000 commercial deliveries in overseas markets. For us, the promise of ultra fast delivery is really to give access to all kinds of communities to all kinds of products. Once a customer places an order via the zipline walmart. App items are packaged inside this, specially designed box with a parachute. So the first step were doing is scanning the package, so by now someones ordered something its been packaged up and now its in your hand, thats correct flight operations. Lead evan britton showed us how its launched next well install the parachute and load the package into the payload bay latches in the next step will be to install the battery its inspection, complete, zip line 963 Music watching zipline 963 in three two one. For now, these zips, as theyre called, are able to drop payloads within a 50 mile radius of p ridge arkansas, but walmart and zipline hope to one day expand the service nationwide each zip returns to home base and hooks itself to this suspension. Cable, normal recovery, zipline 963., where it awaits its next mission man, i cant wait.

Thats really close to me. I cant wait to get to get my uh 700 tube socks delivered to me. Okay, okay, all right all right! Let let me explain this again to everyone. This will not happen. This is a gimmick. This is walmart showing out to all the other superstores its like. Look at us. Look how cool we are bippidybop, it wont happen. It wont happen, jeff your thoughts theyre, using a technology that is true and trusted and proven in multiple countries, yep, and if they have a niche for a particular people, a particular audience to be able to receive their packages. This way more power to them. Your thoughts, sean, the zipline technology, is proven overseas in remote african countries, where it drops off medical supplies does an amazing job. Yes, but i think, dropping a parachute in an arkansas persons back garden when its when its when the hail is coming sideways or when theres a bit of a wind, that type of thing youre, basically starting a new competitive sport, which neighbor can steal the box first. Well, not just that, but any any number of uh law firms will be built around the the suits that they can file for yeah the noise, the the falling on your head. You know yeah, i i own walmart uh the box when it hit the ground even with the parachute. It was like right right. You know yeah yeah, not to mention the fact that you know history.

Doesnt, look kindly upon innovation. Lets just go. Lets just go ahead. A few years at what the video we just saw might look like in say: 50. 60, 70, 100 years dateline 2021, a company called walmart used to offer products rides on little airplanes. Oh walmart was one of the last product distribution centers, where customers would actually travel to enter and retrieve items themselves by hand. This was, of course, before china bought the united states, but more on that in another video for now lets enjoy these 2d images of blissfully ignorant merchants trying to cash in, on the thankfully short lived, drone delivery craze of the early 20s. Are there tube socks in that box? Well, they may need darning, because this delivery drone returned home with a few bullet holes in it. Thanks arkansas Laughter Applause, yeah. Why do i do the news? Why do you keep dragging me in here week to week? You set him up ill, knock him down jeff. That will never happen to me. Yeah. We will have drone delivery. What the minute zipline is in your neighborhood, i am buying you socks, yeah! Okay, if you want to buy me 700 tube socks, you have at it. Yes, absolutely: okay, what are people in the chat saying, yeah, yeah, yeah thatll, never happen. We. We had one comment which particularly upset me: um somebody uh, unlimited vertical great for delivering soccer balls. Stop it awesome! Well, jeff! Thank you so much and uh.

I am indeed most sincerely thankful on this thanksgiving for you and all of the news that you deliver consistently week after week after week. Thank you, sir youre welcome and its because of that that i will only show this picture for three four five seconds. Thank you. Jeff love, you mean it thanks for stopping by now get out. We should probably mention isnt it a great place. It is a great place. Tell us about your place, jason, so remote pilot 101, no one has uh prepared more part. 107 pilots than us and youll be pleased uh. Those of you who are current customers now uh youre gon na be experiencing version three uh and a brand new learning management system in about two weeks. So the best just keeps on getting better remotepilot101 dot com use code, promo code harry18, which, by the way ken yeah i cant brag on you enough. When we search promo codes. You know me im all about our marketing and everything else. Heron 18 is the most used promo code, your people, listen to you, ken yay. Thank you people. I appreciate that and youve been very busy updating the lessons too, because theres theres, not a every video, has gotten a facelift. Theres 76 videos in there every single one has gotten a facelift. The course has gone from um nine hours to almost 12 hours now, theres. Just so much new content were always trying to innovate.

Push new content now with all um the recurrent tests changing so much were like wow. We just launched our new course. We need to fix it now, so were were back to that. I was just reviewing some of the stuff our writers sent over earlier. For some of the content and theres some more great stuff coming out here soon as well and uh, you take actual questions that uh test takers. Give you uh and kind of incorporate those in the in the quizzes too right so theyre actual questions. We have a ton, a ton of data on that, no doubt so yeah and i always share you know this. Can we have, i call them the boot camps at the end, where i share this is a question youre going to see on your knowledge test. Lets not memorize, it lets understand the why behind it uh, but just to prepare them for the knowledge. Yes, you know this, though ken i want you to be safe in the real world. My mission isnt just to pass a test. I want you safe when youre out there flying fpv whatever it is, so you can be uh a light and be a mentor to everybody else. Thats out there wondering about what this new drone space is, even though its not that new, but to many it is so new.