Everything youd ever want to know about the drone industry from jeff sills whats happening buddy, Music im surprised nobody uh super chatted. You plain fuel funds, you know so that just in case you didnt get a taxi or anything that you keep. Oh, you want to go home when i got you back pick up my car and come back from chicago yeah youre, just an opportunity to do that. Yeah whats going on first in the news. The swedish transform transport agency recently certified the swedish transport aviation academy in london university as sweden and europes first authorized drone school. This new research project uh is part of a training program. Uh theyll be training drones to find missing people at sea and up in the mountains et cetera, and it is a certified flight school. So, if youre in that region and youre looking for drone certification or training check with the swedish academy of ada aviation yeah, this is a big deal for them up there. So thats great thats, great uh, next news for those of you that are fpv fans, uh. The drone racing league has now officially released their trailer for the drone racing league mobile app. Oh so this will be fun so um do you have to play it Music? Probably not vertically. Do you have to it looks like you have to i hate to say it fail right? If you have to play this game vertically its done its over forget it.

I cant support it. I cant uh. Why wait till wait well have to wait till were its available to see whether or not you can lay it down horizontal stop with the vertical video. Just stop our eyes. Go this way the the youtube shorts. Are they only vertical video youtube shorts? I know i did i havent done one yet, because i dont like people playing in my shorts, but uh ive seen a few and they look like theyre only vertical video, so just once again, just once again once again for reference our eyes, this way right, tvs, Thats, why our aspect ratio this video is 16×9, just just a little reminder from your friendly neighborhood triggered ken much as i hate to admit that he is right. So next, in the news, tank 106 is a tank as part of an oil finery in newfoundland, and it was taken out of service in 2014. Uh recently theyve used a drone to answer some questions about its, i guess were looking at, were going to send a drone over the top to have a look to see whats inside Music and heres. The big reveal whats inside that tank have a look ugh nasty yeah. I dont actually think that tanks all thats safe, no yeah thats a problem. These little paint too they can flip. They can flip that in case the tank fails. I was just gon na point out really difficult terrain to be monitoring the impacts of a spill theres like large, large cliffs and lots of islands, lots of complicated coastline to be trying to figure out where oil went.

Yeah maddies drone world did confirm that that game is uh vertical only. How do you feel about that? In the chat i mean, if youre a cyclops, that would be fun for you, i guess. Well, i, the thing is: is that so many people play use their tablets and stuff and they would get that mobile app to use on the tablets. Okay and youre gon na have its just now: Music, okay, all right! So next we have a rather uh unique drone. This is a japanese company called ntt docomo. They have recently unveiled a bouncy blimp like drone that uses ultrasonic as its propulsion system. Okay, like your ultrasonic toothbrush, Music, yeah, yeah, okay, so it gives little pulses of what air to yes, the little pulses and its its its uses. Uh uh lets see trying to see if they had the specifics, its ultrasound modules, oh so, its any vibrations that disturb the air and push the drone either left right forward back or up okay, so its like little little uh little tweeters little speakers, little tweeters, yeah Sort of like yeah – i would guess thatd, be a probably a good good description of it. This would be good for advertising yeah and it doesnt use blades, theres, no propellers or anything so im. Imagining that its probably fairly quiet, yeah, so yeah, you could put that in a hall and throw some advertising on it. Have it floating around. I want one im guessing its indoor.

Only since a one mile an hour, wind would blow up severely off course right, yeah! Well, and but you notice, they had a camera on it, which i thought was pretty impressive as well, so that looks cool that looks. Thats thats got some possibilities there. I, like that yeah im impressed with it yeah all right, so this next footage is something that i wanted to share with you guys, because first of all, this is a drone flying at an airport which in itself is sort of strange to see, but its also A drone flying at an airport filming the largest airplane in the world, which is the anatole, am 225. How big is it? Is it bigger than the spruce goose? Yes, this would be larger than the spruce goose. This aircraft was originally designed to carry the buron space. Shuttle, which was russians version of their space shuttle and, of course, the space shuttle program failed, but the plane itself, because it is just such an immensely powerful plane and it holds a huge amount of cargo – has gone on to have a life of its own and Every place that this plane goes its its like a circus people come out from. You know from hundreds of miles to see this aircraft. It is just an absolute its hard to tell scale until someones standing near it like these little ants. Yes and its got six engines, its huge wow yeah. It is an amazing aircraft and i thought it was really cool that somebody was able to go to the airfield and get this type of drone footage of it, so that you could get sort of a an idea of scale yeah this isnt a citizen.

This is a this: is some state run drone person look at the landing gear when they get to it here in a second, oh yeah, like uh, i mean thats a lot of wheels. Thats really big tons got ta love it yeah, yeah, yeah, all right. So next we have some patent information and this is sort of interesting, because apple apparently has some patents out for unmanned aerial vehicles um. This could be a possible suggestion that we would see apple, creating a drone. You remember this or drone related uh. You know drone related equipment. You know you remember this prototype. I think this was a couple years ago, but that looks pretty slick. Did that never happen so, but it looks good that looks very apple, esque. Well. The first patent relates to methods of pairing and unpairing drones to controllers um and the the second one is more along the lines of control, uh instructions etc. For for the patent so um they they might be making a drone who knows so ill uh. Let you guys know if we see anything more on the patent uh patent industry for for an apple drone, all right, all right so weve heard in the news countless times about problems of the border and people are probably sick of hearing about it. But this is interesting because this is footage from the polish border, which is also having problems with refugees building up along their border uh.

This is uh in, i think belarus sure, and this is a migrant camp that is alongside along the polish border. These are people that are waiting or trying to get into poland, wow its a mess, thats a lot of people, a lot of equipment, so yeah uh. Needless to say, uh, you know theyve got a big issue there with hundreds of migrants that are getting stuck for days along that border thats. Very sad, well and of course, naturally, a drone gives you uh an eagle eye, footage or eli view point give you. I guess a better idea of what it looks like and what it what the effect of it is all right uh. So next we have the intermountain health care, says that drones will deliver drugs and supplies to utah homes starting next year. Okay, this little plane like drone is flying into the future of medicine, launching a whole new way to reach patients in the salt lake valley, its a matter of just putting in the delivery location, and then they use a network of satellite gps systems to to make Those deliveries, intermountain healthcare, landed a partnership with california based zipline to deliver medications to homes by autonomous aircraft from a yet to be built facility. In south jordan, Music, the medicine arrives in a parachuted package just 15 to 30 minutes after an order is placed. Not only is it convenient for the patient, but their likelihood to take those medications properly and really have medication.

Adherence which is really important. Intermountain sees the same potential here at home. Weve also been in a lot of communications with the state of utah and their emergency management program to be able to potentially use this as a platform in times of emergencies or disasters. But first theyll start with flying medications to 90 percent of patient homes in the area and they hope youll be able to look in the sky this time next year, seeing those deliveries in action. Okay, now the zipline system, weve showcased, that in the news it was highly used in africa and its been put in a lot of other countries. We talked about it coming to the united states. This is probably one of the first iterations that ive seen of it. Where its you being used in a dedicated format, in other words its not under testing its, not something that theyre thinking about, they have actually purposely set this up and have designed it for this particular purpose right. I am really excited to see that zipline service become more pronounced and it should not. Let me give some advice: dont set up that service in louisiana, because theyre gon na be like honey. That looks like another oxycontin delivery come on honey Laughter. The weekend is started on a thursday right im, not wrong right theyre, like that: okay, thats, uh thats, a tube sock drone, no thats, fedex and whats that oh yeah, okay, thats, the lord tab right yeah, the drug addled uh guy is not with the shopkins them To stop shooting at low flying aircraft, we probably could get them to stop shooting at drums.

Uh, huh, okay, all right all right! Next! In the news uh, this is a british defense company. Ultra electronic recently unveiled a working prototype of a mind. Control drone mind control drone. Okay, so what happens is that we create some uh icons. We call them tags and they have a like a signal within them and when you stare at that, your eye responds to it in a particular way. The way in which that eye response occurs is a signal that we pick up on the visual cortex of the brain at the back of the brain. So the sensor is looking for the signals we create here that come through the eyeball through the brain and then onto the visual cortex. Once weve got it there as a signal, we can grab that we understand what that signal looks like, and we can turn that into a command for whatever were trying to control. Aha. So what ive done is ive created a system where i can control the minds of hot young, co, eds and theyll come into my uh office and uh. They think theyre controlling a drone. Yes kelly! Yes, i mean right. Okay, im, not touching that. Let me just say this: okay, everybody already owns a mind, control drone. What you do is you control your arms and your hands with your mind and then that those impulses go into the control its the dumbest thing ever i mean just because you can do something.

Doesnt mean you should this will never become a thing. This is just some other experiment. Jeff jeff. Will you pour me a drink? Please yeah, but jeff. What are you drinking buddy? I got you covered. Thank you, sir thats. Fine thats, not a problem. Hes, just gon na keep on going what i know going and going mind control drones come on mind control. This might control that you already control stuff with your mind, its so stupid all right, thanks jeff, so dumb theres, not enough bottles in the water. My control drone, we need investors stupid all right, great guys. Next, we have in the news a huge presence of law enforcement, culminating with the arrest of a man. Recently uh was a an example of saginaw being able to use their new thermal imaging drone technology to fight chronic a helicopter. But i can get something like a helicopter. Saginaw is taking to the air to fight crime, but not with a helicopter like its southerly, neighbor flint thinks smaller and cheaper. We have the drone locally. We can put it up in the air fast and weve got all the technology as again with forward looking infrared everything that the helicopter has, but its a quicker response and its an area again. Its uh, you wont even know whats up above you saginaw county sheriff, william fetterspiel, says thursday night. The drones heat seeking technology located a suspected burglar, a saginaw police officer. First responded here at this boost mobile on davenport avenue.

After a burglary, alarm went off indicating broken glass and motion inside ten minutes later, a state police trooper spotted the suspect, more officers and a k, 9 joined in the pursuit to no avail thats where the drone and its night vision thermal imaging technology. Similar to this made the difference when we know where the suspect is its safer for us, so that then we know how to deploy so that were not hurt or killed in this operation. Investigators say the drone spotted the suspect, hiding under a barbecue grill cover youll, see the outline of a human body in the heat that they emanate so again, underneath a cold grill out in the backyard. He showed up perfect yeah, thats great thats, great more. What what kelly, what do you smash the way she talks? She talks just like a radio. You know what kendall key is reporting hes, hiding under a barbecue. I wasnt gon na kill him. I wasnt gon na say anything but every single small town reporter talks like every other small town reporter they all talk like this. I dont know why theyre talking like this, because they would never talk like that in real life. Nobody has that kind of cadence or speaking tones in real life and now back to you in the newsroom i like i like the guys sitting there going. You know our neighbors use a helicopter, but were much smarter because we save a lot of money using a drone yeah.

I love that yeah thats that proverbial up yours hold on hold on hold on jeff. Are you? Are you controlling that wine glass? With your mind, are you lets see it move again, using your mind, make him stop there? It goes Music jeff. Could you grab that bottle again and just hit me over the head with it? I can ship you a few so all right, all right. Last in the news – and this one, i guess is probably the one of the more entertaining ones seoul recently showcased their airport shuttle that theyre going to be using, which is a drone. Oh yeah. This is really cool. The two seat model has been tested at seouls, gimpo airport. It can be piloted or operated autonomously. They say it could cut travel time by two thirds. The air traffic control system that manages flights at the airport will also be able to monitor and manage. The drone aircraft may have fiddled with the subtitles on that one. I dont know who your translator is, but it seemed all the money to me. It seemed right on the money right, didnt, kendo and 51 drones smash their mavic first day. Oh okay, love you ken love, you russ anyway, jeff how you doing with that bottle: wonderful, um, hes, muted, which is fine, but he he forgets this. Why do i find these stories? What what purpose do i serve at this particular point in time when ken can just take it and just hey? This is infotainment man infotainment.

We give you the info, but well give you a little bit of attainment. I think its more tainment than info is it whatever say: bye, bye, jeff, all right, bye, bye, jeff, so much for stopping by now get out. We should probably mention remotepilot101.com isnt it a great place. It is a great place. Tell us about your place, jason! So remote pilot 101, no one has uh prepared more part 107 pilots than us and youll be pleased. Those of you who are current customers now youre going to be experiencing version three and a brand new learning management system in about two weeks. So the best just keeps on getting better remotepilot101.com use, co, promo code, haron 18, which, by the way ken yeah i cant brag on you enough. When we search promo codes, you you know me im all about our marketing and everything else. Heron 18 is the most used promo code, your people, listen to you, ken yay. Thank you people. I appreciate that and youve been very busy updating the lessons too, because theres theres, not a every video, has gotten a facelift. Theres 76 videos in there every single one has gotten a facelift. The course has gone from um nine hours to almost 12 hours now, theres. Just so much new content were always trying to innovate. Push new content now with all um the recurrent test. Changing so much were like wow, we just launched our new course. We need to fix it now, so were were back to that.

I was just reviewing some of the stuff our writers sent over earlier for some of the content and theres some more great stuff coming out here soon as well and uh. You take actual questions that uh test takers. Give you uh and kind of incorporate those in the in the quizzes too right so theyre actual faa questions. We have a ton, a ton of data on that, no doubt so yeah and i always share you know this. Can we, i call them the boot camps at the end, where i share this is a question youre going to see on your knowledge test lets not memorize. It lets understand the why behind it uh, but just to prepare for the knowledge test. You know this, though. Ken i want you to be safe in the real world. My mission isnt just to pass a test. I want you safe when youre out there flying fpv whatever it is, so you can be uh a light and be a mentor to everybody else. Thats out there wondering about what this new drone space is, even though its not that new, but to many it is so new.