Everything youd ever want to know about drones in the drone industry with jeff sills whats happening buddy, Music, hey jeff. Can you move that whiskey bottle? I can barely see that uh, how? How is it that i follow that i just i the only way to follow it is to take another drink. My friend there you go jim beauchart, your bosom buddy both, oh god, please, no, all right! All right! Whats up! All right so, first in the news uh, we have some drone footage that was recorded recently by some marine biologists from the university of miami, and this is interesting because this is underwater drone footage. So they were in the process of checking out sharks and they used their drone to capture sharks. Oh oh cool, so whats interesting is that the the fish that are around the shark are called shaping fish and they rub against the side of the shark. As part of the exfoliation process – and you would sit there and think that sharks are like really smooth and stuff but theres theyre, not along their skin, they have uh. These dermal denticles is what they call its like sandpaper, and so the fish will come along and chafe along with the shark, but the fact that that footage was captured with an underwater drone. I thought was truly amazing, because youre not gon na get a diver to chase a shark around. You know like that. The drone gives you an interesting perspective that you probably wouldnt get any other way isnt that nice, that he he has his his little skin tenders.

Slash lunch just hanging out with him: thats nice, you know he gets hungry. He can just you know, grab him some some lunch there, those little things thats, weird, all right, all right! So next, in the news we have a uh, a new truck mounted drone engagement system that is designed to kill drone swarms, uh huh. I think you skipped one but thats all right. We can do this one did you want to do the second one jeff did. I miss one. This is why we have rehearsal yeah. That was me id. I got all click happy, thats, all right, jeff ill go ahead and play the second one whats this. So the next one is delta county sheriffs office recently had a fire at a hemp processing plant. This is uh, i guess one of the more interesting things that you would run into, but they had the drone up to get footage of this blazing fire, and this is a a hemp drying plant, uh huh id, say its pretty dry yeah so uh. As for the fire itself, uh, you know im im sure that uh i i dont know i was there. Is there a side effect to him? No, not with him. No theres, no theres, no thc in him, no thc. Thank goodness. So all the people in the surrounding houses there just but i can – i can tell you this – i have been with some sheriffs departments that have burned their contraband and uh.

You know you dont want to get too close to the fence unless youre into that when theyre burning it, because if the wind shifts then its like, oh okay, yeah anyway, all right. So now on to the story that i was originally saying that shouldnt have said so, rimetol is a company that has they have an air defense uh contract. They recently created the skynecks truck mounted drone swarm engagement system. Oh okay, this is their latest addition. This is a 35 millimeter air defense system and it is truck mounted, but it is specifically designed to engage swarms of eight to or more drones using a 35 millimeter revolving gun like a gatling gun or something like a yeah like a gatling gun. Okay. What so, if, if you know like, if some military sends in a bunch of drones – and this happens, um in uh in certain parts of the middle east, where you know there are border wars, all the time with this kind of technology, and so good, lord matt Laughter, i want to play that video game yeah holy hell, yeah thats, a thats, a rather impressive system, um weaponizing drones has been become a really big problem, um the several different countries, even the russians, had have had to deal with it but yeah. That is an astounding system. Look at that thats, awesome Applause and i know what people are thinking: theyre thinking, uh yeah, you get a bunch of good fpv pilots in there, theyd never attract them, but i think they would.

I think they would, i think, theyre pretty good at figuring stuff like that out all right. So next, in the news we have uh a story that has, i actually made that this was made a lot of news channels and i was actually sort of concerned about this one in philadelphia near a pennsylvania power station uh a drone crashed, and normally you wouldnt, Think too much about a drone crash, except in this case the drone that crashed um had something else with it ill. Let the story explain a newly released intelligence bulletin obtained by abc news, reveals a potential plot to disrupt the u.s electrical grid. A modified drone was recovered from the roof of a building in pennsylvania. Next to an electrical substation in july 2020, it had two ropes hanging from the rotor arms, with a thick copper wire strung in between officials believe it was likely being used to try to deliberately damage transformers or distribution line. Ah, okay, that would do it yeah. So this was uh the first known case of a modified drone system being used in the united states to target infrastructure and uh so nationally. Of course, the department of homeland security and the national counterterrorism center are involved in investigating this, and hopefully well have some more information in the future as to whether or not theyre able to capture or find out who was using this drone. Well, all they have to do is read their faa number on the side which any responsible – oh wait.

No, if youre not responsible, you wouldnt put that on there. Would you no yeah, i guess, if youre a terrorist, you wouldnt be required to register your drone. I guess um all right well lets take another drink, jeff, yeah or theres a way around everything, yeah, yeah, yeah, all right. So in sierra leone. Recently there was a uh, a deadly fuel tanker fire. This was a fuel tanker that exploded. There were a lot of people injured. This was in a town called freetown and the explosion at least 92 people were injured and or killed because of this, they had gathered around this leaking fuel truck uh near the near the tower the fuel bus near the the tanker when it detonated, oh and they Got they got this drone footage of the aftermath of that fuel tanker blast did a lot. How many p i mean we lost a lot of people on that probably huh there was 92 people were killed and dozens injured. Oh my goodness! So why would okay? Why would you go? Why would you go near a tanker fire, basically, from what ive been able to gather from the various stories is that the fuel tanker had a collision with another vehicle, and there was a bus that was part of that collision and crowds had gathered around the bus To try to, i guess i guess they were pulling people out of the bus or they were just involved with it, but they the they werent, paying enough attention to the leaking fuel out of the tanker truck and it caught fire and then exploded.

Ah, okay, so that would be what ive been able to gather from it so far, thats very sad! It is very sad okay, so next we have uh. I guess this is an interesting story, because this is the exact opposite of what we would have normally expect during the holiday season in lansing last year they had a fireworks display, but this year, as part of the silver bells in the city parade theyre not going To have any fireworks theyre, going specifically with a drone, show. Okay, this is cool. This is uh sped up four times by the way. Just so you know still cool again ive, yet to see one of these cluster drone shows. I really want to see one yeah. The one thing that theyre very proud about on this one is that its going to be choreographed specifically to the music that they use um. So i guess theyre going to also have a very loud lounge sound system out for people to be able to hear the music. The original silver barrel bells. Uh parade was cancelled back in 2020 because of the pandemic. So this is the first time that theyve actually had this since the pandemic, and instead of using the fireworks, the drone shows seem to be more preferable to them. Can you imagine, i mean even 50 years ago, seeing this in the sky thats? How fast technology has progressed in just the last 50 years 50 years ago? I mean this would be worldwide news.

If somebody saw this, it would be aliens right i mean its had to it would have to be right. The aliens are real yeah; they would deploy the air force, yeah theyre, probing my cows Laughter, a bunch of jeeps and tanks all parked around yeah. There you go yeah a guy in a loudspeaker like we want to be your friend, please dont, give up Laughter wow. So cool so cool mesmerizing like a lava lamp in the sky, yeah all right so back on the military ground, uh, the u.s military. Recently uh working with darpa had another. First, they have a gremlin drone that they have been using. This is a drone that is dropped from a c 130 and for the first time they captured it in flight. Oh, the system is designed so that they can retrieve the drone without actually without it, actually having to land um. This would allow the drone to be able to be refurbished faster and flying again within 24 hours, and so this was their proof of concept uh or i guess their their test to prove that they could retrieve the drone in flight. Can we grab enemy drones in flight rather that, rather than just blowing them up, can we just be like yeah ill? Take that thank you. You just do that right, i mean thatd, be cool and then the enemy would be like hey we paid for that. It didnt go boom boom Laughter that would piss off an enemy, even more wouldnt it if they they they spent like what are these 100 grand a shot? These things you know and were just like yeah.

Thank you very much. Well, you know what is it uh? One of our drones crashed in iran a few years back, and they they carbon, copied it and they started using the drone uh like copies of the drone to fly around, and it would be great just to start snatching those. You know uh just to remind them that theyre ours right, you know just a quick aside hold on for those people uh under 40 kelly. You can help me out on this one: okay, when he says carbon copy hes, referring to a method of copying that used to use carbon paper kelly. You want to take it from here. How did that work? So the process was, you would take one copy and use a carbon paper to make another copy. There was no electronics involved. It was miraculous. Yes like, for instance, this would be carbon. If you want to press down really hard, then youd make two copies. That would be a carbon copy. Youre welcome, millennials Applause now back to dated reference guy. Oh yeah lets lets next time. Well talk about mimeograph machine, oh god, dont go back that far. We dont need to go back that far, no all right, so uh in the news recently, the iraqi prime minister had survived an assassination attempt on his residence in baghdad in the heavily fortified green zone. Apparently, a drone laden with explosives had been tried to attack his house uh and the the drone actually exploded, but he was not injured and – and i guess he wasnt in the the area where the drone had originally detonated.

But it was an assassination attempt. Theres uh theres, actually some some photographs etc online for the drone um and the security forces are still working on trying to figure out who caused or who did this um but yeah it it again its this in a reminder that you know these, these drones can Be weaponized cool, okay, all right! So next we have oh lava bombs. Of course the palma volcano im never going to be able to get away from this story. Yet again, the la palma volcano is back in the news on november 3rd aerial photograph, close up views showed bombs of lava erupting from la palmas volcano and nearly hitting the drone that was flying along capturing. This footage um this this lava flow has destroyed 2613 buildings. Its covered 3.9 square miles of land and doesnt show any signs of stopping youve got to wonder how many drones are in there. Now. You know i mean yeah, because you know everybodys like hey lets, go drone the volcano. You know because everybodys doing it now, but look at these huge rocks that are falling. You know you worry about the lava part you dont think about hey. You know these rocks that theyre spewed up theyre coming back down again: oh yeah, no and the lava bombs that are falling, thats actually superheated stuff. So, if that whatever it hits, it melts yeah its going to melt so yeah, so yeah and surprisingly enough, the drone made it through without getting hit.

Now, of course, we had to had some better footage if it had gotten clipped along the way, but thats. Just me yeah, we dont want to do. We want to see that yes, yeah, we kind of yeah. We kind of do yeah all right so last in the news – and this one, i think, is the is the fun one we have enjoyed over and over watching the fpv flights through buildings and through uh different places as part of demonstrations or advertisements or commercials etc. But the first one, the one that really made its mark was the one that went through the bowling alley and recently they interviewed the drone pilot behind that viral video theres no cuts its a one. Take yep no cg director anthony jaska helped come up with the concept of showing every part of the iconic bar and bowling alley im walking through the scene and im cueing each people to throw the ball or its coming back up. It takes a lot effort like a lot of time, so just because you shot it in one shot, doesnt mean it didnt take a really long time or take a few tries right yeah. So i think that was the tenth take. That was the the last take that he did. He is jay christensen. The drone pilot who uses some high tech goggles to pull off that mind, bending mini drone, wizardry youre, able to see the live feed through this camera here so youre instantaneously, streaming that to your goggles and then the gopro is getting the cinematic video throughout it.

By far the part of the video that brought the most questions is when he took the drone from the lanes to the back without much room to spare. All morning i was like stressed about it like thats gon na be a hard move, and i ended up going uh 15 for 15. On that i never crashed once on that move. What yeah the hardest move to me was actually coming in the front door. To start its kind of its kind of windy outside and like theres, a couple guys walking, and so it was actually the start of the shot to me was like the hardest, but it wasnt the hardest part to find a volunteer for. I was the guy polishing. The ball mike welsh is the owner of sky candy, which is why he decided to take one for the team. Take some balls, it sure does, but ive got total faith in jay as a pilot, hes ive been watching him fly for the last six years and the guys incredible, so you build trust over over. Just seeing him accomplish awesome drone shots for the record. The only time jay did crash, it was intentional and theyre just a little worse for the wear. It actually completely went into it and other than its got. This little uh little break here, but it still flies perfectly and we flew it right after we crashed it into there yeah that is really cool and it seemed like there was a wave of fly throughs after that gained national attention.

The fact that they got that in 10 takes blows my mind, you would think it would take 30 40 50 takes to get it right in one. Take its a lot of coordinating with the people in there and whats amazing is that in some cases, some of the videos that they shot were actually shot in a day they didnt they didnt have to spend you know, weeks or days trying to do it. They were able to come in and do it in a matter of a day or a few hours in some cases, and if you notice, the interview was done in it looks like the mall of america, where they also shot footage as one of their videos. So uh again a nice little tie in to some of the work that theyve done in the past yeah and if some of you camera drone guys are thinking about getting over into fpv, were going to be talking with drew camden from rhoda riot here. In just a little bit and were going to talk about entry level stuff that can get, you started down the path to uh, fpv, cinematic or crazy flying around whatever you want to do, but jeff. Thank you so much for the wonderful news. Youre most welcome, sir. Thanks for stopping by now get out this video lovingly sponsored by remotepilot101.com. If you are serious about making money with your drone, whether it be photography or fpv. Well then, youre going to need from the faa a 14 cfr, part 107 certification and the best place to study for that certification is remotepilot101.

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