The drone news a sphere. Ladies and gentlemen. He knows everything about the industry, its jeffs hills, whats happening, buddy, well, good, stuff, lots of news kind of scattered across the thing new new technology, new drones so well get into it all right, um, the first one, a university in zurich, has come up with a New approach using ai and drones that can fly very directly agile, unlike most other mobile robots, they can traverse extremely complex environments at high speeds. To date, only expert human pilots can fly at these speeds, where even a tiny error can lead to a crash by combining deep learning with optimal control. We present an approach enabling autonomous agile flight with on board sensing and computation. We demonstrate it in many environments like forests, disaster zones and buildings. High speed navigation in these environments is challenging for existing algorithms. Our drone can fly at speeds up to 40 kilometers per hour. The key idea to achieve such agility is to directly map noisy sensory observations to collision, free trajectories towards the goal in simulation, the position and shape of obstacles and the state of the drone can be known with up to millimeter precision. The privileged expert uses this information, together with a global reference trajectory shown in green to compute a set of collision free trajectories with monte carlo sampling. We simulate realistic noise in depth, sensing by rendering a stereo camera and running a stereo estimation algorithm on the stereo frames.

This allows deploying the network on a physical drone without any fine tuning on real world data. Uh, okay, im just being told some additional information that the people working on that algorithm are virgins. Yes, okay, they are virgins Laughter, wow, oh wow, thats a lot to take in well. I mean youre talking about a drone that they can literally set loose in any location, and it will pick its own path live in other words fly as you as you just tell it to fly from point a to point b and it will figure out instantaneously. How to how to fly through the thing that isnt, the first thing: impressive, impressive but boring yeah? Why didnt? They just say that right, yeah, right algorithms and this and machine learning a fortunate expert and that guy does nothing for the british voiceover community. Frankly, oh my god, all right, jeff, please visit were gon na work. Yes, all right wake you up next door, next story. So in the brian laundry story, uh the information just keeps growing and growing, and the new one now is that internet sleuths are claiming that in laundrys backyard is a secret bunker. Underneath flower beds, okay – and they claim this because theyve been flying drones over the house. So they think hes hiding him in his yard. They think hes hiding in the backyard underground under the the the flower bed and the reason that they think hes under the flower bed is that they keep seeing uh the mom walk out and do weird things around.

The flower bed so thats the reason why they think hes in a bunker under the flower bed, which i mean obviously internet sleuthing, is one of these things that we have seen time and time again, sometimes theyve been beneficial, sometimes theyre, not so much moms out there Pulling shes pulling weeds in the flower bed, she he must be in there, probably yeah, probably yeah well, you know, but uh, but yeah another uh rather odd way of using your drone. Okay. So next we have uh well, this one can. This is for you, okay, uh described in uh recent science robotics. This is legs on board or short for leonardo its a drone with legs that flies. Oh, oh engineers at caltech have built a robot that combines flying and walking to create a new form of locomotion. The robot is called leonardo for legs, onboard drone or leo. For short, leo has a pair of multi joint legs for bipedal walking, but also has propeller thrusters that make its walking more stable and allow it to hop and jump. Hes kind of cute goal of leo is to give a robot unprecedented walking ability and also to study and solve problems posed by hybrid locomotion. Leo is capable of many tricks. Tightrope walking stair flying skateboard riding leo is helping engineers rethink how robots could move in the future and could open up difficult environments to robotic exploration, thats kind of cool uh, its kind of terrifying at the same time.

But it looks like a character wed see on star wars doesnt it. You can see him like in there in the desert, just walking along c 3po and r2d2 right. I mean the interesting thing is that it would probably not be able to walk by itself its using the the blades to keep itself up to balance it right. Its just a drone thats hovering with with legs, yeah yeah and the legs are just you know, helping pull it along. I guess i i dont know its its different. I you know caltech, they uh. You know it needs the props to hold it up because of those high heels its walking on as well. There you go yeah well when it becomes self aware thatll be the cutest little murderous robot ever then. That means that geeksvana has a great idea. What we need to do is women that have high heels. We develop a drone system that wraps around their waist. You know with some fans that blow down to help them balance. You make millions. Oh, oh i got it. I got it uh, you know. Uh people are always trying to lose weight right instead of exercise and heating right just get a belt that has uh propellers on it, and itll itll. Give you a little bit of lift. So when you step on the scale youre a couple pounds lighter youre like wow, this is working right. Yep, boom million dollar idea, dont steal it sold right there, yeah ill, buy two, you got it all right.

So next we have a story that happened on october 8th. This is a pennsylvania, homeowner allegedly shot down a dji mavic 2 that was doing power line inspections uh. Oh so the police have classified the incident as criminal mischief charges are expected to be filed against the individual um and essentially they were. This is uh exelon business services, they were inspecting utility, poles and power lines in the area and they heard multiple gunshots. The drone fell out of the sky, they went and checked. You know around the area and found the device in a trash can behind the house of a 55 year old, gregory farrow, who then admitted to putting the drone in the garbage um, but didnt want to discuss how or why yeah see you know what ended up In the garbage you cant, you cant just do that like its a squirrel uh, you know uh shooting a squirrel out of a tree, thats fine as long as its in season uh or if youre me ill, kill a squirrel onional day of the year but uh, But shooting a drone thats a felony, yeah yeah. If you, if youre new to the channel you cant, do that. Oh i can do that. I love the people when i talk about this on a video theres, inevitably theres, always some people like well tell you what you come near, my house ill shoot you down, thats, my god, given right in the constitution, heck yeah murica, i dont care what you say.

Oh, i love those guys go federal crime, ladies and gentlemen, lets not try doing it today. Oh dont. Do that all right! So next hubsan has now introduced yet a new drone. They have a new 1299 drone uh. That will be beyond your imagination as they call. Oh um, this is their highly anticipated drone uh, the tagline uh. I guess, is supposed to induce people to be really interested in it. Okay, it has four thirds sensor im, not sure exactly what a four thirds sentence is its a large sensor. Uh sean. Can you expand on this at all? You got any additional information. Well yeah. I i think the beyond your imagination part. What theyre really going for here is a hubsan that actually works. Thats gon na leave a mark, yeah yeah well anyway, uh so theyve got this new drone coming out uh and its expected to be competing with the mavic 3 and the new autels uh well see how well it holds up okay uh. Next, in the news we have uh information, the police departments in devon and cornwall have begun a trial using the m300r key rtk drone, but theyre using it with a loudspeaker. Okay is that intimidating, if youre a criminal, if youre out there and you, you only see a drone and you dont see the cops? Are you intimidated its its its not actually to intimidate its help is on the way, its actually for search and rescue uh devon and cornwall is a very the devon and cornwall police drone police units.

Um are fantastic. They follow me on twitter. Thank you guys and um its actually for their search and rescue devil and cornwall theres. A lot of open area um and a lot of areas, its very difficult to find people and and their drone – does some amazing search and rescue work and its actually to tell people that that help is on the way. Essentially, oh thats good, so its not to intimidate suspects, okay because, as a a suspect, uh probably wont be intimidated by a talking drone. Well, the last time that i remember seeing them using the drones of the loudspeaker was the chinese were using them. I hadnt seen them used really too many other places um, i guess effectively. So if theyre using this and its its for the search and rescue and stuff like that, then yeah i can see where that would be very beneficial all right. So next we have the university of health network uh in conjunction with the uniter biol bioelectronic theyve completed the worlds first transplants of lungs that were delivered by an unmanned drone transport; okay, okay, because i just theyre not dropping the lungs into the patient from the drug University health network yeah – they transported it, but it was part of the transplant. Okay, so theyre transporting the lungs, not transplanting them just wanted to clarify just hey youre, the news guy. I just wanted to clarify peek into the future. When drones may help save lives.

Look up that box is specially made to transport human lungs donated by one dying patient to help another in dire need at 63 years old hes recovering from a successful double lung transplant. After waiting months for an organ donor, then agreeing to take part in a world. First, be part of the future, its kind of really really exciting and its an honor for me in late september, in the middle of the night, came word of an organ donor. The lungs arriving still inflated with oxygen in that special box cooled to the right temperature. The drone flying one and a half kilometers from toronto, western hospital to the toronto general hospital surgeon in chief, dr shaf khashoggi, was there on the roof for that unique delivery. If you could fly a drone in the city, then you can fly a drone anywhere right, and so that was what we set out to do here. To prove that concept, i pledge that ill. Take care of these dogs very well wow. You know that is cool and thats a great use of of a drone, but right now, since its not a regular thing, it probably took them longer to set everything up the safety and everything than it would just to drive it across town. You know, but in the future, if once these systems are in place – and you can just you know – were used to it, and you know we got a thing here – we got a thing on the other roof.

Then boom. Then you can do that, but uh right now its just its just kind of gimmicky at this point, but i mean to actually fly a persons lungs across town, thats, awesome yeah, i mean theyre learning and it just it is good stuff to see i mean we. We have, we have had a couple of deliveries of of human body parts with drones, uh as part of tests, but this was the first time that id seen one that was actually part of an actual process that they were going to use the you know the Lungs as part of a transplant – so i mean it was, it was really cool, it is cool and – and this will become more commonplace again – theyre, not theyre, not going to transport. My tube socks from the walmart out to my house, but they will between hospitals, transport medications, get defibrillators out to people who need them very quickly and at some point at some point there will be flown the first set of breast implants across town. It will happen. Will it make the news, i hope so and i hope im still alive to hear about it? You know i i swear. If you ever get drone delivered in your area and your members find out about it, you will never be out of tube socks. For the rest, theres going to be so many tunes, they will. They wont super chat. You anymore, they will just deliver you tube socks, every single day for the rest of your life, dont, even wear tube socks, its just funny thing to say, tube socks.

I wore tube socks in the 80s. Remember remember when you pull up the tube socks right below your knee, you wear shorts and then but youd have god. It was a weird time anyway, back i always had to have the like. The blue line across yeah yeah yeah yeah you didnt, have to match the color of the the the line in the sock to whatever you were wearing that didnt matter now, until your dad would steal him to go mow the lawn or something all right. So next, in the news we have a group of professors at the indiana purdues university theyve teamed up with the computer, infrared computer and information technology graduate xiang tang to use neural networks to study forest fires. So what these drones will do is that as the fire is going, the drones will fly out and they will do high performance screens pictures of the fire and then using the algorithm that this guys come up with. They can predict the areas that need to be addressed before other areas, the areas that are most dangerous um and they can also predict where the fire is headed more accurately and the the other thing that i thought was really great about this. Is that, because of the cameras that theyre using they can detect objects like people vehicles, things like that, so that they know, if theres, certain areas that have a high density of people where they need to evacuate people in advance? They can find that out a lot faster than you know, just kind of guessing off a map or working with police departments to try to get you know figure it out.

So i mean theres all kinds of great uses for drones from firefighting to transporting breast implants. We run the gamut, its a wonderful, wonderful thing, all right. So next we have a possible possible drone incursion, uh that in fact, uh i guess cause significant delays at ohare international well, thats 431 hold short of kilo kilo for cross contrast. We just saw the uh. I believe the uh drone or balloon position a mile uh to this uh behind the center southwest 431 roger you said drone uh, just behind you same altitude, yes, 15 11 over here onboard 44, 38, 2 left turns and crossed. Only four laps remain on. The frequency did you happen to see a drone on final Applause, Music, Music of the drone uh, just right in your affinity at that altitude yep. He just went over the top of us uh by about 150 200 feet and were clearly understanding. 27 center. Chinese turn. 77 and 17 have a youth caution for a drone report, thats about two thousand feet for runway: two: seven center; so just off here north runway, two, eight center third of land, wind, two, four: zero one, seven gus, two: three chat: 7619 over tower: one: two: four: Zero excuse your only two seven centers floor to land use caution. We had drone reported activity about a mile ahead of your position around 2100 feet. Uh the size of the drone was less than three feet in silver and colors uh and please report uh back to dcs.

Okay. Well, let you know thanks: jeff 7619, quick land 27. You know if youre a manned pilot, and you can see a drone with your own eyes, its close and that will throw air space around airports in upheaval, because long after the drone may be actually gone. Theyre still reporting on it because they have to tell the next person thats coming into land. The next person thats taking off there might be a drone here and then it slows everything down and you dont realize what youre doing and now. I know everybody watching here knows this, but we all need to become good ambassadors for the the laymen who dont know the kid that goes to walmart and buys a the cheapo plastic drone that goes. Hey lets go to the airport, you know and then that in that video, that was the the one thing that was the most pronounced for me was the first guy reports, the drone, and so they they are looking at all the inbound aircraft and theyre asking them. If theyve seen the drone and its not the second plane, but the third plane is like yeah, it just went right over the top of us yeah. You know im like wow, okay, thats, thats, okay, yeah, thats, close yeah. So just uh, you know! If you see anybody behaving irresponsibly with their drone, please try to educate them all right. So next we have in the news, the in california kelp forests are one of the most precious coastal habitats that they have.

These are. These are very important to the ecosystems there and for the third year in a row, vienna, sacamano and her team were using drones to survey kelp sites along the mendocino and sonoma county coastline. We were basically surveying open water. There was just no kelp litter little to no kelp, be out here in 2021 and see this strong uptick in kelp is just so exciting um. As a scientist, and while we do know from recent satellite flyovers of this region that the current kelp canopy extent is still below that of the historical average health canopy extent, there is so much reason for hope, and i personally am cautiously optimistic, thats great to hear That theyre out there doing what they can to kelp um is. Is there any website if we want to help out uh that we can go to that? We can, you know, make a donation if we would like to you know, get involved and volunteer to help out these people. No, i dont know of any kelp uh sites for you to get that kelp to them, because this is an important issue. Um sean. You would certainly volunteer to be a kelper wouldnt you i. I would always help out whenever i could right and you live near uh liverpool dont you that uh, where that song, uh kelp by the beatles, came out kelp. I need somebody kel, not just anybody. Okay back to you in the news back to you in the newsroom jeff, i do this just every week.

Okay! Next, we have drone delivery in canada. Oh yes, for drone delivery. Canada rps arm unclear for takeoff business is on the rise. We have a fleet of four drones. The smallest drone is still a very large drone compared to a consumer drone carrying four and a half kilograms up to 30 kilometers and then our largest drone is the condor which is 180 kilograms of payload 200 kilometer range, and these drones can be used to move Cargo in a number of scenarios, they could be medical applications within an urban center. You want to move blood tests around you want to move blood around. You want to move organs around. We did a project where were moving a defibrillator to a cardiac arrest patient in the field to get there ahead of a rural ambulance. It could also be industrial applications like mining, oil and gas, where youre moving parts around an open pit, mine or youre flying out to an oil rig at sea. The system designed by drone delivery. Canada allows for the movement of goods to areas that are hard to reach by truck train or plane. Flights around the globe can be monitored from inside their command center in vaughan. The system runs unmanned automatically, but our operators will monitor the project and if they need to intervene in case of a local emergency or some uh macro weather factor or another airplane have an emergency. We can take control of our drone fleet and im 100 sure youll youll see drones, doing cargo deliveries in urban centers and one day in our lifetime youll see driverless flying taxis as well.

So this is all going to happen within our next few years for sure that is awesome and id like to see uh. Yes, i know i i like to see advances uh being made, but but uh uh. Let me just go ahead and throw this out there to news agencies and local news national news that would be reporting on drones. From now on, we can stop with the puns. Stop it hey, uh, uh, drone deliveries are on the rise. This drone delivery business is looking up stop it can. I say two things about that story: number one that thats, obviously a a highly sophisticated, very expensive drone. I would not want my mini 2 shaking like that when it takes off and lands and for it to be a reliable, ongoing thing and number two which regulator around the world is going to. Let something that heavy fly over people in town centers, because at some point ones going to go wrong, and i i think that theyre trying to go too big, theyre trying to say hey. You know this is the greatest delivery drone for medical reasons, because it can have twice the the the payload of anything else which speed with medic is just yeah. I know what youre saying, but you know yeah these large, these large companies that are putting these unique drones together they do a lot of testing and research, certainly but its the knuckleheads that uh down at larrys uh uh meet and eat uh that get a phantom Four and hey were doing deliveries in our neighborhood and they tie a bag on a string to it and its like uh.

Those are the guys i got to worry about yeah i just didnt like the shake yeah. It did shake a little bit, yeah yeah, all right. So next, the news uh in europe, the united states army, has gotten a chance to test out their new short range air defense system, uh called shore ad. This is a a a missile system that is actually mounted on striker uh assault vehicles. Oh and these striker assault vehicles are fairly fairly common in the military, so uh having a lot of these uh around would be useful, and this was developed out of concerns of you know. Countries like russia and others that are developing their own uh drones that they can fly around and and use for, search and surveys and etc, and so because drones are now becoming more weaponized globally uh having a system that fits onto one of the most common vehicles That the military uses that still has the ability to knock these drones out of the sky accurately um is a is a what is it ken? Well, its a force, multiplier yeah, its a force, multiple force multiplier? Yes, absolutely it multiplies the forces? Yes, yes, yeah and when you go to these military expos, theres always theres, always the guys everybody there in camo knows the words force and or multiplier youll hear that a lot, no matter what it is, no matter what it is. If theyve got this, we got this new camouflage tape soldier.

When you put this tape on youre going to just blend it, its the best camouflage, duct tape ever its a forced multiplayer, everything is the fourth multiplier everything yeah well military. Drones aside, the final story that i have for you guys is what happens with a military drone that goes missing and gets found by kids uh. Oh, these children are not playing with a toy but a very sophisticated and deadly target rule. This is the remnant of a megadrone that had reportedly been test fired from missile testing center in chandipur of balasoo district. As per reports, it was found by fishermen in talapadahi village situated near the testing center. The fishermen then brought it back with them to the village, and now it has become a toy aircraft in the hands of the children, but these children are little aware that it is loaded with potentially dangerous substances, wow uh thats, a horrible story. I hate to see kids playing with anything dangerous, but good news. I did find out that there were plenty of people on the scene to help the kids out with their extended warranty its not generalizing. If its true, i am sorry, i apologize. Everybody was offended by that, but steve is going to help you out with your extended warranty on your lost target drone right its not. I mean im, not wrong right sean right, i mean right. Oh man, jeff, okay, all right anyway, jeff thanks so much for the news.

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