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Eve drone show they were forced to pull the plug on the new years. Eve drone show, after the quarantine restrictions delayed the deliveries of material to the celestial company that was going to do the the drone show with 350 vehicles um the deci, the decision nixed the citys claim of playing host to what was going to be australias largest uav Spectacle and so sydney took up the mantle and they were able to sort of – i guess, skirt, some of the the restrictions and they got intel to run their elevate. Uh sydney festival, which is a 500 drone, show wow, so yeah ive seen one of these shows in person. They are unbelievable. You have seen one ive, never seen one myself, ive actually seen a couple. I saw one in oshkosh wisconsin during the big air show up in oshkosh, and then i saw one at sutton fun in lakeland florida this last year and the one in sun and fun in lakeland. It was really amazing how many drones did they have. Did they have this many, i couldnt tell you, i dont think they had 500 or anything, but but it was. It was pretty cool. How many drones do you need for like photo realism? You know like to see oh someones face in the sky because thats what i want to see. I want to see like a a photograph. You know like a low res photograph of someone you wouldnt, you would need several thousand to get a really solid image, but intel is probably one of the companies that has uh the most that they fly on a regular basis and their drone shows are pretty detailed.

Okay, so next in the news we have a fun one. Raytheon has a new tool called the coyote, and this is a anti drone missile. But im going to tell you the blast. Fragmentation warheads on this thing, picturesque wise, is absolutely amazing. Oh yeah, this looks like when the death star in in star wars explodes oh yeah. This this thing has a firework show to end all fireworks shows and they filmed it at high speed. Look at that yeah, so the demonstrations that they were doing were high altitude and low altitude tests and they were actually firing uh, their anti drone rocket at drones to show the capability and they they used several different types of drones, but it doesnt actually have to Hit the drone it just has to get close to the drone, and then the the fragmentation is. What does all the damage? Oh yeah, the shock yeah the shock wave that thatll get you yeah. That was probably the most amazing uh footage that ive seen come out of raytheon in a while yeah. What do you think, jason Laughter, all right so its been one month since the mayfield tornadoes had gone and torn through and caused all that damage? And so we have some video footage that was taken by the drone of the work effort, thats being done to try to clean up and theres still a lot of damage that remains that still needs to be taken care of yeah.

Now, if jason were here, he would tell you that he recently flew over mayfield and saw all this it. You know this. This is a lot of time later and its still, a lot of these buildings are gon na have to be just torn down and they start over again yeah its gon na take quite a long time to get through it, because you can see that you know Theyre theyre going to have to go. You know, portion by portion, build on my building and and start clearing this area up, so its going to be a major environment. Our major major thing to do, i just feel so bad for this community, but the surrounding communities. Everybody in kentucky and surrounding states the whole country being very helpful to mayfield and jason is back jason. You you recently flew over mayfield yourself, didnt, you yeah. I i flew over uh. Yes, no, the day before yesterday, for the first time um, i did fly my plane out of mayfield one day, but i didnt really dr fly around the town. In fact, whenever i flew out, they had a tfr over the city, so you werent supposed to fly over that um but um. It was amazing to me how much devastation there was uh and ive ive been there several times, ive driven through ive ive, seen uh. The the people who have been hit the hardest and – and it still was a shock uh just how much of that communitys just just gone, how many of those how many of those buildings will be salvageable? Oh you know it its its.

I i i hate to say this, but i think the ones that you look at and you can see that they they look bad theyre, just goners theyre gone uh. One of them is the historic hall hotel in downtown mayfield, its probably the largest building down there. Um and it is up against another building so from where youre looking at the courthouse right here, if you were to pan to the right, if if we could see to the right, youd see the hall hotel and um, it is up against another building and that Building was tore up, which means that its it structurally impaired the the hotel and uh im from what i understand, while its still standing there right now, theyre gon na have to take it down. Yeah, its gon na theres, not many buildings that are gon na, be savable there, uh and and i bank, at the f and b bank thats, the thats, the big bank right there across the street from the courthouse and thats a fairly new building. They said that its going to come down yeah theyve had some structural engineers looking at it say its coming down. The the security footage from that bank is incredible. You can find that online if you uh so choose yeah. I highly recommend that that was. That was amazing, footage, yeah, okay, so next in the news autel was at ces 2022 and they also brought you know not only their new drones, but they brought out some interesting new technology.

So the first thing that they introduced is called the evo nest, which is a long ranged uh like charging platform uh, and then they have a new fixed wing beethole, which is called the dragon fish and the dragonfish is a visual surveillance and monitoring drone. But it has the ability to transition from a drone to an aircraft, so it will take off and land like a drone uh, but then it transitions into a fixed wing mode, which then gives it more energy efficiency and it can fly at longer distances. I i saw something similar to what youre describing in person is that, like an osprey, yeah, yeah thats cool, very similar to the osprey theres, nothing uh, theres, nothing cooler! I mean you get the speed of a fixed wing and the uh just the i dont know what you would call it, but the ease of operation just taking off and landing wherever you want to of a helicopter, its awesome yeah. It is going to be some amazing technology and, looking you know, because its from autel um, you know that we should see a lot more about that one in the future. So all right. So next we have uh some news. This is out of sweden. Uh trollhatten is a western town in sweden and a 71 year old swedish man suffered a heart attack while shoveling snow and was saved by an unlikely hero, and that is the hero right there.

Is it not? Yes, this is essentially a emergency services drone that carries an aed which is an automated external defibrillator, and it flew from its home port to the house where the man had the heart attack in less than four minutes, and his wife was then able to follow the Instructions uh that was uh provided to her on the phone and within 10 minutes of experiencing the heart attack. They were able to use the defibrillator to stabilize him enough that they could get him to the hospital, so his life was saved by a drone. How long would it have taken the an ambulance to get there, because i mean it time is a factor in these cases i would con. I would say that, from from from the aspect of a of an ambulance, it would have taken considerably longer the simple fact that the drone was there four minutes after she made the first phone call was just very impressive. This is gon na save a lot of lives, well its going to save a lot of lives, yep yeah and drones, drones, arent, good, sir. No! I was just going to say i could also see it causing problems because i i know my my better half. For example, i really dont i dont want to see how a defibrillator would work out there, but you know i i guess, with the right instructions, anybody can do anything right. Yes in a life or death or situation youre going to try youre going to you know.

I would plug an extension cord into the wall and touch touch it to my chest, pretty bad with all that life insurance ive got though it takes four minutes for the drone to get here. Then it takes 25 minutes to walk outside and get it and bring it back. Wow jones are doing good things, thats cool and speaking of good things. The derbyshire police recently located a man who was missing for six hours using a drone um this 80 year old left the hospital confused. He was found in a bush freezing and unwell but alive. Ah, these drones, with the with the flare on them, theyre catching bad guys and saving good guys, the temperature that was out there was 35 degrees, fahrenheit um, and he was found in a ditch north of the hospital uh and had been out there for several hours. Wow so, but once again you know, drones were available, the police department, there has used them, weve seen videos from derbyshire before and they were able to locate them very quickly, so very important stuff. I love hearing how drones are doing work like this yeah about four years ago i was using my phantom 3 for a search and rescue that turned into a recovery. Unfortunately, but we did, we did find him. It was an all time, alzheimers patient, that that um got out into the winter um. I remember that and and and if there was flir cameras on prosumer drones back then might have made all the difference see so technology is developing and and jones are again doing great things.

Thats awesome, yeah all right. So next we have a story out of japan. Um, a sea air integrated drone system, hybrid setup, was recently demonstrated at the hakajima sea paradise amusement park in yokohama. By the way, congratulations on pronouncing all those names perfectly jeff very practiced yeah. I practiced okay, good good good, so this drone is created as a partnership between japanese telecommunication operator, kddi and aerial drone manufacturer pro drone and an underwater robotics manufacturer called qui c q y s e a um and the multi copter will then you know, fly out It can land release the underwater drone right and the underwater drone can go and perform its task. Thus you know, then it comes back and gets picked up by the first. I mean this is a really cool system. I love how theyve integrated the two together. You know because weve seen the underwater drones and the one thing about the underwater drones, you got that tethered line and you you have to stand on the on the bank or maybe in a boat, and you know your distance is very short here. You have a drone that can fly out, probably a considerable distance right drop that that that underwater drone, that thats really cool that is really cool and what would be even cooler is, if uh, the drone that dropped the drone had another drone inside. That was like this little rover thing with wheels that just ran along the bottom and then that drone, a little mini little robot dude, came out its like a drone turducken, oh okay, jason, yeah, jason.

Well, at least he left us with his with his picture. Yes, yeah we have, we have the we have the picture, so we know who he is yes all right. So next, in the news, this is uh, probably something that uh ken might be familiar with uh. This is a emergency crews were responding after a medical helicopter. Crashed near drexel hill, united methodist church in drexel hill, delaware county – and i believe you mentioned to me earlier, that you have an association with this area thats, where i grew up: drexel hill pennsylvania upper darby and that church that church was my church. When i was young and so uh, this ive been to weddings at that church and uh. So this helicopter – and this is the reason why i wanted to show it to you – that medical helicopter does anybody see anything wrong with this picture, there is a helicopter filming a crashed helicopter with a drone in between the two of them. Oh yeah, you should not be there, even if it belongs to a news agency that shouldnt be doing that. You cannot see no right, yeah, no and and its awful its awful close to the crash scene too. Thats also something that right so so, then you know rescue workers, cant get close and obviously its next to power lines, which is probably also not a good place for the drone to be yeah a helicopter crash. It is a medical helicopter.

You can see that drone right there yeah so uh. That was that drone right there yeah. It was nice to see the old neighborhood, but not nice, to see that um. Nobody, nobody was killed in that by the way. Yes uh. There was uh three members that were in the helicopter. One of them was an infant and everybody survived. Yes, so all right so uh recently, one of our viewers has shared with us that alabama has a new bill which is hb 21. That is going through the i guess. The review and approval stage its been introduced as part of their regular session, and this bill is to restrict drones or, i guess, on a uavs from flying around critical infrastructure. And this is a bill that when you first look at it, youre, like oh, my god, theyre preventing me from being able to fly my drone and after doing some research on this uh. One of the things i found out is that this is sort of a common practice for states. This is not something that is out of the ordinary for states to put into place since 2016 14 different states have put in, i guess, similar bills. You have arizona, arkansas, louisiana, nevada, oklahoma, oregon, tennessee, texas, wisconsin, california, georgia, hawaii, mississippi, new jersey and pennsylvania all have rules against flying around critical infrastructure, and we have shared on the show the fact that you need to stay away from critical infrastructure.

You dont need to be flying near nuclear power stations or electrical substations, etc. These are all places that are, you know: ver verboten, even ken uh. So one of my favorite videos that you did was near a dam that was near your house that i remember was one of the reasons why i bought my phantom 3 right and uh. You cant fly there anymore. No, they took me to take the damn video down. It was the army corps of engineers that called me and uh. They said. Would you please take your video down and i asked them why and they said well, because we dont want to give this information to the you know the nerdwells and so i said sure ill. Take the damn video down yeah yeah well, but it was a good damn video yeah. So this is something thats going on in in all states and we shouldnt panic yeah. You will see other states that are going to pass the similar legislature and if you go through and read the bill, its very specific about the the type of infrastructure that they want to avoid flying around and all of it is stuff that is critical infrastructure. Its not anything out of the ordinary okay, at least nothing that i could find so all right all right. Next, we have uh some video footage of a dozen cars that got stuck in western kentucky parkway due to a mixture of snow and car crashes.

Yeah – and i was hoping jason was gon na – be here for this, because this is up uh up his way, but uh yeah. So yeah i mean maybe youre thinking. Oh, you cant fly over cars but yeah. This is. This is fine. Now, sparsely populated area, the cars are not moving um, so that would be considered under a covered structure. The car you find over a few people, but even that now is okay, apparently well, and this particular uh issue was caused by not only the conditions of the the road. But the fact that there were multiple car wrecks along this section of highway that hampered uh hampered everything even more so it wasnt like the one where you got caught in as much uh, because you had like a single wreck. I think that that interrupted interrupted. Yours yeah: this is mostly weather, related right, yeah, wow jason. What do you think? I think he likes it? I think he likes it. Yeah hes smiling all right so last in the news, and this one is my favorite because uh i just i love the iranians. They they, they always give me some of the best stuff, so iran recently showed off their kamikaze drone swarm and they were showing off this drone swarm capability of hitting a compound, a clone compound that they created out in the desert right, and it was really impressive. I mean they, the drones were all on these racks and they fly off with rockets and they get the wings and and they fly distances, etc, and they get all the way to the target and they miss oh well um back to the drawing board that one That one hit right that one hit right there, its its supposed to hit the big building.

You know its its not really hitting where its supposed to well. We dont know that do we i mean, i guess maybe they were aiming for nothing who no so yeah, that was uh. That was one of my favorites, so uh yeah, the iranians out there just whipping up the action Music, all right, thats thats, the news hey. We could have some iranians watching and and jasons back yes and im. So sorry i apologize for my absence. I know youve missed me, so, oh we did. We had a couple kentucky stories that would have been great to have you on, but thats fine are you here for good now for myself, i thought the picture was like the picture was better yeah. It looks just like me, doesnt it yeah, yeah yeah, its very lifelike, yeah, very cool, all right, jeff, well uh. Thank you very much. You want to remind people about our illustrious sponsor one more time, one more time uh. So our illustrious sponsor is drone harmony and drone harmony, automates mission planning in the most challenging vertical inspection scenarios, guaranteeing high quality reproducible data collection by pilots with minimal training and a swiss based company and lets go ahead and give away uh lets give away. One of these with one of these one of these were going to give away a starter kit all right right now. All right pick me pick me and were gon na. Let jason pick the winner now dont, say dont say pick me unless youre going to use this.

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