This is the week of march 14th 2022 and we got a lot of stories for you this week. Uh the first one is dji release demetrius 30, as we had mentioned last week, so well talk about all the details, its quite an amazing drone. I have to say well talk about the mars mission that has a drone flying up there on mars. Its actually been extended against all odds, well talk about a man that was arrested for attempting to do some smuggling using a drone and that didnt work really well and well talk about quite a few pieces of regulation that are going on right now. So we kind of rote it into one big piece at the end of this. Video well also talk about a few events that were going to be participating on and one that we just did, and then we also have a new course out, so lets get to it. Music, all right. The first big news this week is the matrices 30 was released on monday by dji. This is something that actually has been kept pretty quiet. We always see new leaks about drones and well this one actually wasnt. My guess is that, because this is more of a public safety drone than anything else, then this is not something that the general public typically needs to get excited about, so theres, no real leaks out of it, but the matrice, 30 or m30 for short comes in Two different modes: we have on two different models, i should say m30 and the m30t t for thermal the both of these come with a 48 megapixel half inch.

Cmos sensor has the ability to do 5x or 16x using the optical zoom and then up to 200x thats right 200x using a digital zoom. Its got a 12 megapixel wide angle, camera as well, so its a dual camera system, its got the ability to do 8k photos 4k, 30 frames per second, and it also has a laser range finder, which is something that we saw on the matrices 300. Now you may be wondering what is the matrices 30 whats, the difference between a matrix, 300 or a 210? Well, a matrix 30 is kind of like a hybrid between a mavic enterprise drone and a matrix 300, a much larger matrix, so its a matrix that folds very much like a mavic would they did a. I think a great job, finding kind of a form factor that fits right in between the two, the matrix 300 is a fairly massive drone, not easy to carry around. This is obviously geared towards first responders that need to get something off the ground very quickly. This also has the ability to do thermal, so the matrice 30t has an external, an additional 640×512 radiometric thermal camera attached to it. So the whole thing has is rated ip55: its got oqsync 3 enterprise, which is a new version of qsync that we havent seen until now, 41 minutes of flight time, which im not surprised at all. We have the mavic at 40, some minutes we have the uh the matrix 300, also at 40, some minutes its got quick recharge, which is cool uh.

It has whats called local data mode where all the data is kept. Local, obviously, something that has been in the news quite a bit with dji the fear of the data going outside of the drone and then its got. The emergency 3 propeller landing like we saw in the matrice 300 and it weights at 3.7 kilos. Think about about 8 pounds a little less than 8 pounds. They also released a bunch of other things. At the same time to go with the matrice 30.. They have a dji rc plus. This is the new smart controller for enterprise drones. We kind of saw some previews of it in the past its to me its a mix between the sentence controller, if youve ever seen this with the for the inspire 2 and the typical rc pro that weve seen before uh its pretty big its got a lot Of buttons on it external buttons, it looks really cool to me. I, like the smart controller concept, whether it was the hotel concept or the dji concept, i think its its cool to have not have to plug in anything. This actually has external power, so you can plug a battery. It has an internal battery as well, but you could swap batteries in case. You start running out of juice on very long missions. They also release a software called the dji fly hub2. This is used for flight planning, its a docking station software as well, because they also release the dji dock, which is a docking station for the matrice 30.

. I mentioned that the matrix 30 has the ability to recharge quickly. So this is what that station is for it kind of covers. The drone as it comes down protects it from the element, recharges the drone and then its able to go and fly again and then the the payload thats attached to it is the dji zenmuse h20n, which has the night vision so thats, a new payload that we Havent seen before, and that gives you the ability to well see things at night, which is not something weve really seen on a on a drone at the moment at least not commercially or easily available like it will be on the matrice 30.. So the price point was actually very surprising. I think they priced it the right way. I know its not cheap its uh. I think the base model is around ten thousand dollars and fully equipped you get around fourteen thousand dollars so uh. This is the price point for matrice 300, with no real other payload on top of it. So i think this is going to be a home run for dji as long as they can get past and sell it to public safety agencies. That dont require the blue uas, so i think uh yeah thats all well put a link down to a drone excel. They have a great article with a lot of specs and photos and everything im sure youve seen photos playing in the background as well.

So yeah thats, the matrices 30, pretty excited all right. The next thing this week is the uh. The drone thats on mars weve talked about this before ingenuity has been extended, its been doing a lot of flight missions on mars and uh its actually accumulated 38 minutes of flight time so far its about a mavic 3 or an evo 2 battery equivalent, but thats On mars and its travel about three miles 2.9 miles uh, i dont think they were expecting any of this. Quite frankly, this was supposed to be a couple flights and done, but it looks like its doing pretty well with the atmosphere and with everything so theyre going to keep using it im sure until they cant anymore. All these missions are focused on supporting the the rover on the ground, perseverance and its providing rod, assistance, its assessing different targets and its imaging other features outside of the rovers reach. So i think this is cool to me. This is science fiction. Quite frankly, uh it is exciting that we have the ability to record so much of that data and then be able to see a different perspective that the rover on the ground can do. Dont get me wrong. The river is really cool, but having something flying up. There is just amazing, okay. Last story: we have another one after that, but this is a man in tennessee washington, county tennessee that was arrested after flying a drone over a jail yard and, and sadly this is something that seems to happen on a regular basis across the country every day.

The drone was carrying a package that was wrapped in black electrical tape. The officers on the ground were actually able to capture the package and then disconnect it from the drone and uh in the process. It looks like the drone get caught up in the fishing line and then tangle the propellers, and then it crashed the package contained some illegal narcotics and oxycodone pills, so yeah just dont be that guy right. Okay last thing is a couple of things: a lot of different things. First, we came back from. I came back from a trip to texas this weekend. It was a quick trip, but i went to the texas drone workshop. We had several people presenting from sparky sorensen talking about video and videography at the high level. We also have ken dono from original adobo who presented about real estate. We had jared that talked about mapping. Mapping 101 did a great presentation on that. We had adrian talking about thermography, and then we had mr abel that was talking about flying fpv and, and i made a presentation actually talking about airspace. I dont think im forgetting anyone. Anyway, it was great to meet everyone out. There see people that weve seen before see film on your faces and – and i hope we see more – of these events across the country – something thats actually affordable for people to attend and actually learn skills that you wouldnt otherwise anywhere else. Next bit is the oregon state park.

Weve talked about this for two weeks now the deadline is coming to an end, so make sure please please, please, that you go and submit your comments to the oregon state parks. Make sure that you go to the link down? There is an email that you can send your thoughts and tell them that the proposed regulation as it is, is okay. It is the best compromise for drone pilots and for everyone involved. If you want more information, please go back to last week, where i gave a little bit more details about this, but the more people we have submitting the more chances we have of not seeing restrictions in oregon state parks or in state parks anywhere in the country. Speaking of restrictions, washington state is talking about adding a drone registration to anyone whos going to fly for commercial purposes, so not a good thing, not something that wed like to see. I know the dspa. The drone service provider alliance is working on this. We will have more information on this next week, but i know theyve been involved and theyve been trying to talk uh to the uh, to the state, making sure that this actually doesnt happen and then, lastly, talking about states doing uh things that are weird with drones. We have new jersey that is proposing a bill uh that would that would that would force people to have geo fencing on their drones, so they cant fly above 500 feet and they cant fly within certain areas.

The concept may sound good on paper, a terrible application. There is so many restrictions that would be applied that are absolutely unnecessary. Drones can fly over 500 feet in some situation. Drone can fly in certain areas also in certain situations, so that wouldnt really solve anything. So if you live in those states, please contact the drone service provider alliance as well. They have been working on this if youre not supporting the drone service provider alliance as well. Please please think about making a donation to them. They do a lot of work. This is a not for profit organization, kenji and vic and scott. They all do a lot of work for free to help. You and i uh doing all these things, so please head over to their website and give them kudos, because these these guys are doing a lot of things. Okay, i got two more things. I know this is a very long update this week, but theres a lot going on. We are going to be in texas again on monday, tuesday and wednesday of next week and then on sunday night were going to have a student meet up in the austin area. If you want more information, go to our facebook group, the the student pilot drone group and then youll see there. There is an event we want to meet with as many of you as possible. We we did that last year. It was a great success, so we want to do that again.

So make sure you head head over to get the details and then lastly, well have the auvsi exponential event thats happening on april 25 and 26th. We will be in orlando for that and and well put a link down in the description as well. Okay last thing this week is the mavic 3 deep dive its out its ready to go, make sure that you go and enroll its free well show you how to fly the mavic 3 and how to uh well how to not crash it uh how to learn Some tips that you cant find in the user manual again its free available on our website head over there and then tell us what you think so thats it. I know it was a long one ill see you guys next week and as always like subscribe leave.