This is the week of march 14 2022, and we got four stories for you this week. The first one is kind of a big one. Dji looks like theyre ready to release a brand new drone on monday. This would be the uh. The matrice m30 were going to talk about this and then uh. The inspire 3 is right around the corner. It looks like as well and then the mini 3 as well, so theres been a lot of rumors and some confirmations this week. The next thing is the bv loss. The beyond visual line of site aviation ruling committee came up with a report with a lot of recommendations for the faa. Regarding flying beyond visual line of sight, i will give you a quick overview, but we also have a lot more detail coming up on this because well, thats thats, a huge story well also talk about the eb tac, which has been selected to become a blue suas. 2.0, which is the first one to be added to the list and then lastly well talk about the oregon state park. We talked about this last week, but i want to reiterate and ask you again for your actions so lets get to it, Music. So for our first story here we have three new drones from dji hitting the rumor mill, the first of which is the matrice 30 at least thats. What we expected to be called. We also expect it to be released on march 21st.

We actually already have some teaser images coming out from dji enterprise, almost showing a small little light beacon sitting on the top of the drone. We also already have photos leaked of this drone theres four different angles that seem to be product photos of the rumored matrice 30 and it seems to be a hybrid between a mavic like a mavic 2 enterprise, as well as a matrice 300. So its going to be interesting to see where this drone fits into their lineup now moving on from there, we also have a rumored inspire 3.. I think that this is the drone that needs the biggest update across their entire platform, as we havent seen one a new one in quite some time now, its rumored to be able to shoot 8k video at up to 75 frames per second 4k video at up To 200 frames per second, its expected to have a super 35 cmo sensor and shoot pro res video and four four four four xq or 10 bit 422 hq that drone personally, is probably the one that im looking forward to the most just again, because we havent Had an updated inspire in quite some time and mine is starting to become long in the tooth now. The final of these three drones is one that weve heard a little bit about over the past couple of weeks, and that is the mini three dji kind of went outside of their release cycle with the mini drone.

We had this new mini drone, every single holiday season, but last holiday season. They kind of came out with the mini se. That was a rehash or like a combination of what the mini one and many two offered so were now starting to see some rumors of a mini three. They might again go outside of this release cycle and release something out of the holiday season. Maybe for like a springtime or summer launch, but the new leak that we have here for the mini three is a kind of like a a video of the shell of the inside of the mini 3.. It doesnt give us all that much information, but the one thing that it does confirm is that it is going to have a different gimbal design towards the front. Okay, and the next story this week is the beyond visual line of sight arc. The aviation ruling committee came up with a report now its not for the faint of heart. This report is 250 pages, long plus another 200 and some pages just for the the voting uh portion of this so um. The the ark is the aviation ruling committee, its a group of well quite a few people from the industry that get together and um, and the fa asked them to come up with recommendations on how to move forward would be on visual line of sight flying and They came up with this report. 250 pages ive been reading through it for a little bit over.

Well, i dont know it feels like a week, but its a lot less than that actually uh and and its difficult to read because theres a lot its not like. Youre reading just a book, you have to actually concentrate and make sure that you understand everything before moving forward. So what were going to do is we are going to have a full video separately talking about this topic and what were going to do is were actually going to bring people that were on the ark to discuss why they recommended what they recommended and then also Looking at the other point where people said they did not agree with the ark so thats coming around the corner, we want to take our time doing this because well, first off this is just a recommendation, its going to be a while, before anything happens, i want To make sure that people understand that this is not not even final ruling. This is not even an nprm notice of purpose rulemaking. This is just an arc that is making recommendations to the fa. So theres, no reason at this moment you get freaked out about anything. Thats in there, which you get excited about anything thats in there either quite frankly, but well do a full report and also we have a live q. A coming up this friday march 18 at 6 p.m. Eastern 3 p.m. Pacific were going to have kenji sugar hara from the ark he was on the ark actually for this, but hes also from the dspa and well also have vic moss from the dspa.

You youre familiar with these two guys theyve been on the show before extremely knowledgeable and were going to answer your question. So if you have any questions about this um theres, a recommendation in here for part 108 theres a recommendation in here about a type of equipment that needs to be on board. If you want to fly beyond visual language, so theres, quite a bit of information, theres. Also a mention in there of shielded operation, so this is something that you really want to pay attention to again, if you dont want to show up for the q a or watch our video – and you just want to read the 500 page document well put a Link down in here for it, but uh its a fair warning, its heavy. I can only read about 20 to 25 pages a day just because there is theres so much to digest. Okay. The next thing this week is the eb tack has been added to the blue suas list. This is the first to be added to that new list s the blue sus 2.0 list. The eb is made by sensibly, and it is owned by ag eagle – were really interested to see how many others are going to be part of this blue suas 2.0 and how theyll be selected. And then we hope that this will add more competition to the current list, which you know weve been critical of, not just us.

The industry has been very critical of in the past, and so this is good, its good to see some changes to that list and bring different types of drone different types of manufacturers as well. So hopefully, this will help the the entire market. Okay last thing this week is the oregon state park. We talked about it last week. We did a full report on this. Oregon is looking to change the rules to allow drones to be flown inside of the state parks, except for a few sensitive areas and and were okay with this last week, some of you made comments and said well youre, just trying to get us to agree uh To having restrictions well, drone restrictions are part of flying. We we cant, live in utopia, where we believe that we should be flying everywhere. I dont believe that we should be flying everywhere. I also believe that we should be allowed to fly in the most amount of places with very few select restriction where there is a wildlife where there is maybe a lot of people that want to have peace and quiet. Although lots of people in peace and quiet doesnt always go together, but so were asking you to actually email the oregon state park and tell them to keep the regulation as it is currently proposed, they have a proposal theres a group out there. That is trying to reverse this proposal and actually change it so that drones are not allowed anywhere, except for very few select areas, and this is not good.

This is not a good compromise, so please, please, please tell the oregon state park, even if you dont live in oregon heres. The email right here send them an email, be nice, polite, concise and just tell them that. You believe that the current proposed rules are actually a good compromise in the way to do it, and that doing anything, otherwise is is just not going to work and give them your reasons. Okay, all right – and this is the last story for this week – we actually do have one last surprise for you uh. We are releasing our mavic 3 deep dive this week. So please head over to the link down in here. This is a free course. All the prosumer and entry level drones deep dives that we do are free and available to you. So if you want to learn how to fly the mavic 3, how it works all the different functionalities, all the different systems in there. This is something that we offer. We want make sure that youve invested a lot of money into your drone, so we want to make sure you know how to fly them so head over and let us know what you like about it. Weve made some changes to the sets. Weve made some changes to the editing, so i think this is a beautiful piece and thats it. I will see you guys.