This is the week of february 15. 2021.. This week i got four topics: four good ones. Actually, the first one is the dji fpv drone that’s right around the corner, so we’re going to talk about some details. I have a question for you: how much meth do you think you can fit on a drone? Well, we’ll find out in a few minutes, we’ll talk about the drone advisory committee and kind of what we should be looking for and then lastly, i’m, going to talk about a free, free, webinar that i’m going to do on friday. So let’s get to it. Music and the first thing this week that we have is the new dji drone uh, the fpv drone and everybody’s been talking about this fpv drone and uh and it’s. Finally, around the corner, it looks like we’ve been seeing more and more photos online, more and more rumors coming around. So it looks like march 2nd is when it’s going to be released and and earlier this week there was a video that that surfaced, and it was an unboxing and, as you may know, you know, dji sends these products to people to review, to give them some Youtube videos to create some youtube videos and everything and uh, and this person decided to post the video early and i’m sure they get a call from dji, because very soon after the video was gone, which i thought was interesting. But in the meantime, people actually downloaded the video and then reposted it on youtube.

So it’s still there we’re going to put some clips in here in the background. So you can see, but it looks like the drone in itself is a little bit less streamlined in what we’ve seen with fpv drones, typical fpv drones are pretty flat, pretty small and pretty compact. This looks a little bit more bulky. I was actually a little bit disappointed, quite frankly, just looking at the design, but maybe it’s, just the images uh. Maybe it is smaller in real life, it looks like it has some sensors in the front, which is actually quite a big deal because well fpv drones. Don’T have sensors fpv drones crash into things and they’re kind of more of the the kamikaze of drones. If you want – and so this will be interesting to kind of see – i’m i’m speculating here – i’m, just because of the way dji works but i’m wondering if dji actually is going to have a mode for people to learn to fly fpv, which is not really all That simple, if you’ve come from dji drones, then it’s going to be a steep learning curve. So you know dji tends to make things a little bit easier, a little bit more accessible so with them breaking into the fpv market. I wonder if there’s going to be a beginner’s mode, maybe where you can use the sensors? This thing is supposed to go pretty fast. I think i read online somewhere that’s going to be 95 miles an hour which is extremely blasting fast.

So no sensor is going to work for this kind of speed. So again, it’ll be interesting to see what we get in there. The goggles in themselves looks like we have the new version of their fpv goggle version 2.0. The guy on the video said that it was actually a little bit lighter. We see also the controller in the video and the controller looks smaller, much smaller and less bulky than what we see with fpv controllers. Typically so it’ll be interesting to see. It almost looks like a playstation or a type of controller, much smaller fits in the hand. It looks like the specs are ocusing 2.0, which is kind of the standard. These days for dji drones, the mavic series uses ocusing 2.0, which means 10 miles or 6 miles. I’M sorry, 10 kilometers for the distance for the drone. Obviously a line of sight is still an issue here. The interesting part is because it is ocusin 2.0. It could theoretically be compatible with a smart controller. I don’t know that there’s much of a need for a smart controller, because you can’t really see what’s going on on the screen, so it’ll be interesting to see according to drone excel i’ll put the link down in the article here that you can see. Uh 795 grams, which is which is not light per se. I think it’s roughly the same weight as a mavic 2 pro. If i remember correctly, i should have checked on that about 20 minute flight time, which is actually quite a bit for an fpv drone, a one over 2.

3 inch sensor, cmos sensor which could deliver or should deliver uh 4k 60 frames per second at 1080, 120 frame Per second, we don’t really know the bitrate just yet, but people are speculating it’s going to be 100 megabits per second, which is again kind of a standard. These days, there’s no three axis gimbal, which is kind of what you would expect on an fpv drone. You know most people put a gopro on there or an osmo action on there, and so the idea is that the the stabilization is going to happen in the software and not really in the the gimbal. In itself it looks like the gimbal can go up and down based on what i see in the video, but it hasn’t really been confirmed. So i put a link down here. You can see some of the videos right here and um yeah. This is it so march, 2nd we’ll try to get one as soon as possible and test it. Don is going to be ready to go and test it. Don has built over 100 drones himself, fpv drones himself. He’S been doing this for almost a decade now so he’s going to be the perfect person to tell us hey. Is this really something for beginners? Is this something that and of course, i’ll be testing it myself? I’M, not a big fpv flyer, so i tried it a couple times. I you know i’m, not ashamed to say it uh.

I i love flying the other drones. I also like flying the fpv. I just don’t really have the time to dedicate right now to learning a new drone. Unfortunately, so, but i’ll be testing it to give you kind of the newbie, because that’s really what i am with fpv. Okay, next topic is uh. How much meth do you think you can carry on the phantom 4 dji phantom 4 drone and the answer it looks like it’s less than a kilo, because border patrol agents uh found a drone at the top of a building that was carrying a kilo of meth Uh strapped onto it, with duct tape, and that was in the san ysidro, which is at the right very close to the border with mexico and neighbors, have been reporting actually that drones have been flying up and down in that area. Quite a bit with people stationed in cars, so it looks like this is not something new i’m sure there’s going to be a lot more surveillance going on in that area. Now, but just remember what we’ve been saying in this video for a while now don’t be that guy don’t be a uas whole that’s, what we’ve been saying recently, so the next thing is the drone advisory committee. For those of you that don’t know the drone advisory committee it’s a place where people in the industry that have been selected by the faa meet and share information and come up with changes and recommendations for the fa.

We’Re lucky, if you’ve been following us for a while we’re lucky to now have a presence with the dspa, the drone service provider alliance. If you haven’t seen these episodes yet go back to a couple months, we interviewed vic and kenji and uh and uh, and and i talk on a regular basis with at least with vic, with kenji a little bit less. But these guys they’re gon na be at their first meeting talking about well, we don’t really know actually what the topic is going to be for this meeting, but but it’ll be interesting to finally have representation, so we’ll be tuning in this is on february 24th, from 12 to 2 p.m. Eastern and um and it’s going to be live from the fa live stream, and this is all done via zoom. So nobody is going to dc in this case, but if you haven’t seen the dspa website i’m going to plug them in, i don’t get any money out of it, but i think it’s a good cause. I think these two guys they really represent the industry. We’Ve seen a lot of big companies on the deck in the past, and these two spots finally open and vic and kenji both got one and so they’re out there to represent you guys so go to their website, take a look at what they offer and they’re. Just a great voice for our industry: okay last thing i have this week is on friday this friday at 4 pm eastern i’m, going to be with teachable.

Teachable is a platform that hosts our courses and they invited us to do a workshop on starting and marketing. A drone business, so we have a course you may or may not know this, but we have a it’s called drone business made easy, and this is where i teach you how to start your drone business i’ve seen so many people, not just with drones. Quite frankly, but with a lot of businesses starting a business without putting much thought into it, so, with my business background, creating companies running companies, i created this course that kind of helps you start on a very strong basis, and so we’ll be we’ll, be talking about What’S kind of in the course but i’ll be giving you tips as well. You don’t have to buy the course uh if uh. If you can get some information on this webinar, then that’s a good place to start i’m. Gon na tell you how to find out what drone services you can actually offer and by the way i’m, not painting a rosy picture like a lot of people do when they sell these courses. There’S no snake oil i’m going to be straight to the point i’m. Going to tell you that you’re going to fail, if you don’t, do certain things: okay and that’s the reality of things. I i don’t like to sugarcoat things and uh. So we’ll talk about how you can uh how much money you can actually realistically make again no snake oil i’m, not gon na promise that you’re making a million dollars uh we’re gon na discover how you can actually find customers and actually keep them.

So i get some really good tips that you can use with this and we’ll learn some marketing strategies that can help you stand out from the competition, so i’ve got a couple tips in there actionable tips that you guys can do. Actually. The course in itself is filled with like 27 different tips of things that you have to go through in order to create a business plan, create a marketing plan, create a financial plan, and all these things it takes a long time to create a business and to Do it right so, okay i’ll, stop talking about this, but there’s a link down here on the teachable. If you want to join me, it’s going to be about an hour long and then at the end of it, it’s live i’ll, be available to answer some questions. So if you have questions about drone business, just uh join me and then i’ll do my best to answer okay. This is all i have for this week. As always like subscribe comment, leave a nasty comment down there. No just kidding don’t. Do that? Actually, we we hardly ever get them and now i’m saying this they’re gon na show up right uh. We also have a airplane news update that goes on every week at the same time this week, over there i’m, actually talking about the learjets, if you guys are familiar with learjet they’re, ending productions, we’re going to talk about what that means and kind of how it Works we’ll talk about how airplanes can actually create snow if you guys are struggling in the course with the weather section drawing over there, because this is a really cool phenomenon and then uh we’ll talk about the the pilot, hiring and kind of how it looks like It’S actually, finally, turning back into the positive, so uh join me over there and then uh as always: fly safe and don’t be a uas whole all right that’s.