This is the week of april 5, 2021, and this week i’ve got four topics. Actually, four really cool topics. The first one is even more information came out on the air 2s from dji, so we’ll talk about all the things that were released this week and uh. The the release of this drone is very imminent. I can tell you that uh parrot announced that they’re starting a bug, bounty program and we’ll talk about what the bug bounty program is and kind of what they’re trying to accomplish. With this we’ll talk about the faa that released uh, actually something really impressive. Their free online training this week for currency purposes, so we’ll talk about uh. What happened, how you can take the training if you haven’t done that and then lastly, we’ll talk about a pilot institute course that we just released so let’s get to it Music, all right. The first thing this week is the air 2s from dji that’s, supposedly right around the corner, there’s been more leaks and you can find all that good information on drone excel with haya and his team and um the first thing. The first thing is the release date. It looks like april 15 was leaked as the release date, so dji kind of releases, the or or has the official release information, usually with a teaser or something so we’ll find out in the next couple days. This is next week. I mean this is right around the corner.

This drone has gone from a rumor two or three weeks ago to being released next week, it’s like it’s, just incredible. There is fly more combos photos that have been released. It looks like the battery and the controller pretty much i’m, not going to say the same, but they look like the same. Look as the original air 2 and the controller looks just like the air 2 controller. It looks like the controller that we have on the mini 2 as well, so that’s it looks like maybe dji is going pretty standard with these controllers right here there is additional sensors on the top of the drone, the air 2, the i’m going to call it. The original air 2 had sensors in the back sensors in the front, but no sensors. On top now it doesn’t look like there is any sensors on the side, which is more than likely what they’re trying to keep for the mavic 3 series, the mavic 2 pro the mavic 2 zoom have sensors on the side. It doesn’t look like we have this, but it looks like a one. Inch sensor has been confirmed, so one inch cmos sensor which would be really close to what we have on the mavic 2 pro now. The mavic 2 pro is several years old. Now i think it was released in 2018., so um interesting to see dji kind of cannibalizing their own uh. Drones of you know their own sales.

Quite frankly, my guess is that the mavic 2 pro is probably not selling nearly as much so now. They’Re coming up with something new and then in preparation, i’m sure for the mavic 3 pro. If you want more information on this, we had a great recording with haya and kara on the pixel drone show our podcast last week on tuesday. So if you want more information, we’ve got about an hour where we chit chat about dji’s kind of what we think they’re going to do in the next couple months and then talking about other manufacturers as well. So make sure that you go and take a look at that there was a teaser video that you see running in the background right now we can see the one inch sensor. We can see the 20 megapixel marking. What we don’t see on here is the hazel blad uh, marking that we have on the mavic 2 pro, maybe they’re, keeping this for the mavic 3 series. Who knows it looks like also. We have adsb available a dsbn with the airsense technology from from dji, so we’ll have more information next week again and uh, and then we’ll keep you posted as always go and check right here for more information as they uncover. It looks like they’re posting an article pretty much every single day with new information, so it’s kind of exciting next thing is parrot parrot. Is the french manufacturer of drones they’re going with a bug bounty program and if you’re not familiar with the bug bounty program, it’s? Essentially, paired or any other manufacturer dji has been doing this for several years now, where they release a portion or all of their code, so that hackers, white hat hackers, i guess, would can go through it and find if there are any bugs and typically there’s a Reward if they found uh bugs in the system and um in this case that you’re using a european crowdfunded program to do this it’s a security platform called yes, we hack and uh the the idea is at first they’re, going to release their code uh to a Few of the of the hackers on that platform privately and then eventually they’re, going to open it up to the entire community, which looks like it’s about 11 000 hackers.

So their goal is to i’m sure find bugs in the system, but also be transparent on their uh security behind their drones. You know they’re producing a blue, uas drone and actually we’re going to be talking about the blue uas series. If you’re not familiar with this, we have a podcast episode coming next week. I know i’m plugging in the podcast, but it’s it’s kind of my way to talk more to talk longer and to bring in on board a bunch of guests and obviously bring in haya and kara, as well as our co host and uh. So we’re bringing david from drone analysis and he found out some things about the blue program. I don’t want to talk more about this, but uh. If you are interested, make sure that you go and subscribe to the uh. The drone pixel, the pixel drone show okay. Next thing was kind of a big thing we talked about it last week, but the faa finally released its free online training, uh people. People were wondering if it was really actually going to happen because uh because it’s been delayed, it was delayed twice now, not because of the faa and – and i have to say i have to give the fa kudos on this training um. As as an educator myself as a training provider, i was actually fairly impressed with the information that they were able to put in here. It’S missing videos. If you ask me i’m, a video person, i like making those videos, i like teaching using videos, there was a lot of text in there, but the text was very in depth and i thought the training was very good, so kudos to you guys if anybody from The afa is watching uh, i think you know we we give the fa a hard time.

I think we have to give them the the the kudos when they deserve them. The training was interesting. It took me about an hour and a half to go through it. I know i read online, some people just decided to take 10 minutes and and just do the test. The test is not the goal of this. The test is to get to confirm that you learn something during training. The test is not really graded. It’S graded to a hundred, but you can actually miss questions. They’Ll tell you that you missed a question and then you can go back and correct it it’s what the fa calls correct it to 100 it’s uh it’s, something that we do in in the private pilot training, where we have a solo test, for example, it’s corrected To 100 so it’s, not something new it’s, just something new to drone pilots. At the moment um. I found interesting some of the reactions that i found online i’m, not necessarily very pleased with some of the reactions that i saw online of people saying well. I’Ll just took the test in 10 minutes and then i’m done now terrible approach, quite frankly between you and i i think it’s uh it’s, not the attitude that we need to have as an industry. This is recurrent training just go through. It learn something and then move on you’re going to do this every two years. There was a lot of information about new regulation about flying over people about remote id, but flying at night.

If you took 10 minutes to go through the training, you missed all the new stuff and and you’re probably going to be flying out there illegally anyway i’m going to get off my soapbox, i do tend to get annoyed when uh, when people give our industry a Bad reputation, but the training in itself was divided into five different modules. We had an introduction, you had module one two and three, and then we had the review and then finally the exam uh, the the the three modules in the middle. There was one main module that had all of the information it opened up a new window. So if you go on there and you click on one it’s going to open up a new window and then in there there’s a quick introduction, there was aircraft and pic requirements, and then there was a section about rules for safe uas operation and then embedded into This was new regulation for flying at night, new regulation for flying over people. So a lot of good information, tab number two was resources and then tab number three was a glossary of some of the terms that are being used in there now. This is very typical training by the faa on fa This is the the kind of format that you that i have seen for 20 years now that i’ve been using fa, so nothing new. We thought the website was going to crash it didn’t.

So kudos again to the fa, i don’t know what they did. I don’t know if people spread their training, but it worked. Nobody crashed the server which was uh good news upon completion of this training. You get a training certificate, a completion certificate which is proof of currency and also prove that you received the training. Now you can use this training for two things. You can use this training to fly at night after april 21 without a waiver. Now, if you did the training already and you’re saying hey, i can go fly at night now. You have to wait until april 21, which is when the fa regulation actually goes in place. Now, if you did the training for currency purposes, you’re current! Congratulations! If you did the training on april 6 or after then you basically have this little piece of paper. It’S good for two years 24 calendar months and in 24 calendar months, you’re gon na have to do the training again so at the end of april 2023 is when you will be due for your recurring training. You’Ll be able to do this again go online. Do it for free, rinse and repeat every two years, so that’s kind of the good news right here so i’ve seen some confusions i’ve seen some confusion, i’ve actually see. I have two corrections that i want to make. I don’t know if they fixed it yet, because i can’t go back to the training, but the fa mentioned march 16 in one of their slides.

It is actually april 21st. They forgot to uh change when the regulation was uh pushed back and then in the category. One explanation: there was actually something missing: they missed the fact that you cannot have exposed rotating parts for category one. So i want to go over this because this is kind of actually a critical uh miss on their part, but if you’re flying a drone over people under category 1 after april 21st, the drone has to be under 250 grams with everything attached to it. And it cannot have rotating parts that can cause laceration, which means that it has to be equipped at the moment with prop guards. Your mavic mini does not qualify for category 1 starting april 21st. The reason is, when you put the prop guard on top of it, then it makes the drone more than 250 grams, which means that it doesn’t qualify as category 1 anymore. So be careful. This doesn’t mean you can just slap on prop guards and then go fly. Your mini to over people – you do not qualify for that at the moment. Okay, so i just want to clarify that part. There was something in here that i thought was interesting. The faa is about to release a new handbook. It’S called a uas operating handbook, it’s going to look very much like the pilot handbook of aeronautical knowledge. If you’re a student in my class, we use the p hack for uh for training.

This is kind of the bible for pilots. This is a very good reference document and it looks like the faa is creating this new document uh as the as the us operating handbook so i’m excited about this. This will be kind of a one place: stop shop to find information. The the handbook is labeled, faa. H83. 8083. 24. I know this is the code name, but all fa documents have a code name it’s not released. Unfortunately, it looks like they had some delays uh. It was probably i’m sure they were expecting to release it on the day the training went live on the training. There was actually a lot of references to that document. I was actually able to get a draft version of the document, looks like it’s about 150 pages and and it’s really good from. I started reading it last night, i’m – not done yet, but from what i’ve seen so far tons of really good information in there pretty well organized so i’m, actually pretty pumped about this new document. Okay, um some confusion as i’ve seen about this document about this. This training, this free online training the course in itself is called alc677. If you did alc 515, it is not the proper training. Some people were very confused about part 61. Part 61 became very popular this week because the new training says it is training for non part. 61. Pilots. Part 61 is the regulation that governs issuing certificates for man aircraft, pilots if you’re man, aircraft, pilots, if you have a private pilot commercial pilot airline transport pilot certificate, these are issued under part 61.

, so that’s what i have when i started my training as a pilot. I have a commercial pilot license which is issued under part 61., so the training that the fa just released – alc 677 is labeled non part 61 pilots, because the procedure for par 61 pilots is different, so they decided to issue this uh this label. I know it’s confusing, because a lot of part 107 pilots have no idea what part 61 is you know rightfully so so if you see part 61, if you don’t know what it is chances are, you are not certified under part 61. uh. But if you did the other training for any reason, it’s not valid, so make sure you go back and you do alc677 i’ll put a link down in the description, so you can get to it. The training is not valid for initial training. I’M going to say that again, the free fa online training alc67, is not valid for initial training. This will not make you a remote pilot. This is only for people who have a remote pilot certificate already do not use that training to prepare for the faa exam. The initial exam – it is missing a lot of things. Okay, there are a lot of topics that are not in the training that the efa just released. Okay. So if you just study this and then you go to the testing center chances are you will fail? The exam so make sure that you find another source.

Obviously, this is what we do but find a source for training in addition to this, so the the certificate of completion. If you did not get to the point where you have a certificate of completion in your inbox, you are not current. Yet you need to have that certificate of completion, save it make a pdf out of it print it. You can use a pdf to show this document to the faa to say that you’re, current okay, so either the the paper format or pdf is fine. Electronic version is fine. You still need to have your actual certificate. The card with you to prove you cannot use a pdf for that, but you need to do you need to have a copy of that somewhere, okay, that’s all i’m going to talk about. I wanted to make sure those confusions were out of the way and let’s talk about the last thing, which is we just released a new course and it’s actually it’s, even better it’s a free course. We have a deep dive series where we go over some drones. We go over the the user manual and we just release the deep dive for the dji fpv and it took it, took us a while to do this because, as you can imagine, there’s a lot of information, i went through the entire manual. I found things that were not even in the manual and made this course it’s about two and a half hours long.

It explains everything you need to know about the drone, so if you bought one go in there register it’s free and then, if you haven’t, bought one and you’re thinking about it, then this is kind of a it’s, not a review. I don’t really do a review of the drone. I do a review of all of the features of the drone. I don’t really give you my opinion. I tell you how i fly it. I tell you the settings that i use uh doesn’t mean that those are settings that you have to use, but yeah so go in there perfect for anyone who has the drone or wants to get the drone and you’ll get all the information so that’s. All. I have like comment subscribe. Subscriptions have been going up actually very quickly last couple weeks, so i’m really excited about this. If you have comments, leave them in there. We’Ve got over 100 comments every month now, every week on on. These shows, and i love to go in there on friday. I drink my tea in the morning and i tend to answer the questions that you guys posted uh. The video goes live at 8 a.m. Eastern and uh that’s 5 a.m. My time so by the time i wake up, you guys have watched already and put comments and uh, and i i like to do this – i enjoy it. We have the drone podcast as well. Pixel drone show that’s a separate youtube channel, make sure you go and check that out.

Uh this week, we’re talking to david benowitz from drone analyst talking about the blue uas. Last week we had a show with just cara and uh and haya and myself, and we kind of chit chatted about drones, which is well that’s. What we do right, it’s, uh, the fun stuff, so make sure you go check it out and then also we have the airplane news update, which is posted at the same time as this news update. So this week, i’m talking about a lot of different things. This week actually we’re talking about the airline accidents that are on the rise in 2020 we’re talking about a large hydrogen engine. That company in the uk is working on and then i’m talking about some guidance from the faa for medical examiners for people that had covet. So if you’re interested in any of these topics head out to the airplane channel that’s another channel that we have and then we’ll talk about it there all right, i’m gon na shut up i’ll, see you guys later fly safe and don’t, be a u.