We are actually sitting on top of the drawn up booth at uav expo and, as you can see, we can pretty much see the entire expo from up here. So, thanks to our friends at drawn up for letting us up here and today were going to talk a little bit differently than what we usually do not in the office. Not talking about just drone news in general were going to talk about what happened at uav expo. We walked around for the last couple days and essentially we found a lot of new cool tech and then we wanted to share it with you guys. Last week we talked about new drones that actually were not a new drones. We got the osmo mobile 5 that was released today from dji, so not something that we saw here on the field, but we saw a lot of different things im going to start with what we saw on tuesday when we uh arrived in vegas. There was a a bunch of drones flying at the flying field and the first one was actually is: it was sky front, they were flying a hybrid drone and that drone can fly for 13 hours 13 hours on the combo of gasoline and electric. They were able to to do a demo and uh kind of impressive. You can see the footage playing in the background right now. We also look at a very, very large vitol vtol vertical, take off in landing called commerce.

Actually, their booth is uh right behind me. Right here and kamarus has again a very large and interesting design. We saw them flying around. They had a crew of two people to man the aircraft and and get it up in the air, so that was really cool um we came back. It was starting to get a little bit hot. This is vegas in almost the end of summer, and then we talked to our friends at aloft and aloft has something really exciting coming up coming up, not remote id, because we know remote id is not here yet, but something very similar to remote id. Where aloft wants you to be able to share where youre going to fly now, you may say well: is that really necessary, so youll be able to basically share the area where youre going to be flying, which is which is novel? This is a novel idea. This is to increase safety. You basically want people to know that somebody else is flying in the area. Therefore, they should be looking for you and then help you deconflict the airspace. This is by no means a way to actually block the airspace. This is just a way to tell other people that youre going to be flying, think about it as remote id except its anonymous youre, basically just telling them not where the drone is going to be, but the area in which youre going to be flying so were Excited that they share that information with us, and hopefully we can actually get to their booth and get some more information on this.

The next area that we talked to was our friend at sky, brass, sky, bras and bobby, and the software sky bras is available in hotel drones. So hotel is also located right here with a beautiful booth where we looked at sky browse. We also look at the new enterprise evo2 that they have and uh. We spent some time with john mcbride talking about this, so heres a little bit of the clip that we recorded with john mcbride talking about the new hotel enterprise. Well, just a little bit about the evo 2 line in general, so the evo 2 has done a great job getting out there into the market kind of getting the people kind of understanding a little bit more about the orange. You know autel brand. So, overall you know you just go a little bit farther back and theyve done a great job with this um, but the improvements were talking about are just trying to kind of correlate with what a lot of the enterprise you know, customers type want. What do they want? Well, they want a little bit more than just the standard. You know its a drone, it flies around and capabilities, so enterprise was brought online, especially with the accessories that we have and showing the smart controller. So i mean just talking about the airframe and all kinds of things so well talk about it here, just for a second, the airframe itself. You know we still have obstacle avoidance up on the front carbon fiber arms that just and a little bit longer than the original design a little bit larger stator here.

So the motor is running a lower rpm on the same size battery so were still so. What were able to do is keep the the noise a little bit more down with a larger prop and a little bit lower rpm on the on the motors. So lets talk about the accessories real, quick, oh and payloads, three different cameras. So as these come in combination, weve got the 640t, the dual r, which is the boson flir and then the the pro, which is the 6k 20 megapixel uh one inch sensor so thats. What weve got going on with those three different packages or bundles? All the bundles will come with smart controller. Smart controller is a new new one man. I mean this things fantastic. I dont have you, it is a v2. So now were all just v2s moving forward. So lets talk a little bit about the accessories, its again. Its a need for the overall purpose of doing a little more enterprise side, a speaker to inform people really important and, as i was said in an earlier presentation, uh kenny, loggins danger zone sounds pretty good at 1500 feet away ill, just say it yeah, so theres That spotlight, everybody likes a bright spotlight on their drone, especially at night, so any night operations, and even though its a love hate, even with the other company, this guy um its a love hate, because i want to see the next version come out with this integrated.

Already – and i hope that i hope that happens – you know in the near future, but the last accessory that you buy separately is the rtk. R2K is not position. Holding rtk is actually geo, stamping on the imagery, so you do have to have a subscription base to some kind of a vrs or n trip, or anything like that. Um, probably the last feature on here to talk about is the adsb okay, so it does have adsb in were capable of receiving that thatll show up in the ui, just like any other competitor type to where it shows up on the screen, allowing you to to Kind of make decisions well dawn thanks again and uh in touch its always a pleasure. Having talking to you man so appreciate it. The next thing thats happening tonight is sky. Bras is actually going to go against pix4d in the capture competition, so they will be outside right here in the vegas airspace, actually flying a mapping mission and then well see actually whos going to win. The idea is to see which one is the easiest software to use and which one gets the best result. We also went and talked to a company right around the corner. Right here, called value and value has two different types of drone, one with a two hour battery. So this was they told us that the inside of the drone in itself is basically loaded with batteries. This thing can fly for two hours: uh carry a pretty heavy payload.

They also had a ev tall 10 hour battery 10 hours of battery on this e vtol has the ability to take off and then switch into a forward flight, and i think this was a not an electric motor. In this case, this was a gas motor going forward. We saw our friend mark at extreme aerial. Production. Mark is a local to our area and does a lot of work in our area a great guy, and then he actually showed us his unique. Now you we dont, hear about unique a whole lot. They have an hs20e. The drone is a hex copter with basically six motors and has an rtk module on top of it. So more precision mark does a lot of mapping, so he uses unique for that, and so we hope eventually i should get our hands on one of those and and test it for you guys. So you can see what unique has been up to. We looked at a delivery drone, a large delivery drone. This is air logix. I think they were out of the ukraine, and this drone can fly for 60 miles for a full hour at 60 miles an hour and deliver up to 45 pounds of packages and, as you can see on the images here, this is again a large drone ev Tall, it has four different motors to get up in the air vertically and then it can switch to a two motor moving forward and uh and fly for, like i said, for an hour at 60 miles an hour, a lot of different applications to deliver things kind Of in the remote areas, they do a lot of work outside of the united states, but hopefully we can see some of these in the united states as well.

So, as you can see very busy, if you look all the way around theres, just people talking its probably a little bit loud right now, but a ton of different people exposing which is really really cool to see, especially coming out of a year and a half Of not being able to do this, so we met with a lot of our friends. We had a really great time here, really excited to see some of the pictures. In the background here, we met a lot of you guys that we see online that are either students or watching us on a weekly basis. So thank you for stopping by and saying hi when you see us and fist bump and uh and just recognizing us so that was really exciting. So next week dont forget it is drone safety awareness week with the faa and were actually going to be hosting an event every single day. On monday, tuesday and wednesday, we are hosting drones after dark with the faa theyre going to have a panel of people come to our youtube channel youll be able to see all of the information posted in in on our youtube page. It starts at 9, 00 pm eastern every day, monday, tuesday and wednesday, and on thursday they have a race with multi gp theyre, going to be doing a live race, a live fpv race on our channel. So all the information you can find in here well put some link down in the video description as well and then on friday to close up the week.

Uh drone safety awareness week were going to be spending some time with our friends at drone responders and were going to be talking about nist training and why you should be using nist for public safety. So this is a public safety event that were going to have on uh on friday and thats at 4 p.m. Our time, which is 7 p.m.