Ive got to say now. First of all, lets go back a little bit lets go back to when was this um june 17th 2020., so were looking about a year ago, just over a year ago, in canada, royal canadian mount to police helicopter crashed into a royal canadian mounted police drone or The other way round, whichever way you look at it, but there was a collision between a drone and a helicopter, both of which were operated by the royal canadian mounted police in canada, and apparently the damage caused was nearly 200 000 was caused, apparently because of a A confusion in altitude, i think one of them was operating in metric and one was operating in imperial and they just got confused and being done to each other simple operational parameters. I mean it caused the crash of a probe to mars at one stage when um there was a confusion between the base units for measuring distances and things, so it could happen to anyone couldnt it, but youd think youd think that the police would have a higher Duty of responsibility in terms of getting things right, um – and i see here the cost of removing the helicopter from where it landed because it didnt crash. It was only made an emergency precautionary landing after the collision, transporting it to a local airport and repairing. It was about 120 000, and the drone itself was 75 000. So this was not a mavic mini were talking about a large commercial industrial type drone.

So if a drone of that size can crash into a helicopter – and nobody dies in the you know – is that maybe 120 ks worth of repairs, but it still shows helicopters. You know drones yeah, they can collide, but it theres still no fatalities and this wasnt a commercial. This wasnt a recreational multi rated run. It was a commercial one, but still no fatality. It says three people aboard the helicopter. No, no, who writes this stuff. Uh ive got to say, im not going to interrupt this news here, because breaking news, the news media is crap. The mainstream media i dont know whats happened to it a little bit of background um about 1997. I was quite uh involved in the news industry. I was running an online news service called 7am news. It was the world at one stage, the worlds most widely syndicated web based news service, and i was the manager. I was the editor and i was one of the major content creators, because you know one man banned to start with. It later grew much bigger, but i adopted the principles of the fourth estate for accuracy and you know the ethics and so forth, and one of the key things was making sure that you, you understood the language you were writing your stuff in. But i see the media these days that they dont even proofread stuff, so you have some little intern whos getting paid, nothing takes a press release and puts byline on it throws it up on the internet and thats the end of it now.

This is a great example to read this: three people were aboard, the helicopter no was injured in the collision. No, what no one? No person, no animals, no hamsters, no, no little ponies, nobody proofread this! This is terrible. This is supposed to be. Who is the whos? The news organization, what does it say, global news? I guess thats yeah – maybe that i dont know they tabloid, who knows anyway. But these are the facts. The rcmp flew their drone into the helicopter and it cost a lot of money because someone was not properly trained or wasnt paying attention or something and it wasnt recreational. These are the professionals. These are the professional drone flyers having this problem. So lets go back to that thing. I first started with aviation safety network flight safety foundation. Lets read the narrative says during operations in support of police activity, approximately 1.5 nautical miles north west of toronto buttonville airport, which is cykz ontario a dji matrice 210 rpas again. Another larger commercial industrial drone operated by wouldnt, you know it. The york regional police collided with assist now 172 operated by canadian flights international, which was on final approach to runway 15, with a student and instructor on board so again in in the period of just over 12 months now, theres been two collisions of police operated drones With manned aircraft in canada, how many instances of recreationally flown drones colliding with manned aircraft? Have they been in canada ever? I think i can only actually recall one, and there was a scuff on the paintwork there – wasnt 120 thousand dollars, with the damage and or 200 000 worth of damage in that one um yeah, i think now.

Canada is an interesting country because they started off with some absolutely draconian drone rules. You couldnt fly a drone in the same country as any of their airports. It was like terrible and then they backed off a bit and now they have some quite stringent requirements. If you want to fly commercially, youve got to sit exams and prove competence, and all that sort of stuff, its its almost like a pilots exam to fly a drone commercially. Obviously, however, the training just isnt good enough or the police wouldnt keep crashing these things into manned aircraft and, to be honest, endangering human life, in a way that recreational fly has just done not doing, and the other good thing about the canadian rules which ill be Covering in an upcoming video is that theyve got this um the carved outer space for the hobby and for young people. If you are flying a craft thats less than 250 grams, there are no prescriptive rules, they realize these things are not dangerous, i mean hell. If you can crash an industrial drone into a large turbine helicopter and nobodys injured the risk of damaging something or injuring someone with a sub 250 gram craft is so small. You dont need prescriptive rules. They dont need to tell you how exactly what you can cant do. They make a simple declaration. Do not endanger people, do not endanger property, thats it and, if youre under 250 grams youre good to go, and despite that freedom, despite the ability for recreational fliers to make a decision as to is this safe or not, nobody has been injured.

Nobody has been killed. No property has been damaged by giving the sub 250 flyers this level of freedom in canada. The rest of the world should learn from that with the regulations, instead of it coming up with increasingly draconian rules such as remote id and all this sort of crap just learn from canadas experience. If you give people the responsibility and you let them use craft that have a very low risk, youre good to go, dont be bullies, dont be over. Regulating dont, have regulatory overreach. Canadas got it right with the sub 250.. Everybody else really needs to learn from that. So thats here we go canadian police, try and knock aircraft out of the sky again um, but lets have a look. What would happen if a drone hit a helicopter weve seen instances where thats happened and nobodys died no has been injured? This is an interesting comparison. Here is an air ambulance in um. Where is this in canada? Is it no its in the uk, its in the uk in nottingham, nottingham, shire, nottinghamshire um, lord of the rings, who knows, but an air ambulance was forced to make emerging emergency landing after a bird hits the windscreen and well it doesnt have one screen anymore. They use a kind of a acrylic plexiglass here and it does shatter quite easily its very thin on helicopters because they need to keep the weight down. Apparently, what happened was um. An air ambulance was left shattered with a shattered, windshield and damaged rotor blade.

After a bird hit, the helicopter side bird flew along into the windscreen bang and apparently what happened was bits of the windscreen flew up and hit the rope blade, causing rotor damage, but im a little bit confused here, because this is the trailing edge of the rotor Blade you can tell that because of how thin it is here, its a trailing edge of the rotor blade. How did it did? The trailing? Is the retreating edge of the blade get damaged? I dont understand thats moving away from anything coming its way, but who knows i dont know not me anyway. It says an air ambulance on its way back to base was, oh god protect me. What did i say before about the quality of journalism and and use of the language? Look, let me read this verbatim: an air ambulance on its way back to base was forced the crew to undertake an emergency landing after a bird which flew into it Laughter. I cant believe it talk about making the point for me: whoever wrote this is illiterate. Theyre illiterate theyve not been to school, they. Maybe english is not their first language. You wrote it who wrote it corey, bedford and peter hennessy, my goodness? How old are you girls? I cant believe that im going to read it again that biggest belief, an air ambulance on its way back to base was forced the crew to undertake an emergency landing after a bird which flew into it.

Well, thats gold thats total gold. This just the things i was saying about the modern media and the the lack of standards, the lack of proofreading taking interns and getting to just throw bylines on press release. This is this is just this iconifies that its just the perfect example unbelievably bad, never mind. Lets move hard, thats, terrible, um leicestershire. I should have used this report shouldnt. I instead of this, i dont know hacked up one here, which is absolutely terrible um, so the bird apparently weighed 1.32 kilograms slightly more than a bottle of wheat, no, its not more. Slightly more than a liter bottle of water, water weighs one liter one kilogram per liter, so its like 32 percent, more than any effects are not irrelevant here. I only came for the pictures to be totally honest. Look at that smash. One screen damaged blade, but we cant believe a thing in this thing because they cant even speak english im going to go to other thing. I i should have checked this other one before. What does this say, or is this just the front of the leicestershire live website? Who knows its going to load up? Oh yeah, this is much better. Oh look at that. Those other people just stole that story. Okay lets accept the cookies its the uk youve got to have all this cookie stuff, its crazy um, the year ambulance had to make an emergency landing after the pilot tried to avoid the bird i dont get out of my face, never allow.

I would oh look at this massive add up here. I dont want that. Can i get rid of it? Will it go away? Oh, no because ive gone full screen and it doesnt want to. Oh anyway, lets have a look, a bird which flew into an air ambulance on his way back to base forced the crew to land. After smashing the windscreen shield hitting a member of the crew and damaging the rotor blade, this is no better. This is no better. A bird which flew into an air ambulance on its way back to base forced the crew to land after smashing the so the crew had to land after they smashed the windscreen Laughter english language. What, ah, this is a comedy video and i didnt even tend to make it one its like terribly that this, the meaning is completely misconstrued here. The the crew didnt smash the windshield, as they seem to allude to here anyway, um yeah, they went the hell. What does it say, the windshield of the helicopter used by the derbyshire leicestershire and rutland ear ambulance shattered into multiple pieces so that these people only use the windshield derbyshire list. The shirt and rutland air ambulance only used the windshield of the helicopter. No, no. Ah, my and anyway, oh yeah, heres a bit of picture. Look as i mentioned. This is the trailing edge, the trailing edge of the rotor blade theres, the leading edge there. You can see how it gets worn down by particulates in the air causes a slight abrasiveness.

So how the hell did that windshield cause that damage to the rotor? It can happen. Strange things happen in turbulent airflows, but im quite surprised that that the rear of the rotor, which is uh advanced, is moving away from the helic from the anything thats moving out of the windshield area. Its always moving away. How did or was advancing would hit the leading edge. How did this happen? I dont know crazy stuff. Anyway, there we go so yeah. It caused a fair bit of damage didnt, it anything else. No nothing else to see here um. So there you go uh yeah and if that was a drone, my goodness itll be all over the worlds media, but it was just a bird. This sort of thing happens. We accept this as a risk of flying, but we cant accept, even if this pilot has seen a drone if this pilot had seen a drone that was a hundred feet away or a hundred meters away. It would have been headline news all over the world, but a bird flies into there smashes the windscreen damages the roadways get to mention on a couple of of news websites where they dont even know english thats terrible Laughter, im enjoying this kind of video. This is fantastic anyway. Lets go something else to look at. I want to look at the cia uk website here we go. This is the c a uk website, and this is about the uk eu transition, and i think this is something to do with transitioning from the eu laws to uk laws or something anyways.

Some temporary rule changes and things, and in here theyve got a list of all the things that are happening and this one struck out stuck out and struck me immediately because it is small, unmanned aircraft, registration and remote pilot competency requirements for control line model aircraft flights Seriously, i can understand them. Weve got all these rules and regulations and competency tests and registration required for drones and radio control models, but for control line seriously um. So i thought what are the rules in the uk for control line went over to the bmfa website and in the uk? As far as i understand it, theres a whole lot of rules. That basically say you cant do anything with a model aircraft, but there are. There is a article 16. I think it is its called yeah article 16, which really provides authorization for particular hobby groups to do things that are otherwise not allowed in the rules. So its like an exemption, and those groups include things like the bmfa and fpv uk. These organizations have carved out some special privileges, some special exemptions from the rules to let people fly model aircraft basically and one area – is what they call physically constrained unmanned aircraft, which is something called round. The pole or control line its where the aircraft is tethered to a central point and flies in a circle, and i thought what are the rules so here we go um the exemption from the thing that says you cant do a damn thing is for control line Around the poles, it says control line, slash round the pole model aircraft are exempted from all the requirements of the eu regulations, including operator registration and remote pilot competency, provided that the line length isnt over 25 meters, the maximum takeoff mass, is less than 1kg and the Aircraft is not capable of vertical takeoff landing hovering ive, never seen a control line, multi rotor, maybe theres an idea for a project or a control line, helicopter hey.

So why do they even include this? I mean seriously these arent a thing id. Actually, i tell a lie. I did see a 3d control line model like oh, if i can find the footage ill put it up, but i probably wont be able to a control line model aircraft with a third wire for throttle that would hover. You could hover it fantastic that would not qualify for this exemption. God knows why theres no difference in the risk profile anyway. So what this says is at the moment in the uk, if you, if your control line, model or round the pole model weighs less than a kilo, and the line length is, is no more than 25 meters you dont have to register and you dont have to Have a remote pilot competency, certification, okay, which is as it should be? Why would you have to register when youre just hurling something around on a string? It makes no sense to me, but lets go back to that caa page, and it says that theyre reviewing the issue of small unmanned aircraft registration rate pilot competency requirements. So since there currently is no requirement, are they going to add that? Are they saying well were going to change the rules and weve already done a consultation here? Apparently, consultation already complete as per opinion and instruction document, which i could find no trace of, and this is going to be implemented stage. 3 changes required plan for october 21st.

Statutory instrument, which means basically a regulation, so somethings going to happen, and since there is not at the moment a requirement for registration or competency. The only thing i can assume is that theyre going to introduce this, so you will have to register if you want to fly your sub 1 kilogram control line model youre going to have to register and do a competency test before youll be legally allowed to fly. Your control line model seriously, what the hell are they smoking in the uk maybe im wrong. Maybe this is somehow ive misinterpreted this. So someone knows if theres someone out there watching this video and im sure someone must be watching it not talking to nobody. If youre aware of whats actually happened here, can you fill us in? Can you go to the comments? Leave a comment, ill pin it stick it at the top. So, if youre looking at this video later on, check the comments, there may be a pinned comment with some clarification on this, but if it is, as it seems, im left scratching my head wondering what the hells going on anyway. Thats it simple, i think, thats all. I had for today. Thank you very much. Yes, it is so just another edition of the drone rc model news where i try to keep you entertained and also provide you with information.